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First Account Created: 15th April 2004
9:26:06 AM (GMT)
First User ID: 1003167
Main Account Level: Various

Also known as Kazikame, 3dible was the creator of this site, much noted in PotD history.

Lately, he has gotten numerous moderations on various alt accounts. In fact, just 2-3 hours after his main account (the 3dible) is restored from a warning , he usually manages to get the account warned again.

He won PG's Fastest Poster Wins contest (the third contest, not the first two), posting fastest in more topics than anyone else.

Alt abuse[]

On 4th March 2006, no less than 6 of kazikame's alts were suspended for moderator discretion using generated messages. At first, there was confusion as to why this happened, but it was later revealed by moderator LordOfDabu that it was due to kazikame spreading moderations across accounts. Most of his alts were put in a seven day purgatory, with 15 karma loss (taking most of them into negative karma). Two were banned. The remainder of his alts were banned for an invasion on the 50 Cent: Bulletproof board. Kazikame has stopped regularly breaking the ToS, but recently caused another board to invade a TV show with text messages. [1]

List of accounts[]

This list probably isn't complete. It only contains the logins stored on kazikame's firefox.


  • still kazikame
  • kazikameforever
  • PotDpedia
  • Nintendo_Wii


  • 42dible
  • The 3dible
  • 2dible
  • 5dible
  • Big_Bother
  • INFINITYdible
  • Soldier_Side
  • THREEdible
  • __under_score__
  • W Angus McWang
  • Yet Another Alt
  • 3500Kdible
  • Emogoth1
  • Emogoth2 (shared with wootzorz)
  • emakizak
  • YouLoseTheGame
  • PIdible
  • gnaWgiB
  • 4dible
  • anotherpotder
  • DartsOfPleasure
  • kazikame001
  • shadowchild001
  • i_am_kazikame
  • maxemo
  • XemoXkazikameX
  • kazikameLIVES
  • 123dible
  • b7dible
  • kazikame4life
  • DoomedToTheAxe
  • Wiki On Wheels

User Comments[]

  • Likes Chelsea. Boo! - Game Ghost
  • He's also English, like me. >_>^ - Game Ghost
  • >_>^^<_< --Lunatic 10:56, 7 March 2006 (GMT)
  • ALT...OVERLOAD!!! *self-destructs* - gamelover5678 11:00, 8 March 2006 (EST)
  • Man U FTW! - Da Bomb
  • The only person I know of with more alts than me. ~ The Choco
  • He breaks the ToS more than anyone I know. That is true honor. Plus, he made my sig! <3! - Ultragoat
  • White Oreon FTW! - Da Bomb