Who is King Dedede? Edit

King Dedede is the self proclaimed King of Dream Land. He can be considered the main villain of the Kirby series, but technically he isn't evil. However selfish acts that he does perform such as stealing the food supplies of Dream Land does cause problems to the inhabitants. Even though Dedede is the ruler of the area most of the people rarely pay attention to the blue penguin. King Dedede does care about Dream Land and has even paired up with Kirby in the game Kirby 64 in order to stop the main villain from destroying the entire planet.

King Dedede is the main villain in the tv show Kirby: Right Back at Ya! where he is potrayed as a dumber version of his game self. In each traditional episode he tries to think of a plan to get Kirby because he is jealous of his popularity. He doesn't fight in the anime, but orders monsters that he buys from Nightmare Enterprise to do his bidding.

"I need a monster to clobber that there Kirby!" - King Dedede

Contest History Edit

Win-Loss Record: 0-2

Summer 2008 Contest - Division 5 - Third Group

  • Division 5 Round 1 --- 4th place, 16807 [13.41%] - Ryu Hayabusa, 45800 [36.53%] - Zero, 44430 [35.44%] - Pit, 18326 [14.62%]

With the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl several Nintendo characters were able to make the bracket and King Dedede was one of them. It was pretty obvious that he wouldn't be able to contend with Hayabusa or Zero and adding Pit didn't exactly help much, but there was debate on whether or not he would finish third over Pit. The match started with the two rather close, but in the end Pit was able to pull through in the morning and day and was able to defeat King Dedede.

Fall 2018 Contest - Division 7 - 7 Seed

  • Division 5 Round 1 --- Lost to (10) Revolver Ocelot, 15157 [49.51%] - 15457 [50.49%]

King Dedede was one of many characters appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to make the field and with Ocelot's unreliably with winning matches it was thought he may be able to redeem his 2008 performance. After losing the board vote, Dedede was able to hold on to a small lead for a few hours. Overnight Ocelot was able to take it back and ultimately win without too much trouble. Although Dedede didn't win he performed massively better than in 2008.

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