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Kingdom Hearts is a RPG series created by Square that is set in the wonderful world of Disney. The first game was such a huge success that it's given credit for single-handedly changing the GameFAQs demographic in 2003, as "Kingdom Hearts Factor" is still the number one explanation given for Square's dominance that season, specifically how Cloud was able to defeat Link. The late '05 release of Kingdom Hearts 2 had a smaller but still important effect on the site, as the "KH2 Factor" turned everything KH-related into absolute day vote beasts throughout 2006.

Kingdom Hearts didn't do much in the '04 Game Contest, bowing out in disappointing fashion to StarCraft after (confusingly) nearly losing to Soul Calibur in Round One. However, the series had a better run in the '06 Series Contest, pulling off a solid comeback to defeat Castlevania before making a pretty strong exit in looking okish against Metal Gear Solid.

But Kingdom Heart's biggest Contest impact has been as the undisputed (well, at least aside from Halo) king of the After-School Vote. No matter how badly KH or one of its characters are losing during the overnight or morning hours of a poll, they will always mount a huge comeback once all of the grade/mid/high-schoolers return to their homes and can get online. In this way, KH has been the only real example of the so-called "kiddie vote" that the site has ever seen.

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Characters Seen in Kingdom Hearts[]

The following is a complete listing of all the GameFAQs Contest characters who have made any kind of appearance in the KH series, ranked roughly in order of total screen time/importance to the series.

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