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1 drink everytime someone says the word "Darkness" or "Heart"

1 drink every time Sora says "Riku" or Kairi"

1 drink every time Goofy and Donald die in combat

1 drink every time someone says the phrase "Sora, Donald, Goofy."

2 drinks every time someone says the words "Darkness" and "Heart" in the same sentence

3 drinks every time Sora throws his Keyblade in the air dramatically just to open a chest.

3 drinks everytime you miss a reaction command and there is no big consequence *Warning: This is likely to cause alcohol poisoning.*

1 drink if Sora's just as confused about what's going as you are, 3 if he's more confused than you.

feel free to add your own!

--- GnKoichi Asks a Stupid Question: Why do you say to take 2 drinks if Darkness and Heart are in the same sentence. Since we're already taking one drink for each of those words on their own, is this simple redundance, or are we now taking a total of 4 (four (4)) drinks? SuperSmash Master Retorts: It's because it seems like it wouldn't happen as much. It's like if he said "2 drinks every time someone uses the line "Sora, Donald, Goofy!" without any other words in the line."

You miss the point, SSM. He's asking about the redundant math involved. -WVI

1 drink every time Goofy and Donald die in combat XD - ChaosTony

SanDemonMax asks: Why is it three drinks when a missed reaction command occurs without consequence? Shouldn't it be one if it is without consequence, and three if it does have one? This way, players won't die before the battle finishes.

Ulti adds: You can probably play this during Birth by Sleep without killing yourself within three hours, but only if you play Terra's path first.

Drink every time someone says Organization 13 in KH2.