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KiraYamato is a controversial Board 8 user. Ever since he began posting on Board 8, his argumentative nature sparked many conflicts between him and other Board 8 users. This gave him the reputation of being a troll, and his posting controversial topics on Board 8 ever since his account was created made people believe that he was simply an alt troll created by a Board 8 regular. On February 4th, 2007, he made a topic saying that he would close his account if the Chicago Bears lost the Super Bowl. After they lost, he refused to close his account. Because of all this, he is considered to be one of Board 8's most hated users.

On April 13, 2007, he got his accounts banned, and said he would go to a better message board.

Who is Kira?

Kira considers himself to be a beautiful, strong human being that enjoys the pleasures of life. He thinks he has an amazing, fiery spirit and likes to speak his mind. He is bilingual and is fluent in Spanish. He wears glasses and has a moustache, but has recently shaved and is getting used to it.

What does Kira like?

Kira loves Japan. He has the opinion that all of the best things come from Japan. The best music, the best animation, the best porn, the best of everything.

He also enjoys video games, mostly Playstation. When he's on the computer, he likes to play Runescape, check out a few gaming websites, masturbate and listen to the latest Japanese albums, mostly rock and pop.


Kira tends to be conservative at times, watching daily the O'Reily Factor. "The spin stops here, because we are definitely looking our for you" is one of his favorite quotes. He's a supporter on Bush and the war in Iraq. He is very patriotic and American and he loves his country, even though he hate the culture. He supports the troops. Go America!

Favorite bands or singers?

1. L'Arc~en~Ciel

2. X-Japan (RIP hide)

3. Dir en Grey

4. Janne da Arc

5. Luna Sea

6. Malice Mizer (RIP Kami)

7. Psycho le Cemu

8. Utada Hikaru

9. Hizaki Grace Project

10. Moi Dix Mois

11. mr. children

12. Hitomi Takahashi

13. Miwako Okuda

14. Do as Infinity

15. Ayumi Hamasaki

16. BoA

17. Jinn

18. Gackt

19. Sex Machineguns

His favorite band is L'Arc~en~Ciel, although his best band of all time is X-Japan. His favorite song from L'Arc is "Niji" and from X-Japan "Art of Life", the best song ever.

Favorite games?

1. Xenosaga ep 1

2. FFX


4. MGS2

5. Hitman: Blood Money

6. Golden Sun

7. Golden Sun: The Lost Age

8. Xenosaga ep 2

9. MGS3

10. Skies of Arcadia Legends

11. MGS

12. Suikoden V

13. Hitman: Silent Assasin

14. Yakuza

15. Breath of Fire II


17. Ratchet and Clank


His favorite sport is basbeall, with tennis second, and Basketball third. He doesn't really like football.

He's a proud supporter of the Florida Marlins. He was the only one who knew that they were going to win the 2003 World Series. During the beginning of school, his teacher told everyone to say something we liked, and when he said that the Marlins were going to win the World Series, everyone laughed at him. He was the only one who knew. Those losers on ESPN though it was not possible for us to make it past the Giants, Cubs, and Yankees, but we did it. We will make the playoffs in 07.


He is a big fan of anime. This is his list of favorites.

1. Infinite Ryvius

2. Planetes

3. Evangelion

4. Haibane Renmei

5. Gundam SEED

6. Ghost in the Shell 2nd GiG

7. Gundam SEED Destiny

8. Naruto

9. Legend of Galactic Heroes

10. Outlaw Star


He says he is never closing his account. In his words: "I never said 'Chicago Bears Football Team' in my topic, I only said 'Bears'. Bears could mean anything. So you lose." This logic has supposedly been disproven on several occasions, due to any kind of bears winning the Superbowl in any way, shape, or form. Even still, many users demand that he close his account, and consider him a liar for not doing so.