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A rivalry that arose from Kleenex beating Josh in the finals of the original fodder contest. By the end of that contest, the two were pretty solidly friends, so it really didn't matter who won. However, because rivalries are fun, the two became fierce rivals.

It intensified when the results of the top 100 users came out and Josh placed #22, and Kleenex placed #50.

In _Harmonica_'s Save My Board 8 User contest, Kleenex placed 5th while AKJ placed 6th.

Kleenex was a bit faster in DEATHMATCH topics.

They were anticipating their clashes in EUC4 and USB3, but neither happened.

In Zachnorn's Alphabetical User Tournament, after a very close match which may have involved Repus_Yortsed doing some vote rallying for Josh, Kleenex ended up winning by 1 vote.

Kleenex placed 21st in User Of The Year 2006, while Josh placed 9th. However, next year in 2007, Kleenex placed 9th, while Josh wasn't even admitted into the contest. In 2008, Josh got 35th while Kleenex got 6th.

As of 2008, with Josh's 6 month absence on the board meaning nobody remembers him, Kleenex is definitely the winner popularity-wise. Josh still has better taste in everything and is a superior gamer. Kleenex couldn't beat Jumper but Josh finished it in a day!