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You know me, the fighting freak Knuckles, and we're at Pumpkin Hill.
You ready?

Knuckles the Echidna is a red echidna found in many Sonic games. He is the badass of the group along with Shadow, as well as a strong, clumsy sidekick to Sonic. Swirldude is Knuckles's ultimate fanboy.

Knuckles is known to some as the "Square Killer" in Summer Contests. Every year he is placed against a Square character in the first round that has a chance at beating Knuckles, but Knux finds a way to win. Most notably in 2005, when he defeated Chrono Trigger's Magus in the first round.

Prior to 2006, Knuckles had been involved in every Summer Contest, and had lost in the second round every time. He usually loses to Solid Snake, but somehow managed to get out of Snake's fourpack in 2005. This time he lost to Squall Leonhart. Knux missed out on the '06 Contest due to the Female Bracket, but made it back into the battle in 2007. Unfortunately he was out-classed in both his matches by Yoshi and failed to seriously contend for a position in Round Three.

In 2008, Knuckles broke his second-round curse, but this was not for the better. He lost in round one, being defeated by Mario and Zelda. But still finished ahead of Square, namely Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears.

2010 saw him placed in the same fourpack as Sonic, all but guaranteeing another second-round exit. True to form, he beat another Square character in round one.

2013 had Knux killing two Square characters in round one, before being beaten by Samus. And in 2018, he beat yet another Square character before losing to another old-school fan favorite, Zero.

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