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Celebrating 5 years of Kobe taking on the Character Battle, this year promises to be the grandest of them all with MORE KOBE, MORE HOT GIRLS, MORE YAOI, and MORE SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES. Presented by yours truly, SHINE GET 64!

Something new this year that I haven't done in previous years is now the results matter, so the matches from here on out may not reflect those in the actual contest Battle. In events where Kobe won more than once for any given match, I reserve the right to replace him with a special guest of my choosing. - 1st. Kobe 2nd. Jade - 1st. Kobe 2nd. Luke - 1st. Kobe 2nd. Duke - 1st. Kobe 2nd. Altiar - 1st. Liquid 2nd. Sho - 1st. Phoenix 2nd. Kobe - 1st. Knuckles 2nd. Zelda - 1st. Mudkip 2nd. Nook - 1st. Samus 2nd. Crash - Tie: Kobe and Ganondorf 1st. Kobe 1st. GLaDOS 2nd. Wander 1st. Gordon 2nd. Kobe 1st. Amaterasu 2nd. Frank West 1st. Kobe 2nd. The Dog 1st. Kratos 2nd. Captain Falcon 1st. Ike 2nd. Pikachu 1st. Kobe 2nd. Weighted Companion Cube 1st. Mega Man 2nd. Olimar 1st. Kobe 2nd. Zero 1st. Sackboy 2nd. Vivi 1st. Tim 2nd. Sora 1st. CATS 2nd. Yoshi 1st. Kobe 2nd. Cloud 1st. Pac-Man 2nd. Kobe 1st. Kim 2nd. Kirby 1st. Kobe 2nd. Layton 1st. Captain MacMillan 2nd. Kobe 1st. Dante 2nd. Ramza 1st. Magus 2nd. Sandbag 1st. Rydia 2nd. Kobe 1st. Tifa 2nd. Kobe 1st. Kenshiro 2nd. Jill 1st. Shaq 2nd. Kobe 1st. Duke 2nd. Kobe 1st. Sho 2nd. Phoenix 1st. GBD 2nd. Knux 1st. Samus 2nd. Ganondorf 1st. Gordon 2nd. Kobe 1st. Frank West 2nd. Amaterasu 1st. Kobe 2nd. Captain Falcon 1st. Mega Man 2nd. Kobe 1st. Sackboy 2nd. ??? 1st. Vivi 1st. CATS 2nd. Tim 1st. McDonalds Monopoly 2nd. Pac-Man 1st. Layton 2nd. Kirby 1st. Kobe 2nd. MacMillan 1st. Karl 2nd. Rydia 1st. Jill 2nd. Kenshiro 1st. Duke 2nd. Kobe 1st. Phoenix 2nd. Green Biker Dude 1st. Samus 2nd. Kobe 1st. Captain Falcon 2nd. Ammy 1st. Vivi 2nd. Kobe 1st. CATS 2nd. Pac-Man





Bio wins 1st. Layton 2nd. Kobe 1st. Rydia 2nd. Karl 1st. GBD 2nd. Phoenix 1st. Ammy 2nd. Falcon 1st. Pac-Man 2nd CATS 1st. Rydia 2nd. Karl 1st. Phoenix 2nd. Ammy 1st. Pac-Man 2nd. Rydia 1st. Rydia 2nd. Jack

User Comments[]

I love you SHINE. -Cyclo

What the kweh is this?! - Ayvuir

Wholesome family entertainment - Smurf

I came. - ZenOfThunder

Full of awesome and love as usual - SuperAngelo128

Take that, Tifa! Nana's revenge.... - spiegel22

How did Rydia manage to win this with the superior females she faced at the end, and more importantly that crappy prego drawing in round 2? - Spirit Tsunami

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