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Kraidfan101 is a user who joined 5 years ago. He joined when he was an underage user and thus people pointed this out when he changed his Date Of Birth on his account. Kraidfan101's main account got banned when he helped on a Board Invasion on the board Snack Attack. Swirldude, someone Kraid used to talk to, made Kraid a new account, but made it his AIM name, Fake Obsession instead of just Kraidfan like Kraid wanted. People who know Kraid tend to forget who he is because of this.

Kraid is well known for his online relationship to Viper Vixen, an alt disguised as a female by Smurf. Kraid had lots of sex with her... until he found out her was he. Then Kraid got pissed. Smurf now hides from the mighty Kraid Fanatic for when he's around, he is hungry for Smurf Pie. Smurf continues to avoid him to this day.

Kraid has many friends, and highly respects most of the board 8 community.

It is well known Kraid was once heavily depressed and mentally sick but gradually got better and now lives a happy life despite being single and challenging society's ethics on many things. This would explain a almost year long absence in the year 2007.

Kraid is 16 years old. He was born on 2/22/92 and his real name is Josh Jonathan Palmer. Not to be confused with Black Palmer.

Special Commentary by Board 8 Historian, Sir Chris

Kraidfan is a pretty cool guy who decided to stop going to board 8 for awhile, because in a surprising plot twist it is not a mental health defect to care about the internet less. He is also a pretty OK mafia player and I, Sir Chris, would gladly have a chat with him every now and then.

He wins when Zen goes and fucks himself, and if you don't get this, you are probably not as cool as you may like to believe.