"I hate him. A lot." - Gamemazta

The obligatory "generic badass with a mysterious past" character in Tales of Symphonia.

He is severely loathed by gamemazta, who in his eyes, think is probably the worst "badass" ever. Not only (at least in his opinion) does he practically fulfill almost every cliches known in video games, he also has a idiotic fanbase.

Seriously, everyone Kratos Aurion fanboy/girl worships him for 2 of the followings:

  • His only decent 2 lines he has in the entire game
  • Other generic things (i.e. voice, role, cutscene power potential, etc.)

Also, they can't spell "judgment" properly..

Little do they know, there are better characters.

Also, probably because he likes Zelos, mostly because he's way better than Kratos. And it's common knowledge that you can't like Zelos and Kratos at the same time.

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