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LUEshi, the mascot of LUE/LL

LUElinks (usually just referred to as LL) is an offshoot of the GameFAQs message board LUE that was created by LlamaGuy in 2004. The original idea was simply to have a place to store links to potentially objectionable content that might otherwise be moderated on LUE itself, but LL has since grown into the most successful GameFAQs spinoff in history, with a community all its own. LL features a hugely active message board, upload server, and its own wiki. There are currently over 20,000 LLers.

You cannot join LL- registration was limited to only those with access to the LUE board on GameFAQs, and now even that registration has been turned off.

B8's LLers

listed using exact (current) LL usernames
ordered by original LL user id