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This article relates to Leon Kennedy the video game character. For the Board 8 poster named Leon, see Leonhart4.


Leon S. Kennedy (The S stands for Scott) is one of the two playable characters in Resident Evil 2, and the hero of Resident Evil 4.

A rookie cop who was assigned to Raccoon City PD on the day of the T-Virus outbreak, he arrived at his new posting to find the whole city overrun with the undead. With the aid of Claire Redfield, he escaped shortly before the city was nuked.

From there, he began working with a secret government organization, and was eventually assigned to protect the family of President Graham. Again, one day before he was due to take up this post, something went wrong- the president's daughter Ashley was kidnapped. Leon followed the leads to a small village in Spain, where all hell once again broke loose.

Depending on how you interpret the ending (which, mercifully, has never been elaborated upon in a sequel), Leon may also have been a bad guy in Resident Evil Gaiden

He kicks butt. Period.

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