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Round One


Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2886
Division 6
Match # 24
Match Date Wednesday, September 26th, 2007
Leon Kennedy - 35.78%
Vivi - 30.68%
Ridley - 20.00%
Spyro the Dragon - 13.65%
Leon first place (2pts) - 60.57%
Leon second place (1pt) - 15.05%
Vivi second place (2pts) - 31.69%
Vivi first place (1pt) - 8.14%
Leon - 75.62% (27,771)
Vivi - 39.83% (14,627)

If you list Vivi second in this poll, the results page on GameFAQs makes a nice little boring staircase. Which is pretty much exactly what this match was -- a nice little boring staircase.

It even came alarmingly close to percentages of 40/30/20/10, which is just bad. The only interesting thing that happened was Vivi leading for a minute. Not even two dragons in a poll at the same time was interesting here. We couldn't even whine about a picture or laugh at something dumb, because for 23:59:00 nothing happened. I suppose one could stretch this match into proof Vivi was boned next round, but I won't go there.

Not every match can be good in a full contest, I suppose.

Stats and Analysis[]

there's utterly nothing to say about this match. 40-30-20-10 matches are as boring as you can get, and this was one of the biggest consensuses (is that a word?) that we had. only two things keep this from being in last: a.) it featured two characters of decent strength (one we hadn't seen since 2005), and b.) the Tidus/Pikachu upset the day before made Vivi's performance interesting. Vivi did what was needed, but would it be enough for the much-hyped round 2 matchup?


Match Trends[]


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Sephiroth > Meta Knight
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