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Liberal Degenerate is a lurker who has been lurking on Board 8 for a long time now. Like most lurkers, he is rather unknown, since he mostly just lurks. Not many have realized this lurker even exists because all he does is lurk, except for the times when he stops lurking and actually posts. Some users may have taken notice in him while he wasn't lurking, but were naturally disappointed when they realized he was just another lurker, since all he does is lurk. Once in a while this lurker tries to stop being a lurker and actually posts, but that doesn't last very long because lurking is what this lurker does, especially when he lurks.


- Used to stop lurking off-season, but now does it everyday.

- Frequents the board mostly for silly Save contests, like raytan's Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters.

- His favorite gaming series are Final Fantasy, Sonic and Xenosaga.