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LtM at his finest

The self proclaimed "Colette of Board 8", more times than once he's unintentionally done something with disastrous effects.

Most notable the invasion of an unnamed for obvious reasons parental help forum, which allowed user to post anonymously with no account name. Linking to a topic that he found to be hilarious, LtM set off a chain of events that led to the forum being invaded by sites such as 4Chan, Neopets, Something Awful, the rest of GameFAQs, and more. The invasion lasted the entire night, and the site was eventually shut down. There were a few notable bannings, the most notable of which being an Anime & Manga: Other Titles user who gave LtM the link to the site, and was banned even though he was completely uninvolved with the invasion.

Other instances of stupidity include posting a manga-style PANTSLESS drawing of the infamous "Nevada Girl" not once but TWICE before realizing she, well, had no pants. The second posting, ironically, asking why the original post was modded for offensive material.

Both of LtM's previous accounts, "DigiCardMaster" and "Why Do You Even Care", were banned because his cousin posted racial slurs with them, both times intentionally trying to get him banned because "Talking on some video game site is for nerds and faggots!", in his words.

LtM no longer talks to this cousin.

LtM has been on Board 8 since it was formed, originally with the account "Why Do You Even Care". Nothing notable was ever done with this account.

His most recent achievement was a Tim Allen Porn Censoring topic that lasted over 2 months.

Has an obsession with Pirate Ninjas. Specifically, thousands of them. Also Gurren Lagann.