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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

Ulti's Analysis[]

Poll 2131
Round Tournament of Champions Final
Match # 66
Match Date Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
Vote difference 11,769
Link - 56.12%
60 for - 1 against
Link - 44.70%
(15,105 brackets)

Someone smarter than me once said something about how the more things change....

Look familiar?

Everyone knew that the TOC final was a foregone conclusion and that it should have been Cloud/Link, but Link/Sephy wasn't so bad a match. It played out almost exactly like Link/Cloud in terms of when Sephiroth had his momentum, but like Cloud, Sephiroth never came close to winning the match and his minor struggle to stay close fell under once Link took off with his standard, unbeatable morning/afternoon vote. And for the curious, the spot where Cloud was eventually able to take 500 votes from Link only saw Sephiroth take off 200.

This match proved two rather simple things. One, there is a clear difference between the popularity levels of Cloud and Sephiroth; they performed differently on Link in a time span of three days. Secondly, and more obvious was that Advent Children made a clear difference. Granted none of us truly knew where Sephy stood in relation to Link especially after the crazy Nintendo boost, but I think most of us can agree that Cloud and Sephy did better on Link than we may have previously thought and that we downplayed Advent Children's possible effects a little too much during the pre-contest hype phase. Yes Link won with ease, but at least in my eyes Sephy and Cloud did better on him than they would have if AC doesn't exist. I never dreamed Sephy would break 45% on Link, especially given that it seemed as if FF7 was weakening. But like I said, AC made a difference and perhaps a remake of FF7 could help Cloud or Seph win another contest before the game milks itself dry once and for all around these parts.

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