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Linkhatesganon came to Board 8 in October 2006, during the 5th character contest. He began to post in the Andymancan1's DS contest. Then, he decided to make other contests, the most successful being the GC one, won by (Is there any doubt?) SSBM.

Top 5 VG series[]

1. Legend of Zelda

2. Final Fantasy

3. Tales of

4. Super Smash Bros

5. Fire Emblem


1. Ocarina of time

2. Majora's Mask

3. Tales of Symphonia

4. Earthbound

5. Yoshi's Island

6. Resident Evil 4

7. Super Mario Galaxy

8. Super Smash Bros (Melee and Brawl

9. Twilight Princess

10. Final Fantasy 6

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