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Lloyd irving

Lloyd Irving is the main character of Tales of Symphonia. If you ever had any doubts about the power of two swords vs. the power of one, he's your guy. He's an idealistic, lovable idiot with a penchant for apologizing and saving the world.

Despite being the main character of the most popular game in the Tales series, contest-wise he's weaker than Kratos Aurion from the same game, and in true Tales fashion his contest strength is kind of pitiful overall. He barely managed to beat Albert Wesker (woo hoo?) in 2005, didn't return for the split gender bracket in 2006, jobbed to HK-47 and didn't even advance out of the first round in 2007's four-way format, and then came back in 2008 only to lose to freaking Mudkip. Augh.

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