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Lockes is looking... smexy!

Lockes Ragnarok is a cool guy, eh been on Board 8 for the longest time and doesn't afraid of anything. He has been on the board since its inception for Summer 2002 Contest.

The "Ragnarok" part of his name would imply that he likes the airship from Final Fantasy VIII. However, it could also refer to the MMORPG by the name of Ragnarok Online that was in full hype for its release around the time of his account creation. Only he who knows the real truth behind this exhilarating mystery.

On May of 2008, he participated in Board 8 StarCraft League - Season Beta. However, the project went on to an indefinite hiatus before entering into the main season for some unknown reasons.

He has been participating in a couple Best Looking User Contest using the photo you see here. He has thus garnered a couple praises from fellow board 8ers due to his good looks in this tourney, thanks to his workplace policy who required him to cut short his very very long curly hair (see Seginustemple for more info).

He has shown a passionate hatred towards those who has been trying to put an underscore in between the two words of his username. NO UNDERSCORE PEOPLE!

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