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The Lord Jimmy Awards For Posting Excellence are Lord_Jimmy's equivalant of Vlado's Awards for Posting Excellence and The Shine Awards. They are, however, far more prestigious, important and detailed. The awards were started on the 13th of March, 2007, by Lord_Jimmy, the first one being an ASA to Smurf for Rising Stream. There are currently four types of awards, listed below.

Award for Posting Excellence (APE): An award given to an excellent post

Award for Long Term Acheivement (ALTA): An award given to long term contributors to Board 8

Award for Special Acheivement (ASA): An award given to a meaningful or endevourous contribution to Board 8

Award for Outstanding Brilliance (AOB): The highest form of award, only given to the most incredibly meaningful or hilarious posts. Rarely given out.

Winners listed below


13/3/07 - FRODOLINKSAMUSMASTER for comparing the visuals in FFVII to Lego

14/3/07 - Mega64 for the crazy random topic featuring Samus, Boys, Pokemon, Dracula and Souls

14/3/07 - Da_Guardian for staring at the girl he liked in Kindergarten, before her mum found out and he got fired

15/3/07 - Applekidjosh for posting a hilarious possible ending to Harry Potter

15/3/07 - poupadis for "naw she probably thinks it was just wwe" in a topic where a guy almost got caught by his mum watching a gay movie

18/3/07 - Lucid Faia for "Mother 3 is game of the year by default, whether or not I've played it is of little consequence"

19/3/07 - SHINE GET 64 for posting topic of forever that uses pokemon names to create innuendous verbs (*pik's your chu*)

19/3/07 - SmartMuffin for making an altered beast reference in a topic about the upcoming 300 sequel

21/3/07 - SmartMuffin for recognising the nonsense of ADHD diagnosis

5/6/07 - Blitztrugg for the Fresh Prince of Sparta


13/3/07 - SHINE GET 64

13/3/07 - GanonNess

14/3/07 - SDragonRocker5

14/3/07 - Smurf

15/3/07 - Applekidjosh

19/3/07 - Alex Shelley

21/3/07 - Lucid Faia

21/3/07 - SmartMuffin


13/3/07 - Smurf for Rising Stream AKA Board 8 RPG


None yet.