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Lucario is one of the first ten introduced Pokémon of the IV Generation (aka Diamond/Pearl). It is of Fighting/Steel type, apparently because of those metal spikes he has on certain areas of its body, like on his chest and his hands. It is widely known as a furry favorite and for wearing pants. It is also playable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, in which it uses the powers of aura for long-distance shots. It is currently one of most popular IV Generation Pokémon, and got third place in Save My Pokemon. In SpikeDragon's Pokémon Hurt and Heal, it obtained second place. Additionally, in a Brawl Character Hurt & Heal, Lucario placed 35th.

Lucario got into the Summer 2008 Contest and was immediately owned by Altair in the first round, not to mention he almost lost to Isaac as well. In the second round, Lucario finished last against Duke Nukem, Altair, and Marth.

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