Luigi is Mario's green-wearing younger brother and gaming's original "Player Two." He has recently attempted to get out from under his big bro's shadow. (Although if Luigi's Mansion is any indication, many people would probably rather he not.)

In GameFAQs terms, Luigi holds the infamous distinction of being (not having) one of the biggest busts in Contest history. After Mario established himself as at least the third-strongest character on the site in the original Character Battle (he even defeated Cloud head to head that Summer, let's not forget!), Board 8 expected great things from L- everyone was sure he would roll through his 4-pack with ease before probably giving Samus a serious run for her money in R3. Instead Luigi choked up percentage all day long against Ratchet, then was destroyed by Squall in the second round in a match he'd been expected to take with around 60% of the vote. To this day it remains the most a character has ever disappointing against Oracle Challenge expectations.

Ever since then Luigi has been on a quest to redeem himself. He helped his case a little in 2004 with a pounding of Pac-Man, but followed it up by laying an egg against Yoshi. 2005 went much better, as L held up very well against a much-hyped Tifa, allowing her only 53%, and finished a respectable 21st in the final x-stats. But it wasn't until 2006 that Luigi fully earned his redemption, surprising the board by pulling off two straight upsets of Zero and Kirby before holding up pretty well on Sonic in the Sweet 16. Luigi went on another nice little run in 2007, beating expectations by advancing ahead of Ganondorf (though some chalk that win up to "pig factor"). He coasted to round 3 in 2008, where he met Mario and promptly choked.

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