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MURDER! (an illustrated CYOA) is a Choose Your Own Adventure started in January '09 by ScorpioVS. Unlike other CYOAs held on Board 8, MURDER! was different because, as the name indicates, the story was illustrated rather than written. Also, it did not limit its readers with pre-made options to choose from. Instead, when a decision had to be made, readers could submit a choice that they thought would be best (or funniest) and other readers could second or third that choice or submit a choice of their own. The first choice that reached 3 votes would be illustrated and the story would

Part 1[]

Go left.
Call the police with the phone.
Cut yourself with butcherknife to make it look like you were hurt.
Throw wall clock at dead girlfriend.
Pick up whatever's inside clock and throw it at dead girlfriend.
Put on sunglasses and make a witty one-liner.
Ask whoever's at the door for the secret password.
Pretend that you've been wounded.
Milk your wound for everything it's worth.
Ask cop to bring you to your girlfriend for last goodbye hump.
Convince hot lady detective to have sex with you on the stretcher.
Once in ambulance, steal it in order to search for strawberry waffles.
Turn left.
Ask the bum to help you search for strawberry waffles.
Go onto roof and have peeing contest with the bum.
Pick up the phone; pretend you're a pizza place.
Tell her you've decided to dedicate your life to fighting crime in order to symbolically avenge your dead girlfriend.
Jump off the roof to the left using Bum Man as a cushion.
Throw hay onto the car behind you.
Tackle the guy in the bandana and tell Bum Man to call the police.
Grab the lady and go down the manhole.
Call for Bum Man to assist you and then swim south.
Marry the lady with the alligator.
Ride the alligator like a surfboard down the current.
Somersault off the alligator to the left.
Pretend you've been trapped in the sewers for years and then try to pull the lever.
Pick up the phone and pretend it's a friend telling you he has cancer in order to gain sympathy.
Roll under the first guard, then kick the second, and then use the shovel to knock out the other.
Pull the lever.
Grab the guard for insurance, then climb the ladder. If there are cops, tell them you saved him.
Call for Aquaman's help.
Sing "Smooth Criminal" at the top of your lungs all the way to the station.
Take a nap until you get there.

Part 2[]