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Mario Kart DS is a game with both single player, and multiplayer modes. It can be connected to the Internet, so it is an online game.

The following is a list of friend codes. To play with someone using Mario Kart DS, you need to have each other's codes. To get your own, you must have signed into the Nintendo WFC once. To get it, go to the Nintendo WFC section of the menu, then Friend Codes, and then Confirm. Your friend code will be on the top screen.

Friend Codes[]

Angsty Lou / Kosmo Trainer: 021541-989061

Big Bob : 502573-058248

bigkevinm84: 025829-613084

Durango: 386622-130814

Eggplant Lord: 253464-979711

Evet: 472509-577076

GuessMyUserName: 343659-361115

linkhatesganon: 403841-293356

Mach Shop: 133203-442341

Meeptroid : 523047-790507

Mighty BP: 111756-771883

LiquidAssault: 451034-793132

ObscureMammoth: 347952-395028

pikaness: 206237-283400

Rad Link 5: 030125-972634

Rodri316: 124614-337322

RX7InfinitiIII: I don't remember and I'm too lazy to check. Someone who has my friend code write it here.

SA2Tails: 262052-756175

ShadowAvatar87: 519753-266170

SHINE GET 64: 476802-761007

ultimaruneblade: 244873-716276

X_Dante_X: 000061-897671

Xcarvenger: 159060-816077

Zachnorn: 524047-920043