Mario vs Crono is the stuff of legend

Mario vs Crono was a major rivalry in the early years of the annual character battles that has since tapered off alongside the radical decline of the strength of Chrono Trigger.

Some believe that Mario cheated his way to every victory he's gotten over Crono. Others believe that the full power of Nintendo should be able to defeat a character that only appeared in a single game and is obviously inspired by Dragon Ball Z. A major rivalry was inevitable.

Match History Edit

  • 2002 - Crono appears poised to pull off the greatest upset in history until CJayC discovers vote stuffing and removes hundreds of cheated votes, putting Mario out of reach.
  • 2003 - Crono defeats Mario in a 24 hour poll... but CJay lets the match run for an extra 30 minutes, allowing Mario to complete the most improbable comeback victory ever.
  • 2004 - Crono beats Mario in a 53-47 match. Crono fans vindicated.
  • 2005 - Mario beats Crono in a 53-47 match. Mario fans vindicated.
  • 2008 - Crono easily defeats Mario, but only because Mario suffers major LFF from the other Nintendo members of the Noble Nine (the 4-way also featured Link and Samus)
  • 2013 - After both were upset in Round 2 (Crono by Pikachu by having Magus LFF him, and Mario by Vivi due to both LFF from Ganondorf and an outside rally to knock out the plumber), Mario, Crono and Mega Man X are given a bonus match for the highest performances by R2 losers. Mario handily wins to show how his defeat was a fluke.
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