Who is Marle?Edit

In Chrono Trigger, Marle fits the overblown "princess that doesn't want to be a princess" archetype --- an idea we never saw before or since! I'll never get why people say Chrono Trigger characters are deep, but I digress.

Early in Crono's travels, he bumps into Marle. Literally. She drops a pendant, which ends up being the key needed to travel through time via Lucca's time travel machine. Marle getting away from her kingdom is a rather small part of the story. Her main role is to serve as the unnamed leader of the party in Chrono Trigger. Crono never speaks (which is a stupid and failed attempt to make it look like the player controls all actions, but I again digress), so Marle ends up being the one to make all the decisions.

Her main course of action comes in 2300 AD, when the party sees the world in shambles and discovers that Lavos, the interstellar parasite, is responsible. Despite how powerful Lavos is, Marle commands the party that they must travel through time in an effort to stop him.

When Chrono Trigger finally ends, Marle and Crono decide to get married despite never saying one word to each other and Marle and having no tits or ass. None. As if we needed more proof of how much of an idiot Crono is =p

"Th.. This can't be the way the world ends..." - Marle

Marle's Contest HistoryEdit

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Summer 2006 Contest - Triforce Division - 7 Seed

  • Triforce Round 1 --- Lost to (2) Aeris, 34779 [30.22%] - 80305 [69.78%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 43rd Place [23.32%]

Though Marle was destined to be piled onto the one-and-done crowd in the female bracket, breaking 30% on Aeris in spite of likely Square SFF wasn't all that bad a performance. It helped show Aeris' weakness long before Zelda came along.

As for CT characters, Marle's appearance means that we've only Lucca, Robo and Ayla left to see in a bracket before we've seen all of them in action.

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