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Master chief

In the near future, Bill Gates revealed that he had been spending his vast wealth on his own version of Skynet, with which he was finally able to conquer the entire world.

Shortly afterwards, a group of Linux freedom fighters exploited a gaping security flaw in Windows Armageddon Edition and gained access to Gates' stronghold, where they mobbed him almost to death.

However, even though Gates' body was destroyed, his brain managed to survive. His second-in-command implanted the brain into a robotic suit, giving Gates even more power, which he used to destroy all the Linux fans. However, he was not able to destroy their leader, Tux the Penguin, who forced Gates to leave Earth forever.

Bill left in a spaceship and tried to take over another planet, which turned out to be the Covenant homeworld. These aliens took offence to his crappy operating system, and vowed to wipe out the species capable of producing such a terrible OS. They declared war on Earth.

Gates, declaring himself 'Master Chief Of All Earth's Forces And Supreme Ruler Of Everthing Including Stupid Penguins' joined the fight against the Covenant, finally winding up on Halo.

Master Chief is nigh unbeatable, powered by delicious Game Fuel!!!

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