Who is Matt? Edit

Matt is a boxer from Wii Sports. He is the trainer that you train with in training mode and is considered to be the final boss in boxing. By defeating him you get a pair of silver gloves that you can use by pressing 1 on the Wii controller before a boxing match.

"Round 1, Fight!" - Announcer

Contest History Edit

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Summer 2007 Contest - Division 6 - First Group

  • Division 6 Round 1 --- 4th place, 15910 [11.52%] - Dante, 67963 [49.19%] - Amaterasu, 31431 [22.75%] - Little Mac, 22851 [16.54%]

During the nomination period for the 2007 contest it was discussed that a Mii should be rallied to see how they will perform. Matt was chosen because he had the most screen time out of the Miis and is not replaced by your own Miis like the default ones are. Despite having weak opponents Matt was the obvious last place in this match getting crushed by Amaterasu and Little Mac.

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