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  • "MEATWADD TRIVIA" flashes in message board*

I've been around before the 1st Character Contest in 2002....but made an account to actually post on here 2 days after it started...or was it the 3rd...well it was btw the 2nd or 7th day of the contest but yeah...:p

Except being known to show up around contest time I basically was/or am a known user in the Pub Trivia board, the Rock board(where I knew DaveTheUseless from), the old Cartoon board before they split it(where I first saw Shake awkwardly in a "ATHF! ASSEMBLE!" topic lolz.), and the rap board....

A peak moment of mine was when I created my first alt "PPCalcetine" and made the 1st topic at board 8 on it and it got up to 84 posts....which at the time my topics average posts were around 10-30....lolz...very lame...can we say underrated? But I really dont care about it...>_>

basically thats all im gonna babble just wasting my time...

transcribed from another topic