Board 8 Wiki

Meche313 has been on the Contest Board since the Spring Contest of 2005. Since then, he hasn't leave and it has become his favorite board.

Although you might not see a lot of posts of him that often, he's a half-lurker. However, he's still seen in a few projects that the Board 8ers have created. He tries to participate on the User Contests throughout the year, and had joined the UUL a few months ago. He prepared his own series of User Contest more than a year ago back but it wasn't finished. When the time of the contest comes, he participates on most of the projects made for it, including the Guru, Oracle, Spread Betting and Betting. Since the Spring Contest of 2006 he has predicted every match and has done relatively well, on the average. For the last three contest he has teamed up on the Team Challenge with Camden, a.k.a. "Happy Happyists". This team has done pretty good overall and they even have two finishes on the Top 5.

Meche313 participates on a few Board 8 projects including: The Inter-Board Lottery, The Internet Games (run by Ayvuir, second part coming up), UUL, among others.

Interesting Note: This user is from Puerto Rico.