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This article is about Mega Man the character.
For Mega Man's original game and the classic series that followed, see Mega Man (Series).
For the spinoff game and the series that followed, see Mega Man X.

Mega Man kills bosses and uses their power. He knows how to charge Atomic Fire, the Mega Buster, and a few other weapons. Then he took a 10 year break and completely forgot how to charge the Mega Buster.

Capcom has put Mega Man into many game series, and they build off each other by harnessing the power of sequels. The least successful series is the sports one (you think Battle and Chase is bad? Try Mega Man Soccer!).

A few idiots suggest that Mega Man's success can be blamed on the amnesia that all Capcom games generate. How else can Capcom sell the same game seven times over? Obviously, however, the real reason for his success is that Mega Man > Ulti.

Many believe that Mega Man may be weakening even faster than Sonic. This can be blamed solely on Nintendo not inserting him into Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Seriously? They went with a Sega character and a Sony character instead using a character that has almost always appeared on a Nintendo system? Were they afraid Capcom was going to give him voice acting or something?

Mega Man eventually began appearing in new games again such as Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10, completely in the 8-bit style.

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