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This article is about Mega Man's original game and the series that followed.
For Mega Man the character, see Mega Man.
For Mega Man's spinoff game and series, see Mega Man X.

Mega Man was the late 80's NES platformer that was a big success for Capcom. So big, in fact, that they cranked out 5 more NES games featuring the fighting robot, and rounded out the classic series with Mega Man 7 for the SNES. MM was not represented in the Game Contest of 2004, to the disappointment of everyone, because nominators could not come to an agreement on which of the 7 games to support. For the next game Contest, Board 8 has agreed to rally behind Mega Man 2 (thanks in large part to Explicit Content deciding to have all the Stats Gurus nominate it).

The classic Mega Man series made it into the Series Contest of 2006, where it looked good in a convincing win over Mario Kart before holding up pretty decently (all things considered) against Final Fantasy in the second round. It finished a respectable 7th in the X-Stats for the season, just behind Sonic (Series) and Metal Gear.

Notable Matches[]