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This article is about Mega Man X the game, series, and character.
For the original Mega Man character, see Mega Man.
For the classic game and the series that followed, see Mega Man (Series).

MMX the Game[]

Mega Man X was the SNES spinoff of the classic Mega Man series that began a new X series for the popular fighting robot. MMX missed out on the Game Contest of 2004 due to nomination split, but fans are determined to get it into the next Game Battle, as it should have a good chance of being the most popular of all the MM titles.

MMX the Series[]

In a surprising turn of events (because in the past CJay had always lumped MMX together with the classic series), Mega Man X made it into the 2006 Series Contest, where it owned Suikoden hard before getting Nintendo SFFed to death by Zelda in round two. Even though Zelda went on to win the Contest, it had beaten MMX so soundly that the series finished with a pretty poor X-Stat ranking.

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MMX the Character[]

Mega man

Mega Man X, more commonly known simply as X, was built by Dr. Light to have more freedom of choice than the original Mega Man. However, Dr. Light was afraid that X might use his free will to harm, rather than help, mankind, and so sealed him away in a pod that would run diagnostic tests until it could be confirmed that X was safe to be released.

100 years later, X was discovered by Dr. Cain, who activated him and, replicating the technology, created the robots known as Reploids. Unfortunately, a virus created by Dr. Wily and planted in another recently uncovered robot, Zero, began infecting Reploids, turning them into 'Mavericks'.

X, teaming up with Zero (who defected to the side of good after losing his memories), joined the Maverick Hunters and helps protect the Earth from rogue Reploids. His arch-enemy is Sigma, a former Maverick Hunter who became infected with the Maverick Virus during a battle with Zero.

Mega Man X was able to make Summer Contest in 2008 after SB reversed a longtime CJay ruling and made him an eligible character for the first time ever.

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