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Mega Mana is a veteran board hunter, ace iSketch player, Super Flowery Pretty Princess, and former moderator of the INCREDIBLY FREAKING HUGE CHARACTER TOURNAMENT. His name apparently is not a pun off of "Mega Man," despite the similarities. He and Naye745, although close friends, are not in some sort of Internet relationship. He and Pikaness, although close friends, are also not in some sort of internet relationship. She and Minipoooot, although not very close friends, have a strong and loving bond as well as two kids, their baby son Manapoooot and teenage daughter Mershiness. =P

Also, to Zachnorn... "him and person" is just bad grammar.

  • pounce tackle huggles*

Mega Mana made a large edit a year and two hours ago, but it failed to save. He has chosen not to attempt again today.

During eon8 he admitted to loving everyone except Cat1001. He has also admitted to not loving Sir Chris and Karma Hunter, but has made up with them since (however, Mana still does not care for Cat1001).

Mega Mana took an active role in Suprak the Stud's Board 8 Shelters July & August 2006 in regards to various contest matches where he became great friends with Pikaness, Satai delenn, Lopen, and wavedash101. He also developed "melonade" and a female clone named Mana T during these events. Later resurgences of the Shelter topics found his old nemesis, "The Evil LOGO", attacking and possessing various people in epic battles (all of them, Pikaness slept through).

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If you ever need a laugh, just search the board and find one of Mega Mana's posts. And this is a compliment :P - Marth