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Megaman703 is a long-time lurker on Board 8. He started to post more often after the 2008 Contest.

He has another account by the name of FlyingCrabCake, a parody of some sort of Giant Enemy Crab. He admitted that his alt's name is miles cooler than his main's, but that account has just too little karma for his liking.

And speaking of karma, there are some random numbers in his main's name for some reason even though his main has been around GameFAQs for a very long time. Probably this has something to do with him being a Canadian...

Important Information[]

The following information is of the utmost importance.

  • His favorite TV show is Dexter.
  • He is Asain, and he's always surprised at how few Asains there are on the board.
  • He thinks that every Mega Man X game post X4 is crap.
  • He is into that whole Guitar Hero/Rock Band thingy.
  • Currently playing Left 4 Dead.
  • Can't spell "Asian" properly.

Favorite Quote[]

"If I go to the store to buy candy, I'll buy Smarties. Not the awful American Smarties, the awesome Canadian ones." - Megaman703