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MegamanX is that guy who does B8 Madden, B8 Game of the Month Club, Beat It?, Smash Sim League, and started Post Your Daily Game Progress and beats lots of games. His topics also serve to somehow anger ertyu to the delight of others. A former Survivor poster who came over when Sir Bormun began the original Summer Contest Fanfiction project, he has since become good friends with BigCow.

Projects Run on Board 8 All Time

  • 256 Character Battle (2004)
  • 50 Worst Bosses (2015)
  • B8 Game of The Month Club (2014-Present)
  • B8 Madden 1 (2013-2015)
  • B8 Madden 2 (2015) *ongoing*
  • B8 Plays Pokemon Heart Gold Randomized [2015] *unfinished*
  • Da Stupid Test [2015] *ongoing*
  • Have You Beaten this game? (2014)
  • Smash Sim League (2015) [Ran 1 Season]
  • Summer of MegamanX [2014, 2015]
  • Top 50 Dead Franchises That Should Come Back [2015] *ongoing*