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Meta Knight is one of the best characters to come from the Kirby series. He is best known as Kirby's arch-rival, but still manages to play fair. When the time comes for Kirby to go one on one with Meta Knight, Meta tosses Kirby a sword to even the odds. Along with the Kirby games, Meta Knight appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Mainly due to his Brawl appearance, Meta Knight got into the Summer 2007 Contest. In his first match, Meta Knight finished second place, beating out Princess Peach and CATS, heading to round two with Sephiroth. In the second round, Meta Knight and Wario lost to Sephiroth and Fox McCloud. MK returned to the Summer 2008 Contest, but he and The Dog lost to L-Block and Ryu.

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