MetalmindStats (Metal in short) randomly stumbled across the Board 8 Wiki in 2013 and found the history of the GameFAQs Contests so interesting that he started lurking B8 that year. He finally created an account and started posting on GameFAQs at the start of the 2018 Contest. He also became a regular in the Board 8 Discord chatroom and even made a guest appearance on The Show late in the season.

Here's an example of some of his interactions with Board 8 members during that period:

MetalmindStats Goes Meta

On November 14, 2018, in the Board 8 discord, MetalmindStats complained about SuperNiceDog's choice of image to represent him on the Board 8 Wiki.

Since the contest ended, MetalmindStats has stayed busy, most notably joining the Gauntlet crew and playing Night in the Woods thanks to Bane Of Despair. That game resonated with him in a way none before had, and he was very happy to see it make Game of the Decade 2.

PS - MetalmindStats was here. SuperNiceDog is a loser!


One of the best "new users" to the Board in years, always has something positive to contribute, might actually be a genius and is a super nice guy. -ZenOfThunder

Metalmind has slotted in so well I assumed until now that he was an alt account or a new account of someone who posted here before -XIII rocks

Who the hell is Metalmind -trdl23

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