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MichaelW.Clark is both the real name, and second GameFAQs name (the other long expired) of Michael Wesley Clark (usually just called MWC). Michael, or Mike for short, has been off and on GameFAQs (mostly on) since 00/01, and short of the 3/4 year (or close to it) break he took, has been just about everywhere on the site. Though never really joining a place, just kinda drifting from board to board.

Mike currently runs the Best Square Game Ever contest, and made the rather successful MWC ranks the DBZ Sagas with write ups topic.

  • Michael Had Sephiroth over Snake for second under Cloud. many lolz ensued.
  • He thinks the luger from Georgia dieing in the Olympics was funny.

Was #357 on Smurf's top 500 B8ers of 2008

357. MichaelWClark

Fairly interesting newbie who seems to grind a lot of people badly....actually that's a really unusual term to use isn't it...I mean grind people?, maybe I shouldn't be writing these while slightly hungover. >_>

Anyway he's got some "interesting" opinions on how the contest will go and seems to firmly believe them, he's a fish no doubt but an interesting one. I could see him either going down the hochminch or SDR road very very quickly, guys like him don't last in the shadows without getting heavily characterized around here.
~ Smurf

Mike would not appear to be the most popular user, but he does against all odds have a fan or two. Most notably Ulti. Try figuring that one out.

MWC has admitted on gamefaqs to being a virgin, and having never even been kissed by a girl before.  

MWC found out the hard way in 2016 that and no girl would ever willingly choose to spend the rest of her life with him.

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