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This is the character from Ghost Trick, for Missile from the Phoenix Wright series see Missile (Phoenix Wright)


Missile is a dog from Ghost Trick. He is a Pomeranian dog with thick brown and white fur. He is very excitable, tends to bark at both strangers and people that he knows and is very loyal to his owners, Lynne and Kamila.

In his first appearance in the game he is killed by an assassin who was waiting to kill Lynne. He is saved by Sissel who turned back time to prevent the assassination attempt. After Sissel leaves Missile decides to go after Kamila in order to protect her. However, when he approached the park he was accidentally killed when he was hit by a scooter from one of the kidnappers. However due to dying near a meteor that crashed he was given special powers in his ghost form where he can swap objects of a similar shape. Using his new powers he saves Kamila, but accidentally kills a person. The two then save that person together.

Sissel later offers to save Missile from his death, but he declines feeling he can now better protect Lynne and Kamila. Missile also decides to help Sissel in his travels. Like Sissel Missile can also rewind time to four minutes before someone’s death so that they can save the person.

"The only thing I'm really good at is...Barking! That's it! There really isn't much else in life!!" - Missile

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