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The Mock 2k7 contest was run by Big Bob during the spring/summer. It's full title was "Mock 2k7: Who Am I Voting For?" The idea behind it was that it would have nominations and battles similar to your typical GameFAQs Character Battle, but none of the characters would be revealed until they were defeated. Each match (except for the later rounds) would have a vague description of the characters on each side, and the voters would have to vote on one of those two descriptions. However, the voter could take a gamble with his vote, and vote for a character who MIGHT be one of the two. If he is correct, the vote is counted twice, but if he is wrong, his vote is thrown out. For the later rounds, Big Bob had silhouetted match pictures and did not let voters know which match was taking place.

The Bracket[]


Overall, the reactions to the contest were very positive. NClark128 voted in almost every match, often chipping in with his thoughts on who the characters could be. Lady Ashe had several sarcastic quips about how poorly the contest was run, but still contributed as much as he could. Paratroopa1 disliked how guessing could result in extra points, but still considered it one of the more clever user-run contests in recent time.