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Who is Mr. Driller?[]

Mr. Driller is the star of the famous puzzle game series named after him. His mission? Get through the puzzle before he runs out of air. His only weapon? A drill (DUUUUUUH). He acts as one of the puzzle icons today, and since there are some people who don't consider the Tetris Blocks as characters, he is probably the biggest puzzle game icon. It had recently been discovered that he is the son of Dig Dug, an adventurer who had some problems of his own back in the 80's. While Pooka and the others don't come back for revenge on Dig Dug's son, that doesn't mean he's out of the woods. The puzzles he must survive are fun and addicting, while at the same time very difficult. Mr. Driller has appeared on many systems, including the Game Boy Color and the Dreamcast, and most recently the Nintendo DS. His drilling skills are like those of a natural-born construction worker, and he will never cease to amaze the world with his, well, odd survival tactics.

"Blocks are invading the city, CALL MR. DRILLER!" - IMDB

(Writeup courtesy of darkx5642358951)

Mr. Driller's Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Summer 2002 Contest - West Division - 14 Seed

  • Western Round 1 --- Lost to (3) Serious Sam, 22696 [41.27%] - 32301 [58.73%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 64th Place [5.78%]

Regardless of what other characters have done in contests, it's easy to make a case for Mr. Driller being the weakest character to ever make it into a contest. Not only does Mr. Driller get blown out by Serious Sam, but Sam then turned around and got flat-out killed by Mega Man. This made Driller the weakest character with ease in the Summer 2002 field, and he's the weakest character outright if you believe that Solid Snake SFFd Tanner in Summer 2004.

As for why Driller did so badly, I dare anyone to tell me that this guy doesn't look exactly like a powerpuff girl. Oddly enough, none of the Powerpuff Girls had a pink color scheme like our friend here.