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MrSmartGuy's got mad game

MrSmartGuy is a nerd that has just begun his senior year of college. Being a nerd, he excluded himself from the high school "nightlife", and all the other reindeer games. This being the case, he has resorted to videogames, surfing the web, and possibly playing more videogames. You name a gaming genre, he probably plays it: shoot-em-ups, sports, RPG's, even Pokemon at one time in his life. He may also help you with homework, but only if it's easy, and doesn't waste too much of his time. His former classmates can verify this.

He created his account in mid-2006. At least, I think he did. I'm too lazy to check. He hasn't really accomplished anything on GameFAQs, he just goes with the flow. Some of his favorite games include: Phoenix Wright (all of them, except maybe 2), Hotel Dusk, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Fallout 3, RE4, SSBM, Brawl, FFX, Earthbound, Paper Mario, and Timesplitters 2. As I said earlier, he likes pretty much everything.

As of mid-2009, Smarty has every next-gen console out there (other than PSP, if that counts), seeing as he added the PS3 to his repertoire, and is willing to play online whenever someone wants to. Unless he's busy. Then he's not. But that should be obvious.

He mainly listens to 70's/80's rock music, and can tolerate pretty much anything else except rap music. Boston, Journey, Van Halen, Boston, Def Leppard, 38 Special, Boston, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Boston, Smashing Pumpkins, Rush, Talking Heads, and Boston (especially Boston) are just a few of his favorite bands. Push hip-hop on him, and he'll foam at the mouth, and quite possibly ask you to stop.

If you play him in an online game, don't worry too much. He doesn't try especially hard. He only tries to have the most fun possible, because isn't that what gaming is all about? If you're offended by something he says or does, try not to take it personally, since he probably doesn't mean it anyway. The last thing he wants is for something to turn into an argument.

Overall, he's quite the nice guy. In fact, he may be the only gamer ever who didn't scream obscenities into his mic when he was 13 years old. Actually, he kinda reminds me of a stereotypical Asian. He: is a scrawny guy, loves video games, tries not to intrude as much as possible... oh, except he's actually a pretty good driver.

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