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A Pointless Conversation[]

Mumei5: Hello, Tranny.

transience242: hey mummy

Mumei5: Icon was lamenting my lack of a wiki. ^_^;;

transience242: what's up?

transience242: so make one!

Mumei5: 1. Don't know how.

Mumei5: 2. You do it.

Mumei5: 3. ... I'll think of more reasons why not later.

<.< >.>

Another Pointless Conversation[]

(22:37:43) MYC: Sytha is in love with you

(22:37:47) MYC: He told me!

(22:37:56) Mumei: When? <_<

(22:38:54) MYC: YOU HEARD ME


(23:23:35) Mumei: But I like Sytha.

(23:33:20) MYC: He's a vampire!

(23:33:35) Mumei: I like him more now...

(23:34:01) MYC: A rapist vampire.

(23:34:16) Mumei: ... I have a vampire rape fantasy?

(23:34:23) MYC: ...

(23:34:25) MYC: ...TMI

Yet ANOTHER Pointless Conversation[]

Mumei: You need to watch Silence of the Lambs.

Excelforward: I don't like horror films.

Mumei: It's not a horror film, it's a comedy!

Excelfoward: Any movie where a man steals a woman's skin and makes a suit out of it, is a horror movie!

Mumei: ...I'm sure he'd give it back.

The Truth About Mumei[]

Mumei is one of the most awesome users on Board 8. He's into anime and stuff like that He has another great pool of knowledge, though, and it is in the subject of animals. Mumei knows more about animals than Steve Irwin, and while that's not saying much, I like to make as many Crocodile Hunter references as humanly (or dragonly, see WVI) possible.

Mumei believes that, in order to win a conversation, you must bore your subject with as many lists as possible and continuously bug them to watch Monster. This is pretty much true because Monster is just that good. He also likes StarCraft, which is another thing in his favor.

Silly Mumei Nicknames[]

  • Moo-may
  • Cow
  • Mummles
  • Beef
  • Mr. "I fuck all of Kim Bauer holes"
  • Mr. "Sasuke is my lover! =D"
  • Bob the Dancing Kentucky-Fried Neo-Nazi Bear From Outer Space (only DNEA uses it, but who cares?)
  • Johan Liebert's Bitch

Add more, since I'm too lazy to find them all. =P