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MycroProcessor is a Board 8 user that generally is a lurker with the exceptions of topics relating to video game music or Pokemon occasionally. Similarly he is a bit like this with Zachnorn's Stickam. His most major interests in video games are video game music and games in the puzzle-adventure genre. He is a fan of lists that get posted on Board 8, and of course the GameFAQ's contests.


MycroProcessor originally decided to join GameFAQ's for the purpose of fixing errors he noticed, and submitting glitches in games. Surprisingly between the time he made his account and the time he decided to actually use it, those were already submitted by others (for the less obscure ones at least), so Mycro sort of forgot about his account, though he did vote in the Poll of the Day the most interested during contest season still. He started actually using his account, going to Board 8 after he looked at the links to his YouTube videos and noticed that GameBopAdv had posted his videos on Board 8. Mycro really liked many aspects of the community of Board 8 in terms of the large amount of lists that got posted and revolution around discussion of the contests since obviously that was the purpose of the board, which he hadn't payed attention to before, so he stayed.


Mycro likes to make favorites lists pretty frequently, however his favorites generally change often, so the order is vague in general.

Favorite Video Game Soundtracks[]

- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Pokemon is his favorite series overall, as well as his favorite when it comes to music)

- Sonic 3 & Knuckles / Sonic 3D Blast (In general most Genesis Sonic music)

- Mega Man ZX / Mega Man ZX Advent

- Elebits

- Super Monkey Ball 1-2

- Rocket Knight Adventures - Sparkster

- Puchi Carat (Most stuff by Yasuhisa Watanabe and the rest of Zuntata)

- ResQ (Most stuff by Matt Furniss)

- Iridion

- G-Darius

- Granada (Most stuff by Motoi Sakuraba, excluding his Brawl arrangements...)

A lot more, he's being very selective here. Mycro likes chiptunes a lot, and his favorite chiptune sounds are FM synthesizer sounds, such as MIDI on very old PC's and the sound of the Sega Genesis.

Favorite Games[]

- Myst series (Especially Riven)

- Alida

- Obsidian

- Pokemon series

- Mega Man ZX series

- Sonic 3 & Knuckles

- Pulseman

- A lot of Metroidvania games

- A lot of Point and Click Puzzle-Adventure games

Favorite Pokemon[]

1. Jolteon (This is by an incredibly far margin too)

2. Porygon2

3. Eevee

4. Electrike

5. Larvitar

6. Manectric

7. Electabuzz

8. Leafeon