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Name A Flaw was a long-running topic series that was originally started by Strife2 on Board 8. There were three attempts at the series; the most successful was the third incarnation, started in 2005 after difficulties arose during its first two attempts. Eventually Strife2, owing to Internet issues, left the series in October 2006 and allowed it to be picked up by long-time contributor FalconPain, who continued the series until abandoning it in early 2009.

The premise is simple: A subject comes up, and the posters try to come up with its greatest flaw.

What constitutes a flaw? This is open to interpretation. Some argue that it is the one quality that makes an otherwise awesome thing suck. Others argue that it is an inherent weakness that is central to the character.

In the end, though, the main decision is that the series is not a "good or bad" topic. Claims that a character has no flaws, is nothing but flaws (or that their existence is a flaw), or is not recognized by the voter are largely discarded.

The topic's subjects were originally restricted to video game characters. This policy changed around the time of Day 200.

Also, after the self-referential Day 456, Strife2 came to the decision that there should only be one topic per day and one leading flaw per topic in an effort to keep the series uncluttered. While this decision was not popular with everyone, it remains in effect today.

This series has inspired other posters to create similar topics on other GameFAQs boards, notably those devoted to comics and anime.