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In lieu of the AMAZING SUCCESS of The YGO vs. Pokemon series, Icehawk (and his extraordinarily large penis) decided to pursue another anime venture, in order to take a break from the more childish YGO/Pokemon series. The choice ended up being Naruto vs. One Piece. Icehawk watches the shows and compares them. He has never seen either show before.

Then... Icehawk decided he hated his wiki editor and decided to turn what was previously a two series competition into a 3 series competition with Bleach added into the mix. Oddity will be doing his best to make this thing readable (argh damn you and your different format TUM).

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Some pirate dude was about to be executed, but said all of his treasure was out there somewhere, so the age of PIRATES has begun as people race to go and get it. You know, what makes them pirates just because they are looking for treasure? Were the 49ers the land based equivalent of pirates? Of course not!

Is this show kinda old? The animation doesn't look that great. Not compared to Naruto anyway, which I've seen bits and pieces of.

Not a huge fan of the theme.

Theres some sailors on a ship, and they spot a PINK pirate ship that has ears on the sails. Badass! The pirates attack the ship and everyone freaks out!

Oh my god the pirate captain is disgusting ;_;. I thought for sure she would be hot! The pirates pull up alongside the ship and board. The captain is freaking scary! She has a huge iron club. Anyone who resists will be thrown into the ocean.

This cute little girl that was on the ship now takes off her clothes to reveal PIRATE WEAR. Cool. She boards the pink ship. No one appears to be on board, except one person! She owns him in the nuts I think.

Meanwhile, aboard the ship, the pirates find a wine barrel, but it... ACTUALLY HAS A KID IN IT. He accidentally owns one of the pirates when he wakes up from a "great nap". They draw swords on the kid. But he doesn't seem to care. They slash him... HE OWNS THEM BOTH. WUT? Their swords are cut in half. How? His name is Monkey D. Luffy. The pirates run away from him.

Luffy apparently is a pirate. Heh. His ship got sucked into a whirlpool. I think he wants a new one.

The pirates come back to Alvida and tell her about Luffy. She literally hits one off the deck with her iron club, badass.

Luffy is talking to some coward dude named Coby. He has pink hair >_>. He tells Coby he is going to be the pirate king. He's currently looking for a crew!

Apparently all pirates are after "One Piece". Anyway, now Luffy is going after a boat. Coby the Coward is now inspired by Luffy, he now wants to become a marine. ALVIDA COMES DOWN! She is pissed! Luffy says she's fat! NOW SHE'S SUPER PISSED! SHE ATTACKS! Dodge by Luffy. He jumps with Coby the Coward and escapes. He's like freaking Gumby, he's so lanky and agile. LOL He owns like 6 pirates but then a bunch come so he runs away... but now his arm is stretching... HE IS GUMBY! I knew it! The pirates freak out now and run.

He does "Gomu Gomu Rocket" or something like that to defeat them all. Now Alvida is talking to him. Apparently he ate some "Devil's fruit" or rubber fruit to become like this. After Coby pisses off Alvida some more, she attacks Luffy with her iron club. It hits him in the head! He isn't hurt! So can he not be defeated? That would lack drama big time, so I'm sure some weakness will be shown eventually. Now he does GOMU GOMU PISTOL and defeats Alvida pretty easily.

The marines now show up, so Luffy grabs a boat and runs. Coby is with him. He wants to join the marines, but since he has technically been a pirate for a while now, I guess he can't just yet. Augh, I really don't like Coby, does he have to stick around?

Now Luffy wants to build his crew. On the ship he heard about a pirate hunter named Zoro. He was captured by the Marines I guess. Luffy seems to want him as part of his crew before he heads to the Grand Line (or the Great Line, I missed it) for One Piece.

Overall: I actually quite enjoyed this. Luffy was badass, although I hope he isn't like invincible because that would suck. I think it'll be fun to watch as Luffy builds a crew and I assume gets a better ship. Anyway, good intro episode I would say! Thumbs up.


A long time ago there was a demon fox with nine tails. To counter it, Ninjas fought. Wow, animations are AWESOME. One Ninja sealed the monster, the Fourth Hokage.

Now theres an image of a baby... and now Naruto enters the screen. He vandalized the statues of the Hokages. Which look a lot like Mount Rushmore >_>. Suspiciously so in fact! IDEA STEALERS!

Naruto gets caught by Iruka. I guess Naruto is skipping class for this. He is now in classs... tied up >_>. They are practicing transformation techniques before the final exams. They have to make themselves look like the teacher. Naruto makes himself look like... a naked girl. Hahaha. Awesome. IRUKA IS UPSET!

Now Naruto is cleaning up the statues. He doesn't care because he has no one at home waiting for him anyway. Iruka appears to feel sorry for him and offers to treat him to Ramen after he cleans up the statues.

Naruto apparently thinks he will be greater than any of the Hokage, I guess thats why he vandalized them. In reality, he thought it was a cheap ripoff of Rushmore!

Naruto's final exam is now. This is so he can become a real ninja. The subject is the replication technique, which naruto apparently isn't good at. He goes for it in front of the judges... AND FAILS! Awww man.

The other judge seems to want to pass him, almost out of pity, but Iruka will not allow it. Naruto is upset, and listens to everyone else proud of being a ninja. No one else seems to like Naruto very much, they are glad he didn't pass as a ninja. Awww...

One of the judges talks to Naruto now. He offers to tell Naruto a big secret.

Also, a guy with a crazy hat talked to Iruka. He says that they both grew up without parents (Naruto and Iruka). It seems Iruka's parents were taken from him in the battle with the fox.

In the middle of the night, one of the judges wakes up Iruka. He tells him to go to the Hokage's (I assume thats the leader guy). Naruto stole a scroll of sealing.

Naruto has it in the woods. He's reading up on Multiple Shadow replication. Apparently this scroll was sealed by the first hokage. The leader Hokage tells them to bring Naruto here.

Ahh! It seems the one judge is actually a bad guy. he wants to kill Naruto and steal the scroll that Naruto got for him.

Meanwhile, Iruka finds Naruto. Naruto says he only learned one technique so far. Naruto says that Mizuki told him that if he learns techniques from the scroll, he can graduate. Iruka now realizes that Mizuki is a traitor. Just as he realizes this... NUNCHUCKS! Iruki gets nailed by a bunch of them. Mizuki wants the scroll. Iruka tells him that the scroll is dangerous and not to hand it over.

Mizkuki now is going to tell Naruto something. Iruka seems upset. Naruto IS THE NINE TAILED FOX. The fox was sealed into Naruto! Naruto was deceived by everyone. Thats why everyone hates him so much.

Now Mizuki is going to Kill Naruto, he throws a huge blade thing at him... AND IRUKA TAKES IT FOR HIM. Whoa. Naruto doesn't understand. Iruka says they are the same. He grew up without parents too and did the same things as Naruto. He understands that naruto was lonely. He's sorry for not recognizing it earlier. Mizuki says Iruka is lying, he hates him for killing his parents.

Naruto now runs away. Mizuki says he is going to go take revenge on the village. Iruka says thats not true... HE PULLS THE BLADE FROM HIS BACK! AND THROWS IT AT MIZUKI! AWESOME! Mizuki dodges easily. Mizuki now runs off to get Naruto.

The Hokage meanwhile is watching all of this from a ball. He says Naruto could become unsealed and turn into the fox. Meanwhile Naruto is TREE LEAPING. Iruka shows up (how did he manage to get to Naruto first). NARUTO ATTACKS HIM. Whoa. Why would he do that? AHA! It wasn't Iruka! It was Mizuki! Naruto knew! Nice. WAIT, IT WASN'T NARUTO! IT WAS IRUKA! lol the replacement technique means lots of epic hijinx. Meanwhile, Naruto is hiding nearby with the scroll. He overhears Iruka talking about what a good kid he is, and that he's not the fox. This touches Naruto and he cries.


Mizuki is OWNED. HELL YEAH. Iruka now gives Naruto a ninja headband. Cool!

Overall: Wow, I really enjoyed this one a lot. The animation here is superb, the fight scenes were short but totally awesome. I really like the plotline, and I thought this was an incredibly dramatic episode, especially considering it was the first ever episode of the show. Very impressive, I'm also liking all the characters thus far, great stuff!


I feel like on MyAnimeList, Bleach has a ton of characters near the top of the "top favorites list". This OP is kinda lame. The video is actually quite stylish though.

WTF. The main guy BEATS THE LIVING HELL out of some dude, a gang? Because they knocked over flowers for a dead person... AND NOW HE TALKS TO THAT DEAD PERSON! Well then.

I like the VAs so far. Also, main guy gets home, and him and his dad start fighting lol. Oh, his name is Ichigo.

The next day, **** is getting destroyed or something. It's some weird monster. Ichigo sees that ghost girl from the other day. Now some other girl who looks like a Samurai shows up and slays the monster. Nice. Everyone except Ichigo didn't see anything though, they just think they were explosions.

At night, the Samurai girl appears again in front of Ichigo! Ichigo kicks her. She says she can't be seen by ordinary humans. She says she is a soul reaper. She says she kills soul demons or something. Ichigo doesn't believe her, so she uses a paralysis move on him to make it so he can't move. She now sends some ghost who was hiding in the house to the afterlife, to the soul society.

There are 2 types of spirits, Holes and Hollows. Holes are good spirits, Hollows are bad ones that attack people and stuff. Soul reapers have 2 jobs, send Holes to the soul society, and exorcise the Hollows.

She says theres another Hollow but she can't sense it. Something is jamming her senses somehow, Ichigo can hear it however. Whoa, it's right outside the house! One of the people living in the house is in danger. ICHIGO IS BREAKING FREE OF THE PARALYSIS SPELL! The soul reaper doesn't believe it! No human should be able to do that! Ichigo now grabs a crutch as a weapon. He attacks, and gets owned. The Hollow says "I've found you", so he was looking for Ichigo. Ichigo dodges an attack. While the Hollow is distracted, the soul reaper kills the Hollow.

The soul reaper says Ichigo's spirit energy has just come out. So now the Hollows want him. Now the Hollow comes back. Ichigo wants a 1 on 1 fight! The Hollow attacks, but the soul reaper stops the attack... AND SHE GETS HURT?!?! WHAT!?!? She says the Hollow won't be satisfied by him just giving up his soul. She says she is too injured to fight. He must be a temporary Soul Reaper. Ichigo takes her sword, she gives him some of her power or something. WHOA! He now owns the living hell out of that Hollow! He took nearly all of her power. He slashes the Hollow in half and kills it.

Overall: Interesting episode 1 for sure. Took a bit for the episode to really get going, but Ichigo getting badass was awesome at the end. Good opener.


Wow. I'm already very pleased that I started this project, as I had a great time watching both first episodes. One Piece was very solid and has a lot of potential, but Naruto flat out blew me away, I don't think a first episode of an anime can get much better than that, high drama and character development, as well as great action. Naruto takes this one.

And my writeups were incredibly long. I'm not sure if it's because I'm feeling out the shows still or if it's because unlike Pokemon and YGO, interesting stuff is happening all the time >_>. We'll see I suppose.

Naruto: 1

One Piece: 0

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: First thing is first. I LOVED the opening episode of Naruto, one of the best episode 1s for an anime I've seen. I knew Bleach wouldn't be better than it and I was right. Now, for Bleach vs. OP. OP was a good episode, but Bleach had cooler moments than OP did at this point. Ichigo seems like he is going to be awesome.

Naruto: 2

Bleach: 1

One Piece: 0



So I guess Luffy does indeed go for Zoro right away. Awesome.

Yep, they are on their way to a marine base to find Zoro. He hungers for blood. He is a demon in human form. Luffy plans on deciding if he is a good guy before letting him join the crew. Luffy tells Coby he can join the marines here too. Coby doesn't think he is ready. he says there is a CAPTAIN MORGAN on the island though. REALLY? CAPTAIN MORGAN? The names of Zoro and Morgan freak out the town. Interesting.

Luffy peaks over the wall and sees Zoro out in the open, tied up to a cross or something. As they are watching, a girl runs to Zoro from over the wall. She gives him some food. Zoro is an ass to her though.

Now a weird ass guy appears. HE TAKES HER FOOD! He doesn't like it so he stomps on the other one! Awwww, she cries! SHE TRIED TO MAKE IT WITH ALL HER HEART DAMN IT! Now he shows her a flyer that says anyone who helps the criminal will be executed. Apparently he is CAPTAIN MORGAN's son. He forces a marine to "throw" her outside. The marine is upset at this. He literally throws her over the wall, but Luffy grabs her with his SUPER STRETCHY ARMS! Zoro is pissed at Morgan.

Now Luffy talks to Zoro. He says he would have escaped in three days. Zoro wants to survive and not escape to "show them" something. He now eats the food that was stomped into the dirt that the girl made, he says it's delicious.

The girl tells Luffy that it is her fault that Zoro is in jail, and that he isn't a bad guy. Morgan's son brought some fox into town, and it was eating a bunch of food and wrecking stuff. Rika, the girl, tried to stop it. The Fox attacked and Zoro protected her, and then beat the living crap out of Morgan's son (awesome). Zoro is officially "cool" in my book. In order to protect the family from being executed by Morgan, Zoro went to jail in their place. He will be set free if he survives for a month. So that's why he won't escape, to protect them.

It has now been 3 weeks. Morgan's son tortures Zoro while he is tied up. Now Morgan's son goes to the restaurant and says he is eating for free. he is a first class ass. That girl from episode 1 is also here in the restaurant. Morgan's son says he is executing Zoro tomorrow. Luffy gets PISSED and hits him. Luffy says Zoro will join him in his crew! Morgan's son wants to tell daddy so Luffy gets executed. And he does that. We get a brief intro to Morgan and he seems like an ass too.

Luffy now meets up with Zoro again and says he is going to free him and they will be comrades. Zoro says pirates are scum. He refuses. Luffy is oblivious to his refusal. He says he is going to go in the base and get his weapons back, and then they will be comrades... hahah.

We finally get introduced to Morgan. He is making the marines hoist up a huge statue of himself. Morgan's son is upset that he isn't getting revenge for him, but Morgan says he is worthless... haha. One of Morgan's hands has an axe implanted on it btw >_>.

Now Morgan gets pissed at his son for not having the little girl who ran to help Zoro executed, whoa. He orders a marine to finish the job. The marine refuses, so he HITS HIM WITH HIS AXE. whoa. Man, Morgan is a total ass. Lawl, now Luffy uses his arms to get to the top of the base, and ruins that huge statue. MORGAN IS NOT PLEASED!!!

Luffy takes Morgan's son and runs to find the sword. Also, someone has once again appeared on the execution field. ALSO, that girl is in the base.

COBY is the one freeing Zoro. Whoa, he tells Zoro everything. And he wants Zoro to help Luffy escape. Now MORGAN appears on the field, and is going to kill both of them. This should be good. Guns are pointed at them. They are about to fire... Zoro is thinking about a girl from his past... it kinda looks like the girl that keeps showing up.

Anyway, Luffy sees whats going on and uses Gomu Gomu Rocket to get to the ground fast. He takes the bullets and they bounce right off him! And that ends the episode.

Overall: Zoro is awesome, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of him. I am also looking forward to what will most likely be the first "big" fight of the series, with Morgan vs. Luffy or Morgan vs. Zoro. This episode was pretty good in its own right. While I think a lot of it was building to the next ep, it had some good character development and some interesting stuff happen, another thumbs up.


Naruto is sitting in what I assume is something like the Grand Hokage's office when a kid shows up, his name is konohamaru. He seems to be... hyperactive. And he has the same dream as Naruto of being a Hokage it seems. Konohamaru's bodyguard or teacher or something runs in now. They hint that like Mizuki, he is secretly evil.

LOL, apparently its the grandson of the Hokage... but Naruto gets pissed and hits him anyway, awesome. Also, the teachers name is Ebisu. Konohamaru runs off to find Naruto now. He's following him, all sneaky like... except Naruto obviously knows. He calls him out... Konohamaru wants to be Naruto's follower! He also wants to learn the temptation technique that KOed the Hokage >___>.

So now Naruto is out teaching him stuff. Kono tries to transform into a hot babe, but comes out all fat and gross. Now they sneak into a store and check out babes in magazines. Basically, they keep getting into trouble while they practice, but Naruto gets beat up and Kono doesn't. Kono feels bad about his special treatment.

Meanwhile, Ebitsu is all pissed looking for Kono. He says any bugs that attach themselves to his pupils will be EXTERMINATED. Well then.

It turns out Kono is upset because everyone calls him the grandson of a Hokage and not by his name. So thats why he wants to be a Hokage now.

Ikaru and the Third Hokage now have a conversation about Naruto. He says the Fourth Hokage wanted Naruto to be seen as a hero. He wishes the other adults in the village saw him that way.

Meanwhile Ebitsu has found Naruto and Kono. Ebitsu seems to hate Naruto for being the nine-tailed fox. KONO USES THE SEDUCTION TECHNIQUE! Ebitsu is upset that he learned that technique, haha.

Now Naruto uses Shadow Replication! Ebitsu isn't scared, he says he is stronger than Mizuki. The third Hokage is watching all this too from his ball. LOL, now all the Narutos use the temptation technique to own Ebitsu, haha awesome.

Naruto now gives Kono a little speech on becoming Hokage. Kono quits being Naruto's follower and says they are now rivals. Naruto says one day they will fight for the title of Hokage... ha.

Overall: Pretty weak episode inbetween Naruto becoming a ninja. Kono isn't a particularly compelling character, and outside of learning a bit more about Naruto and how the village views him, not much interesting. Thumbs slightly down.


I'm surprised the episode titles say Shinigami instead of Soul Reaper.

Similarly to We Are, the OP is kinda growing on me.

In the morning, everyone thinks a truck went into their house and that no one got injured. And that they didn't even wake up. Hmmm.

At school, theres a new girl, it's Rukia! The soul reaper! Ichigo freaks out. But she says she has never met Ichigo before. They talk privately now. Ichigo absorbed all her power, so she can't return to the Soul Society. Haha. She has to wait until her power returns. Until that happens, Ichigo must do Soul Reaper work. Owned. Ichigo refuses. Rukia says there is no other choice, she puts on a glove and HITS ICHIGO. Huh? Ichigo seems to be separated from his body.

They now go to a park, Ichigo destroys a Hollow there, saving a kid. He still hasn't decided whether to do this work yet though. Man, Ichigo is getting lame already! He now sends the boy to the soul society.

Meanwhile, we see some whole get devoured by hollows.

Rukia is following Ichigo around until he accepts his responsibilities. But then they go seperate ways.

At night, Rukia's phone goes off... SHE IS LIVING IN ICHIGO'S CLOSET!!! LOL. A Hollow appears! Ichigo attacks but misses, but now he cuts off an arm. Ichigo finally hits its head, and it starts to run away. Ichigo says he got a look at its face. It was this girl in his class's dead brother.

Rukia says from now on cleave the heads from behind, so you don't learn the identity of the soul. They were once humans. Ichigo is stunned by this, probably because he's a moron.

Overall: Hmm, this one was kind of boring. I like that in Naruto and OP, there was a huge goal right from the start. Become Hokage, Become the Pirate King. Bleach has no goal early on. Ichigo was being annoying a lot of this episode, and nothing that good happened outside of Rukia being funny, thumbs down.


Pretty easy one. One Piece was interesting and going somewhere, while Naruto was a just kind of there episode. One Piece by a mile.

Naruto: 1

One Piece: 1

Bleach vs. Naruto vs. One Piece: Well, One Piece was clearly the best episode here, with Zoro awesomeness. Just as I was confident Naruto would win episode 1, I was pretty confident it would lose episode 2, but it actually came pretty close to grabbing 2nd. Bleach was pretty boring, but, Naruto focused on Konohamaru, it was one of the worst Naruto episodes so far, so Bleach barely takes second.

One Piece: 2

Bleach: 2

Naruto: 2



Went with the japenese translation title this time.

Luffy once again blocks the bullets! Morgan calls him straw hat, which is awesome. Luffy now has a casual conversation with Zoro about his goal to be a pirate king, and he hands over Zoro's swords... all 3 are his! Cool! Meanwhile, the marines are still sitting there >_>.

Zoro now agrees to join Luffy! YESSSS.

Morgan now talks about the devil's fruits, and the rumors about the powers they bring, and how the secret lies in the Grand Line. Ahh, so thats what they are. So Luffy ate one of these to become a rubber man. I assume we will eventually come across others with devil's fruit powas. Morgan now orders the marines to attack with swords... they run at them... Luffy can't untie Zoro's knot >_>. Zoro now gets his swords, and fends off the attackers! So Zoro holds one of his swords with his MOUTH. Insane! While defending the marines attacks, Zoro and Luffy talk about Zoro's ambitions. He wants to be the greatest swordsman of all time, and if Luffy gets in the way of that, he will kill him. Now Lufffy owns all the marines with a RUBBER KICK.

Things are getting good now, Luffy runs in with a punch to Morgan, but he blocks it with his hand that is actually an axe. Luffy dodges a few attacks and now is beating the **** out of Morgan!

Morgan: DIE!

Luffy: Don't wanna!

Haha, he's so cool. So now he has Morgan on the ground and he's punching him, but MORGAN'S SON arrives. He has a gun to Coby's head! Luffy just... smiles >_>. Coby is actually being brave too. He says he refuses to interfere with Luffy's dream, even if he dies.

Now Morgan is back up! He is behind Luffy, but luffy doesn't seem to care. He uses Gomu pistol to knock out Morgan's son, he also takes an axe to the back of the head, but is unaffected. Meanwhile, Zoro slashes Morgan from behind. The marines celebrate.

Meanwhile the girl is in the base, uhh stealing stuff I guess.

Haha, they are celebrating in that restaurant.

Girl: You were amazing back there!

Luffy: Yeah, I'm great!

XD, Zoro is a little thrown off that Luffy has no crew and a super small ship. Luffy says they are now off to the Grand Line. Coby says that is impossible, it is the graveyard for pirates, with only 2 people, they are SCREWED. Now the marines show up, and say that while they are grateful, they must leave town since they are pirates. They won't contact headquarters.

Now the marines ask Coby if he is with them. Luffy says that Coby served under a pirate for two years, HAHAHA. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. COBY PUNCHES LUFFY! THEY ARE FIGHTING! The marine says it's clear Coby isn't with them. Nice. Coby realizes that Luffy helped him once again, he feels weak. He now says he wants to become a Marine... one of the marines is against it, but Coby looks intense as hell. He sincerely wants to be a marine.

The captain seems to like him though, and he lets him join! Now all the marines wish Luffy goodbye with a salute. The captain says that Coby has a great friend in Luffy, ha awesome.

Apparently Luffy made a vow to someone to become the pirate king.

Overall: I really liked this. The fight wasn't that great, but the character development and plot progression was cool. I even liked Coby at the end there. Very good ep.


We get a glimpse of Naruto preparing himself in the morning. It's actually pretty interesting to watch, it gives insight into his life all alone.

Naruto is on his way to an "explanatory" meeting, whatever that is. We get short intros to Sakura and Sasuke, who are in the episode title! Sakura is a pink-haired girl, who seems... girly. Sasuke seems like your stereoptypical loner "badass" lawl that all the chicks dig even though he has no interest in any of them. Apparently Sasuke is the #1 rookie.


The ninjas will be split into teams of three under one "Jounin" master dude.

Naruto's group is NARUTO, SAKURA, AND SASUKE! lawl. Sasuke had the top scores for all the graduating ninjas, and naruto had the lowest, which is why they are teaming up. Sakura must be average then.

Aww, Naruto wants to eat with Sakura but gets shut down, as she searches for Sasuke. Poor Naruto!

Naruto now has a plan. We see him sneaking up on Sasuke and ATTACKING, but he gets owned. Now we see Sasuke hitting on Sakura. He asks what she thinks of Naruto, and she says that Naruto is annoying and doesn't understand her. Now we cut to SASUKE. WHAT? Sasuke actually got defeated by Naruto! So Sasuke talking to Sakura must be Naruto. heh. Nice.

So Sakura is about to kiss "Sasuke" when... NARUTO GETS DIARREAH! He runs away to the bathroom, lawl. His new plan while he is on the john is to act like an evil Sasuke to make Sakura hate Sasuke. As Sakura is sitting there, "Sasuke" walks by. he asks where Naruto is. Sakura says that doesn't matter and starts bashing him for having no parents. "Sasuke" gets mad and says that you can't even compare the solitude to the level of where your parents get mad at you... he calls her annoying. Wow, she deserves that, **** that *****.

WAIT WHAT. NARUTO IS STILL WIPING HIS ASS. So that was the real Sasuke talking to Sakura eh? Interesting... very interesting. Naruto leaves the bathroom and finds SASUKE. he goes to attack using shadow replication, but they all get diarreah aagain and run to the bathroom >____>. Meanwhile, Sakura decides to be nicer to Naruto.

The third Hokage and some other ninja are now in Naruto's house... he's beem using expired milk! Thats why he has to keep pooping!

Overall: Hmm, it was Ok I suppose. Sasuke is interesting, and now we have our groups, but overall the episode seemed a bit pointless, Thumbs in the middle, leaning down.


Ichigo doesn't want to kill that Hollow, Rukia says he has to. Rukia says the brother is going to target his sister next. So they are off to save her.

Meanwhile, the brother is already attacking one of his sister's friends. The sister seems to be seperated from her body now. Her brother tells her that her friend can't see her now. He attacks, Ichigo saves the day! Now the hollow disappears.

The girl can see Ichigo (who is currently in Soul Reaper mode, so he can only be seen by spirits) this means she is dead. Ichigo is having problems taking this guy out. He is down.

The guy now talks about how he became like this. She stopped praying for him, he got lonely, it is actually kind of sad. Now Ichigo is back. The hollow remembers some stuff about his past, and now rampages again. Ichigo hesitates to take him out though, and now gets attacked. WHAT! The girl, Odihime stands in the way! She says this is all her fault. He wasn't able to find peace because she begged him to live. She stopped praying because she wanted him to be able to pass on, she didn't want to rely on him.

The human side of the hollow is fighting the hollow now. He is stillh uman since he was made a hollow by force and not by choice. He seems to finally break free of it now. The guy is going to kill himself before the hollow takes over again. Odihime talks about the last time they saw each other, she was mean to him, she wants him to have a good day, and now he disappears. She cries. Oh and she is still barely alive, so she isn't dead after all, she was just having an out of body experience or whatever I guess.

The next day, Odihime doesn't remember anything. Rukia used a memory wipe. Ichigo says he still isn't ready to committ himself totally, but he is willing to help for now. Stop trying to be so cool you loser.

Overall: This episodes goal was to tug at your heartstrings. And I'm not gonna lie, they got me. I felt extreme sympathy towards both of the characters, I even felt sad. I'm kind of surprised myself, but I give the episode props for evoking emotion from me. Good ep, even if the action isn't super exciting so far.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 3

Pretty simple one here. One Piece had a great episode and is going somewhere, Naruto didn't really go anywhere and wasn't that great. One Piece takes it easy.

One Piece: 2

Naruto: 1

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto was clearly the worst here. Any episode where we watch Naruto poop isn't exactly going to be A+ material. One Piece vs. Bleach is a little tougher, but I'm going to give the edge to OP. While Bleach did a good job of being emotional, I felt like OP just accomplished a lot in episode 3, with plot progression and character development, and it was just a bit better this time. Bleach takes 2nd AGAIN, which is funny. Maybe it can just grab 2nd everytime!

One Piece: 4

Bleach: 3

Naruto: 2



Luffy's past was hinted at last ep, this should be good, I'm looking forward to it.

To start some pirates (who mention "Buggy" some feared pirate captain) stumble across a girl on a boat, it's the same girl we keep seeing. She says she needs water, she offers all her treasure for them to save her. They go to check on the treasure and.... SHE STEALS THEIR BOAT! OWNED!

Meanwhile... Luffy is hungry and has no idea where he's going. He doesn't know how to navigate it seems >_>. His hat blows off in the wind and he starts thinking about its previous owner, Shanks.

Luffy remembers a time when a bandit picked on Shanks, but Shanks was totally laid back and didn't fight back. Luffy was a kid and didn't understand it at all. He got mad and ate a fruit, it was the devil's fruit. Now he's rubber and can't swim. Shanks was angry obviously.

It looks like later on the bandits were insulting Shanks crew some more so Luffy got really mad. I guess the bandit isn't going to let Luffy live. He pulls his sword and gets ready to kill when SHANKS and his crew arrive. Shanks steps forward and a bandit puts a gun to his head... BUT ONE OF SHANKS MEN BLOWS THE BANDITS HEAD OFF... WHILE EATING CHICKEN!

Now one of the pirates beat the hell out of all the bandits except for the leader. He throws a smoke bomb and escapes with Luffy though to the sea. He throws Luffy in the sea, NO HES RUBBER NOW HE CAN'T SWIM! After he does that.. some DRAGON eats the bandit? WTF? Shanks makes the thing run away though once he shows up. But Shanks arm gets cut off in the process. Luffy is upset, but Shanks is totally calm and unaffected. Luffy obviously got a lot of his personality from Shanks.

As Shanks and crew are leaving town, Luffy says he is going to gather a crew to beat his, and he will become the pirate king. Thats when Shanks gives his straw hat to Luffy. Awesome. He hopes Luffy returns it to him one day as a great pirate.

LOL, so Luffy gets uhh, his head inside of a bird in the air that he was trying to catch. Zoro chases after him in the boat, when the pirates of Buggy the Clwon come aboard, they threaten Zoro... but then they realize who he is and start paddling the boat for him. Awesome. Zoro rules! Zoro asks about Buggy the Clown. Apparently he ate a devil's fruit. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Luffy ends up landing on an island where it looks like Buggy is. The girl is there too.

Overall: This episode was all about SHANKS. Shanks is the freaking man, and I really hope we see him again someday. I feel like Chris megahyped this episode, and while I enjoyed it a lot, I don't think it was THAT amazing, but thumbs up for sure.


Since I don't think I've commented on it, I like the Naruto theme a pretty good amount. Above average. Nothing will ever be better than Record Of Lodoss War's theme though.

So Naruto and crew are waiting for their Jounin to arrive, but he is late. Naruto gets annoyed and sets up a TRAP using an eraser... and when the guy arrives he falls for it! lol. Sasuke wonders if this guy is a joke for falling for such a cheap trick.

Ninja: My first impression of this group... you're a bunch of idiots

Haw Haw. Not sure what I think of this guy, he looks kinda weird, but cool at the same time. Now they are going to introduce themselves, names, stuff they like, stuff they hate. Naruto wants him to go first. His name is Kakashi (Ohhhh so thats where shoe gets his name from!). He doesn't feel like telling them the stuff he likes and hates, haha, awesome. I like this guy.

Naruto's hobbies revolve around ramen, Sakura's around Sasuke (she sucks), and Sasuke's around... nothing. He hates a lot of things. His dream is to restore his clan and destroy a certain someone... wel then... awkward silence. They HAVE mentioned that he is a lone survivor of some clan or something. Kakashi expected this apparently. They will have a survival test tomorrow. Kakashi decides if they pass or fail. If they fail, they go back to the academy. On average, only 9/27 graduates make it to become "Genin", which I assume is the next ninja level.

The next morning they arrive at 5AM, but Kakashi is way late... because a black cat crossed his path. LOL. The test is they have to take some bells from Kakashi, if they don't get them, they don't get lunch. Also, there's only 2 bells, so one person is guaranteed to fail at least. PLEASE BE SAKURA.

Naruto attacks right away, he is pleased that Naruto came at him with the full intention of killing him. He's starting to like them!

Now we cut to Iruka and the third Hokage talking. Iruka is concerned about Naruto being under Kakashi. He's heard some things about his training style. The Hokage gives him a book with every student that has been under Kakashi, all who have passed and failed. Iruka looks stunned when he looks at it.

Meanwhile, while Naruto is attacking Kakashi, he is reading a book. He pokes Naruto in the... butthole >_>. WTF. Kakashi is countering EVERYTHING they throw at him.

Iruka and Hokage again... NO ONE HAS EVER PASSED KAKASHI'S TESTS. whoa.

Naruto makes another epic attempt to get the bells... and with the shadow clone thing almost succeeds, but Kakashi is still too good. Now Naruto, sees a bell on the ground, but it leads to a trap. While Naruto is tied up in a tree, kakashi seems to have his guard down, Sasuke sees his opening and throws a bunch of Shurikens at Kakashi... AND NAILS HIM IN THE HEAD! KAKASHI IS DOWN! And the episode ends.

Overall: Very interesting. Kakashi is as fascinating guy. We had some plot progression, some fun action scenes, and I really liked this episode. If I had to pick a flaw I'd say Naruto getting owned so easily got a little old, but overall, great stuff.


These guys are talking about this parakeet. Everyone who has owned it has died in some strange/random way. The guy thinks it would be too cruel to just abandon it. Meanwhile some huge thing falls on them, but this big guy named Chad in the group saves them. Now... the parakeet starts talking like a human!

The next day at school, Chad shows up with the Parakeet. It talks perfectly again. Ichigo and Rukia can tell something is in it. They need to exorcize it tonight.

Ichigo gives some backstory on Chad, he never fights back, no matter how much he gets attacked. He also seems to have some major endurance, we see him taking brass knuckles shots pretty easily lol ultra powerful 15 year olds.

At the clinic, Chad is here, he was in a car wreck! He has lost tons of blood. It's clearly the parakeet. Rukia says she still senses no evil from the bird, but Chad's wound seems to be from a hollow.

The next day, Chad has disappeared. Ichigo tries to sense the bird in order to find Chad.

We see the bird talking to Chad. It explains that bad things happen to people who own him. He apologizes to Chad and asks to be abandoned. Chad won't do that to him. <3333 Chad!

Meanwhile, Ichigo's sister, who can also see spirits but is sort of in denial about it, seems to know something about the parakeet. She goes to tell Ichigo something...

Ichigo senses the bird and is off. Rukia is amazed that he can do this. That was something only a high level soul reaper could do.

Ichigo's sister now shows up as Ichigo finds Chad. Ichigo is gonna take her home, while Rukia fights off the hollow. Ichigo's sister says that the spirit in the parakeet saw his mother die in front of his eyes.

Rukia is now fighting a hollow. Rukia appears to have some of her power back. But she still isn't strong enough. Chad is going to go back and help.

Rukia is talking to the hollow. He has already eaten 2 other soul reapers. Rukia wants to know why this hollow is torturing the boy's soul...

Overall: This was probably the weakest Bleach episode so far. Chad is cool as hell, and I'm curious to get some more answers next episode, but this episode kind of felt like set up for the next one, so it wasn't that interesting on its own. Average ep.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 4

Ohhhh this is really tough. If I were to judge these episodes solely by the new characters introduced, I'd say Shanks > Kakashi and give it to One Piece, but as much as I enjoyed the flashback, I liked the plot progression in Naruto even more, and for right now, Naruto episode 4 made me look forward to the next episode more than One Piece did, so I give the edge to Naruto.

Naruto: 2

One Piece: 2

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Very Stiff competition for Bleach this time around. One Piece introduced Shanks here and Naruto introduced Kakashi. Chad is cool but right now he doesn't measure up to these titans. I remember loving Naruto for a lot of reasons, and One Piece had Shanks. Bleach just doesn't measure up to either, as it kind of had an off episode. Naruto > OP > Bleach. Bye bye 2nd place streak!

One Piece: 5

Naruto: 4

Bleach: 3



Combining people's two worst fears, pirates and CLOWNS.

We start off with MYSTERY GIRL running some map she stole, and then Luffy lands on the island. Now the girl runs. The pirates think he is that girl's captain, so now they start fighting him. THEY KNOCK OFF LUFFY'S HAT! Bad move! That WILL piss him off, he beats the living hell out of the pirates. The girl now appears and it quite impressed. Her name is Nami, she is a thief that steals from pirates... that makes sense actually. She wants Luffy to join her. He says no, and he says he's hungry, so she offers to treat him.

Buggy's power is revealed as well. He takes control of one of his pirates with his mind, choking him and moving him.

Luffy and Nami are talking, she needs to earn 100 million beli... for some reason. Luffy finds out she's a navigator and asks her to join his crew (he has a thing for recruiting pirate haters doesn't he? First a pirate hunter now someone who steals from them). Luffy says no, she hates pirates more than anything.

Now Nami says she will think about it, if he accepts her conditions. She wants him to go see buggy. And she ties him up, KINKY! She takes him to Buggy and throws him down. She says he was the thief and returns his map. She also asks to join his crew... wut? Buggy says he likes her, and lets her join! Luffy is now in a cage and Buggy is throwing a party in her honor. Her plan is to steal everyhing back and his treasure it seems whenever they let their guard down.

Luffy eventually pipes in during a showcase of the BUGGY BOMB, his cannon thing. He says HE will be the pirate king. This pisses off Buggy, so he orders Nami to blow up Luffy with a buggy bomb, as a test of her loyalty. She is nervous... she doesn't know what to do. She knows if she doesn't shoot she will be killed, but if she does it, she's no different than the pirates. Interesting.

Luffy smiles at her plight. He says she wasn't mentally prepared to risk her life, which is what being a pirate is all about. Now Buggy is about to light it for her, NAMI HITS HIM WITH HER WEAPON! Buggy sends pirates at her... THE CANNON IS LIT. UH OH. Nami is trying to put it out, she's literally burning her hands trying to put it out. NOW THE PIRATES ARE GONNA ATTACK HER..... ZORO! CONVENIENT! He fights them off and protects her! Luffy and Zoro talk, and all the pirates are stunned that it is the pirate hunter Zoro. Buggy wants to fight him to become more famous. Zoro doesn't want to, but agrees anyway.

They come at each other... HE CUTS OFF ONE OF HIS LEGS! Luffy laffs at how weak he is, but now the pirates start laughing! BUGGY IS BACK UP! AND HE STICKS A SWORD THROUGH ZORO. Ohhh he has a seperation fruit! So, he didn't do that thing telepathically earlier, I must have missed the hand. So is the only way to kill him by cutting off his head? He says he can't be killed by a sword. And Zoro is down. LUFFY CALLS BUGGY A COWARD, AND HE CALLS HIM BIG RED NOSE. BUGGY IS PISSED! LUFFY IS LAUGHING! He tells Zoro to run away, and he does. Nami is confused. Buggy attacks Zoro, but he defends with his skill, and then runs to the cannon, and turns it around at Buggy! Buggy just stands there and freaks out instead of running for some reason. The Buggy Bomb goes off! To be continued.

Overall: Pretty intense ep, I liked it a lot. Nami is cool, and Buggy is also interesting. Nami's whole dilemma had be intrigued, and Zoro was more awesome. Good stuff! Probably my favorite so far.


The Shuriken hits Kakashi... it was a replacement jutsu! He was actually a log! Sasuke now runs his ass off since Kakashi knows where he is now. Sakura also runs... and Kakashi catches her, lawl. I think he sends her into some sort of dream/illusion world. Yep, he used the illusion jutsu. Sasuke says he isn't like Naruto or Sakura... kakashi mocks him.

He throws some Shuriken to get him to move, and then uses another one to cut a rope and activate a trap! HE'S BEHIND KAKASHI (man the fight scenes in Naruto are freaking sweet). He goes for a kick and a punch but Kakashi appears to block them. Sasuke touches a bell... but Kakashi gets away.

Kakashi: He's fierce! I won't be able to read makeout paradise now!

Now Sasuke does a fire jutsu! Kakashi doesn't believe it! Genin shouldn't be able to do that! KAKASHI WAS UNDERGROUND! HE GRABS SASUKE! WHOA! Now Sasuke is buried underground. Meanwhile, Naruto finds a boxed lunch and tries to eat it... but Kakashi catches him. >_>.

Whoa... now something seems to be going on inside of Sasuke, he's thinking about how he's the only person who can destroy this person. he has no time for setbacks. he has no time for setbacks. But now the bell rings for lunch.

At lunch Kakashi says they are all being dropped from the program IMMEDIATELY. Kakashi says they don't think like ninjas, they think like kids, like brats. Ouch. Kakashi says they never realized what this was about. Teamwork. He says there were only two bells to see if they would put the squad above themselves, a somewhat flawed concept to be honest, but whatever.

Kakashi talks about ninjas who were KIAed... and then offers one more chance, but it's going to be even harder. He lets everyone but Naruto eat lynch. If Sasuke or Sakura try to help him, they will fail. Sasuke gives food to Naruto because the whole team needs to be strong, now Sakura offers some as well. Kakashi sees all this.

NOW KAKASHI APPEARS! He looks pissed! Then he passes them! lol. He says no other team has ever done that, they all did exactly what he said. Wooo!

Overall: Fun episode. The end was a bit predictable and anti-climatic, but overall I definitely enjoyed the episode.


So yeah, Rukia sux and can't beat the hollow. What a noob.

CHAD IS HERE! He punches the hollow!

Chad: *monotone* I hit something. Alriiiight.

Chad is GOD. Now he starts punching at the air XD. WHAT NOW HE PUNCHES HIM AGAIN! Monotone "I got him again!" Rukia says Chad has no sense of fear at all. The hollow is pissed. Chad wants Rukia to tell him when he charges. WHAT WHAT. CHAD RIPS OFF AN ELECTRICAL POLE AND HITS THE HOLLOW WITH IT. HE IS ONLY 15 YEARS OLD DAMN IT >_>.

But the hollow is back up, and now he has Rukia and Chad down. However, Chad breaks free, and then frees Rukia. What a beast >_>.

Now, Chad is holding Rukia.

Chad: This plan must be really smart, because it seems really stupid to me.

yessss Chad. The hollow is in the air... Chad sends Rukia into the air, he just sent a girl 30 feet into the air <_<. And before anyone complains about my Chad nitpicking, he is a 15 YEAR OLD HUMAN WITH NO SPECIAL POWERS WHO CAN DO ALL THIS >_>.

Anyway, the hollow knocks Rukia back down, and Chad barely catches her. Rukia now has leeches on her body. OH SNAP, now they explode on her. Chad still is calling her new girl >_>.

Now, the hollow unveils that he has the parakeet. He also has 3 leech bombs onm the cage. So they have to do what he says or he will let them blow up. So now Rukia runs away, and the Hollow is after her. Uh oh, the hollow gets a few leech bombs on her, and they blow up. She runs again, and then stops a little later. She is ready to fight now... Ichigo is here! He kicks the hollow.

The hollow attacks, but Rukia seperates Ichigo from his body, so he is in soul reaper form. He slashes and barely misses. The hollow now blows up some bombs, Ichigo emerges from the smoke, and puts the sword to the guys head. He wants the hollow to admit that he killed that boy's mother (the parakeet)

This guy was a famous Serial Killer. This boy accidentally killed him by making him fall off a 20 story balcony. So, he was pissed, and sucked the boy's soul into the parakeet.

Now the hollow stops Ichigo's sword, he throws some bombs at Ichigo, Ichigo CATCHES ONE, and then PUNCHES THROUGH THE HOLLOW'S TEETH, RIPS OUT THE HOLLOW'S TONGUE, THEN SLASHES HIS HEAD OFF. "Wow" >_>.

They can't bring the boy back to life, but he can finally be reunited with his mother in the afterlife, so Ichigo sends him to the Soul Society.

Overall: Hmm, good episode. The fight scene wasn't that exciting for me, although Chad was awesome. The end, with the boy realizing he would get reunited with his mother was the best part.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 5

This one isn't too hard, One Piece was very intense, and Naruto was just kinda intense. The one clear advantage Naruto has is in fight scenes, but overall, OP has been outclassing it in most other categories.

Naruto: 2

One Piece: 3

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Eh, Naruto wasn't that great this time around, it pretty easily takes last place. One Piece was really intense, it was where Luffy was caged by Buggy. Bleach was pretty good, but I'd say the order is clearly OP > Bleach > Naruto for this one.

One Piece: 7

Naruto: 4

Bleach: 4



Now that Buggy is destroyed, Zoro literally lifts Luffy's cage to the air, is he going to carry it all the way to the ship?

Ahh! Buggy is still alive! Someone is talking to him now, the guy is going to kill Zoro for Buggy. Well then.

Now they come across the mayor of the town. He gets Zoro to a doc, and they talk a bit. As they are talking, that Mohji fellow shows up, beast tamer. H eumm... has fur ears... >_>. The beast attacks Luffy... and breaks the cage! Thats lucky! But then the beast knocks Luffy back through a bunch of buildings. Now Mohji goes back to looking for Zoro.

Meanwhile, there's a little subplot with a little dog that stands and refuses to leave a pet food store, the beast is looking to raid it, but he continues to defend it... awwww. He's getting his ass kicked majorly by the big beast. AND THEY KILL THE DOG. WTF! HOW HEARTLESS. WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT ;_;. Wait, it looks like the dog is still alive, but his store is destroyed, and the dog is very upset.


He confronts Moji again... whoa he uses a new move. GOMU GOMU SCREW! He throws the beast threw the ground! OH MAN! Now he kicks Mohji's ass for destroying the dog's treasured store. HELL YEAH GIVE IT TO HIM.

At the sight of the destroyed store, Nami is pissed. She says all pirates are the same. Then, Luffy brings back a bag of dog food from the store. Nami is bewildered that he did all that fighting for the dog. Luffy has a touching exchange with the dog.

Meanwhile, Mohji reports back to Buggy about the fight. Buggy decides to blow up the town with Buggy Bombs. The mayor wants to fight back with Buggy now, so the mayor runs to go fight him. Luffy and Zoro decide to help him, and Nami now joins the crew.

Luffy is now facing down with Buggy.

Luffy: As promised, I came to kick your ass!

Damn Luffy rules.

Overall: Surprisingly good episode, considering a lot of it revolved around a sideplot involving a dog. One Piece really is consistently good isn't it? I'm looking forward to the next fight, good stuff.


Mission already? I approve!

LOL, they appear to be doing a serious mission to start the episode... it turns out they were just retrieving a lost cat. Well then.

For their next mission, there are exciting choices such as, babysitting, and helping to grocery shop.

Now the Hokage explains how the rank system/mission system works in the village. Thank god, I've been curious about this.

Hokage is the leader, then Jounin, then Chunin, then Genin. Genin get C and D ranked missions, Chunin get B and C, Jounin get A. As untrained ninjas, they are getting D ranked messages. Naruto complains some more, and the Hokage agrees, they get a C ranked mission! They are being given an escort mission.

They are going to escort some bridge builder to his country. Sounds simple enough I suppose. The bridge builder keeps insulting Naruto. Ha. Meanwhile, some scary looking ninjas seem to be watching the crew... uh oh.

As they are walking, Kakashi explains some more stuff about ninja society, he also says they shouldnt get into any ninja battles in a C ranked mission. As they are walking... NINJAS ATTACK! THEY TIE UP KAKASHI IN CHAINS! They kill him! lol, I so believe he is dead.

Now they get ready to attack Naruto with the same chains, but Sasuke steps in with a shuriken throw and stops them, nice. Sasuke traps them with their own chains. Now they go to attack the bridge builder, but Kakashi shows up and owns. Kakashi notes how Naruto froze up... Naruto is upset with himself. Sasuke mocks Naruto now. Naruto also seems to have poison in his blood from the claws.

Wow, it turns out Kakashi KNEW about the ninjas the whole time (he saw the puddle, and knew it shouldn't be there), but he wanted to observe to see what they were after. He wanted to see if they were after the ninjas, or the bridge builder. It turns out this shouldn't just be a C ranked mission (which would be protection from robbers and such). This should be a B ranked mission or higher.

Kakashi says he thinks they should go back to the village to treat Naruto's hand... I think he's doing this on purpose, he wants to motivate Naruto. Naruto gets pissed and sticks a blade into his hand to get the needles out. He says he will never back down again. He makes the vow upon his wound. Man, that was kinda cool.

Kakashi: That was really cool how you took the poison out and all... but if you lose anymore blood, you are going to die

LOL, I love Kakashi so much. Kakashi looks at his hand and sees that the wound is already healing, he wonders if it is from the nine-tailed fox.

Meanwhile, some ninja with a HUGE sword is talking about killing the bridge maker. Uh oh.

Overall: Man, slightly slow starting, but that got pretty badass. Now I am very interested in the next episode. I really liked the whole subplot with Naruto sucking, that vow he made is pretty cool character development and I look forward to seeing how that plays out. And Kakashi is RIDICULOUSLY awesome. Of both shows I'd say he's my favorite character. Good stuff!


This OP gets better and better each time.

Rukia is at some shop. I think it has something to do with maintaining her human body or something.

AT school, Rukia gives Ichigo "soul candy", which he can take to become a soul reaper in case Rukia isn't around one day. Ichigo takes it, and he is now a soul reaper and... WHAT! A SUBSTITUTE SOUL TAKES ICHIGO'S BODY XD. It's all about early to bed and early to rise. So, while Ichigo is fighting, this soul will take over during school, awesome!

Back at the shop, umm, they accidentally sold Rukia something defective. So, I guess the soul inside of Ichigo is evil >_>.

Meanwhile, evil Ichigo notices Orihime's breasts and starts hitting on her >_>. The girls are getting creeped out!

Ichigo and Rukia make it back. Fake Ichigo starts fighting Ichigo. He kicks him like 10 times. Everyone just sees him kicking the air, lawl. Real Ichigo is in Soul Reaper form obviously. Now fake ichigo jumps out of the classroom and runs away.

In the classroom, Orihime knows it wasn't actually Ichigo. Hmmm, I wonder if she has some connection with the spirit world?

This fake ichigo is something called a "mod soul" they were supposed to be used to battle hollows, but they are bad or something. They are aritifical souls that were supposed to be put into corpses, but the plan was rejected. Ichigo feels bad for him now.

Meanwhile, Fake Ichigo is jumping around and stuff. Basically, trying to make everyone is watching him. Ichigo shows up now to fight him.

Overall: Wasn't that great. I think I would have preferred a comedy episode with a goody two shoes Ichigo, but I guess this works. I'm looking forward to the fight, but this was mostly set up for that fight.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 6

Slightly tricky, but Naruto was really cool, and OP revolved around a sob story. A good one, but I'm still inclined to give Naruto the edge here.

Naruto: 3

One Piece: 3

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto had Naruto cutting himself, awesome moment and easily takes the win. One Piece had that sob story with the dog, which admittedly touched me, and Bleach was kinda meh. Easy decision. Bleach is down early!

One Piece: 8

Naruto: 6

Bleach: 4




Hahaha, Luffy screams big nose to piss off Buggy. BUGGY BOMB TIME! Luffy doesn't care though. WHAT!!!! GOMU BALOON!!!!! HE INFLATES HIMSELF! ARE YOU SERIOUS! He bounces it back and BLOWS UP the pirates. WHATWHAT.

Buggy still lives however. He used his underlings as a shield. Some guy named Cabaji used the beast as a shield so he wouldn't get his clothes dirty >_>. That beast tamer guy ATTACKS him for that, but he quickly dodges and nails him, Luffy also hits him for the lulz.

This Cabaji guy is going to fight now. HE RIDES AT THEM ON A UNICYCLE WITH A SWORD! Zoro steps in and blocks the strike. Since he is using a sword, Zoro will fight. Cabaji notices the wound Zoro still has. Whoa! Cabaji blows fire at Zoro, and then lands a swift kick to his wound. Ouch. Now Cabaji uses smoke to conceal himself, Zoro blocks a sword strike, but then gets kicked in the wound AGAIN. Damn.

Nami thinks Luffy needs to step in. Cabaji is going for the killing blow... ZORO DOESN'T DODGE WTF. THE SWORD GOES RIGHT THROUGH HIM! WHY?

He seems to have grabbed Cabaji's sword, I'm kind of confused as to what happened.

Wait, Nami now leaves... I thought she was joining the crew! She is running off to look for the treasure on her own.

Now Cabaji keeps using his moves, he is about to go for a sword lunge... BUGGY IS GONNA TRY AND HOLD ZORO WITH ONE OF HIS HANDS. Luffy stops the interference though. And Zoro dodges again. Now Cabaji is going for the final blow... Zoro gets up... DEVIL SLICE! WHOA! HE OWNS THE HELL OUT OF CABAJI! DAAAAMN!

lol Zoro says he is now going to sleep. TIME FOR LUFFY vs. BUGGY.

Meanwhile, Nami has a bunch of treasure now, she seems to be having regrets about leaving everyone though.

Buggy: When I look at you straw hat it reminds me of that man, that despicable red-headed bastard

WHOA HE KNOWS SHANKS! HELL YEAH! Aww yeah Luffy is gonna beat this information out of Buggy, where is Shanks?

This is actually a good fight, both are using their devil fruit powers to dodge the other. Buggy has the upper hand early, since he DETACHED HIS HEAD to dodge a blow. Nami is freaking out about this fight.


OMG! OMG! IN ORDER TO PISS OFF LUFFY, HE JUST USED A MOVE TO STICK KNIVES THROUGH THE HAT! OMG! BUGGY HAS THE HAT! He mocks Luffy's love of the hat. Whoa, it turns out Buggy was Shanks pirate comrade a while back. NOW HE STOMPS ON THE HAT! NOW LUFFY IS BEATING THE HELL OUT OF HIM! He wants their history. Buggy says Shanks is the only man he can never forgive... to be continued.

Overall: Whoa. At first I was like "seriously, ANOTHER henchman fight?" but it wasn't bad. Then the Buggy fight has been good, Buggy beating up the straw hat to get to Luffy was great, and it seems we get more SHANKS next episode, which is a great thing. Very good stuff.


The crew is in a boat and just about to the land of waves, where the bridge is being constructed.

Kakashi wants to know why the bridgebuilder is being hunted, or else he is ending the mission. The man who wants him dead is Gato, he owns a shipping business. Gato owns the sea around the land of waves, which means he has all the power. The bridge will break his power.

LOL, the bridgebuilder guilts them into staying with him by bringing up his grandson and daughter. Nice. They now arrive in the Land of Waves. Kakashi thinks the next ninja will be Jounin, so obviously he is a bit worried.

Yep, someone is watching them. He knows who Kakashi is, he is "The Copy Ninja".

He throws a huge ass sword at them which they barely avoid. The ninja now appears. Kakashi knows who he is, Zabuza. Naruto wants to help to make up for FAILING last time, but Kakashi says to get back.

WHOA! KAKASHI REVEALS HIS OTHER EYE! IT'S RED! HOLY CRAP! Awesome music when he reveals the eye. Apparently it can reflect attacks or something, but there's a lot to it. Ahh, he can also copy attacks with it.

Sasuke realizes this ability is something a few people in his clan had. Is he another surviving member? Kakashi vs. Zabuza, let's do it!

Zabuza now stands on the water, he uses hidden mist. He's gone. Kakashi says he can kill in an instant, before you even know what happens. ZABUZA APPEARS BEHIND THE BRIDGEBUILDER! WHOA! KAKASHI GETS A SWORD INTO HIM! BUT ONLY MIST POURS OUT/WATER! KAKASHI IS NOW CUT IN HALF! Wait... HE'S USING THE SAME TECHNIQUE! Water clone jutsu! Kakashi learned it while Zabuza was performing it!


Overall: God damn Kakashi is SO FREAKING BADASS. But to be honest, I found this episode to be a bit uneventful. Only really cool thing was THE EYE.

GREETINGS FROM A STUFFED TOY The owner of that soul shop looks like he is preparing to help out with the fake Ichigo.

The Ichigos fight once again. Rukai says there is a hollow alert though, so he has to leave. Fake Ichigo also senses a hollow.

We see a hollow about to eat some kids. Fake Ichigo to the rescue! He pwns the hollow, but then he gets cut next attack.

Now real Ichigo is here. He saves Fake Ichigo from another attack. The Ichigos argue, the hollow attacks, and they both team up to fight them, and they eliminate it.

They are talking afterwards. Fake Ichigo is talking about his sucky life. Now the shop owner shows up. He uses his cane to get him out of Ichigo's body. He is going to take the modsoul, but Rukia takes it and gives it to Ichigo. So now it won't be destroyed.

Ichigo wants to find a body for the modsoul so that he can beat the crap out of him for messing up his body >_>. Ichigo sees a stuffed teddy bear, he puts the modsoul into it. It works! Ichigo seems to have a new bud!

The next day Ichigo seems to be nervous about tomorrow. The date June 17th seems to be important for some reason. It's the anniversary of his mom's death, when she was killed. He wants the day off from being a Soul Reaper. I guess he is going to be having a picnic with his family.

His mom died because of him somehow, he says it's his fault.

It seems like Rukia is going to be investigated for some reason. I'm not sure by who or why though.

Overall: Pretty good episode. I like the addition of the bear guy, Cone, he is pretty funny. And there were some interesting developments at the end there.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 7

The is the first episode where I would actually say OP's fight scenes topped Naruto's. Naruto was just a bit too uneventful while OP was ACTIONACTIONACTION. OP takes it.

One Piece: 4

Naruto: 3

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Each episode had its moments. One Piece was pretty consistently good with 2 good fights vs. Cabaji and Buggy. Kakashi vs. Zabuza wasn't bad, but wasn't that exciting for most of the episode. Bleach had some interesting stuff happen, and a new cast member. One Piece > Bleach > Naruto seems like the best decision. Bleach has been unable to get 1st so far, but, it has beaten one of the shows 5/7 times, which isn't bad.

One Piece: 10

Naruto: 6

Bleach: 5



Awwww yeah. I admit, the theme is kinda starting to grow on me.

STORY TIME. Both Shanks and Buggy appear to be a bit youngr and they were mates on a pirate ship. They actually appear to be decent friends. On a raid, Buggy finds a treasure map. It turns out on the raid, the pirates also grabbed a devil's fruit. Buggy decides to eat it the next day.

Actually, turns out it was a fake. Buggy has the real one and wants to sell it for millions, so he is going to leave the ship. As he is about to go, SHANKS surprises Buggy and he accidentally eats the fruit. "WHOOPS". He also lost his treasure map, not that it mattered since you can't swim if you eat the fruit (so, if you think about it, battles on ships would also be like smash bros. First person to go off the ledge loses >_>).

Now we are back to modern day. BUGGY SPOTS NAMI making off with his treasure, he seperates his top half and flies after her... and Luffy hits the half Buggy left behind IN THE CROTCH to stop him. HAHAHA. Badass.

Now Nami is being run after again... so Luffy finds Buggy's feet, and tickles them/slams them. Now Buggy attacks Nami again... LUFFY NAILS HIM WITH A KICK! Damn he really wants that ass. He now hits Luffy into the sea and laughs. Hahaha. So awesome. What a guy.

Now Nami decides to join the crew now. Well not officially, she's only "working with him". Anyway, Nami also hands over her map to the Grand Line.


Also at the end, the mayor thanks them, and it turns out Luffy left a bag of treasure for the town! Awww. NAMI IS PISSED LOL.

Also, Nami is still travelling on her small boat. They both sail side by side though.

Overall: Well, that arc is finished. It led to a navigator, but it still felt almost fillerish to me. Like, I can sense theres a lot greater foes than all those weaklings Luffy just fought to come. OK episode, not as good as I was expecting honestly.


Last episode, Kakashi STUCK A FREAKING BLADE IN ZABUZA, but it was all water, and now KAKASHI GETS CUT IN HALF! But it's also water. Now Zubuza has a knife to his throat from Kakashi.

Zabuza laughs, it turns out THATS A CLONE TOO. Why did I see that twist coming. I could imagine them doing an entire episode of "cuts a water clone in half" HAHA i got you now! *turns out that is also a water clone* etc for 20 minutes.

Now Kakashi dodges a sword strike from Zabuza, but then gets hit by a kick. Now Kakashi is in a water prison thing. Holy crap. Kakashi is now trapped. But it looks like he has to use one arm to maintain it.

Now Zabuza is gonna eliminate naruto and crew. He casts another water clone juitsu. The clone kicks Naruto, LOLOL. Kakashi says to run, since Zabuza won't be able to chase far with his clones. Sasuke says they will all die if they do. So Sasuke says they need to rescue Kakashi. He attacks Zabuza... and gets owned. DOES SAKURA DO ANYTHING? Now Zabuza ia coming for Naruto... Naruto is going to to run... and sees his hand wound from earlier! He remembers his oath from earlier about never running away.

NARUTO NOW RUNS AT ZABUZA... and gets owned. But in his hand is... THE HEADBAND! He ran at Zabuza to get that? Badass! HE TALKS SMACK TO ZABUZA! HOLY CRAP! And he has a plan involving sasuke I guess. LOL SAKURA, she's so useless!

Kakashi says to stop. The mission is the bridge builder. But the bridge builder tells Naruto to go ahead and not to let him stop them from saving Kakashi. ALRIGHT LET'S DO IT! First, Zabuza mocks them by talking about his graduation exam, where he was forced to kill other students. Wow.

Zabuza now starts hitting the crap out of Sasuke. He's got his foot on top of him. Naruto now costs shadow clone. Awesome. They all attack... and then all get thrown off by Zabuza. Now Naruto throws Sasuke some sort of throwing weapon. Sasasuke opens it up... DEMON WIND SHURIKEN! He throws it! BADASS! He's aiming for the real Zabuza, not the clone! Zabuza is ready to block it but... TURNS OUT THERES A 2ND ONE HEADING AT HIM! BUT HE DODGES IT! HE JUMPED RIGHT OVER IT!


Overall: Damn, that was an awesome episode, perhaps the best so far. Some great fighting at the end. Naruto may have actually been more badass than Luffy this ep O_o.

JUNE 17, A MEMORY OF RAIN Bleach is probably doomed to another 2nd or last place finish. Episode 8 had one of Naruto's greatest moments.

They are on their way to the grave. Rukia is here lol. Ichigo freaks out. Rukia has a theory about his mom's death. She thinks a hollow did it. Ichigo says that is not why. He says he is to blame for the death. Someone was watching this conversation.

Rukia later seems to realize someone is watching her. She sees him! He's a soul reaper of some sort?

We finally find out how Ichigo's mom died. Ichigo saw a ghost by the river. He didn't realize it was a ghost though. He ran after her, and his mom died trying to protect him from going into the river somehow.

Back to the Rukia conversation. Yep, this guy is a soul reaper.

The soul society wants to know why she hasn't come back. And she hides it for some reason. Is it bad that her power is gone if it is just going to come back? So now he is going to take her with him. Now Ichigo arrives.

The guy asks who he is, Ichigo says he is a substitute soul reaper. The real soul reaper says Rukia has committed a serious crime. Ichigo grabs the mod soul from Cone's teddy bear, and swallows it. So now he is in soul reaper form, and Cone has his body.

Meanwhile, some hollow is approaching Ichigo's sisters.

Ichigo is losing the battle to the soul reaper badly, it's a pretty solid fight.

Now Rukia gets a text about a hollow nearby. So he runs off to fight it. The other soul reaper is following.

Overall: Surprisingly good episode. Some very interesting developments with Rukia committing crimes, and Ichigo's past. Good stuff.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 8

Like I said, I think Naruto actually managed to be more badass than Luffy here. Cool stuff with Naruto, good growth from Naruto the character, and some good fighting gives Naruto the edge this one.

One Piece: 4

Naruto: 4

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto easily takes first here thanks to an AWESOME fight with Zabuza and an amazing moment. One Piece was kinda disappointing here, while Bleach has been doing pretty well at having solid plot progression.

One Piece: 10

Naruto: 8

Bleach: 6



Awww this stream doesn't have the OP theme. I was really starting to like it!

Nami thinks they need a boat upgrade... Luffy thinks they need a cook and a musician before the Grand Line >_>. Lawl.

Meanwhile in the town they are sailing to, there's some dude Usopp who likes to lie about pirates coming. But this time it turns out PIRATES REALLY ARE COMING, and he's scared and stuff. Slow start to this ep. When he realizes only 3 people are there though, he decides to "protect" the village from Luffy and crew.

As Luffy and crew hit land, Usopp attacks them with uhh gunfire, oh it was like marbles or something >_>. He attacks with a slingshot <_____<. He claims to have like millions of men. But Nami sees through the lie. Usopp gives up, and Luffy laughs at him >_>.

It turns out Luffy knows Usopp's father, since Usopp's father was with Shanks. He was a great marksman with a pistol.

Anyway, turns out there is a big mansion in town, so they are going to go there to look for financial support. Turns out Usopp sneaks in here to tell some depressed girl pirate lies in order to cheer her up, or something. So Luffy sneaks in to talk to the girl, when he gets there, some caretaker guy spots him... umm thats it.

Overall: Really uneventful episode. Kind of like Coby, Usopp gives off a bad first impression but becomes a better character once you get to know him more.


Recap of the BADASS FREAKING MOVE Naruto and Sasuke pulled off last ep... while Sakura did nothing. How did she pass again?

Zabuza dodges Naruto's attack, but he is forced to let go of his water prison technique, so Kakashi is now back in action!

Naruto gives a synopsis of how it all worked. SAKURA IS IMPRESSED TEEHEE. Kakashi talks some smack, IT'S GAME TIME BABY!

Zabuza is on the offensive early, but Kakashi hits away his shuriken. Zabuza is doing some juitsu now, and Kakashi is copying it, it looks like. Man this is a LONG ASS Juitsu.

They both send water dragons at each other. Now they are fighting with weapons. Zabuza doesn't think something is right though. He doesn't understand how Kakashi did the Juitsu simulataneously with him, if he's copying, it shouldn't have been done at the same time. Zabuza tries a new move, and Kakashi does it again! WTF. Zabuza thinks he might be able to read his mind. HOLY CRAP I THINK HE CAN!

Zabuza calls him a monkey for just copying his moves, but now... a shadow appears behind Kakashi, a shadow of Zabuza... wtf is going on? Kakashi now hits Zabuza with a move that he was about to do himself. Wow. Zabuza is crushed by this water vortex.

Meanwhile, someone is watching all of this... they have a mask on.

Now Kakashi nails Zabuza with a bunch of throwing knives.

THE MASKED PERSON KILLS ZABUZA NOW. Out of nowhere. Whos side is she on? She thanks Kakashi. Turns out this chick is a tracker ninja, her job is to kill rogue ninjas for the village of the hidden mist, so it was her job to kill Zabuza... Kakashi says it's a guy... weird >_>.

Naruto is now all upset that some kid his own age is stronger than him by a lot. Naruto starts punching the ground and says the "we're nothing."

Now Kakashi randomly passes out... wtf?

Overall: The rest of the fight scene wasn't quite as cool as I had hoped, but this was still a pretty strong episode.

UNBEATABLE ENEMY Ichigo and that other soul reaper arrive. Ichigo also sees the ghost that he saw the day his mom died. So, his mom was killed by a hollow after all.

This soul reaper has been around for 50 years. He uses that girl as bait for people who have high spirit energy, then he devours them. He has absorbed all that power, so he is super strong. No soul reaper has been able to beat him.

Ichigo attacks, hollow dodges. Now Ichigo is grabbed by some weird attack.

Rukia tries to use an attack and is hit too. The hollow is about to eat his sister. The other soul reaper attacks! Ichigo breaks free. What! Now the soul reaper gets hit by an attack. He is down. Rukia says that soul reapers can die. However, he is not dead, only sleeping >_>.

Ichigo jumps in front of the hollow now. Rukia says Ichigo isn't strong enough to take down a hollow like this. Ichigo doesn't want help, this fight is his.

Kon has run away with the girls, so they are away from danger now. He is trying to act like Ichigo, but he isn't sure how to act mad all the time >_>.

The fight is even so far. Ichigo attacks, he is too slow. He barely blocks an attack... he is hit! He coughs up blood. The hollow says he is too reckless.

HE STILL REFUSES HELP FROM RUKIA! Hollow says that is his flaw.

The hollow now makes his mother appear. He says that he has evaded soul reapers for 50 years by learning the one person they cannot kill, and that is who Ichigo can't kill.

Ichigo runs in, his mother gets in his way! The reaper attacks, and hits his shoulder! Huh? Lightning appears. His mom is helping him? The lure recorded the thoughts from her death, so she is protecting him once again.

Ichigo hears his mother's last thoughts.


Ichigo passes out. The other soul reaper is here. He says Ichigo has a lot of potential. He walks off, saying the soul society will find out eventually.

AT the grave, Ichigo doesn't understand why no one blames him for his mother's death. His dad explains why.

Ichigo decides he wants to be a soul reaper for a while longer, he wants to kill that hollow and become stronger.

Overall: I'm not a huge fan of villain of the week, but I have to give this episode props for being pretty intense. I was kind of bored early on, but it picked up in the second half and ended up being pretty good.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 9

Not a spectacular episode from either side here, but One Piece was just extremely slow moving, while Naruto had some cool stuff happen. Kakashi is the greatest badass of all time basically. Naruto takes it.

One Piece: 4

Naruto: 5

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: One Piece had a very weak episode here, with the intro of Usopp, and quite easily takes last place. Bleach had a solid episode, but still hasn't really grabbed me yet like OP and Naruto do at times. I'd say Naruto was a bit better. Bleach has beaten an episode 7/9 times!

One Piece: 10

Naruto: 10

Bleach: 7



Theres some dude walking backwards to start the ep... Ohhhhh k.

Meanwhile, Luffy and crew are talking to the caretaker. He wants them to leave. He also says that Usopp is a liar in front of that rich depressed girl. He also says Usopp's father is a low class pirate, which UPSETS Usopp. Usopp punches him! He is about to punch him again, but the girl stops him. Usopp says he is never coming back again.

Now inside... the girl and caretaker talk. He explains how much he respected her late father, and how he can't have anything happen to her.

The walking backwards guy now comes across Nami and Zoro. He says he is a hypnotist. He shows his hypnotism to Usopp's kid crew... and falls asleep himself... lol >_>.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Usopp are talking. They see the hypnotist Jango talking to the caretaker. WHAT, they are talking about assassinating the girl! Whaaaaaat!

They plan on killing her via an "accident". The hypnotist will first get her to write a will leaving everything to Kuro though. It turns out he used to be "Captain Kuro", a pirate. He fakes his death and has been working for 3 years to get this inheritance.

Jango has a crew of men nearby ready to attack the village to carry out this plan. Now Luffy shows himself to Kuro and Jango. Jango hypnotizes Luffy and he falls asleep... and falls off a cliff, head first. They assume he is dead of course.

Kuro says the attack will happen tomorrow, and theres nothing he can do to save Kaya. To be continued.

Overall: Mmmm not bad, mostly a set up episode though. I'm liking Usopp more and more, and I'm looking forward to the next battle! This episode though was probably just average or a little above average.


Kakashi is in some house to start the episode, he says he overdid it with his Sharingan, and that he wont be able to move much for a week. Well, this seems like a set up for some ninja to attack, and Kakashi not being able to help.

Now we flash to the girl/boy ninja tracker who is going to eliminate Zabuza's body from existence.... AND HE WAKES UP. "So you already came back to life."



Oh and, when he/she takes off the mask, he/she STILL looks like a girl... wtf. Oh, it turns out "he" put him into a temp death state. "He" also talks about not wanting to damage Zabuza's body. Oh and, he blushes like a girl. I think I will just say "she" from now on.

Meanwhile, Kakashi is realizing something... he realizes what happened, and he knows that Zabuza is still alive. Nice.

I guess now he wants to train them for the next encounter with Zabuza, Naruto is actually excited to take him on. Sakura complains, as if ANY amount of training could ever make her good enough to take on... anyone. I'm convinced I could beat Sakura in a fight at this point, especially since I'm not afraid to hit (little) girls!

Kakashi's training will be to... climb a tree without using hands. Doing thign exercise will help them learn how to more effectively focus their chakra, and will make it so they can learn more juitsus.

Sasuke's decent at it right away. AND SAKURA ALREADY MAKES IT TO THE TOP! WHAT WHAT. Well, she's still useless! This motivates Naruto and Sasuke even more. Kakashi says they have way more Chakra than Sakura, so it will be useful once they learn this.

They keep going... and Naruto isn't making any progress, so he asks Sakura for advice. Kakashi is impressed once again. He comments that Naruto has more Chakra than even himself.

Overall: Pretty good episode, there wasn't all the action, but there was a neat twist, and the training, and more growth from Naruto was definitely cool, solid ep.

ASSAULT ON TRIP AT SACRED GROUND! Some spirit hunter show is going to be in town, everyone is all excited.

Ichigo was forced into going because his family went >_>. Ichigo hates it.

They are going to some abandoned hospital for this show. Ichigo says theres no way there are any spirits here. Rukia says there are some spirits that only show up when their space is being invaded, and they can't be pinpointed by soul reapers easily.

Apparently one of those wholes, a "demi-hollow" resides at this hospital, they see it. Rukia says they can send it to the soul society after the show, it takes months for these to transform into hollows.

However, the host of this show can apparently see the spirit, he attacks it, which is agitating it! Ichigo runs in, but gets stopped by security, that guy from the shop separates him from his body though. So now Ichigo rushes in, that dude can see him, so he can legitly see spirits.

The demi-hollow now EXPLODES it has reformed as a hollow elsewhere. It becomes one on the roof of the hospital. Ichigo has to fight this hollow while keeping the stupid show host out of the way of the fight.

The show host explains why he needs to help fight. Tons of kids watch his show. If they see him running away, they will lose hope or something.

The hollow attacks, Ichigo fights it off. Staredown. Ichigo gets trapped by some slime while protecting the show host. The hollow attacks, the show host stops the attack! The show host uses some power to free Ichigo. Ichigo strikes the hollow.

HEAD SLASH! Game over. The host now realizes he has actually been creating hollows the whole time. He hopes Ichigo will help him out sometimes.

Overall: Kinda fun episode. The show host was kinda cool. Like I said, still not a huge fan of villain of the week, but they did OK here.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 10

I think the main problem with early OP, is that Luffy is already so damn powerful. They haven't been doing a great job of building any credible threats to him, but the quest to find a crew has been decent. I'm not saying OP is bad so far, in fact it's very good, but Naruto has had the edge earlier imo because it's surprising and fun to watch him succeed, while with Luffy, it is expected. Naruto takes it.

One Piece: 4

Naruto: 6

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: All 3 episodes were in "OK territory this time around, so that makes things interesting. One Piece was all set up and kind of slow. Naruto had a cool plot twist, and some training, but thats about it. Bleach had a kind of fun and different villain of the week episode. They all had their strengths and weaknesses, but I think Bleach > Naruto > OP is the right decision here. Bleach gets its first win!

Naruto: 11

One Piece: 10

Bleach: 9



Usopp runs to town to tell everyone pirates are coming... but they don't believe him of course.

Meanwhile, Nami and Zoro go to the coast, and find Luffy's body. They wake him up, lawl.

Now he runs to Kaya to tell her to run. He tells her that her caretaker is actually a pirate. She doesn't believe him. Awwww...

He grabs her and runs despite her not believing him. Now a bunch of people with guns come, but he nails them all with his slingshot... He tries to get her to come... she doesn't belive him! She slaps him! Wow. How sad. He leaves.

At night, Usopp says he will stop the pirates at the coast to protect they village. Luffy and crew volunteer their help at all. They say they are helping him because they admire his courage.

Overall: Another set up episode. This one took a pretty predictable path, obviously no one would believe him, I will say that it was well carried out at least. So it looks like the good stuff is next ep.


To start, one of the bridge builders wants off the project, since he fears for his life. bridgemaker guy is PISSED.

Meanwhile... Naruto and Sasuke are still tree climbing.

We get some scenes of how bad things are here, and we get a speech on how imporant the bridge is.

Naruto and Sasuke's competition is extremely fierce. They REALLY want to beat each other. Now Sasuke asks Naruto for the advice Sakura gave... and Naruto won't tell him! lol.

At dinner. the bridgemaker tells the story about his grandson's old father figure. Who used to be a hero. He saved Inari (the grandson) from drowning when he was really little. Man, this guy is a badass. His name was... Kaiza? He saved the village from a flood later on.

When Gato took over, Kaiza was the only one who stood up to him, so they killed him. Ever since then, everyone lose their will. And Inari no longer believes in heroes anymore.

Naruto now gets up... and falls. Kakashi says maybe he should stop training today, he used too much Chakra. But Naruto wants to prove that there are such a thing as heroes.

Overall: That was a pretty sweet flashback, and I love how it actually had an effect on the storyline, with Naruto being motivated by it. In some ways, an uneventful episode, but I enjoyed it.

THE LEGENDARY QUINCY Wooo, getting closer and closer to when Bleach gets better (in the opinion of most!)

Ichigo and Rukia are off to kill a hollow... but when they get there it's already gone. They assume someone else killed it, but they have no idea who. Or maybe the pager isn't working.

Another page comes later and... the hollow isn't there again. So now they think the pager is broken for sure. Now, some weird dude shows up. He knows Ichigo and Rukia, and he knows they can see spirits. He can sense that a hollow has appeared somehow. This guy has been killing them apparently. He uses a spirit bow type thing, and kills it from like hundreds of feet away. Wow. He is much better than Ichigo!

His name is Ishida, a Quincy, soul reapers are his enemies. This guy is in Ichigo's class. We have no idea why he considers Ichigo his enemy though.

The next day, Ichigo realizes that the kid is in his class, lawl. The guy is super intelligent. And uhh, good at sowing too. He is also a super jerk.

Ichigo is following Ishida around, but Ishida knows. They exchange words. Ishida makes fun fo Ichigo for not being able to sense spirit energy, which Ishida can do. He knows the day Ichigo became a soul reaper, and Rukia's true identity.

Ishida wants to have a duel. He wants to show how useless soul reapers are compared to Quincys.

Rukia is at that spirit shop for info. The last of the Quincys became extinct centuries ago, there used to be a lot of them. Soul reapers look to purify hollows, Quincys only want to destroy them. They couldn't understand the reaper's mercy.

Ichigo has been goaded into having a duel with Ishida. I have a feeling this is going to be bad.

Overall: Very interesting episode, the Quincy concept is interesting, and Ishida is very easy to hate, so I'm looking forward to the fight. Good stuff.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 11

Man, this naruto arc is kickass. OP is just kinda moving along, with hopefully a decent conclusion to its own mini-arc next episode. But Naruto takes this one rather easily.

Naruto: 7

One Piece: 4

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: One Piece had a pretty weak episode here. Naruto had a solid flashback, but not much else. Bleach had some pretty interesting stuff happen. Bleach > Naruto > OP, pretty easily. I really didn't expect Bleach to do so well. I think if Bleach was facing off with later Naruto/OP, it would be in 3rd. I kinda forgot that Naruto and OP weren't that strong either early on.

Naruto: 12

Bleach: 11

One Piece: 10



Battle time!

Usopp says theres a narrow little passageway. If they can defend it, the village won't be attacked.

Kuro goes back to the mansion, and discovers a gift Kaya left him, since it is his 3 year anniversary of being there. HE CRUSHES THE GLASSES!!!! Then he kills the servant who watches him do it! Wow, what a heartless bastard : (. Kuro has claws as weapons that are like extremely long blades, they are pretty badass I must say.

Meanwhile, Luffy and crew pour some oil in the narrow passageway to help stop the charge.

As they are waiting they realize... THEY ARE AT THE WRONG COAST! Theres a slope that is similar on the other side of town. Luffy runs his ass over to the other side, as well as the others... wait... Zoro gets left in the oil thanks to Nami, what a *****.

Usopp makes it first it looks like. He nails some guys with his slingshot thing. Usopp doesn't get why he is the only one here though,, Luffy should be here already. Turns out Luffy got lost >_>.

Usopp claims to have 100 million men... Jango believes him, LOL. Oh snap, now Jango's men find lots of treasure in Nami's ship (they were docked nearby). Nami is gonna be PISSED. Now NAMI arrives.

And now the pirates start running up the hill, Usopp has caltrops. They throw them on the ground, and the pirates are stopped. Now, Usopp starts slingshotting. .. Nami distracts him though, AND A PIRATE NAILS USOPP FROM BEHIND! Whoa. But Usopp refuses to give up. He stands up. He is about to get attacked again, but Nami protects him, now she is down though. Jango says to forget about them, and they move on ahead. Usopp gets hit again trying to stop them.

WHAT, now out of nowhere, the ENTIRE pirate crew flies backwards, Zoro and Luffy have arrived! LUFFY SAYS HES PISSED. So is Zoro... To be continued.

Overall: Entertaining episode... Usopp is getting pretty damn cool. There was a bit too much useless shenanigans though, with Luffy getting lost and all that, they sure are taking their sweet time starting this battle up! But yeah, good episode regardless, not great, but good.


Oh god this sounds good.

To start the episode... some girl finds Naruto just about passed out. Oh wait, it;s the erm, "boy" that was working with Zabuza. SHES WEARING A PINK DRESS OR SOMETHING. OMG. IT'S A GIRL I SWEAR TO YOU.

S/he wakes him up. NARUTO IS BLUSHING! HE LIKES HER! IT'S A GIRL DAMN IT! They have a conversation about Naruto's goals.

Now the girl has some random flashback about her past or something. I guess she used to be homeless. It looks like Zabuza took her in or something.

She explains that when someone has someone they want to protect, they become genuinely strong. Naruto agrees. She tells him he will be very strong one day, and walks away.

Haku: Oh and by the way... I'm a boy.

Naruto: NO WAY! He's prettier than Sakura!


When Kakashi and Sakura look for Naruto, they arrive to see he can climb trees now! And Sasuke can too! Awesome!

Wow, now they show them at night, Sasuke and Naruto can climb ridiculously high. Kakashi says they will now be on bodyguard duty too. During dinner, the grandson tells them all their training is worthless, and that they will be defeated. He tells them they have no idea what its like to be treated like dirt. Ha, this obviously pisses off Naruto, he tells Inari that he is just a coward, and a whiner. Man, Naruto has been badass lately!

Outside, Kakashi tells Inari all about Naruto and his past. And how Naruto's dream is to gain respect. That was a pretty sweet ass conversation. Lots of great character developement this episode.

The next day, Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke leave for the bridge. They let Naruto sleep in since he pushed himself too hard the day before. He has the day off, but he runs to the bridge anyway.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, the crew is all wiped out. Also, swordsmen seem to be going to Inari's house. Now it gets misty, Zabuza is here. Zabuza mocks Sasuke for trembling, Sasuke tells Zabuza it's excitement. He cuts up Zabuza's water clones. Now we get a face off as Haku and Zabuza show their actual selves. And that ends the ep.

Overall: Man, Naruto the character has been getting pretty awesome lately. And the show continues to be good this arc. Some really good character developement, and I am super excited for the SHOWDOWN next episode.

A GENTLE RIGHT ARM Wow, so you guys like Ishida? He seems like such a douche.

Oh wow, I just realized Ishida is in the opening video!

Ishida crushes some thing that attracts hollows. Whoever kills the most hollows in 24 hours wins. Ichigo knows this is a bad idea, but Ishida is confident he can kill them all easily. One appears... he kills it with his bow! Man thats such an unfair advantage.

Ichigo is pissed at Ishida for doing this. The entire town is going to be swarming with hollows. Ichigo runs to his family, since they are likely to be attacked first, since they have high spirit energy.

The show now shows that Tatski can see ghosts now, I guess Odihime can see them too probably.

Ishida is killing them like crazy, Ichigo doesn't have nearly as many kills.

Rukia is getting pager signals like crazy.

Chad can see the hollows coming in now too, so he can see ghosts too.

Chad is running from a hollow with Ichigo's little sister, and a hollow owns his ass. But he stands and faces him down anyway... PUNCH... EXPLOSION... CHAD HITS THE HOLLOW DOWN, BADASS. WTF, HIS ARM HIS DIFFERENT. Is that like his spirit sword? He uses his new black arm to kill the hollow! Nice!!!!

Overall: This was kind of a surprising episode. It looked like it was gonna be a bunch of Ichigo and Ishida pwning ****, but it was actually more about how all of Ichigo's friends are starting to be able to see spirits, and how Chad became able to cleanse hollows. It was kinda slow at times, but the end was pretty badass. Pretty solid ep.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 12

Awesome character development in Naruto. Some pretty good development with Usopp in One Piece too, but overall I just enjoyed Naruto a good bit more.

Naruto: 8

One Piece: 4

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto was solely good for Naruto having some badass moments and growing. OP was pretty good but had some time wasting stuff, Bleach had some serious developments, especially with Chad, and I think I am going to have to once again give an episode to Bleach, I'm seriously surprised, especially early on, I didn't expect Bleach to be doing so well, but the show has been probably the most consistent of all 3. Bleach > Naruto > OP.

Naruto: 13

Bleach: 13

One Piece: 10



It's finally time to fight! Jango hypnotizes his crew to make them believe that they are strong. His crew is now pumped and ready to fight! WAIT, They actually DID get stronger! WTF! Some dude destroys a cliff! No way!

They run at Luffy and crew now. Zoro says they will take it from here. LUFFY IS HYPNOTIZED TOO! LOL. He runs at the pirates! Gomu Gomu machine gun! Ownage! The pirates now run away with Luffy chasing them down. Luffy runs past Jango to the pirate ship... What? >_>.

HE BREAKS THEIR SHIP! HE IS GOING TO WHACK THEM WITH THE HUGE PIECE OF WOOD HE JUST GOT! Jango goes to hypnotize Luffy... and luffy falls asleep, god damn Luffy >_>.

Inside of the mansion... the servant is still alive it seems. He tells Kaya that Kuro actually is a pirate. Kaya feels like a ***** as she should. She plans on talking to Kuro.

Now two men appear, Jango's trump card. Sham and Buchi. The Nyaban brothers. They seem scared of Zoro... this is their trump card? lol.

This has to be an act. Now he runs at Zoro... like a pansy. YEP IT WAS A TRAP. He lunges at Zoro... and Zoro barely blocks. It was an act to lower his guard. Turns out he stole two of Zoro's swords with "cat snatch". He throws them. Zoro runs after them, and CUTS SHAM IN HALF in the process! But now... sham is back, he grabs Zoro from behind and pins him to the ground... how?

Now Buchi comes in... he jumps in the air, looks like he's going to ground pound Zoro... but Zoro barely dodges. They face off. Zoro says he isn't too familiar with one sword techniques... WTF? You want to be the greatest swordsman in the world and you AREN'T FAMILIAR WITH ONE SWORD TECHNIQUES?

Now the brothers attack with their cat claws, and Zoro is barely defending himself. On the side, Usopp decides he is going to use his slingshot to help Zoro... but they move and he hits Zoro in the back! NO YOU IDIOT! Now there's an opening! ZORO GETS CUT UP BY THE CLAWS! Augh that has to hurt. Usopp says that Zoro did that on purpose. Nami thinks that if the slingshot hit, then the nyaban brothers would have attacked them instead of Zoro. So he was protecting them. Zoro is now back on defense.

Nami now decides to retrieve Zoro's katanas for him... as she gets them... JANGO HITS HER. Nami is down.


Overall: Not bad, I still feel like there's just an awful lot of stalling in this whole encounter. A bit of fighting, then lots of dialog. I mean, it's a good episode, but I feel like all of these episodes could be a lot better. Highlight of this episode was probably Luffy being too stupid to avoid any hypnosis, lol >_>.


Theres a STAREDOWN. Now Haku comes at them and... looks like a tornado?

Meanwhile, Inari's house is ransacked Gato's men. They want a hostage. They decide to take the mom as a hostage and kill Inari. But the mom convinces them not to. They take her away, Inari cries. Baby. Naruto's words now echo through Inari's head, as well as Kakashi's, and his father's.

Now Inari confronts Gato's men. He runs at them! They are gonna kill him now!

Flash back to the Haku-Sasuke battle. They seem to be even. They are in a deadlock. Now Haku uses his other hand to use a Jutsu. Apparently this is pretty rare.

Back to the Inari thing... they cut him up, but it's a log! Substituion jutsu! Naruto is there! Naruto knew they were coming because he saw a bunch of cuts in the forest headed in this direction. So someone was practicing with a sworf or something.

Now they attack... Naruto throws some Shuriken but it doesn't work, they knock it away. IT WAS A SUBSTITUION JUTSU THOUGH, he takes out the attackers pretty easily. OK Naruto, stop screwing around and get to the bridge >_>.

Meanwhile, back at the Sasuke fight, Sasuke manages to interrupt the jutsu it seems. Now he is using his speed to his advantage! He is on the offensive! He gets a blow on Haku! Zabuza doesn't believe it! No one is faster than Haku!

Naruto now goes back to the bridge.

Meanwhile, Haku starts giving off a blue aura. Ice is now appearing everywhere. It's the crystal ice mirror jutsu. A bunch of ice mirrors appear. Haku shows up in all of them. Haku is now attacking from all the mirrors! Sasuke is on the defensive! He is getting all cut up!

SAKURA IS ANGRY. She throws a Shuriken towards Sasuke, but HAKU CATCHES IT. Wooo, Sakura's useless streak continues!


Overall: XD, how did Naruto become such a badass over the course of like 10 episodes? This one had a bit too much Inari, but the Sasuke-Haku fight was pretty sweet, as were all of Naruto's appearances. Good ep.

FLOWER AND HOLLOW There is a hollow behind Orihime, she can see it.

Orihime's friend gets hit by some attack. Now her friend can't control her body and attacks Orihime. Whoa, now dozens more kids start attacking... Tatsuki is here! She punches a bunch of them out. Tatsuki is going to fight the hollow.

Orihime's friend now attacks and stops Tatsuki. Now the hollow uses the move that will let her take control of Tatsuki. Also, Orihime is captured...

Tatsuki still fights back though! So the hollow gets pissed and goes for a killing attack... Tatsuki gets up though. Orihime says she will protect Tatsuki.

HUH?!? Orihime is READY TO FIGHT! Smoke is around her! WTF. A bunch of fairies or something show up. They are here to protect her. They are the powers within her soul. It's because of Ichiro that they were born, hmmm.

She can shield herself from any attack with them. They teach her the chant to use them, a shield appears and blocks the attack. It can also heal people. Orihime does this to heal Tatsuki. She also has an attack fairy, he is badass. It destroys the hollow, "whoa".

The guys from the shop saw all this, and they have Chad with them. I guess he is going to explain everything.

Ishida is thinking there is something wrong. The hollows are getting stronger. And there are more than expected coming.

Ishida finds Rukia. Rukia now knows who is behind the hollow attacks.

The shop guy explains the whole ghost thing to Orihime and Chad. Being near Ichigo's fights gave them this power I guess.

Ichigo kills a hollow right in front of Ishida!

Overall: Hmm, so I guess the point of this arc is mostly to be a coming out party for everyone's powers. This episode wasn't bad, but it was pretty boring and uneventful early on, so I'll say it's OK overall.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 13

Man, this is the first time in either these shows or YGO/Pokemon that I seriously considered just declaring it a tie, it's that close, but I just feel like Naruto has the slight edge right now, very very slight, but it takes this episode by a hair.

Naruto: 9

One Piece: 4

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Pretty clear order this time around. One Piece and Naruto put together some very solid episodes, while Bleach was just OK. Some intense fights going on in Naruto and One Piece that Bleach may not be able to top for a few episodes.

Naruto: 15

Bleach: 13

One Piece: 11



Japanese titles give a bit too much away sometimes. I would have preferred the english title, "Good Pirates vs. Bad Pirates" bland, but titles don't need to be exciting.

So anyway, Kuro is here and everyone is freaking out. I thought he was mostly known for his deception, I guess he can fight too.

Kuro calls them all useless, this OFFENDS Jango's crew. They say Kuro probably sux after 3 years of idling around, so now the Nyaban brothers attack Kuro.

Wait, WHAT. Kuro just like disappeared, and got behind them. Wow. NOW HE HAS HIS CLAWS! Now he disappears again. Kuro has somethign called Stealth Foot, or something. Now he has his claws to the bodies of the Nyaban brothers.

Kuro now gives them 5 minutes to defeat Luffy and crew, or else he will kill them all.

The brothers run at Zoro now, but NAMI GETS HIM HIS SWORDS BACK! YESSSSS! Zoro OWNS THEM! The Nyaban brothers have been defeated! Kuro says 4 minutes.

However, one of them is still alive... he wants to be hypnotized by Jango. Now he is all bulked up and angry! He walks towards Zoro. Meanwhile, Nami runs towards Luffy to wake him up. Now Jango throws a weapon at Nami... it's about to nail her. But Luffy hits her for waking him up, so she avoids the disc, and Luffy gets hit in the face... WAIT. Luffy CAUGHT IT IN HIS MOUTH! He destroys it with his teeth!

Kuro is now ready to kill everyone.

Now KAYA is here! She runs at Kuro, Kuro slashes... USOPP takes the hit for her! Now Kaya apologizes to Usopp. She tells Kuro to stop this. She offers to give up her fortune for him to leave.

However, he declines. He doesn't just want the treasure, he also wants the "tranquility of his soul". Basically, he wants somewhere to settle down, he likes the people if this village I guess.

Kaya now takes out a gun? lol. Kuro now starts talking about all the great times they had together... wtf >_>. He takes the gun using the opportunity. He says all those times spent together were all to kill her today. Wow.


To be continued.

Overall: I still feel like there is way too much stalling and talking, but Kuro is a pretty crazy and cool character.


There's a huge recap of the entire series to start, which is so unnecessary, augh. Wow, that seriously lasted over 5 minutes.

Kakashi says Naruto is an idiot, and could have been way more effective if he stayed hidden. This is probably true, but that is so not Naruto's style at all >_>.

Naruto is about to use Shadow Clone, and Zabuza throws some Shurikens at him... Naruto is in trouble, and Haku saves him? Weird. Haku wants to fight Naruto his own way. Whatever that means.

Sasuke also realizes that Haku never hit a vital spot when they were fighting. Sasuke wonders if hes just trying to humiliate him.

Sasuke attacks Haku, so Haku decides to fight Sasuke to the death now.

The ice mirrors continue to confuse Sasuke. And now he is getting cut up and owned again. Now Sasuke uses fireball jutsu, doesn't work on the ice mirrors. Naruto is inside the ice mirrors too now BTW. Haku sends them both flying with more needles.

Naruto uses Shadow clone jutsu now, but it doesn't work, sigh.

It looks hopeless... but Naruto gives a speech about how he refuses to give up because of his dream. Haku gives his own speech too.

Overall: Augh at the 5-6 minute recap, and the stuff happening in the actual episode wasn't too eventful either. I hate how they just made Naruto go back to being an idiot out of nowhere after he had been pretty damn cool. Meh episode.

BACK TO BACK, A FIGHT TO THE DEATH! Ishida attacks a Hollow behind Ichigo, Ichigo destroys the arrow and then the hollow.

They look up to the sky... Hollows appear to be gathering.

Rukia explains why Ishida is the last Quincy. Something about ruining the balance of spirits and humans, and how quincys disrupted that. So the soul reapers killed them all.

Now Ichigo talks to Ishida on the battlefield. Ishida says he actually sided with the soul reapers on that issue. He hates soul reapers because his sensei was murdered. His sensei tried to strike a balance in the debate, and tried to say that quincys were necessary. He proposed new ways to fight the hollows, but, the soul reapers never listened to him.

One day, his sensei was surrounded by 5 hollows, and soul reapers were nowhere to be found to help him.

Ichigo says that his sensei wanted Quincys and reapers to work together, so he is going against his sensei's wishes. So now they will fight all the hollows back to back, nice.

Ichigo explains to Ishida why he fights. He also talks about how he wants to protect everyone he can with his gift. I think Ishida is moved by this, as it reminds him of his sensei.

Now they start pwning Hollows one by one. Ishida is kind of a dumbass, but he does seem kinda cool.

Now a GIANT hollow is entering the city! NOW THE SHOP OWNERS ARE HERE! The people that work there are pwning some hollows. Even those little kids can fight them, one uses a gun! The shop owner says his crew will take over the small fry, Ichigo can handle the big one.

Rukia says this is some "grande" hollow. It is made up of 100s of hollows. She has never seen one. The only people that can handle these are a special task force, regular soul reapers can't.

Ishida doesn't think they can do it. Ichigo says they can do it together. Rukia says Ichigo can't do it. The shop owner said there is a method to his madness, and just to watch. He puts a binding spell on Rukia, huh.

Ishida touches Ichigo and senses a great power, he is getting stronger from Ichigo? He says maybe they can do this after all.

Orihime and Chad are watching nearby... it looks like they might help out soon.

Ishida wants Ichigo to release all his energy into him, so he can shoot his bow extra powerful or something. Ichigo doesn't know how though... so he hasn't been using all his power in fights so far?

The hollow is about to unleash a huge attack... ICHIGO RUNS UP TO THE HOLLOW! HE IS BLOCKING THE ATTACK. Ishida realizes that Ichigo's power is always at maximum or something. ICHIGO COUNTERS THE ATTACK! The menos grande is retreating. Wow!

Ichigo used all his power, so now his energy is all messed up. Ishida is firing his arrows into the energy to weaken it and save Ichigo. And it works.

Overall: Pretty intense episode, badass moments at the end. A very solid end to the mini-arc.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 14

I was honestly ready to give OP a default win thanks to the recap, the fact that Naruto wasn't that good of an ep anyway made it that much easier to decide the winner.

Naruto: 9

One Piece: 5

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto easily takes last, since it had one of the weakest episodes so far, with 5 minutes of recap to start the episode. One Piece had a lot of Kuro, who is pretty badass, but a lot of early one-piece had stalling, and this is definitely an episode like that. I have to give Bleach credit for having quite a bit of plot progression this arc, this episode especially revealed a lot of crap we didn't know, and started a new alliance. Bleach wins overall.

Naruto: 15

Bleach: 15

One Piece: 12



The recap is actually pretty sweet. The battle scenes have had some pretty good moments, it's just a shame they are so spread out. If this arc was a few eps shorter, it'd probably be awesome.

While Kuro is down, Usopp's "pirate crew" starts attacking him! Oh man! They are SO SCREWED! They get tired and stop, Jango says Kuro is gonna be so pissed.

KURO OPENS HIS EYES! He gets up! He kicks Usopp now! Usopp goes flying. Kuro is impressed with Luffy, and knows he had a devil fruit.

Meanwhile, the Buchi vs. Zoro fight now continues. Buchi goes for another ground pound and barely missed! Now cliffs are falling and stuff, dayum. Now Buchi attacks again and pins Zoro against a cliff! It's dead even in the deadlock.

While they fight, Jango goes towards Kaya, he's going to hypnotize her into writing the will. Usopp tells his pirate crew to protect Kaya. The kids are scared as balls, but they are gonna do it! They take her and start to run away. Jango is gonna go after them, but he gets hit by Usopp's slingshot! That stalls him a bit, but now Jango goes back after them, Kuro says it's hopeless.

Now Kuro kicks Buchi away... SLASH, BUCHI IS DEFEATED AGAIN!!!

Luffy now tells Usopp to get up and look for Kaya, Zoro and Luffy will take care of Kuro. Usopp can barely stand, but somehow he manages to start walking. And then he falls. Zoro takes Usopp now to go look for Kaya.

Luffy with another Rubber punch... barely misses, again... barely misses. Kuro gets behind Luffy and swipes, DODGED AGAIN! Luffy goes for a kick while he is dodging, but Kuro vanishes.

Luffy grabs Kuro with his rubber ands, and now comes slingshotting at him, but he gets knocked over. Kuro dodges some Gomu Gomu pistols. Now he is standing on Luffy's extended arm! Whoa. HE RUNS ACROSS LUFFY'S ARM AND THEN HITS HIM IN THE FACE! Damn!

We get a flashback of how Kuro left the pirate world, actually pretty interesting.

Now Kuro lunges at Luffy... Luffy grabs a huge rock to block the blow! Kuro is offguard, and Luffy NAILS him with the huge rock. Nice!

Overall: Good start to the battle, Kuro is actually a threat. The talking wasn't bad this time around, I liked what Usopp and Kuro had to see, very good ep.


Kakashi is figuring out what he needs to do to help Naruto and Sasuke, he needs to take out Zabuza basically, so he prepares the sharingan... Zabuza lunges! He sticks a shuriken... into Kakashi's eye? WTF?!? Oh, Kakashi blocked it, barely.

Zabuza now talks about how Haku is stronger than even himself, or Kakashi. He says even if Kakashi beats him, he can't beat Haku.

Naruto uses Shadow Clone again, for some reason. It doesn't work... again. lol. But Sasuke notices little water trails following Haku when he moves from mirror to mirror. Naruto goes for shadow clone again, doesn't work again.

Now Zabuza is talking to Kakashi. He says that Haku has seen the Sharingan, and is gifted at coming up with counterattacks. Zabuza says it won't work again.

Naruto does the shadowclone again... Sasuke almost hits Haku with a fireball... twice... Damn.

We get a long conversation between Kakashi and Zabuza about their last fight, and how Zabuza can defeat him now.

Sasuke now tells Naruto to run outside and attack from there... but he gets sent backwards, he tries again, Haku comes after him, fireball by Haku, barely misses! Haku throws a needle at him and hits Sasuke, Naruto gets kicked back again. Sasuke wants to do it again. But they get nailed by a a bunch of needles again.

Kakashi is waiting for Zabuza's attack... he's trying to think of where he will attack... THE BRIDGE BUILDER! Zabuza appears now, and Sakura screams to end the ep.

Overall: It was OK, a bit too much talking again though. I really didn't need to know every facet of the Sharingan for example, but I am looking forward to the next episode. This one was just average though.


Ichigo is a jerk to Kon. Kon is gonna "show em" by setting off on his own or something.

Kon's plan is to fake being abandoned in front of Orihime. Orihime will then pick him up, and take him home with her. Erm, it doesn't work though >_>.

Ishida is in school the next day. His arms are all bandaged up, which attracts the attention of the class. Ichigo invites Ishida to lunch with him, so they are friends now I guess.

Rukia is emo because she thinks the soul society is gonna come for her soon.


Kon tries to get weapons from that spirit shop for his revenge on Ichigo, but he gets caught.

Kon runs and embraces Rukia. He apologizes to Ichigo for running away, Ichigo had no idea, but he yells at him anyway <_<. Also, Ichigo notices Kon is having stuffing coming out, Ishida fixes him up. And uhh gives him a dress, which means he decides he will run away again >_>.

The shop owner and some black cat are talking about how something is coming...

Rukia is running away it seems? We see 2 guys tracking Rukia, soul society guys I assume.

Overall: Really uneventful episode. It was trying to be a comedy episode at times, but then it was really serious at times. Really it was a lot of sitting around and talking. One of the weakest Bleach episodes so far.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 15

Naruto has hit a slight slow stretch, while OP is slowly getting better this arc, OP takes it.

Naruto: 9

One Piece: 6

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: None of the episodes here were that great, but Bleach was clearly the weakest with next to nothing happening all episode. One Piece and Naruto weren't that exciting either, but Naruto had like 5 minutes of recap, Bleach should have been able to beat Naruto at least, but Bleach had its weakest episode so far I'd say. One Piece continues to hang in there with a big win!

Naruto: 16

Bleach: 15

One Piece: 14



The Usopp crew is running away, but Jango is in close pursuit. He is destroying the forest with his weapons to find them, but they are hiding well. Now Kaya can no longer go on because of her illness or whatever though. Jango is in close pursuit.

Meanwhile, it seems 5 of Kuro's "cat claws" are destroyed thanks to that rock. Kuro now gets up. He says he is going to kill his whole crew when he is done with Luffy. Luffy now says that Usopp is a better pirate captain than Kuro. Kuro is ANGRY, he asks how Usopp could possible be better... he's using his stealth feet... Luffy "composure", he does a circular rubber punch and NAILS Kuro! Hell yeah!

Why in god's name is the pirate crew still cheering for Kuro? >_>.

Kuro is now going to do something called "Shakushi". The pirate crew is freaking out. KURO'S EYES ARE GONE! Now he disappears. The entire pirate crew just starts dying through what seems like claw marks. He's moving so fast he can't even tell who he is killing. Wow.

Now Luffy is getting cut a bit too, but he doesn't seem to care. LUFFY IS GETTING ANGRY!!!! He is PISSED that Kuro is so willing to kill his own men. Luffy gets slashed again. WHAT! HE GRABS KURO! AND PUNCHES HIM! NICE!

Kuro now does Shakushi again.

Meanwhile, Jango appears to have found the kids using their tracks. They are hiding behind a rock. They wave a white flag. It was a trap! They trip Jango! PEPPER ATTACK! FRYING PAN! Now they run away! Wait, it's another attack! They hit him with a huge log! Now they jump! JANGO WAS READY! HE GRABS ONE OF THE KIDS! Uh oh. He THREW A KID INTO A TREE! AND THE OTHER! AND THE 3RD!

Kaya now gives herself up. She threatens to kill herself if Jango doesn't let the kids go. Jango agrees, she writes the will. Jango is about to kill her.... ZORO IS HERE!

Overall: Solid, action packed episode. I enjoyed the action from both Kuro-Luffy, and Jango-Usopp's crew.


Inside the mirrors, Naruto and Sasuke hear Sakura's scream. Naruto is up! He has needles sticking out of his back and he is still fighting! Naruto tries to escape again, he gets owned by needles AGAIN. Ouch.

WHOA! Haku throws a crapload of needles at Sasuke now... Sasuke grabs a needle from Naruto's back and blocks them all! He tells Naruto to get up. He is defending Naruto somehow, Haku doesn't believe it. Naruto now passes out. Haku says they have both reached their limit.


Haku is getting worried, he decides to attack Naruto to throw him off guard...

Back to the other fight. It looks like Kakashi made it in time! But he got slashed!!! Zabuza mocks him and disappears again. Kakashi says he has faith in his crew. He runs into the mist.

Back in the ice mirrors... WHAT WHAT WHAT. HAKU IS DOWN! HAKU IS DOWN! But Sasuke is all needled. Naruto doesn't understand why Sasuke saved him.... neither does Sasuke. Sasuke says he hated Naruto... he passes out. Sasuke says he promised himself he would stay alive until he killed his brother. He tells Naruto not to let his dream die... He dies...

Haku now gets up. We get a flashback of what happened. Wow, Sasuke was badass. Haku says Sasuke was a true ninja. Naruto "Shut up". He says he hated Sasuke too... and yet, YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS HAKU!!! RED AURA SURROUNDS NARUTO!!

HOLY CRAP! NINE-TAILED FOX EYES! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!! YES YES YES YES! YES YES YES!!! Haku says Chakra cannot be seen, but it's as clear as day. Bloodlust, evil itself. All of Naruto's wounds are healing, his body is changing. FOX EYES!

Kakashi and Zabuza sense it, Kakashi says the seal has broken, everyone is in danger.

Naruto is running at Haku like a fox, that ends the ep.

Overall: INTENSE! That basically sums up the episode, both battles were incredible intense. And did they really kill off Sasuke? I don't believe it....

ENCOUNTER, RENJI ABARAI! Rukia is running away, remembering her memories. She thinks it's stupid that she is holding memories like this.

Some reaper named Renji attacks Rukia. He wants to know where the human that took her powers is.

Now Rukia's brother is here. They say that passing your powers to a human is a grave sin. They want to kill Ichigo. Rukia isn't talking, she is starting to get her ass beat.

AN ARROW FLIES BY! ISHIDA IS HERE! Ishida claims he was just out for a stroll, but we all know he can sense reapers and such, so he is lying >_>. He pisses off the reaper, so it looks like it's fight time.

Ichigo finds Kon tied up. He asks what is going on. He finds a note from Rukia now. She wants Ichigo to lay low for a while, and she is leaving. Ichigo is gonna go after her. The shop owner is here! He is going to help Ichigo transform into reaper mode.

Renji owns Ishida. We didn't even get to see the fight! He is about to finish off Ishida... ICHIGO IS HERE! Renji attacks, Ichigo blocks. Now Ichigo strikes, it's dodged, Ichigo gets slashed in the shoulder. Renji says Ichigo will die soon, then Rukia will get her powers back, then she will go back to the soul society... to die >_>. Ok then. Ichigo attacks while Renji is mocking him, and lands a scratch on him.

Rukia's brother says that Ichigo defeated a menos grande. Renji doesn't believe it. He says his sword is overgrown because he can't control his power. Also, he asks what Ichigo's swords name is, but Ichigo doesn't know. Ichigo doesn't know how to talk to his sword.

Renji attacks, and cuts up Ichigo's shoulder again. Renji says it's over.

Overall: A little slow early on, and it sucks that the Ichigo-Renji fight wasn't even competitive, but this was a pretty solid episode, lots of interesting things seem to be happening.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 16

OP was good and all, but this is an easy decision.

Naruto: 10

One Piece: 6

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto had a nine-tail moment, which generally means a Naruto win. Bleach was solid, but OP had a pretty good episode here too. Naruto > OP > Bleach.

Naruto: 18

Bleach: 15

One Piece: 15



Luffy dodges a blow... Kuro says he has been going easy on him, Shakushi again. LUFFY SOMEHOW GRABS HIM!

Meanwhile, Usopp's crew hits Jango long enough to stall him, but he knocks them away. Zoro is still too far away to get to him... but wait, HE WASNT AIMING FOR JANGO! He cuts down a tree branch that was in Usopp's line of fire! Usopp is aiming.

On the other side, the Pirates are cheering for Luffy now, lol. About time >_>. Luffy is headbutting Kuro, but then stretches his head backwards to say not to cheer for him, lol. Wait, he was just winding up his head it seems, he's gonna send it flying back at Kuro!



KURO IS DOWN! HELL YEAH! LUFFY WINS! The pirates all run away.

Jango is down in the forest as well. Usopp tells them all to never say what happened here. He tells his crew that he is leaving the village to be a real pirate.

Kaya says she has a present for Luffy and crew... a ship?

Meanwhile, Usopp is all packed up.

WOW THEY HAVE A HUGE SHIP NOW! Awesome! yesyesyeyes.

Usopp now arrives at the coast with his stuff. He wishes everyone, including Luffy and crew goodbye. Luffy and Zoro tell him not to be stupid, and to get on the ship, lol, nice.

They sail off...

Overall: Fun end to the arc, both battles had cool conlusions, and the Luffy crew is finally starting to come together a little bit, plus they have a ship now! Storyline progress baby! Very good ep.



Meanwhile, Kakashi says that the Nine Tailed Fox seal still hasn't been broken. Kakashi whips out a scroll...

Naruto has Haku grabbed... PUNCH IN THE FACE!!! HE GOES FLYING! HOLY CRAP YEAH NARUTO YEAH! The secret jutsu is no more! Also, his mask is coming off, his face is revealed! Naruto is going for the killing blow...

He stops himself! It's the real Naruto again! He punches Haku, but it's not a killing blow. Haku seems to be trying to provoke Naruto into killing him.

Haku tries to say if Naruto doesn't kill his enemies, his life is pointless. He wants to die since he only lives for Zabuza, and he has failed him.

We now get Haku's past, I really don't care, and it isn't that interesting. He basically explains how Zabuza gave him a purpose in his life.

Haku asks to be killed by Naruto once again...

Kakashi now uses some sort of jutsu. It's a summoning jutsu! Dogs are appearing from the ground and biting at Zabuza. They can track a scent, Kakashi's blood was on his sword. Nice. The mist is clearing. Now Kakashi is going to use his own jutsu to finish Zabuza... LIGHTNING BLADE! Chakra is so strong, that it is visible!

But before the finishing blow, more Haku flashbacks!

Overall: Blah, the little fighting there was, was neat, but unfortunately the episode was clouded by a lot of useless banter.


Rukia hopes that Ichigo will realize Renji is way stronger than him, and will run away. Renji attacks... RUKIA GRABS RENJI! She tells him to run! Ichigo picks up his sword. Renji is in disbelief. Ichigo stands. Ichigo obviously isn't running.

Huh? WIND!!! SPIRITUAL PRESSURE INCREADING! ICHIGO CUTS RENJI! HELL YEAH! ANOTHER ATTACK! RENJI IS DOWN! Renji attacks with his sword, which can change size and length, Ichigo dodges. Ichigo attacks, Renji barely dodges. He can't believe it. He can't move! ICHIGO STRIKES!!!! WHAT, HIS SWORD IS BROKEN? The other dude broke it somehow. He must be incredibly fast and strong. Before Ichigo can even move, Rukia's brother cuts him. Ichigo is down. He is dead I guess.

Rukia's brother notes that Ichigo looks a lot like "him". WAIT! ICHIGO ISN'T DEAD! HE GRABS THE CAPTAIN'S LEG! RUkia kicks Ichigo's leg. Rukia kicks Ichigo's arm. She tells Ichigo to learn his place as a lowly human. She says she is ready to go and atone for her sins. It's obvious she is just trying to protect Ichigo.

The captain says Ichigo should die in an hour or so, and even if he did live, his powers will be gone from the blow he inflicted. They now head to the soul society. Rukia looks back one last time... Ichigo is so ashamed that he was protected once again.

The shop owner is here. Ichigo wakes up in the shop! He is surprised that he isn't dead. The shop owner tells him that Ishida is fine. The shop owner says theres a way into the Soul Society. He says he let Ichigo fight those guys to prove a point. Ichigo is weak. The shop owner will train Ichigo for 10 days. He will become strong enough if he abandons all doubts.

The soul society usually takes 30 days to do an execution, it is very different from the human world. They will train for 10 days, it will take 7 days to open up the portal to the other world, and then, they have 13 days to complete their mission.

Overall: Man, what an episode. It was awesome to see Ichigo go SUPER POWAFUL, but then we find out he still has a long way to go. A very compelling mission has been set up, and the shop owner gets more badass every second. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 17

OP's arc came to a satisfying conclusion, Naruto felt like a lot of stalling, easy decision.

Naruto: 10

One Piece: 7

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto was an episode filled with stalling and pretty easily takes last place. One Piece was fun and had plot progression, but Bleach definitely matched that plot progression and just got really awesome. Bleach > OP > Naruto pretty easily. I'm pretty glad at this point I added Bleach to the mix, and things are staying close which is also cool!

Naruto: 18

Bleach: 17

One Piece: 16



A big ship, a crew of 4 (when Luffy wants something like 10) we are getting close to the goal! WOn't Luffy need to pick up a bunch of useless flunkies eventually though to do menial tasks? Like, I understand if he wants 10 talented people, but he needs FLUNKIES too!

Luffy unveils their pirate flag! It's a skull with a straw hat! Badass! But Nami and crew hate it. Apparently Usopp is a pretty good painter though, so he refines it a bit. Awesome symbol!

Now they are sailing up on some treasure island, theres a huge storm.

They are now on the island. She says many pirates have been here, but they always run away scared before reaching the treasure. Not long into their stay on the island, weird animals start appearing. A voice says to get out of here. The guardian god of the island is the one saying it.

LOL, the "guardian god" slips up about the fact that he used to be a pirate. Anyway, they don't leave, so now like a million traps start coming at them, Luffy even gets shot, but he is obviously not hurt. Luffy sees him and RUNS AFTER HIM!

They finally catch him. What a funny looking guy >_>. He has been stuck in a treasure box for 20 years... wtf. They try and pull him out but it doesn't work.

Gaimon tells the story of how he got into the box, and how he scared people away from the treasureall these years. They decide to help him get the treasure he found 20 years ago, but hasn't been able to claim.

Luffy grabs the treasure. He says he doesn't want to give it to Gaimon! Gaimon realizes what was up. All the boxes are empty, the treasure he has guarded for so long were all empty boxes.

WHAT. LUFFY OFFERS GAIMON A SPOT ON THE CREW! WHY. But Gaimon decides to stay on the island with his animal friends.

Overall: So would this be the first OP filler? It wasn't bad, Gaimon was a nice character, though I didn't want him joining the crew since he isn't much of a warrior >_>. But yeah, for what was most likely filler, it wasn't bad.


Inari is trying to convince people to come to the bridge and fight. But the village is all too afraid. So, Inari sets off alone.

Kakashi has his Lightning Blade ready...

Haku is still begging for death. Naruto finally decides to do it, he runs at Haku... HAKU BLOCKS THE STRIKE! Change of plan! He's doing a jutsu with his other hand, he disappears.

Meanwhile, Kakashi strikes... HAKU TOOK THE HIT! Haku is dead. Zabuza is about to strike through Haku's body to hit Kakashi too. Man, Zabuza is such a tool.

Zabuza slashes, Kakashi disappears with himself and Haku! Kakashi lays the body of Haku down. Man, I feel so bad for him...

Attack by Zabuza, avoided by Kakashi. Naruto now tells everyone that Sasuke is dead.

Sakura goes to see the body, and cries. She talks about how Shinobis aren't supposed to show their emotions... then she cries even more.

Meanwhile, Zabuza can't keep up with Kakashi. KAKASHI OWNS HIM!!!! QUICK PUNCHES! HELL YEAH! Kakashi is behind Zabuza, Zabuza manages to hit him away though! AT the cost of one of his arms though. So now he can use neither arm.

Now GATO is here? WTF? He has what looks like hundreds of men with him.

Overall: Some emotional scenes here, especially with Sasuke, it was actually pretty slow at times, but it picked up near the end. WTF at Gato showingup. I can't consider all those men more of a threat than Zabuza.

RECLAIM! THE POWER OF THE SHINIGAMI Rocky training montage episode imo. Also, I still find it odd that the soul society, which is composed of dead people, is going to execute someone. Whats that even mean? So they just become a regular spirit?

Ichigo is in school. No one even remembers Rukia existed. Wow. Ichigo says it doesn't feel real at school... and now school is out and summer starts! Good timing, with Ichigo's training at all.

After school, Orihime doesn't understand why no one remembers Rukia. Ichigo explains everything to her. Well, kinda. Chad heard it all too.

Whoa, we seem to be at the soul society! Awesome! Renji is visiting Rukia in prison. We aren't sure if she is going to get the death sentence or not, she seems to think she will die. Of course, the afterlife looks like some giant japanese house on the inside.

At the shop, TRAINING TIME!!!! Theres a huge training thing under the shop. Shop owner, who I will now refer to as hat, puts Ichigo in soul form. He isn't powerful anymore. They have to restore his power first.

His first lesson will be against some little girl. She is surprisingly tough. Ichigo dodges some punches, now he lands a punch... SHE KICKS HIM! Ichigo gets sent into a cliff. Lesson 1 cleared. Ichigo doesn't understand, as he got his ass kicked. But hat says that she has the ability to beat soul reapers, that was just to see if his spirit energy would restore, and it did. Ichigo is already getting back to his former strength in the spirit realm.

Now it's time for lesson 2!

Meanwhile, hat's black cat is talking to Chad and Orihime. It looks like the cat is going to train them so that they can help Ichigo if they want. They both decide to do it. They meet up with Ishida, and now they are all going to train together I guess.

Oh, Ishida refuses to train with them. It's because he can't let anyone see what he is about to do...

So for lesson 2, they severed his chain of fate. So he will either become a soul reaper or a hollow I guess. Ichigo now falls into a GIANT PIT. lol, this training is so random. Ichigo's arms are tied up. He has to CLIMB BACK UP THE PIT. He doesn't have much time before he dies/becomes a hollow. He has 72 hours before he dies.

Overall: Geeez, this training is pretty crazy! This episode was pretty solid. It's cool that Ichigo won't be going to the soul society alone. Looking forward to future stuff, but yeah, obviously not nearly as good as last episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 18

No surprises here. A pointless episode of OP basically doomed it, even if it wasn't bad. Naruto ended up being pretty good, and gets it.

Naruto: 11

One Piece: 7

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: OP was that one with barrel guy, obviously not very compelling, and a clear last place. Naruto and Bleach were close to the same level, but Naruto had some serious slow points and Bleach didn't. Bleach with another win! I'm not sure if Bleach will be able to top the next Naruto, but eitherway, for now, Bleach is tied at the top.

Bleach: 19

Naruto: 19

One Piece: 16



WTF, somehow I lost this writeup, so it is an after the fact kind of thing, sorry.

This is a story of Zoro's past and how he got to be such a great swordsman. As a child, he challenged a dojo master to a duel when he didn't even know how to sword fight. He fought a girl named Kuina and lost easily.

From there Zoro trained extremely hard to become the best, but he still couldn't beat Kuina, in fact, he lost to her 2000 times over the course of a year.

He challenges her to one last fight at night. With real swords. It's a very close fight, but Kuina wins thanks to Zoro's lack of stamina (at this point he is using 2 swords). Him and Kuina make a pact that one of them will become the best swordsman in the world.

Soon after though, Kuina dies, this makes Zoro train even harder, eventually he gets Kuina's old sword, and ten years later he sets off on his journey. I love how he trained with his mouth for his 3rd sword.

Meanwhile, today, on the ship, some dude wants to kill all of them, his name is Johnny and Zoro recognizes him.

Overall: This was a fun ep. I really like the flashback a lot.


Gato is here, he says Zabuza is off the payroll. Zabuza is too expensive. All the thugs are gonna kill him.

Zabuza says his and Kakashi's fight is over then. They no longer have a quarrel.

Gato kicks Haku's dead body. This angers Naruto, Zabuza doesn't really care. Naruto yells at Zabuza since Zabuza meant everything to Haku.

Zabuza is crying now... he says Naruto's words cut deep. Zabuza gets Naruto's kunai now. Zabuza takes a kunai in his mouth, and is killing dozens of the men! Badass! He makes it through to Gato, taking blades in his back on the way... he runs. KUNAI INTO GATO!!! From there he gets hit by a million swords. Hes about to die, he says they are both going to hell. HE KILLS GATO! He now falls over, while asking for Haku's forgiveness.

Kakashi tells Naruto not to look away. This is the path of a warrior.

Meanwhile, SASUKE IS AWAKE! Naruto and Sasuke realize that Haku was never out to kill.

Now Gato's hired men attack Naruto. INARI AND THE TOWN SHOW UP!!!

Naruto uses Shadow clone! Kakashi with Shadow clone! OH GOD THERES SO MANY!!! The men all run away!

Zabuza wants a favor from Kakashi... he wants to see Haku one last time. Kakashi carries him to the body. An amazingly emotional scene between Zabuza and Haku while Zabuza dies. Man... that was intense.

The town calls the bridge, the "Great Naruto Bridge" awesome.

Overall: Really cool end to the arc. Loved the ending with the bridge naming, and the death scenes were incredibly emotional. The scene with Zabuza killing all those men + Gato was awesome too. I'm not sure if I'd call it the best Naruto, but it was certainly up there.

ICHIGO BECOMES A HOLLOW! If it wasn't for that "lol Ichigo dies" episode title, I would call this a spoiler title!

It has been decided, Rukia will be executed... 5 days from now? Erm, I guess Ichigo is super screwed.

Orichimaru and Chad are having problems summoning their powers. The cat tries to help them bring it out. The cat says to remember who they were trying to protect in order to bring it out.

Orihime does it! And the one ninja guy is pissed she isn't in danger or anything, lol.

Ichigo is obviously having difficulties. He can only move at certain times it seems.

The one guy says that he has been in here for over 70 hours. Now all of Ichigo's chains are breaking away, it's happening, he is becoming a hollow, holy crap. The girl is about to rescue him, but hat says not to. Watch Ichigo closely he says.

He says only the mask is forming for Ichigo, but his body is still a whole, that means he is resisting. He can still do it.

Ichigo wakes up in a strange place. Almost looks like a virtual world. He sees a strange dude, oh, it's his sword, but in human form. Ichigo still can't hear his name though.

Now Ichigo starts falling. The sword says he can still stop himself. The sword says Ichigo has sword reaper power. The stuff from before was just Rukia's old power. He must awaken his power now...

A bunch of random boxes are floating down, his soul reaper power is in one of those boxes. If he doesn't find it soon, he will become a hollow. This is super weird >_>.

Ichigo doesn't know what to do. He remembers how Ishida can sense spiritual power. He remembers the soul ribbons thing! Awesome! He sees the ribbons! HE FOUND IT! A SWORD IS IN THE BOX! ICHIGO PULLS OUT THE SWORD.

Back to the real world, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Ichigo seems to be in extreme pain. The shop dude does some spell, he is going to destroy him before he becomes a hollow! FATAL SEAL IS COMING.... EXPLOSION! SOMETHING EXPLODES OUT OF THE CAVE! It's Ichigo, he has a mask on though, he uses his sword to break it off. ICHIGO!!! Ichigo has passed!

Lesson 3 time! He has to knock off hat's hat to win. Ichigo says he can do it in 5 minutes.

Overall: Pretty awesome training episode. Way better than expected, some pretty epic moments here.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 19

Pretty easy decision, Naruto was super intense, OP was good, but not on that level.

Naruto: 12

One Piece: 7

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Some good episodes all around here. One Piece was a flashback and was solid, Naruto was great, Bleach was great. Naruto takes the win thanks to all its emotion and intense stuff. Bleach takes second thanks to it also being a bit more intense than OP. My first Bleach rankings are coming after episode 20!

Naruto: 21

Bleach: 20

One Piece: 16



So, some dude named Johnny was on the boat and got owned by Luffy last episode. And Zoro knows him.

Johnny's partner is ill, he doesn't know what to do. Also, he was injured by the cannon they were firing for target practice, lawl.

Nami now steps in, she wants some limes. He has scurvy, he will be fine in a few days. Wait... he's recovered, now he's dancing, LOL.

They are Johnny and Yosaku, pirate hunters. Zoro used to be one of them too. They are surprised that Zoro is a pirate now.

Nami says this proves they need someone for Dietary stuff, a cook! Johnny says he knows where they can go, but it's close to the grand line.

They come across "the floating restuarant" a ship at sea that is a restaurant. On their way there, they are right next to a marine ship! He tells the crew to sink their ship. They fire a cannon at them!!!! LUFFY ABSORBS IT!!! AND SENDS IT BACK! IT HITS THE RESTAURANT!

Some chef is apparently hit, he's bleeding, but goes back to work. He has an INSANE mustache >_>. Luffy goes in and apologizes to him. The chef is missing a leg. Luffy thinks he did it! XD.

We get introduced to Sanji, he's badass!

Also, the head chef wants Luffy to work there for a year to make up for what he did. Luffy offers 1 week. Now 2 weeks >_>. 3 weeks now, lol. The chef KICKS HIM with a crazy spinning kick. Luffy now offers a week of service again. The head chef wants his leg cut off >_>.

LOL, that Sanji guy is provoking the marine lieutenant in the restaurant. Now the lieutenant is rampaging.

Meanwhile, that head chef is beating the living hell out of Luffy, wtf >_>.

Also, it looks like Sanji just owned the living hell out of that marine. Wow. What a badass. He can cook AND fight? Perfect for the ship!

Overall: This was a really weird episode. Like, the marines attack the ship once, then don't do it a 2nd time when it doesn't work? And the Luffy stuff was flat out odd with the head chef. The only really good thing about this ep was Sanji.


The crew meets up on a bridge. Kakashi arrives now.

Looks like they are back to their old super lame missions, picking up cans, etc.

Naruto and Sasuke are magically back to their old days of fighting, of course.

LOL, Sasuke points out how useless Sakura is. Sakura realizes she has done nothing on any mission, lolol. It's so true!

Some outsiders are in the village, and they are picking on Konohomaru. Naruto attacks, but he freezes his feet or something, Naruto falls over. He now goes to attack again, SASUKE with a stone, saves the day.

Now the outsider pulls out his weapon, some dude with red hair tells him to stop. He says the guy is an embarassment to their village.

At the end, all the Jounin are gathered... a Chunin exam will happen in one week.

Overall: Really uneventful episode, I actually wasn't terribly bored by it, but compared to usual Naruto standards, this is below average for sure.

ICHIMARU THE SILVER SHADOW 25 days from now, Rukia will be executed.

Hat has his Zanpaktou or whatever it's called out for this fight. He is super fast, Ichigo barely blocks him with his cut off sword. Now hat cuts off the rest of his sword. Ichigo doesn't have his spirit energy into it or something.

Ichigo tries running away, and is getting his ass beat. He is pissed at himself, now he sees his sword's image! The guy tells him to abandon his fear, call out his name! ZANGETSU! He now has his sword! It looks sweet as hell it has a strange shape and no hilt.

Ichigo attacks and cuts off the hat! It flies away! Ichigo still can't fully control his sword I guess. Haha. Lesson 3 cleared.

Ishida says his training is complete. Chad and Orihime seem to be doing better as well.

Now Ichigo gets time off while the gate is being opened.

It is now gate day! Ichigo is off to the shop. His dad gives him a charm from his mother. Ichigo arrives, Chad is here, so is Ishida! So is Orihime!

Now the talking cat is here!

Ichigo is turned into a reaper. WHAT HAPPENED TO KON DAMN IT? HE SHOULD BE COMING ON THIS JOURNEY!! He has a machine that will let them enter the soul society in their human forms.


Overall: Not that great of an episode, a little slow after lesson 3 cleared, but it wasn't a bad end to the season. I'm excited for the soul society!

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 20

Not a great episode of either, Naruto was solely there to make you excited for the next episode, One Piece at least introduced an awesome character. One Piece takes it.

Naruto: 12

One Piece: 8

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Haha, right after all 3 shows had a really good episode, they all have a weaker episode. Naruto was easily the weakest, and I'd honestly say Bleach was easily the strongest, with OP fitting inbetween. And that means, to end Bleach Season 1, Bleach actually has the lead. I'm incredibly surprised by this honestly. I forgot that Naruto and OP weren't nearly as good as they are now early on. Congrats to Bleach! One Piece is in the meh Baratie arc for a while, while Naruto will be starting the Chuunin exams. I actually think Bleach has a good chance to build a solid lead before the prelim fights if the soul society is as good as it could be.

Bleach: 22

Naruto: 21

One Piece: 17



1. Episode 17: Ichigo Dies- Intense, and set up lots of interesting things

2. Episode 19: Ichigo becomes a Hollow!- Ichigo becomes POWAFUL and that was badass

3. Episode 14: Back to Back, a fight to the death!- Woo Ishida, fun end to the mini arc.

4. Episode 18: Reclaim! The Power of the Shinigami- Another intense training episode.

5. Episode 3: The older brother's wish, the younger sister's wish- One of the best early episodes.


1. Kisuke (looked up his name, he's super badass, and can be really funny too, awesome character)

2. Ichigo (screw it, I have liked him. I don't REALLY like any of the characters except Kisuke yet, but Ichigo tops the list, maybe just for getting the most face time.)

3. Rukia (Cool character, loved her innocent school girl attitude haha)

4. Ishida (badass)

5. Kon (More screen time plz)

6. Chad (could be higher with more face time)

7. Orihime (boobies)

8. Rest of the shop guys

9. Ichigo's dad

10. The BWAHAHAHA tv host guy

Also, let me just say that the Bleach cast, through 20 episodes of all 3 shows, is probably better than either Naruto or One Piece for me. Obviously through 70+ of the other shows, as of now I like the other casts better, but I think at this point, Bleach has unveiled a lot more cool characters than OP and Naruto did at episode 20.



The marine lieutenant says he is gonna have the place destroyed. Sanji threatens to kill him, lawl. He has to be held back.

Now the owner and Luffy break through the ceiling. The owner now sees Sanji and yells at him. He hits Sanji! NOW HE HITS THE MARINE! LOL. The marine thinks they act like a pirate squad.

Now a marine comes in and says some pirates from the Krieg squad has arrived. He gets shot, a pirate walks in and sits down at a table, he wants food. One of the waiters asks if he is going to pay, he puts a gun to his head, so the waiter beats him up! Haha awesome.

The guy is kicked out, but Sanji comes outside and gives him some food. Luffy sees this, he wants Sanji to join him! He refuses, he has reasons to remain ehere. Luffy refuses his refusal, lol.

The man that one of the cooks punched is a part of the Krieg crew. Don Krieg has a total of 50 ships under his control, wow.

So now, Luffy is working as waiter, lol.

The crew now eats in order to see him, and SANJI IS IN LOVE WITH NAMI? He presents her a rose. The owner is mad at Sanji, and tells him to go be a pirate?

Meanwhile, that man that was a part of Krieg's crew... it sounds like he's back and they are going to go attack the restaurant.

Overall: Another pretty meh/slow episode. Sanji is decently cool, but not cool enough to save this episode from mediocrity!


The ninjas from the land of the hidden sand tell them the Chunin exams are soon and that is why they are here.

All these ninja from other lands seem to respect Sasuke, no one cares about Naruto though. It's making me excited for when he shows them all, like he did during the Zabuza arc!

Now the Hokage is there with the leaders of the Genin ninja. He asks Kakashi if his squad is ready for the exams. Iruka says theres no way they are ready yet. But Kakashi recommends them all!

Squad 8 recommends all 3 of their crew as well. Squad 10 does too!

Iruka now steps up to argue with Kakashi. Kakashi says the exams will be good for them. Kakashi says the students are his now. The Hokage decides to give them a preliminary exam.

In the lead up some Ninja comes and grabs one of the girls in front of Naruto, he then takes off.

Naruto catches up to him. He says he wants a scroll of sealing, he will let the girl go then.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Sasuke are on a walk. And what appears to be the same guy attacks, Sasuke acts really weird during this encounter, I don't think it was actually him. Sasuke gets owned by a bunch of Kunai. Naruto uses a bunch of different stuff to save the girl. But the guy escapes.

Meanwhile, Sakura sees through some illusion, yeah she got the lamest test LOLOL. And Sasuke beats up the same guy, yeah, clearly a test. They all passed.

In the exam room, theres some guys keeping people out. But Sasuke scares them away.

LOL, some guy named Rock Lee asks Sakura to be his girlfriend. She refuses. Hilarious.

Overall: This was basically set up for the chunin exam, but it was pretty sweet. They introduced a lot of characters that seem interesting. The chunin exam should be fun!

ENTER! THE WORLD OF THE SHINIGAMI I figured there would be a new OP now guess not.

INTRUDERS are entering the soul society! The way to the soul society is all dangerous or something. They have to run away from it or something.

Orihime uses her fairies to stop the thing that was coming after them, and they make it into the soul society! The afterlife looks like a JAPANESE TOWN of course.

They are on the "Sukon" district. It's where spirits come to live at first. Soul Reapers live farther inside the other world.

They can't go straight into the soul reaper area though it seems. A wall emerges. Theres a giant ass dude blocking the way now. The soul reapers think the wall guy will be able to handle the intruders.

This guy hasn't lost in the 300 years he has been at this job. The cat wants them to develop a strategy, but they all just run in to fight. Oh geez. The guy stops them, and says all fights in this city are 1 on 1. He made a mini wall to stop them. Ichigo says he can handle it by himself. He tells a story about how he fat Kisuke for 5 straight days after he got his soul reaper power, so he can take him.

The guy attacks, huge impact upon his ax hitting the ground. Ichigo BLOCKED IT WITH HIS SWORD! WHOA! The guy laughs. He says this will be fun. He can give it everything he have! SECOND ATTACK! ICHIGO BLOCKS IT AGAIN!!! Now he does 10 strikes! LOL the demon doesn't know how to count very high because he has never had to count that high before. HUGE SWEEPING STRIKE NO! He destroys the wall that was blocking the way. The guy says it is over.



The gatekeeper falls over! He says he actually just tripped, but now he realizes his axes are gone. hahaha. He cries! Ichigo apologizes LOL. The gatekeeper thinks Ichigo is a good person!!! LOL. The gatekeeper grants Ichigo passage for beating him.

The gatekeeper says everyone on the other side of this gate is very strong. He uses his strength to open the gate for them. Now he is frozen. It's the captain of squad 3.

Overall: Wait, that wasn't filler was it? That was a fun episode. It had an intimidating yet humorous villain. A kinda fun fight, and showcased how strong Ichigo got. Good stuff!

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 21

One Piece was uneventful, while Naruto was pretty fun, it takes an easy win.

Naruto: 13

One Piece: 8

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: One Piece has some boring episodes early in the Baratie arc, and this was one of them. Naruto had a fun set up episode that introduced some of the upcoming Chunin exam bad guys and good guys. Bleach meanwhile was a super fun episode, and it easily takes this win. I still don't believe that was a filler episode, if it was, thats pretty awesome.

Bleach: 24

Naruto: 22

One Piece: 17



Sounds like things are about to get good!

The owner tells Sanji he should just leave the restaurant. Sanji grabs the owner, pissed at him, and gets thrown into a table. Sanji refuses to leave though. He will be there till the day the owner dies.

Now it has been 4 days of Luffy working. And now... a ship is coming. Everyone is freaking out when they see it. It's the flag of Don Krieg!

Sanji thinks it is strange Krieg is here, when he helped out Krieg's man, Gin.

Krieg enters the restaurant with Gin. He asks for... water and food. He then passes out. According to Gin, Krieg is starving to death.

One of the cooks says they will call the marines, they won't serve such an evil man. Krieg says he promises to leave after he eats. This is so weird...

He is now begging, he will even take leftovers. Sanji now walks down with good. Krieg wolfs it down. One of the cooks talks about how Krieg is one of the sneakiest marines alive, how he has put up Marine flags to trick people for example.

After Krieg eats... HE HITS SANJI! WHAT WHATWHAT. WHY!?!?

Gin is upset, Krieg promised he wouldn't hurt anyone I guess.

Outside, Zoro notices there is no one on Krieg's ship.

Krieg says his ship is ruined, all his men are starving or injured. He wants food and water for all his men. Sanji now stands up... and walks away. He is going to prepare food for Krieg's men. Now all the cooks put weapons to Sanji, so that he won't go to the kitchen. This big guy named Patty now punches Sanji.

Patty now fires some sort of gun at Krieg! But Krieg is just fine!

Krieg now whips out like 5 guns and shoots! He had some sort of armor on. The owner now shows up, he has a bag full of food for 100 men. He gives it to Krieg.

When Krieg hears the owner's name... he shows... fear O_o.

Overall: This has been a weird arc, lots of hints of things to come, but nothing has been coming, I'm tired of them teasing Sanji's story for example, just tell it already! Interesting plot twist at the end with Krieg being afraid of Zeff, it's tough to be too scared of Krieg when he is the only man here though. I was hoping for a hueg ship fight! But yeah, by OP standards this ep was probably a bit below average.


Rock confronts the Naruto crew. HE WANTS A FIGHT WITH SASUKE! yesyesyes

Rock doesn't use contractions! He also still loves Sakura, lol >_>.

They are about to fight... HOLD IT! It's Phoenix Wright! Oh... Naruto.

Naruto wants to fight first. He charges in, Rock owns him, sigh. I saw this coming. Naruto gets sent into a wall.

So Rock wants to fight to figure out Sasuke's technique?

Sasuke charges in, Rock dodges! He's fast! Sasuke dodges a kick, SASUKE GETS NAILED! HE FLIES BACKWARDS! Sasuke now gets up. HE HAS THE SHARINGAN NOW! OMG YESSSSSS!

Sasuke charges in, GETS KICKED AGAIN! HE FLIES BACKWARDS! Now Rock rushes in, he hits Sasuke again! MAN Sasuke is getting owned. Rock is using Tai-jutsu. It is just martial arts and nothing more, no tricks. So the Sharingan doesn't really work on it.

Rock now KICKS SASUKE AGAIN. God damn, now he is behind him!

Now Rock's tape is coming off... someone stops the fight! It's... a turtle? The turtle is his sensei, lawl.

WTF, now his real sensei appears, Guy-Sensei, he was in the costume I think? Is that Rock's father? He looks exactly like him. LOL, now they are crying, and hug. Oh god this is so gay XD.

Guy says he and Kakashi are rivals. The score between them is 50-49, in favor of Guy.

Rock says his real target is someone in his own squad, who is stronger than him.

Overall: This was a pretty cool episode. Nice little fight scene, and Rock is a funny character (as is Guy). It was a bit of a taste of things to come I'm guessing, good stuff.

THE MAN WHO HATES SHINIGAMI The captain cuts the gatekeeper's arm! He's down!

The cat thinks to himself that they cannot beat a captain. Ichigo attacks him! The cat wants him to retreat now. The captain is ready to attack. His Zanpaktou is like a dagger. He throws it. Ichigo blocks but gets sent backwards. The captain now closes the gate.

Now a bunch of people are out. They welcome them to town as "true saviors". They know Ichigo must be a good guy since he protected the gatekeeper. They all like the gatekeeper I guess. Orihime says she can heal his wounds.

The kid that Chad helped, who was a parakeet, is here.

Chad and the kid go to his house. It seems the kid was never reunited with his mother. He is with a new family. It's rare for someone to meet up with a real family member.

At night, the cat wants to find a certain person. Some dude and a boar now enter the house. The guy makes fun of Ichigo since he is a soul reaper. Ichigo punches him >_>. This guy is the #1 soul reaper hater, self-proclaimed.

The guy attacks Ichigo. Chad throws him his sword. Ichigo blocks an attack. The guy now does some weird underground attack. He goes for a kick, but Ichigo dodges, Ichigo blocks a sword strike with his hand, a punch! The guy is still up! Another punch! A knee! Ichigo is clearly winning.

The guy is about to attack again, an alarm goes off!

Overall: Decent start, slow middle, and then an a decent fight to end. So, pretty good episode overall. The ending fight seemed pointless but it did have good animation.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 22

Another relatively easy win for Naruto, this OP arc has been a bit weak too start, but it looks like it could pick up soon. Meanwhile, this Naruto arc is already getting fun, and the real exam hasn't even started yet!

Naruto: 14

One Piece: 8

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: One Piece improved a bit this episode, but was still in the slower stretches of Baratie. Naruto had a decent mini-fight, but thats about it. Bleach had a few solid parts, and takes the win with Naruto taking 2nd.

Bleach: 26

Naruto: 23

One Piece: 17



Zeff is walking away. Zeff mocks Don for not being able to get through the Grand Line. He doesn't think they will have the guts to attack once they are fed.

Krieg talks about the legendary Zeff, who could fight without his hands. But now Zeff obviously lost a leg. Krieg says Zeff is the only man to make it through the grand line alive (wtf really?), so he wants the journal he kept from his voyage.

Zeff refuses to give it up. Krieg thinks with it, he could make it through, and become the Pirate King.

HOLD IT BY LUFFY! He says he will be the pirate king, haha, saw that coming.

Krieg is PISSED. Fight time. His guns are out from his armor... now he puts them away. He says he has to feed his men first. He says when he comes back he is taking the ship and the journal, anyone who remains when he comes back will die.

Zeff says to the cooks that he is fine with what Sanji did. Sanji knows what its like to nearly starve to death, augh, more teases on his backstory. All the cooks say they are going to stay and fight Zeff.

I'm noticing that Sanji only uses his fight like Zeff supposedly did. So I'm guessing Sanji used to be on Zeff's crew through the Grand Line or something.

Luffy now asks for details on the grand line. Gin says that one man destroyed their entire fleet of ships O_O.

Apparently the guys name is Hawk Eyes that destroyed their fleet, this is the man Zoro wants to kill!

Meanwhile, Krieg feeds his crew, and he is ready for them to attack.


They find Johnny and Yosaku, he says Nami left with all the treasure and the ship... what. Seriously?

And it turns out that Hawk Eyes was the one that destroyed Krieg's ship.

Overall: Pretty good ep here, some good build up and dialog. I thought the talk of Hawk Eyes was a build up to whenever they go to the Grand Line, but I guess we seem him now, which is sweet.


Title makes this sound fun!

Kakashi says it's a good thing Sakura came. They need to apply in groups of 3. I guess that makes sense. They enter the exam room.

Wow! There's like hundreds of people here to take the exam! Thats kinda awesome.

We get intros to the other rookie teams. None of the characters on the other rookie teams seem all that cool.

Some veteran shows up and starts talking to them about the exams. This is his 7th time taking the test.

He has info on everyone. Sasuke wants info on that red haired dude, and Rock Lee.

Rock is a year older than Sasuke. First attempt at the test. 11 C rank ,issions, and 20 D rank. He has a lot of Tai skill, but is weak in other areas.

Now, Gara. 8 C Rank missions... and 1 B rank! No info on his skills, 1st time taking the test. He has never been injured during a mission, even during his B rank.

This guy says this seems like the toughest year yet.


Theres a newer country hear called the village of Sound. They heard that vet saying they were small and mysterious earlier, so they decide to attack or something.

They attack the vet, he barely dodges. But wait... now he falls over, WTF?

Now the proctor shows up, exam time!

Overall: This episode was interesting, lots of new ingo here, and this ep made me even more excited for the exams, but it WAS a bit slow, I'll say average ep.


The soul reaper hater books it, but he says he will be back tomorrow.

Rukia's execution day has been moved up. 14 days left. She is getting moved to the "repentance cell".

Ichigo and crew are headed towards the guy's house. The house is weird >_>.

2 guys stop them from getting inside. But now they recognize the cat.

They enter the chamber of the person who will help them, it's a girl WITH BOOBIES. She enjoys danger, so it looks like she will help.

Rukia is now in the repentance cell. You can see the stuff you will be executed with, so people repent sometimes. Renji tells Rukia before he leaves that some intruders made it to the soul society, one had orange hair.

Man, the chick has GIANT boobs. She agrees to the job. She is going to use her brother as an overseer since she doesn't trust the kids.


Renji talks to some captain. The captain notes how the punishment doesn't fit the crime for what Rukia did. He suspects this is the work of someone. Now all the captains are ordered to meet up or something.

She has some launcher. She is a fireworks expert. She is going to use that to get them through the wall.

Overall: Eh, this episode was pretty boring, it was all set up. The most interesting part was learning more about how Rukia's punishment doesn't fit the crime.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 23

Not bad episodes from either, but OP picks up a win. I would say much needed, but in the end it probably won't matter, eh? >_>

Naruto: 14

One Piece: 9

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: None of the episodes were that strong this time around. They were all kind of set up episodes. Naruto had some solid set up that got me excited for the exams. OP had some fun set up, andBleach had boring set up. OP > Naruto > Bleach pretty easily. That certainly makes the score tighter!

Bleach: 26

Naruto: 24

One Piece: 19



Johnny is now saying how Nami ran off with the Going Merry.

She hit them off the ship when their guards were down. She says that she is a thief who steals from pirates, so she is leaving with the ship. What! You gotta be kidding me. From there she sailed off. Thats when Hawk Eyes attacked.

Luffy wants to chase after her, he needs her as a navigator. Usopp and Zoro are off after her in another ship now.

Now they see Hawk Eyes sailing. Zoro is sweating, he says he is the strongest swordsman in the world. Hawk Eyes sword is ENORMOUS.

Hawk Eyes vs. Zoro staredown. Zoro wants a duel! Hawk Eyes doesn't think Zoro stands a chance. Hawk Eyes pulls out an extremely small sword, it's like a knife, HE BLOCKS ZORO'S ATTACK WITH IT! Zoro attacks, and Hawk Eyes Effortlessly blocks all his attacks before knocking him down. Man, Hawk Eyes completely outclasses Zoro.

Zoro is getting PISSED, he now misses, and gets a chop to the back.

Zoro is now remembering his past... his promise. He gets up. He is attacking, but he is obviously tired.

Zoro goes for another move... and GETS STABBED! Hawk Eyes gives him the option to live by stepping back, Zoro refuses. He would rather die then face defeat and walk away. Hawk Eyes is impressed by his will. As a reward, he pulls out his real sword!

Zoro is going for his secret technique... THEY CROSS PATHS! ZORO LOSES! HIS SWORD BREAKS! He now presents himself for Hawk Eyes to kill, HAWK EYES STRIKES! Zoro falls! But, Hawk Eyes thought to himself not to rush your death, so I'm guessing he didn't kill him. Zoro falls into the sea. LUFFY IS PISSED!

LUFFY WITH A RUBBER PUNCH! HE MISSES!!! Hawk Eyes is out of Luffy's league too? He says Zoro is still alive.

Hawk Eyes tells Zoro to surpass him before coming back. He obviously has a lot of respect for Zoro.

Zoro is awake now, he says he will never lose again.

Hawk Eyes now is going to leave, KRIEG ISN'T DONE THOUGH! HE SHOOTS HIS GUN AT HAWK! But Hawk has disappeared.

Now Krieg is ready to attack the ship.

Overall: Man, awesome episode. Hawk Eyes is just badass as ****. Not the greatest fight scene, but it was more about the story than that, man, I can't wait till they meet again. Very good stuff.


Yessss, let's do it!

The proctor yells at the village of Sound. He says no attacking candidates without permission, and no use of fatal force. Man, these sound guys seem pretty evil, hell, most of the other villages seem evil >_>.

Next is the WRITTEN TEST! Naruto freaks out. Hahah. Hinata is sitting next to Naruto, she wishes him luck.

Hahaha, the Proctor says this exam is a team exam. Their scores are team scores. So Sakura needs Naruto to do well if she is going to pass. Also, there are sentinels on the look out for cheaters. Ahh I see. So I think the key here is to cheat with stealth and not get caught, for a team to pass the exam.

Sakura says this test is incredibly difficult. Naruto will never pass it. Even Sasuke can't understand the problems! LOL Naruto decides he needs to cheat and not get caught.

Sasuke thinks about the cheating rules... he realizes they are supposed to cheat! The test is about their ability to gather info.

We see other people using their abilities to cheat. Wow, the village of the hidden sound can use the sound of the pencil to cheat. Kiba's dog is helping him cheat, haha. Some dude has a BUG helping him.

Meanwhile, Naruto is freaking out. HINATA IS GOING TO LET NARUTO LOOK AT HER TEST!!! Naruto asks why she would do that... Hinata says it would be nice if they could all stick together.

Naruto goes for a cheat... SHURIKEN FLIES PAST NARUTO! And hits someone elses test. He cheated 5 times!

Naruto now declines to cheat.

Sasuke uses Sharingan! Nice! We see more ninja techniques.

Only 20 minutes left... Naruto thinks it is going to come down to the last question, which they are giving out in 5 minutes.

Overall: Haha, well, hot damn, they made an episode about test taking about as entertaining as it could be.


Ooo boy, this sounds intense!

The big boobed chick explains why the wall is so powerful. It completely repels spirit energy. She created some spiritual cannonball that can break through the barrier. The plan is for the 4 of them to use their spiritual power to creat the cannonball, then they will do it.

They are going to the spiritual training room to learn how to concentrate their spiritual power.

The soul reaper doesn't understand why his sis is going to help out. Something happened to her brother.

Chad, Orihime, and Ishida can make cannonballs, but Ichigo still sucks at it.

The soul reaper hater asks Ichigo's motivation for doing this. Ichigo tells him. Now the soul reaper hater explains the way he makes the cannonball and gets in touch with his spirit energy.

Ichigo does it!

We now see all the squad captains. Gin arrives. They are pissed at Gin for failing to kill Ichigo or something. They think he let him go on purpose. This is strange.

The leader asks for Gin to defend his actions. He says he cannot defend them. He made a mistake.

RED ALERT, intruders!

Overall: Another kind of slow set up episode, but things seem to be picking up! Ichimaru is interesting for sure, I'm not sure what he is up to or even whos side he is on. meh episode overall though.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 24

Naruto was good and all, but it was definitely held back by the fact that it was a written test, it had limited potential. Meanwhile, OP showed one of the most awesome characters out there. One Piece takes it.

Naruto: 14

One Piece: 10

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: One Piece had MIHAWK!! And was awesome, and easily takes this win. That leaves Naruto and Bleach. Naruto was a very fun episode with test taking, Bleach was just a training ep with one interesting part. The clear order is OP > Naruto > Bleach. Which is the best result possible, as the score gets even close for all 3!

Bleach: 26

Naruto: 25

One Piece: 21



Krieg says Hawk must have eaten a Devil's fruit. I wonder which one he would have ate?

The pirates start to attack, GOMU ROCKET! All the men are getting owned.

The restaurant now opens up extra platforms, so the fighting can happen withotu the restaurant getting damaged. Some weapons are now firing from the ship, Krieg is in trouble... He is unaffected! Damn that armor.

HOLY CRAP! Krieg sends a mini boat right at the restaurant, Sanji jumps and KICKS IT AWAY! Wow.

Now the cooks attack some more pirates, but the pirates are easily winning. Now the cooks get motivated and start fighting back, but someone emerges from the sea, and starts owning cooks. His name is Pearl, he is invincible, he is one of Krieg's men.

He has huge shields in front of him. Sanji and Pearl face off. Sanji fights with only his feet, like Zeff once did.

Pearl's nose starts bleeding because of Luffy, so Pearl freaks out and sets himself on fire >_>. Sanji is PISSED, he jumps at Pearl and kicks... it's blocked by Pearl!

Sanji attacks again, Pearl falls to the ground.

After a weird sequence of events, Luffy accidentally defeats Pearl.

Now Gin is here, he knocks Zeff down and puts a gun to his head. To be conitnued.

Overall: Man, Pearl was such a waste of time. The Pearl fight didn't even really show off that much of Sanji's skill, so yeah, really not a great episode. Things get interesting at the end at least, but meh episode.


It's time for the 10th question! Also, it's time for some new rules unique to question 10.

The choice is this, you can choose to not take the 10th question, but if you don't, you fail. If you choose the 10th question and get it wrong, you can never take the Chunin exam again. Wow >_>.

Now a bunch of people start quitting. Sakura wants Naruto to raise his hand, for his own sake... Sakura is going to raise her hand for Naruto... NARUTO RAISES HIS HAND! WHATWHAT.

NOW HE SLAMS HIS HAND DOWN! HE YELLS AND MAKES A SPEECH! Awesome. His speech inspires everyone else to stay.

And thats the test! There was no 10th question. They all pass for staying!

So, I guess the first 9 questions were kind of pointless, naruto did nothing and passed lawl >_>.

The proctor talks about how important it is to not give up as a Chunin basically.

The next proctor now appears, it's time for the next stage! She makes fun of the 1st proctor for so many passing, but he says it could be a stronger crew than the past.

The next place they are is at some forest. The Forest of Death.

Overall: Haha, pretty fun episode. Awesome moment with Naruto deciding to take the 10th question. The no 10th question was predictable, but I still enjoyed the ep a bit.


Nice title.

They are about to leave I guess. Haha, Ichigo messed up the cat's tail when he was asleep, awesome. The cat is super sad about it.

The soul reaper hater is ready to come. Ichigo doesn't want him to come. The hater says his brother was killed by soul reapers. He was betrayed by soul reaper allies. His brother was forgiving for some reason, which he doesn't understand. He says Ichigo is different from other soul reapers, so he is coming along. He wants to learn about soul reapers.

They are in the cannon. FIRE, BOOM! Man, I'm gonna miss her boobs. Oh well, at least we still have Orihime's!

They are in the cannonball, turns out theres still more to do. The soul reaper hater is handling it with some spell.

We now see the red alert again. One of the Captains is headed off to fight with some other chick. Everyone else slowly heads off to their battle stations. We will find out Ichimaru's punishment later.

They crash into the barrier... SMOKE, LIGHTNING, ETC. Aaand they make it through, but the cannonball seems to disappear. Now they are in some whirlpool of energy. Chad gets separated from the crew saving Ishida. Cat says he will survive. Now they seem to get split up into 4. The captain guy wants to find the strongest one to fight.

Overall: Set up episode, but it looks like they will be separated, so everyone will have a chance to fight and show their stuff, which is cool. This episode was just kind of there.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 25

OP faltered a bit, and Naruto delivered another solid episode, giving it a relatively easy win.

Naruto: 15

One Piece: 10

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: All the episodes here were kind of uneventful. Naruto was clearly the best. Bleach and One Piece were pretty meh, a bit more happened in One Piece though, so I'll give it the slight edge. Naruto > OP > Bleach. Looks like the good stuff in Bleach is about to start though. For now though, Naruto takes back its lead.

Naruto: 27

Bleach: 26

One Piece: 22



Gin tells Sanji to leave the ship. Sanji says not a chance.

Now Pearl gets up. He NAILS Sanji with one of his best moves. He couldn't dodge it or Gin would pull the trigger. OUCH, Sanji gets nailed again. He can't fight back because he took everything from Zeff, so he doesn't want him to lose anymore.

Flashback! Sanji was on some sort of ship with the cooks, when ZEFF appeared. Wow he looks young. Zeff's men raided the ship. Sanji took up weapons to fight them. ZEFF KICKS HIM! But... Sanji crawls... and starts biting Zeff's leg, Zeff kicks him again! Now they are leaving, but the storm washes Sanji off the boat, Zeff jumps in to save him. While underwater, Zeff's leg got stuck on a boat, so he cut off his own leg with an anchor... wow. And then saved Sanji.

Sanji wakes up on an island with Zeff. They wait for a ship, with some food that they ration off. 25 days later, Sanji is just about out of food.

wtf, it looks like it's been like over 40 days, how is he surviving >_>. I dont think they have water. He looks over at Zeff's side, to see if he is still alive. He sees Zeff still has food in his sack! He goes to steal it. It's all treasure! Holy crap. Zeff gave all his food to Sanji... wow.

Zeff says he helped him because they have the same dream. To see All Blue.

Zeff falls over and talks about his dream to put a restaurant in the middle of the sea. And finally, a ship comes!

Luffy is pissed at the pirates after hearing the story!

Overall: Pretty intense flashback. Good episode overall, Sanji's actions are still weird to me, but this does explain a lot.


Naruto is outside the forest of death, and Konohomaru and crew show up again. uhhh WTF?

They want to interview people for a story on the Chunin exam for the academy newspaper. Oh god, this is a recap episode isn't it. We are just getting a sum up of past events.

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura narate everything. My favorite part is when Sasuke says "Believe it" sarcastically, haha.

Overall: What a huge waste of time.


WHOA! New OP! I'll miss the old one.

The vocalist kind of reminds me of the "I CAN BE YOUR HERO BAAABY" guy. But, surprisingly, it was decent.

One of the four groups is Ichigo and Soul reaper hater. Chad is obviously on his own. The cat is on his own, Ishida and Orihime are together.

Ichigo and soul reaper hater have 2 soul reapers in front of them who are super excited to fight. The soul reaper hater says they are too strong for Ichigo, and they have to run. Hater runs away now. One of the soul reapers chases after. Ichigo will fight the other I suppose. He attacks... ICHIGO DODGES! HE ATTACKS, BLOCKED! THE REAPER HAS A 2ND SWORD, ICHIGO DODGES, ATTACKS, DODGED. DODGED AGAIN. NOW A BLOCK. PARRIES. ICHIGO JUMPS... SLASHES... BLOOD. They were both cut! He compliments Ichigo on his skill. The reaper is from squad 11.

The soul reaper hater is trapped.

Ichigo blocks another attack. We see another dodging battle, badass animation here.

The reaper wants to know Ichigo's master. The reaper knows Kisuke! He extends his sword. Ichigo dodgges and blocks some attacks, HE ATTACKS, THE SPEAR COMES APART! IT'S ABOUT TO HIT HIM FROM BEHIND.

The hater throws sand in the reaper's face! But now he falls into a giant pit. Wait, it was a trick, he emerges in a cannonball. The reaper changes his sword, he attacks. The hater uses the explosion of the cannonball to cross the pit. The hater runs away, and the reaper is after him again.

Ichigo is bleeding like crazy from his arm. BUT HE STILL ATTACKS! Dodged. The guy is impressed with Ichigo's guts.

Overall: I wasn't a huge fan of the hater guy running all episode, but Ichigo's fight was super badass, good episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 26

No contest. Congrats to Naruto on winning season 1 though.

Naruto: 15

One Piece: 11

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Oh god. Episode 26 had that terrible recap episode of Naruto, so it gets last place automatically. One Piece had the Sanji flashback, which I thought was good, but I enjoyed the Ichigo fight more, Bleach > OP > Naruto. Bleach takes its lead right back!

Bleach: 28

Naruto: 27

One Piece: 23



1. Naruto (I can't help but love the guy, a lot of my favorite moments are from him, and as stupid as he is, he can be awesome)

2. Kakashi (Pretty easily the most badass character so far)

3. Haku (Really cool villain who wasn't quite a villain, I liked his backstory)

4. Zabuza (Badass villain, awesome moment with him repenting near the end)

5. Sasuke (Good character, they try too hard with him sometimes, but he is likable)

6. Third Hokage (I love all knowing old dudes!)

7. Tazuna (A little bit of a d-bag early on, but he ends up being really cool)

8. Iruka (A little too overprotective, but he had some good moments early on in the series)

9. Kaiza (Only had 1 episode, but he was awesome)

10. Inari (Becomes a pretty cool kid)


1. The Demon in the Snow (The death of Zabuza and Gato, extremely emotional at the end, and an awesome scene with Zabuza making it through all of Gato's men)

2. The Broken Seal (Sasuke's "death" and then the BADASS scene of Naruto transforming)

3. The Oath of Pain (Had the great moment with Naruto cutting his own hand, and the awesome ending)

4. Enter: Naruto Uzimaki (Very intense and emotional pilot episode, sucked me right in)

5. Kakashi: Sharingan Warrior (Kakashi in all his glory)



So at the end of the last episode, Luffy destroyed part of the ship or something >_>.

Krieg now orders Gin to kill Zeff. Gin points out that Zeff gave them all their food.

Luffy now says he is going to sink the ship. SANJI IS PISSED. Luffy yells at Sanji for trying to die. He says that Zeff obviously wants him to live.

Now Pearl is back. He attacks... WHAT! GIN DROPPED HIS FUN! HE OWNS PEARL! PEARL'S ARMOR IS BROKEN! Gin says that Sanji did a lot for them. He doesn't deserve to die like this. He wants to finish him with his own hands.

Luffy says he won't lose to weaklings like them. XD, they call themselves the strongest in the East Blue, Luffy says they just have the most men. OWNED.

So now it looks like we will get Gin vs. Sanji. Gin runs at him, dodge by Sanji... now another dodge... Sanji now lands a hit, but GIN HITS! He has Sanji pinned with his weapon.

AWESOME! Gin goes for the killing blow, but Sanji USES HIS CIG and spits it at Gin's face. This distracts him long enough to get a blow in, but now they BOTH hit each other, and they are both down. Hot Damn!

Both now get up, Sanji appears way more hurt than Gin, the hits from Pearl are affecting him obviously.

Luffy now decides to kick Krieg's ass, so he runs at him, Krieg flicks a mini mini and shoots a bullet to send him backwards.

Meanwhile, Sanji is down again, I guess he got hit. Blood is all over the weapon. He has been hit 10 times by the steel ball. Gin goes for a killing blow, SANJI DODGES! KICK TO GIN! Sanji is hurt still though, he has taken a lot of damage.

Now Gin has him down... but he can't bring himself to kill Sanji. GIN IS CRYING! AERIS CRIES! He yells to Krieg that he cannot kill Sanji. Sanji was the first person to ever show him kindness.

Gin asks if they could leave the restaurant alone. KRIEG SNAPS! He takes out POISON GAS? Luffy is PISSED! Krieg tells Gin he is no longer one of his men. Now LUFFY ATTACKS! He shoots a bunch of bullets at luffy, and Luffy is forced to run.

Gin now throws away his gas mask, he is willing to let Krieg kill him, WTF.

MH5 is fired! LOL, Luffy steals some gas masks using his reach from some pirates and gives them to Sanji and Gin. But he can't find one for himself... EXPLOSION!

Overall: Krieg is kind of a boring villain honestly. All his monologue kind of sucks, he is too generic. Other than him, this episode had a fun fight, and a cool moment with Gin, so it was definitely a good ep overall.


Holy crap, this proctor is insane! Naruto says he is not scared, so the proctor throws a kunai at him. It barely grazes Naruto's cheek. Blood pours out from it, wow.

Inside the forest, they need to get a heaven and an earth scroll. Each team will hold one scroll. So basically, you need to steal scrolls from other teams. Each team has 5 days. Wow. This sounds intense! They then need to make it to a tower in the middle of the forest.

Her final word of advice is "don't die" lol. Awesome. I'm excited for this!

It sounds like some teams are gonna go for the rookies/Naruto. They could be in trouble.

They now enter the forest!

The team with Choji and the I don't care guy almost get caught by a group of ninja early on.

The team with the badass dog and Hinata are just standing out in the open, when the dog sniffs out someone nearby. WTF, now LEECHES attack them, and they get trapped in a net! Did they set all those traps? What a badass team they are.

Naruto now goes to pee... he then comes back... SASUKE ATTACKS HIM! They have a badass fight. Sasuke realizes it isn't Naruto because he has no cut. The guy now reveals himself. Wheres the rest of his team I wonder?

Overall: Fun episode, they got into the forest pretty late, but this is already pretty enjoyable.


On a side note, thats pretty cool how close Bleach and Naruto were through 26 episodes. Hopefully the same happens for my Outlaw Star/Bebop/Trigun topics.

I feel like the OP has a strong start, gets a little slow in the middle, then has a sweet ending.

The reaper attacks Ichigo, Ichigo blocks, HE RUNS AT ICHIGO FROM THE SIDE, THEY CLASH. THEY RUN AT EACH OTHER, BLOCKED! TEST OF STRENGTH! REAPER USES HIS TWISTING SWEAR TO GET AROUND THE SWORD! Ichigo is on the defensive! He grabs his spear around Ichigo's sword and kicks him, he attacks, dodged. Attacks again, ICHIGO KNOCKS THE SPEAR AWAY!

The guy stands on the roof, Ichigo cuts it, then attacks, OH NO, THERES AN OPENING, ICHIGO GETS HIT WITH THE SPEAR. I think he blocked with his hand, but he is now down.

Ichigo says he has it now, he has the attack figured out.

Orihime is shown running from dozens of guards >_>. So now Ishida and Orihime are on the run. Ishida decides to fight, but now more show up. They seem to be surrounded. They are back to running away. Oh geez. Chad sees the commotion, and he is on his way to help.


He still has some of his weapon to use. He refuses to give up and surrender. If Ichigo wants to win, he will have to kill him. He attacks. Ichigo sees Kisuke in his movements, HE DODGES THE ATTACK, CUTS HIM IN HALF! BLOOD EVERYWHERE, HOLY CRAP!

He falls over, Ichigo has won. Quite a fight.

The hater is still running away. He dodges a few attacks. He now throws some smoke bomb, red smoke. The reaper's eyes are burning. Now the hater's eyes are also watering >_>. They both have their eyes closed. They fall into a pit. The hater is holding on barely to the pit, the reaper is holding on to the hater.

The reaper from Ichigo's fight is awake. He doesn't understand why he is alive. Ichigo fixed up both of their injuries.

The reaper doesn't want to be alive. He can't live with the humiliation. Ichigo wants answers. He asks where Rukia is.

The hater lets go and falls into the pit. Umm, it's a trash pit >_>. The hater climbs out and runs away again.

He reaper talking to Ichigo laughs at him for trying to save Rukia with so few people. He tells him where Rukia is. He says that his captain will be looking for him, since he is the strongest of the group. Kenpachi.

Overall: Sizuka vs. the soul reaper is kinda lame, but Ichigo's fight was badass as hell, that was a really cool character. Good episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece EPISODE 27

This one was really tight. Both had some good fighting, and both had a lot of talking. I'll give One Piece an edge on the fight, but I think Krieg is a pretty boring villain, where Naruto was interesting the whole way, so I will give it the edge.

Naruto: 16

One Piece: 11

Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece: Naruto and Bleach both delivered good episodes this time around, but Bleach was in very good territory, and takes the win while Naruto takes second. With Bleach being awesome, and Naruto in the exams, I guess this might be where One Piece starts getting left in the dust for a while.

Bleach: 30

Naruto: 28

One Piece: 23