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In lieu of the AMAZING SUCCESS of The YGO vs. Pokemon series, Icehawk (and his extraordinarily large penis) decided to pursue another anime venture, in order to take a break from the more childish YGO/Pokemon series. The choice ended up being Naruto vs. One Piece. Icehawk watches the shows and compares them. He has never seen either show before.

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Episode 53[]


Wait, already?!?

I'm still annoyed at Buggy owning Luffy.

Alvida is SO HOT WTF, I still can't get over it.

Buggy and Alvida are on the chase after Luffy and crew. Smoke traps Alvida and Buggy! Smoker! He used "white out"! Now Buggy and Alvida are trapped in a net. Apparently Smoker has eaten some sort of fruit, but they didn't say devil fruit.

Mohji and Richie are having problems lighting Luffy's ship on fire because of the rain. Now Usopp and Nami arrive! Richie attacks! USOPP WITH AN EGG SLINGSHOT.... it uhh lands on the ground. RICHIE ATTACKS... HE STARTS EATING THE EGG!!! I LOVE RICHIE!!!

Now the Marines arrive!

Luffy and crew are still running, when that swordswoman stands in their path. She is pissed at Zoro for lying to her. Zoro says she just never asked for his name. Attack! Their swords clash, she blocks a few strikes, but Zoro smiles. Luffy and Sanji now go on ahead while Zoro and the girl fight.

Zoro is now using 2 swords and seems to be overwhelming her. He knocks the sword out of her hands! Zoro now starts to walk away. She wants to know why he didn't kill her, she asks if it is because she's a girl. Zoro starts yelling at her for looking like his friend.

Smoker is now standing in the path of Luffy!

Now Sanji goes on ahead, while Luffy will face off with Smoker.

Nami and Usopp have boarded the ship. The marines are firing cannons and barely missing the ship. Nami now sets sail to avoid the cannons, she says they can catch up somehow.

Smoker attacks Luffy with white smoke, he gets trapped! He ate the Moku Moku fruit. Umm, I'm guessing that means devil's fruit, and that the fansubbers decided to stop actually translating it for god knows why. Because they are annoying snobs most likely.

Luffy is down... Man Smoker has made him look like such a joke this arc. Hatling Gun by Luffy, but Smoker uses his smoke to nlock it. Smoke attack hits Luffy. He tries for another shot, unaffected! Smoker is owning him.

Smoker is gonna finish off Luffy, some cloaked man stops him. He does some crazy wind stuff and blows everyone away. Hmmm, this must be the dude that saved Luffy earlier.

The crew is now together, Luffy uses his SKILLZ to get them all on the boat.

Smoker calls the cloaked man Dragon. It's still not quite clear why he helped him. SMOKER WANTS A SHIP, and the girl wants to go too! They are gonna chase after Luffy! Buggy is heading to the Grand Line too.

They all say their goals together before they head for the Grand Line...

Sanji: To find all Blue!

Luffy: To become the Pirate King!

Nami: To draw a map of the world!

Zoro: To be the greatest swordsman!

Usopp: To become a brave warrior of the sea!


That was a badass moment.

Overall: Pretty cool, action-packed episode. I actually liked this arc. I really hated how Luffy looked like such a joke to Smoker. Luffy is about to go to the Grand Line, and he couldn't even touch Smoker, it seems like it's way too soon to head out, but whatever. The ending moment was great, I'd call this a very good ep.

NARUTO EPISODE 53: LONG TIME NO SEE: JIRAIYA RETURNS! How odd, Japanese Intro, but it's still dubbed. This is a pretty awesome intro though.

The frog guy is a hermit, the toad sage. He is doing research for his book! IT'S THE BOOK KAKASHI READS! HE READS EROTIC ROMANCE NOVELS LOLOL.

Naruto wants Jiraiya to train him now. But Jiraiya runs away. Naruto thinks he is awesome and runs after him >_>. He finds him getting slapped by a chick. He calls him a perv, so Jiraiya traps him in a pot and walks off >_>.

Naruto finds him again and ATTACKS, he dodges. Now Jiraiya says if he can bring him a "ripe and juicy one" he will train him. Naruto brings him back a watermelon >_>.

Naruto now does SEXYJUTSU to convince Jiraiya to train him. Jiraiya FREAKS OUT!!! LMAO! LMAO! LMAO! Naruto says if he keeps staring she is gonna blush. XDXDXD.

Jiraiya looks like he will train Naruto now. Naruto now tries to walk on water. He is doing it! But then he falls. As Naruto is building up Chakra, the sage notices the extra seal on the nine-tailed fox. He knows it was Orochimaru, and he says this is why Naruto can't control his Chakra.

FIVE PRONGED SEAL RELEASE! Naruto gets knocked down! Jiraiya rules!

Naruto can easily walk on the water now!!! Woooo!

Jiraiya is gonna teach him a "killer technique" tomorrow.

At night, Ebisu talks to Jiraiya. Apparently the Hokage is looking for him. WHOA! Apparently Orochimaru is one of the most powerful 3 ninja, and Jiraiya is one of the other 3!!!

Overall: Jiraiya is pretty badass, I like him a lot, though the "i liek gurlz" gimmick got old quick, I've seen it in too much other shounen tbh. But yeah, I really liked the 2nd half of the episode, and Jiraiya being THAT powerful is pretty amazing, looking forward to the next ep.

Naruto vs. One Piece: I liked Naruto, but the first half of it was kinda lame. Meanwhile, OP was pretty good from start to finish, and had a pretty epic ending moment. OP takes it.

Naruto: 32

One Piece: 21

Episode 54[]


Theres some girl aboard a marine ship, being held prisoner or something. She is trying to escape. She unfurls the sails. And she manages to jump into an escape ship.

Theres some ugly fat pirate. He needed her to find something, he is pissed. She is the key to eternal youth or something.

They are a few more days from the Grand Line. I mean, don't they need more crew, seriously >_>. They end up grabbing the girl when they find her.

When the girl wakes up, she freaks out at the fact that they are pirates.

Eventually, she comes around, and starts to trust them.

It turns out she is from an island that is pretty close to the Grand Line. So they offer to take her home. Oh boy.

Wow, there's literally a whole fleet of marines looking for the girl. The fleet finds Luffy's ship! They would just ignore them, but since Luffy is all famous now, they decide to go for them. Apis tells them those are the marines she ran away from.

The marines fire some warning shots. I spot 7 ships.

Nami spots a squall coming in, so she adjusts course to get them away. They speed up and start to lose the marines.

Apparently Luffy and crew are heading towards the "Calm Belt" whatever that means. The marine major wants to reverse course now.

Nami figures out that they have entered the calm belt at the end of the ep, which I guess means the ship won't move.

Overall: Eh, uneventful, wasn't awful, but I can't say it was anymore than "meh".


Dosu confronts Gaara. He wanted to attack him in his sleep, but apparently, Gaara doesn't sleep very often or at all.

Gaara uhhh, does some crazy attack on Dosu and absolutely destroys him, I'm not even quite sure what happened. DAMN IT I HAD DOSU WINNING HIS FIRST MATCH.

Now we get Kabuto and the sand village leader guy talking. Kabuto set up Dosu's death right there apparently. The sand village guy asks how Kabuto can reveal himself in the village so nonchalantly after being revealed as a spy, but he says it was all his plan. Apparently, the sound village wants to destroy the leaf village, and it looks like the sand village will be helping too.

The proctor of the exam was listening to this. And the sand village guy knows! Crap! Fight time! He charges with a sword... he nails the sand village guy! Doesn't affect him! Leaf village guy gets owned.

The next day, Jiraiya wants Naruto to build up some of his red chakra, aka nine-tailed fox stuff. Naruto can't do it, Jiraiya says to keep trying. He realizes that stuff like emotion is all that can summon it right now.

Jiraiya says that Naruto has a lot of stamina, so he should try using more chakra in his attacks. Now he is going to teach him a summoning jutsu where he makes a blood pact with an animal so he can summon it at any time. Jiraiya wants him to use all his blue chakra, so Naruto has a random big battle royale with himself to use it all up. I guess this is so only red chakra is left.

Now Jiraiya shows him how it's done, and uses his blood to summon the giant toad! Awesome. He is now signing a contract to summon his own toads. Not many people have signed it, wow, so Jiraiya is basically handing this scroll down to Naruto.

Naruto goes for it... he summons a tadpole >_>.

They flash to the exam proctor, who appears to be dead.

Overall: Fun episode! Naruto is on his way to learning something new, and I'm excited for it.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Weaker episodes from both shows. I can't say I loved either, but Naruto did fall in the pretty good territory, while OP was just slightly below average. Naruto takes it.

Naruto: 33

One Piece: 21

Episode 55[]


So they are in the Calm Belt. Nami wants them to start rowing to get the hell out of there when, uhhh SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS?!?!

Freaking giant sea monsters now emerge from the water. They are now in mid-air just sitting on one of the monsters heads. They uhh manage to pull out a NOSE HAIR from one of the monsters, which makes it sneeze, so they are sent flying out of the Calm Belt. >____>.

Now they are back off to Gunkan Island, and they find it, it looks like a battleship. The island gets scared since Pirates are here obviously. Apis greets everyone, and they all seem to know her. Also, marines are apparently in town looking for her.

Meanwhile, the Marines in the fleet are around, and spot her. So now they want to recapture her of course.

Apis' grandpa goes on about why the marines might be after Apis, basically some stuff about elixir of youth and dragon bones or whatever.

At night Apis runs off so Nami and Luffy follow her. Apis is meeting up with a giant uhh creature! It's a dragon I guess. Apis can understand animals thanks to her devil's fruit. Luffy can understand the dragon too for some reason.

So this dragon wants to find its home. Luffy decides to help.

Overall: Got a little more interesting near the end, but overall it was pretty boring.


Eck, looks like OP could still win this one!

Naruto tries to summon a giant frog again, another tadpole!

Clip to Hokage meeting. Hayate is dead. Not much else on that front though. They do seem to be building this show into some sort of war between Leaf/others vs. Sand/Sound. I wonder if that will eventually interrupt the tournament, I sure hope not.

We have had several clips of Sakura thinking about Sasuke, yawn yawn, don't care aghhh. Sakura and Ino are now going to the hospital to see Sasuke... and Rock! Nice. Also, clips of people training.

Naruto still sucks at the summoning jutsu.

When Sakura gets to the hospital, Sasuke is gone. Sakura wonders if he went to Orochimaru.

Meanwhile, we see Sasuke meeting up with Kakahi on some huge cliff/mountain thing.

LOL, meanwhile, Rock Lee is gone too. Oh, he is outside doing push ups. So he can get back into fighting shape I assume. Man, he is never supposed to fight again, yet he fights to finish his push ups. But he ends up passing out or something.

Naruto still sucks at the jutsu >_>.

Overall: Hmmm, it was an OK episode. Rock was the best part of this episode for sure, everything else was "eh"

Naruto vs. One Piece: Neither episode really impressed me, but Naruto had some good moments at least, while OP had next to none. Naruto, barely.

Naruto: 34

One Piece: 21

Episode 56[]


The marines are coming...

The rest of the crew is informed that they are gonna take the dragon back to the Lost Island. So they now set to work making a cart for the dragon to ride on.

Meanwhile, the Marines have found the path they took to the mountain.

Zoro and Usopp are at the Going to save their ship from the marines. They manage to set sail and get away. They now ram a marine boat! And now they are back to sailing away.

Now, Luffy and crew realize the marines are coming up the mountain. The dragon is already on the cart. The marines now see the dragon.

The marines are set to fire at the dragon.


Now the marines charge, they all get owned of course.

Erik the mercenary is now set to fight, apparently he has eaten a devil fruit. Luffy says he's gay lolol. Then says that doesn't matter to him lolol.

Erik does a whirlwind move, which cuts up everyone.

Now it's time to go, they set the cart down the hill. It's flying downhill, it jumps into the sea! They crash into and destroy a marine ship, and land in the water. They attach the raft to the back of the boat, and now set out for the Lost Island.

Overall: The ending was sorta cool, with the downhill raft, otherwise nothing was that great.


Well, this sounds more interesting!

The hokage is looking at pictures of all the Hokage, so, we see the Ninja that defeated the nine-tailed fox for the first time.

Naruto STILL sucks at it, after 3 weeks >_>. Jiraiya and Naruto now take a bath and then eat ramen >_>.

Afterwards, Jiraiya asks if Naruto likes a girl. He shyly says Sakura, Jiraiya wants him to give her a hug <_<. Naruto is nervous lol, wtf, this episode is so damn weird.

Naruto goes for the hug... GETS PUNCHED IN THE FACE.

As Jiraiya and Naruto are walking away, JIRAIYA PUNCHES NARUTO! Naruto is out cold. Oh, apparently this jutsu was all to draw out the nine tailed fox's chakra. So Jiraiya says he needs to experience danger. He carries Naruto's body... somewhere.

WHOA, when Naruto wakes up, JIRAIYA PUSHES HIM OFF A CLIFF!!!!!!!!

Naruto can't grab onto anything because it's too slippery. He is realizing that he is going to die.

We now get a clip of Naruto in... some weird builduing, the roar of the fox can be heard. Naruto sees a huge cage with the fox behind it. It tells him to come closer, but then attacks. Naruto says he is going to take his chakra. The fox is impressed with his courage, so the fox lets him use his chakra.



Naruto vs. One Piece: Badass ending makes this easy.

Naruto: 35

One Piece: 21

Episode 57[]


They uhhh, aren't having any luck finding the Lost Island, geeeez.

The dragon suddenly remembers where the Lost Island is like 6 minutes into the ep, TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH, so now they are setting forth that way.

Aaaand, the marines are after them of course.

The boat passes through... some crazy water mirror? I guess this is where the lost island is hidden. The marines see this, and are scared, so the mercenary Erik is going in alone.

Now it's all foggy, and now theres a random huge storm. The storm is about to break the dragon's raft off of the back of the boat, Zoro manages to save him in time though. Luffy helps as well. And now they see an island.

They make it to the island, and now the storm stops. The storm was to keep people out I guess. They now start making their way to the top of the island.

Finally, they make it to the top. There's a mark on the door that implies this could be the dragon's nest. They are about to open it, when the ground crumbles beneath them. So they are inside now I guess.

Overall: Wow, reaaaaalllly boring episode, this could very well be the worst OP episode so far. Seriously, sooo uneventful.


Jiraiya says Naruto overdid it, I guess he summoned too big of a toad, one that won't obey him >_>. Yeah, the chief toad yells at him <_<.

Jiraiya says he can't even handle that big ass toad, so he runs away >_>.

Naruto explains to the toad that he summoned him. The toad LAFFZ and doesn't believe him. Naruto is pissed! Naruto says he is the toad's master. The toad now jumps like HUNDREDS OF FEET IN THE AIR WITH NARUTO ON HIS BACK! When they land on the ground, Naruto falls off his back. The toad says that he doesn't believe Naruto summoned him, but even if he did, if he falls off that easily, Naruto is not his master.

Naruto won't give up! He says he is going to stay on the toad's back for the rest of the day. The toad starts shaking around, he is hanging around by a nostril!

Now the toad is jumping everywhere, Naruto is staying on barely!

We now get a random clip of why the sand village is turning on the alliance. Temari doesn't seem to approve. The 3 sand village ninjas seem to have missions while they are here.

The frog is now jumping underwater, but Naruto is hanging on.

It's getting close to sunset... the toad is gonna bring an end to this! He now jumps into the air! And now he lands, Naruto is slipping, he refuses to fall, SHADOW CLONE! SHADOW CLONE! NICE! His clones help him! Jiraiya can't believe he still had chakra left. Naruto passes out a bit before nightfall, the frog saves him from hitting the ground. The toad knows he summoned him, and seems to respect him now, awesome!

Overall: This was a pretty fun episode, loved seeing Naruto go toe to toe with the giant toad, these training episodes haven't been bad at all!

Naruto vs. One Piece: Naruto already had a free win here with how boring OP was, but Naruto proved ti deserved the win on its own with the best training ep yet.

Naruto: 36

One Piece: 21

Episode 58[]


This arc ends here right? Please say it does : (. I miss the arlong arc : (.

I've noticed the "showing what happened last episode" stuff has increased a decent amount this arc. In Arlong I don't think they wasted more than 30 seconds on it, here, we get about 2 minutes.

Nami now says this is probably not the island, she thinks they have found a map to the real lost island, NOOOOO.

WTF, according to the map, the REAL LOST ISLAND IS LOCATED ON GUNKAN ISLAND. ARE YOU SERIOUS. ARE YOU SERIOUS. Arrrrgh if this was all a waste of time I'll be so mad.

Apis now begs the dragon to remember where the Dragon's Nest is. Seeing this old map seems to reawaken memories for him. So, they are going back to Gunkan Island to find the Dragon's nest, aughaugh.

Erik now arrives. Zoro tells them to take off for the ship, I guess he will fight Erik. Erik jumps down, we hear fighting, but don't see it.

Erik now starts to run away from Zoro to catch the dragon, so Zoro runs after him. Eventually, Zoro catches him though. Erik attacks a few times then runs again. But Zoro trips him up with a branch, and has him on the ground, with a sword to his head. But Zoro looks away for a second because of Luffy and crew, and Erik manages to get away from his sword.

Luffy now GRABS ZORO FROM MILES AWAY, AND SAVES HIM FROM ERIC. They now sail away back to Gunkan. The marines see this, and are in pursuit.

As they are running from the marines, a huge marine ship stands in their path. It must be the ship with the fleet's leader on it, it was a trap I suppose.

WHAT, THERES DOZENS OF SHIPS, they are all connected with chains, so it sounds like they are going to have to board.

Overall: Man, I can't believe the lost island was basically a waste of time, however, things are getting interesting at least.


The sand village ninjas are freaking out, Gaara is missing.

ps, can't the chuunin exams start back up pleeeease aughaugh.

Apparently, Naruto is passed out in the hospital still from training.

Naruto wakes up! He's PISSED, HE NEEDS TO START TRAINING! WHERES THE PERVY SAGE!!! The competition starts tomorrow! Shikamaru is in here talking to Naruto, ha, Shikamaru is pretty awesome.

Gaara is in the hospital... he is watching Rock sleep, thinking about how Guy saved his life. Gaara seems to get flashbacks of his past, now... sand is surrounding Rock. Is Gaara gonna kill him? Naruto and Shikamaru arrive! Shika uses shadow possession. Gaara says he wanted to kill Rock, and he had no real reason to do it >_>.

So now, we get a random flashback. Gaara was infused with a sand spirit when he was born or something to make sure he was super strong.

So Naruto and Gaara both have demons inside of them.

Gaara now goes on about he has no emotion, except hate or something. Basically, waaa waaa!

Gaara now goes on about how his father has tried to kill him multiple times, because he is too strong or something. So his village hates him, and he lost his purpose for being born. Gaara decided his reason for living was to kill others.

Gaara: As long as there are people to kill... I will still be here.

Naruto sees similarities to himself, except Gaara had no help, and Naruto did have help. He thinks he could have ended up like Gaara.

Gaara now goes to kill Shika and Naruto, Naruto is frightened for some reason, Guy steps in though, phew.

Overall: Ummm, I guess this was the Gaara development episode. It was kinda interesting, but sorta of an "eh" episode overall.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Kind of meh episode from both, but at least Naruto wasn't a complete waste of time like One Piece was, so Naruto takes it. Naruto's next episode looks stupid, and OP looks like it could be awesome, so OP finally has a chance to take an episode next time!

Naruto: 37

One Piece: 21

Episode 59[]


For those who have been interested, after this we are 3 episodes from my 1st OP rankings.

Only a little over a minute of summary that time, not bad.

The marines and their chain fence fire away at the Going Merry. The Going Merry continues to dodge however.

Erik meanwhile, plans on pursuing Luffy and crew in a row boat still, so he doesn't lose out on the secret of immortality.

Luffy protects the shi[ from a canonball, and even seems to hit a ship when it bounces off. Because of this the marines are going to unleash their biggest cannon. The Big Elimination Cannon.

Usopp now fires their cannon, it goes RIGHT INTO THE BIG CANNON! The Big Cannon blows up, nice!

Now Luffy uses his rubber skills to get himself, Zoro and Sanji onto one of the enemy ships. They get surrounded by like a hundred dudes. The marines attack, but those jobbers obviously get owned. Meanwhile, Zoro slashes one of the chain walls down. Rinse and repeat on several ships.

Now Erik arrives to stand in their way. He docks right next to the raft the dragon is on. Erik uses Apis as a hostage to take the dragon away. He then sails away from the marines, which pisses off their commander. They start opening fire at him/Apis/the dragon.

Now, THE DRAGON STANDS UP!!! He is pissed I guess? He knocks Erik off the raft, and hopefully into the water. The dragon now stands up and roars, It looks like he can fly again. The marines start to fire at him. Luffy and crew now start owning some marines again. But their cannon fire appears to be hitting the dragon. He now starts flying towards the marines... He is taking lots of fire... he falls! He falls into the Ocean! Luffy now gets on top of him and tells him he can't give up/die or something.

Overall: This was a decent episode, better than a lot of this arc anyway. Despite the exciting build up, this wasn't quite as good as I hoped for, I'd say it was average.


LOL, I think we see Shikamaru, Choji and Ino's dads. Awesome. Also, Naruto gets treated to free food at his Ramen place since he is in the competition tomorrow.

It looks like there will be huge crowds for the competition. Naruto is all super nervous. Naruto runs into Hinata. Hinata thanks Naruto for cheering for her last round, and she says she has changed. Oh god, Naruto gets all emo about himself, and Hinata tells him he is the greatest basically, MAKE OUT ALREADY LOLOL.

Naruto now feels better and is off to the match. He says he used to think Hinata was weird, but he says he likes people like her. Hinata gets all wet teehee. Naruto realizes everything is starting and runs off.

As Naruto is running he comes across Konohomaru, who says he has a shortcut. The shortcut fails though, but Kono says he has another one. So now Naruto ends up jumping in a sewer or something. When he exits, he ends up at the hot springs.

Now Kono wants him to ride a bull to get there faster. Sigh. Naruto falls off right away though, now the bull starts chasing him. Now all the bulls start chasing him... wtf. He finally makes it into the arena in embarassing fashion.

Sasuke and Dosu are missing.

Overall: I liked the interaction between Hinata and Naruto, but man, the 2nd half of this episode was so stupid.

Naruto vs. One Piece: One Piece with one last win before the finals start, where I'm assuming it's "so screwed".

Naruto: 37

One Piece: 22

Episode 60[]


The marines are going to use a harpoon to grab the dragon before it completely sinks. Luffy stops it though, HE'S PISSED!!

Oh snap! Luffy throws the Harpoon back, and through the ship! Nice!

Now Ryuuji starts calling for his "nakama" who are scattered around the world, or something. Now like hundreds of dragons show up... >___>. Why couldn't he just do this a long ass time ago?

Now Ryuuji tells Luffy something, then seems to die. Awwww.

Now Luffy uses a ground pound type move using the dragon to completely destroy the main ship of the fleet, killing the admiral I assume. Now all the marines start running for it. The marines seem to start crashing into each other from panic.

Apis starts crying as Luffy boards the ship. Luffy talls her that Ryuuji's wish came true. A new island starts emerging, oh apparently, this island surfaces once every 1000 years, thats why all the dragon are showing up.

Now that the Dragon's Nest is here, Apis can see Ryuuji's body, she runs to it.

Nami says that the Dragon's Nest is probably the Dragon's graveyard, so Ryuuji was happy to make it there so he could die. Apis cries because Ryuuji lied to him. Luffy says that he didn't lie, and we now see a baby dragon hatch, I guess they get reborn or something. Apis cries.

But now Apis feels better and thanks Luffy.

Argh, now Erik appears on the island. Luffy and Erik staredown, LAME.

Overall: Pretty good episode, it was pretty emotional and did a good job pulling at the heart strings. Ending cliffhanger sucked though.



The Hokage wonders if Sasuke has been taken by Orochimaru. And now the sand village hokage dude shows up. He seems to be a jerk. But the Leaf village hokage seems unfazed by it. The proctor now says theres been a change in the matchups. Basically, Dosu is gone. Which makes for an even 8, how convenient!!!

Sasuke will forfeit his match if he doesn't show up before the match starts.

We get a clip of Gaara watching Sasuke train. The sand village guy wonders if he killed Sasuke too.



No one thinks Naruto has a chance. Neji asks if Naruto has anything to say. I VOW TO WIN! Neji notices Naruto looks more sure of himself.


NARUTO RUSHES IN, KIBA SAYS HE IS AN IDIOT. Dodge by Neji, Naruto dodges back, more dodges from Neji, he's amazing. First hit by Neji! It's that special hit of his, Naruto appears to be hurt, more lectures on Chakra points and flow, blah blah.

Neji seems to hit a big chakra point, and Naruto is down. Oh, Neji missed. Neji says that it's hopeless. Naruto says he was just checking him out. YEAH NARUTO!

SHADOW CLONE JUTSU! The crowd is impressed he knows this technique.

All but one person attacks Neji, he is doing well dodhing, NOW NARUTO COMES IN WITH A KICK! HE GOT HIM! HE GOT HIM! OH WAIT HE DIDN'T DAMN.

Naruto comes in again, SPIN BY NEJI! HE NAILS TWO CLONES!

The other clones now get owned as well. AUGH. Only the real naruto is left. Neji mocks Naruto's hokage dream! ARGH, GET HIS ASS NARUTO. HE'S TRASH.

Neji says the hokage were destined to be hokage, you can't become one just with hard work. More epic music. SHADOW CLONE AGAIN!!!!

Overall: Yessss, exciting start! Great ep!

Naruto vs. One Piece: GOD YES Chuunin exams. Naruto vs. Neji is off to an excellent start. I'm on the edge of my seat. Meanwhile, OP delivered one of the best Apis arc episodes, but that wasn't saying much, Naruto takes it easily. OP looks like we have a little more of this arc to go, so Naruto should have some more easy wins coming up.

Naruto: 38

One Piece: 22

Episode 61[]


Only 2 episodes left in the season! And hopefully this is the last filler episode for a while.

Solid 1 minute 45 seconds of recap, ouch.

Erik gets ready to attack, Luffy protects Apis, and takes one of Erik's strikes.

Luffy attacks, Erik dodges, and cuts him up with his move. Now Erik is getting ready for his ultimate attack. Luffy rushes into it! He gets cut up even more, but gets through it, GOMU GOMU KANE! HEADBUTT! Erik is nailed! Now Bazooka, and that sends Erik flying! I win! Well, that was anticlimatic >_>. They actually kind of built Erik up as a threat before then.

Apis decides not to join the crew. Actually, she would have been a good addition, the whole talking to animals thing would be useful, and she isn't a bad character.

So now they sail off. They can't go to the grand line, they never got a musician!

Apparently, to get to the grand line, the ship is going to have to climb a mountain, wut. Apparently half the wannabes die just trying to enter the Grand Line.

They now make it to the mountain. Nami notices a path in the cliff, and wants to head straight for it. Yep, the water hear goes upwards, up the mountain, so they have to get themselves perfectly into the little space.

But now, THE HELM BREAKS! Luffy uses Gomu Balloon to protect the ship. And they now seem to be on course. They climb up the waterfall... WHAT, ERIK SHOWS UP. WTF. Nami kicks him, sending him off the ship. Well that was pointless >_>.

They make it to the mountain peak, this is actually pretty cool. Now the ship starts heading back downhill, towards Grand Line! I'm getting excited!

Overall: Apis arc ended finally. I liked the journey up the mountain, that was pretty cool and got me pumped for the grand line. But Erik was lame, so the episode is only average.



The shadow clones attack... he dodges easily, and is now smacking Naruto around. The rest of the clones attack, but Neji is too good. Argh. SUMMON THE TOAD! Neji notices one of the Narutos not fighting, so he strikes him and hits a chakra point. The crowd says that it's over. NARUTO LAUGHS! IT WASN'T HIM!

Naruto was using deception! He punches... WTF. Neji seems to block it with some move, and he sends Naruto flying away. He just used one of his special defenses. NARUTO WITH MORE CLONES. IT WON'T WORK DAMN IT. Naruto gets nailed with the move again. YOU CAN'T LOSE DAMN IT NARUTO, DAMN IT.

This defense is even more powerful than Gaara's sand.

USE THE FOX NARUTO! DAMN IT. Now Neji is using a move, 8 tri gransm he spins and starts hitting Naruto at his chakra points with rapid speed. Wow. Naruto gets sent flying and hits the ground.

The proctor says it seems to be over. Neji struck oall of Naruto's Chakra points. Neji mocks Naruto, augh.

Naruto now remembers Rock... Hinata. HE STARTS TO GET UP!!! YESSS! NEJI DOESN'T BELIEVE IT!

Meanwhile, in the stands, Hinata is coughing up blood. One of the black ops guys comes to help her. Hmm?

Neji now complains about a curse mark he has. His "destiny" is to protect the main branch family, the main family can use it on them at anytime to turn their brains to mush or something.

Neji cries about how his father was killed instead of a main branch dude to stop a war from happening.

Overall: Hmmmm, Pretty good episode. Fighting was pretty solid early on. The flashback was interesting, as I've been wanting to learn about the Hyuga clan, although Neji got a little annoying. But good stuff.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Naruto takes this one, as OP wipes away the stench of the Apis arc. I gotta say though, Naruto didn't quite meet expectations here. If Naruto remains around this level for the rest of the fights, I could see OP pulling off some eps.

Naruto: 39

One Piece: 22

Episode 62[]


Last episode of season 1 finally! Let's see what the grand line is all about! Stay tuned for after Naruto for a bunch of rankings, which are long overdue!

They are still sailing downhill, it's pretty cool. Now they hear an odd noise, something is in their path! A whale! They are headed straight for it.

They want to head to the left of it, but the helm is broken from before. Luffy says he has an idea though. He uhhh fires a cannon at the whale, which slows the ship down or something. So they survive. The whale now looks at them. They start trying to row the ship away from it. The whale roars. LMAO! Luffy is pissed at the whale and punches it! The crew freaks out!

The whale is now attempting to eat them, it is sucking the ship into its mouth. Luffy uses his arm to grab onto a tooth. The whale closes its mouth. Luffy is on top of the whale, and everyone else was eaten >_>.

Now the whale starts to go underwater. Luffy is mad and yells at the whale. He now notices a trap door on the whale's back? I think thats what I saw.

WHaaaat! We now see Luffy's crew. They are at an island, and theres a house there. They think they are dreaming. Now a giant squid appears. Some people from the house kill it though.

Luffy is now traveling into a passageway that was in the whale. And the crew sees a man coming out of the house.

They uhh have a strange conversation with the old man. He points them to an exit, erm ok. Now everything starts shaking because the whale is ramming its head against the mountain for some reason. What a strange ass episode.

Luffy meanwhile breaks through into where the crew is. he also runs into 2 other people who want to kill that old man for some reason. We now see the old man inject the whale with sedative to heal it. It turns out the 2 people who Luffy ran into are trying to kill the whale, and this old man is helping the whale.

Luffy now hits them lol owned.

The old man is going to now tell the whale's story. He says the whale has a heart like a person. It's been waiting for a group of pirates for the last 50 years...

Overall: This episode just struck me as really freaking strange. Just everything about it is super weird. But it wasn't a bad episode, much better than Apis arc stuff.


Naruto still doesn't buy the destiny stuff. Neji delivers another attack to Naruto, and he hits the ground. Neji says it's over, Naruto is a failure. Neji is walking away... NARUTO GETS UP! HELL YEAH!

Neji says Naruto can never understand being branded with a mark. Oh damn, that statement HAS to piss off Naruto, WHO HAS THE FREAKING FOX IN HIM.

Naruto says Neji isn't the only one with problems. Basically, he shows that stupid ***** his place, it was awesome.

Neji says Naruto can't use his chakra anymore, so he has no chance. Naruto doesn't care HELL YEAH NARUTO! Naruto now remembers his training with Jiraiya. He knows he can use the Fox's chakra. HELL YEAH DO IT. PLEASE DO IT!!!!


HE'S SUPER FAST! NEJI CAN'T EVEN KEEP UP! Naruto throws some shuriken, blocked, now he charges in, DODGES SHURIKEN! Neji barely dodges a punch! They are evenly matched! BADASS AS HELL! KUNAI CLASH! NOW NARUTO CHARGES AGAIN!


Neji gets up first. He looks a little hurt, but he's OK. Yeah, Neji can barely walk. Naruto is down, NO. NO DAMN IT. Neji says its over. OMFG OMFG OMFG! NARUTO EMERGES FROM THE GROUND AND UPPERCUTS THE LIVING *** OUT OF NEJI! Substitution/Replacement? NEJI CAN'T MOVE!! YES YES YES YES YES!!! OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! HE USED THE CLONE AS BAIT! The proctor says Naruto always believed in himself, and thats why he won. **** YEAH! **** YEAH! **** YEAH! WHAT A GOD DAMN FINISH!

Naruto: For the record, I failed the graduation exam three times, because there was just one jutsu I could never master that was always on the exam. My clones were pathetic. I flunked the clone jutsu everytime. So don't come whining to me with this destiny stuff, and stop trying to tell me you can't change what you are.

That quote + music= amazing. The winner is Naruto! Crowd cheers!

Overall: OMG WHAT AN EPISODE! Definitely top 5, maybe top 3 material. Great ending, great moments, what a freaking episode. Neji whining was kinda overexaggerated by you guys.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP wasn't bad, but really had no chance in hell.

Naruto: 40

One Piece: 22

One Piece Ranking after Season 1[]


1. Luffy Rises! Result of the Broken Promise!- Has a lot of the best moments so far.

2. Hawk-Eye Mihawk! The Great Swordsman Zoro Falls at Sea!- Mihawk rules, and I loved seeing Zoro start to get respected by him.

3. Luffy's Past! Enter Red-Haired Shanks!- Shanks = win

4. Proud Warriors! Sanji and Usopp's Fierce Battles!- Loved seeing Usopp win a big fight mostly.

5. Expose the Plot! Pirate Butler, Captain Kuro!- Great for Usopp, especially at the end.


1. Arlong- Pretty consistently good throughout, and pretty long.

2. Kuro- Nice storylines, good villain, Usopp was cool, great fights.

3. Baratie- Had some boring stretches, but also had some cool moments

4. Loguetown- Pretty consistently "solid"

5. Buggy- Seemed kinda pointless at the time, but it wasn't a bad arc.

6. Morgan- Too short to mean much

7. Apis- Boring


1. Luffy- Always cool and funny

2. Zoro- Just wicked badass

3. Shanks- Seems a lot like Luffy, except we just don't get to see much of him.

4. Mihawk- Badass as hell, cannot wait for another fight with him and Zoro.

5. Usopp- Funny character, lots of cool moments

6. Sanji- Too one dimensional, but he can be very badass

7. Nami- Never felt that attached to her, but she is developed at least (IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!!!)

8. Smoker- Just cool as hell

9. Buggy- Humorous recurring villain

10. Nojiko- Because there wasn't many good choices for this slot!

Episode 63[]


So we are going to hear Laboon's tale.

Awwww, Laboon was a baby whale following around some pirates, and he was basically part of their crew. The pirates left for the grand line, and told Laboon they would return in a few years. They didn't want to expose Laboon to the dangers obviously. That was 50 years. So Laboon has been waiting ever since.

The old man lives inside the whale in order to treat it. He now lets them out of the door, and they are now at sea. It also turns out that this whales friends ditched him. They fled from the Grand Line and never came back, but Laboon still waits on.

Luffy now RANDOMLY STARTS ATTACKING LABOON >_>. They have a quick but evenly matched fight. Luffy says that they are now rivals, and once he is back from the Grand Line, they will finish their fight. Laboon seems to get tears in his eyes, and he now roars. LMAO, now Luffy paints a terrible looking version of his pirate symbol on Laboon's head, it's their fight promise.

The old man now gives a rundown of the grand line. Ordinary compasses don't work. They need a special compass which can point them to each island (which Luffy obtained from the weirdos). Also, there are 7 different paths through the Grand Line, but then theres one final island, Raftel. This is getting exciting!

The 2 people that were trying to kill Laboon now ask to be taken along to their hometown. Luffy agrees for some reason.

They are now headed for Whiskey Peak, Laboon wishes them goodbye.

Overall: Man you guys weren't lying about OP trying to pull at the heart strings constantly. Poor Laboon! I also enjoyed the explanation of how the grand line works. I don't think I like those 2 people tagging along but ah well, good episode.


Well, if we are going to be waiting around for Sasuke all episode, OP has a good chance of victory! Also, after hearing both OPs many times now, Naruto's 2nd OP > OP's 2nd. Naruto's 1st was better than OP's first as well!

We get crowd reactions. The crowd loves hiM! Shikamaru is really depressed that Naruto is better than him >_>.

In the hospital area, Lord Hyuga wants to talk to Neji alone. He has come to tell Neji the truth about what happened. He says he was fully ready to die for the village instead of Neji's father. But Neji's father decided he wanted to die in his place. Neji's father wanted him to forge his own destiny. Lord Hyuga bows to Neji.

Sasuke isn't here, the crowd is getting restless. The hokage is about to DQ him. And now he says it. Sasuke is DQ'd! The sand village ninjas are saying if he doesn't show up, their plan is ruined. Hmm.

We now get that clip of Sasuke again. Kakashi knew Gaara was hiding nearby.

The sand hokage says a lot of people here are here solely for this match. So the hokage postpones the match. We will now get Shino vs. Kankuro. WHAT. HE WITHDRAWS. WTF. He doesn't want to reveal his techniques to the enemy? This is getting strange. What is their plan?

Temari now takes the field. Shikamaru is all like "what a drag". Yeah, I think Temari wins this.

Overall: Lots of WTF is going on moments. I have a bad feeling we aren't going to get to see a full tournament, which makes me sad. But things are getting interesting, decent set up episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP was quite good. Naruto was interesting but just wasn't on OP's level this time around, OP gets a win to stop the bleeding for now!

Naruto: 40

One Piece: 23

Episode 64[]


So does the new arc finally begin now?

It has randomly started snowing on their journey towards Whiskey Peak. This means Nami's enormous breasts won't be making an appearance this episode.

Now lightning starts. This is the grand line! Also, Nami took her eyes off the Log Pose for a second, and they are now going the wrong way. They set to turn around immediately. Now it suddenly gets warm, now it gets foggy! Now there is some extreme wind and a storm. Geeez.

Now it appears to be peaceful out again. Zoro napped the whole time lawl. He implies he knows something about Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday's names. Oh, there's Nami's boobs.

They now arrive at Whiskey Peak. The first leg of their journey is now complete! 9 and Wednesday now jump off the ship and swim away.

Nami says on each island they make it to, they have to wait until the log pose readjusts to the environment around them. They may have to stay on each island for hours or days.

Tons of people are watching them as they get ready to dock. They are... cheering people! Everyone is welcoming them. This town loves pirates for some reason.

They invite them to a party where they can share stories and such. Something seems slightly suspicious though. Nami wants info on the log pose, but the mayor says not to worry about it. Now he convinces them to participate in a drinking contest. Yeah, there are so about to get screwed with.

LOL, the crew is really having a good time. Sanji has 20 girls on him, so does Usopp, Nami and Zoro are owning in the drinking contest, and Luffy KO'd the cook by eating too much. SINISTER SMILE BY THE MAYOR!!! I knew it.

It turns out Wednesday and 9 work for Baroque, so, that must be why the arc is called Baroque Works! They lured the crew here on purpose to trap them I guess. It turns out the Mayor is "Mr. 8". Mr. 8 knows how much Luffy is worth.

So, they are going to capture them alive, and loot their ship. ZORO IS HERE! YES YES YES!!! Zoro says no true swordsman gets overwhelmed by drinks. He says this is a city of bounty hunters. He sees about 100 bounty hunters in front of him. He will take them all on! He calls them Baroque Works. Ahhh, so this was what Zoro was hinting about earlier, he knew about this place somehow. When Zoro was a Bounty Hunter, he was scouted by Baroque Works.

Zoro has disappeared.

Overall: Woo, finally we see the real grand line! This episode was pretty predictable most of the way through, but it was still pretty fun. Ending was super badass though with Zoro, and definitely put this into "quite good" territory.


Yesss, Shikamaru!

Shikamaru considers not fighting because the crowd just wants to see Sasuke, haha. He is also pissed he is facing a girl AGAIN.

Temari runs after Shikamaru who is laying down.

Shikamaru: *sigh* I forgot, this girls a spunky one, I hate spunky.

Temari attacks, LOL theres some weird but awesome music playing, never heard it before with the dub. Shikamaru dodges the attack. He says he doesn't care about becoming a Chunin, but he doesn't want to lose to a female.

Temari attacks with her giant fan, Shikamaru is gone! Temari knows the shadow possession is coming and is watching for it.

Shikamaru is just hiding in a tree. He says he wishes he could just be a cloud, he only became a ninja so he could do whatever he wanted. LOL. Man, Shika is awesome.

Temari attacks with wind, SHADOW POSSESSION IS COMING, TEMARI barely dodges it. Temari now knows the range of the attack, which could be trouble. The sand village guys think it's over now.

Shikamaru is now doing some sign, which means he is thinking up a strategy. We now get some backstory about how Shika is a strategic genius, but just extremely lazy. He tricked him into taking a IQ test, and his score was almost off the charts. His IQ is over 200. haha, MAN he gets more awesome by the second!

Temari uses her wind to keep Shika away. Shika is hiding once again. Now he uses his shadow possession, IT EXCEEDS ITS RANGE! But she still barely dodges it. Shikamaru was waiting for the sun to move so the shadow of the wall would increase, thus increasing his attack range. NO WAY! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! HOLY CRAP!!!! Shikamaru USED HIS JACKET TO CREATE A MAKESHIFT BALLOON! AWESOME! This increases his range even more! She is barely dodging it. They are both strategists apparently.

Temari wants to finish this now. She knows when the shadows increase, her chances decrease. She is using her fan to hide herself. She is gonna trick Shikamaru with a clone jutsu, and then attack with her real self when he takes control of the clone. Interesting!

She is about to do it... SHE CAN'T MOVE! HE HAS HER! Was it the shadow from her fan? Oh I see, Shikamaru used the holes that Naruto used to win the last fight. He used the underground shadows! He was leading her along the entire time. Very clever!!! Everything he did was to lure her closer to that hole Naruto made. What a god damn clever fight.

Shika now raises his hand, making her raise hers as well. Huh? SHIKAMARU NOW GIVES UP. WHAT WHAT WHAT. WHYYYYY. Oh well, at least my bracket remains perfect so far! He was running low on chakra, plus he didn't want to fight anymore because that would be a drag. Haha.

Overall: Man, this was a great fight, plus the development of Shikamaru was awesome. A+ character. I'm fine with Shika giving up at the end, since he basically won anyway.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP was solid, but the fact of the matter is, Naruto just had an insanely clever and cool fight, I'm forced to award it victory! How about the battle next episode eh? It'll be Zoro vs. 100 bounty hunters against Sasuke vs. Gaara. Helllz yeah.

Naruto: 41

One Piece: 23

Episode 65[]


This episode has some serious potential! I gotta admit, they are pretty clever about finding ways to give everyone in the crew fights, and not just having Luffy easily pwn everyone. That is one thing I'm beginning to notice since Luffy got his full crew.

I wonder how many filler episodes weren't created because of how One Piece has a bit of a longer OP, plus they always seem to have minute+ recaps. These 2 factors have probably saved us from dozens of filler episodes when you add it all up!

Zoro is down in the middle of everyone, without them noticing! He's fast! They start firing guns at him WHILE THEY ARE IN A CIRCLE, and shoot themselves. Wow, that was LOL. Zoro is gone again. Zoro is now behind the mayor guy. He has a sword to his head. They all point guns at Zoro, The Mayor uses some weird attack to kill those people, and Zoro disappears.

Nami opens her eyes! She knew the whole time! Her passing out was all an act! Haha nice. Zoro has a crapload of guns aiming at him, but he gets behind a table. He zooms through all of them, slicing all of them! Yesss! He gets to a roof and dodges more. He gets a barrel thrown at him, he slices it in 4, and it owns 4 people standing behind him. Now someone else attacks, Zoro owns him with that evil sword, he says it has major bloodlust.

A nun now tries to trick Zoro, but he doesn't fall for it, and owns her.

Nami is scouting around to steal stuff, but isn't finding much valuable.

Zoro owns like 30 more pirates. Haha, he does some really innovative and badass stuff to take them out. Now Miss Monday grabs Zoro. She is going to punch him, she lands it! It's a super powerful punch.

Huh? It didn't work! Zoro is stronger than her! Zoro defeats Monday, but he has a cut above his head now. He says this fight is a joke. Phew! What an exhausting first half!

Baroque thinks that Zoro is the real captain, and that Luffy being captain is just a trick. Mr. 9 says that in this agency, the lower the number, the stronger the agent. In front of him there is mr. 9, mr. 8 and miss wednesday, all single digit agents. Which means Miss Wednesday is stronger than the other two. Interesting, so it looks like we might have 9 more fights this arc with high level guys.

Miss Wednesday calls upon some Chobo like creature. And 9 attacks, but Zoro blocks the attack. We now have a sword fight. Mr. 9 is about to do a move, but he falls off the roof. Oops!

Wednesday is now doing an "alluring perfume dance" it's super sexy, Zoro is down, now she is gonna cut up Zoro... but the chobo misses and falls off the roof. Mr. 8 now attacks with his trombone shotgun. Zoro dodges. Zoro now runs off.

When Zoro runs away, he runs into Mr. 9. Mr. 9 traps him with a chain, Zoro can't move. Also, if Zoro moves, they will kill Luffy. Mr. 8 is going to fire some mini cannons at him, Zoro pulls mr. 9 into the line of fire, and then throws him into Miss Wednesday! Mr. 8 fires more shots. WOWOWOW!!! Zoro jumps off Luffy's inflated gut, and then slices mr. 8! **** YEAH!

2 new people now arrive. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine! So, I bet that means Miss Wednesday was #7, and Valentine must be #6.

They are in town because someone has been investigating "the boss" who is actually from some other town, Alabasta? I think the sub said Arabasta. Anyway Mr. 8 now attacks. He is actually the captain of the Arabasta royal guard! Also, Miss Wednesday appears to be the princess of Arabasta. "Whoa". Interesting!

Overall: This may be a top 5 One Piece episode so far. At the very least, it's the best action episode of the show I can remember. Great stuff!


Reminder: All my winner predictions are perfect so far! I don't feel so good about Temari beating Shino now though, but then again, I doubt we'll even get to a finals of this.

Some of the Jounin think about how Shikamaru would be an ideal group leader. It sounds like he could pass the test anyway, despite giving up. The fact that he gave up speaks more for how calm and rational he is than anything. So yeah, everyone strongly hints that Shikamaru will be a squad leader and get promoted.

So now everyone goes back to bashing Naruto, saying he has a better chance than Naruto of making Chunin. Haha.

Everyone is getting excited for Sasuke now. They think Gaara doesn't stand a chance. But now everyone complains that he isn't here. The Sand Village guy wants 10 more minutes for Sasuke. Crowd boos. Outside, 2 people are walking to the arena. It's Rock and Guy! Rock finds out Naruto won, and is happy.

30 seconds to go. Now time is up. DQ time. Now... SASUKE AND KAKASHI ARRIVE! All dramatic like! Lol. Kakashi says traffic was bad, haha.

Sasuke has longer hair, lawl.

Rock is getting all emo about how Sasuke gets to fight Gaara, and how he always lost to Neji even though Naruto won.

The sand village people talk more about their plan. Gaara looks like he has bloodlust to the max. He enters the stadium.

Sasuke's new clothes are ugly lolol.

Overall: This episode was mostly waiting around, so it wasn't so hot. Slightly below average episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Naruto delivered a mostly boring episode, while OP had the best action/fighting episode I can remember, the choice here is pretty obvious. Things get REALLY interesting next episode, with more Baroque Works fighting and Sasuke vs. Gaara.

Naruto: 41

One Piece: 24

Episode 66[]


Erm, wut?

If you haven't noticed, I tend to type random stuff during the OPs to keep myself entertained >_>. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I'm tempted to just click the newest episode of One Piece when I see a "just uploaded" link because I'm curious to see how far Luffy has come. ONLY 300+ MORE EPISODES TO GOOOO!

I'm thinking at episode 100, I might do a giant ranking of characters/episodes between Bleach One Piece and Naruto. That might be cool.

Miss Wednesday and Mr. 8 are going to be killed by Mr. 5 since they are actually a princess and a royal guard from Alabasta. Mr. 8 gets shot down. He tells Vivi to flee. Meanwhile, Zoro runs away with Luffy >_>.

Mr. 9 now decides to fight Mr. 5 to buy Vivi some time to leave, she merely watches as he gets smoked. WHY DOES THAT ALWAYS HAPPEN. "Run away while I hold them off!" and then they just watch.

Mr. 8 now begs for Zoro's help. Meanwhile, Vivi runs off on a chocobo. Nami is now here. She wants ONE BILLION beli for their help >_>.

So now she is going to send Zoro to do it for her lawl. Oh, and Luffy is up, he takes a pee while Zoro and Nami argue. Nami ends up winning by bringing up when she loaned him money in Loguetown. Sheesh, what a *****!

Vivi is still running away. Miss Monday now comes to hold off Mr. 5 while she runs, and Miss Monday gets smoked.

Mr. 5 is a bombman, he can make parts of his body explode. Miss Valentine can changer her weight at will. So basically she can make herself way thousands of pounds in order to crush foes. It looks bad for Vivi!

Mr. 5 fires a bomb at Vivi, Zoro steps in and cuts the bomb in half. It was a snot bomb >_>.

Meanwhile, Nami learns more about Baroque Works. The final goal is to create an Ideal Nation, and the members of Baroque works are promised high ranking positions when that day comes.

Zoro and the 5s are about to face off. LUFFY IS HERE! HE IS PISSED AT ZORO! Luffy calls Zoro ungrateful for cutting up the whole town after being treated to a party. LOL. WHAT! LUFFY STARTS PUNCHING ZORO! HE SAYS HE WANTS HIM TO DIE! LOL. Oh and Luffy is still super fat from eating, god this is too hilarious.

Mr. 5 now is going in to kill Vivi. Zoro kicks Luffy into the 5s, taking them out. Mr. 5 is pissed and wants to kill Luffy and Zoro now. But uhh, Luffy takes out Mr. 5 pretty easily. Now Zoro and Luffy are talking, Zoro explains the situation...


Meanwhile, Miss Valentine goes for her super ground pound attack. Zoro dodges it while barely paying attention haha. Zoro is PISSED at luffy. HE IS GOING TO TRY AND KILL LUFFY NOW! FIGHT TIME!!!

They run at each other, COLLISION!!!!! IT'S A TEST OF STRENGTH! Zoro knocks Luffy away... BUT A GOMU PISTOL HITS!!! ZORO AND LUFFY ARE BOTH DOWN!!!

Luffy and Zoro are now both up, they run at each other. Collision! Dodging! Zoro cuts Luffy's face! Zoro gets punched! Also, the 5s are now up and ready to fight, they start running at Luffy and Zoro. THEY GET PISSED AT THE INTERRUPTION!!! They own them quickly. hahah.

Overall: Man, this arc is AWESOME. Easily the best so far. Awesome action, lots of hilarious moments. WOO BAROQUE WORKS!!

Naruto Episode 66: The Chibi Version

ARGH, thats what I get for doing this high >_>. I forgot to post it and lost it.

So, a summary of thoughts.

-Early on I notice some stalling on getting the fight started. -When it starts the animation is AMAZING!!! -I liked how Sasuke could only get good at Tai jutsu because of Rock. -The sand/sound village attack is getting very interesting honestly.

Sorry >_>.


Naruto vs. One Piece: Geez, this one makes my head hurt. OP was awesome at the end, but it wasn't that good until Luffy vs. Zoro. Naruto had some time wasting, but that fight was intense, and this sand village stuff is also getting intense. I'm going to have to give the most narrow win ever to Naruto.

Naruto: 42

One Piece: 24