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In lieu of the AMAZING SUCCESS of The YGO vs. Pokemon series, Icehawk (and his extraordinarily large penis) decided to pursue another anime venture, in order to take a break from the more childish YGO/Pokemon series. The choice ended up being Naruto vs. One Piece. Icehawk watches the shows and compares them. He has never seen either show before.

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Episode 91[]


I probably won;t be able to do any episode rankings for this season once we get to the end of the season in a few eps. However, I will still do Arc Ranking (which only consists of fitting Drum Island in here), and Characters.

This is still only the 2nd One Piece OP, right?

The crew is clowning around, I forgot how adorable Chopper is <3. NO WAY, CHOPPER CAN UNDERSTAND ANIMALS. WE NOW KNOW WHAT CARUE IS SAYING!!! Nami tells them all that Chopper is a doctor... which Luffy and crew had no idea of... XD.

Nami: Why exactly did you invite him to be a crew member then? Luffy: Seven-level transformation. Cool reindeer. Sanji: Emergency food supply.

XD, sheesh, nothing is even happening but I'm loving it, I forgot how fun this show is. Chopper thinks he forgot his medical supplies, but they were there, so now he realizes Kureha packed them. Chopper cries again, sheesh >_>. But now he finally starts to have fun.

Meanwhile, Dalton has a flashback about... Alabasta, and how he learned about loving a country. Interesting. Wapol was in a world government meeting, and got all pissed at the king of Alabasta. When he saw Vivi outside, he actually slapped her, but Vivi merely apologized for bumping into him, thus preventing a war or incident. The meeting was also about some revolutionary, perhaps that picture was of Mr. 0. Dalton says Vivi hasn't changed a bit.

Now some villager shows up. There was some bounty hunter looking for Blackbeard, and also looking for Luffy. He will be waiting for Luffy in Alabasta for 10 days. Weird. His name is Ace. Luffy would be able to figure out who he is apparently. Kureha seems to have known Gold ROger, she is reminded of him via Luffy.

Luffy kills a giant bird, which makes Chopper proclain that "being a pirate is so awesome". I'm really starting to enjoy the group dynamic of the crew. While Luffy was fighting the bird, everyone was just playing cards and relaxing, Chopper freaked out not knowing the drill, but I bet next time he will act more like everyone else.

The guy trying to take over Alabasta is called Crocodile? Didn't remember that. And he's one of the 7 government pirates? Thats... interesting. Vivi says no one realizes yet that crocodile is trying to incite rebellion, not even her father.

We now get a summary of different agents in Baroque Works, sheesh, this is a convenient episode to restart on.

We now get intro'd to Mr. 2, who is at Little Garden. He was supposed to assasinate Mr. 3, erm, anyone know why? I don't remember. But yeah, Mr. 2 can't find Mr. 3. Now Mr. 2 turns around, back to Alabasta.

Mr. 0 meanwhile hears about pirates causing trouble in the Kingdom, uhh is he talking about Luffy?

Overall: Despite not much actually happening, I enjoyed this episode. The recap stuff was especially nice with my long lay off. Pretty good stuff.


Well, this will be interesting, restarting this. Watchong on Hulu so I have great quality, plus official subs and not lame fan crap. And only 2 commercials, not bad at all.

Tsunade pwns Naruto's incomplete Rasengan. She challenges Naruto to finish the jutsu in 1 week, if he does, she will acknowledge he has what it takes to become Hokage. And give him a necklace that belonged to the first hokage. If he loses, Naruto has to give her all his money. Shi*une says that no matter how bad it has gotten, she has never used that necklace in a bet. Shi*une remembers that Kabuto also gave her a week to make a decision on the Orochimaru thing. Perhaps she is using Naruto to make her decision? Interesting.

Shi*une comes to see Naruto in the middle of the night. They have crazy sex, then have a talk while snuggling. She says that Tsunade used to be a kind person, but she changed one day. After that day, all she had left was the necklace and its memories. Shi*une says that the necklace only responds to Tsunade or something. Anyone who wears it dies soon after.

Tsunade at night remembers her brother. She gave him that necklace on his 12th birthday. He loved the village and wanted to protect it. Like Naruto, Tsunade's brother wanted to be Hokage.

The next day, her brother was killed, since they were in a war or something. We actually get to see Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru in their early 20sish which is cool.

It was from that incident that Tsunade suggested medical units be deployed with combat teams. She also seems to have met some guy who was a lot like her too after she made the suggestion. His dream was also to become Hokage. His name was Dan, she was in love with him. She gave him the necklace. Soon after, he died in the battlefield.

After hearing all the story, Naruto heads out to train immediately. His will undeterred.

Jiraiya meets up with Tsunade a day or 2 later. He knows Orochimaru approached her. He says if Tsunade betrays the leaf village, he will kill her. But he thinks she has the right mindset for the job, she cares about protecting others.

Tsunade asks why Jiraiya brought Naruto. Ahh it all makes sense now, Naruto resembles her brother. In looks, age, attitude, and dreams.

Naruto still is having trouble with training.

And yeah, a certain characters name sets off censor bypass, sigh.

Overall: Very good ep, lots of plot development. The whole reason Naruto is here became obvious, and I liked Tsunade's backstory. I'm interested to see where they go from here.

Naruto vs. One Piece: These episodes were similar but very different. Both had no real action, but they both managed to entertain, except they did it in different ways. OP had some subtle plot development, although nothing we truly understand yet (like Ace), but really, it was just a fun episode with a lot of goofy/fun moments. Naruto was a very serious episode with some serious character development, and in the end quite frankly, the episode meant a bit more, so slight edge to Naruto. I'm super excited to get to Alabasta though!!!

Naruto: 53

One Piece: 38

Episode 92[]


Im excited for when I get to episodes 400 or so and I don't have to deal with fansubbing. lol "Arabasta".

We see a desert town, and it appears to be pure anarchy. Now crocodile shows up, which brings smiles to the faces of the villagers, they love him, and expect him to save them from the pirate invaders. They even call him the protector of the town. Crocodile jumps down, everyone stabs him with their swords... it doesn't appear to work. He makes like a tornado or something appear. What the fuck. Crocodile like aged them or something by 100s of years. They are all dead. The town chants his name. Interesting. Luffy may have to fight a political battle as well as a physical battle. The Alabasta forces arrive a bit late to see this. They tell the king what happened, who is satisfied that the people are safe.

Oh god, on the ship, Carue and Chopper are fishing. Thats just too adorable.

Eventually they sail through a spot of steam or something... so does Mr. 2... LUFFY CATCHES MR. 2! WHAT. But then he falls back into the ocean, he can't swim, and starts to drown. but they save him. Vivi doesn't seem to recognize him. Luffy wants to know what his devil fruit is... all of a sudden mr. 2 attacks Luffy! Tension is high... his face looks like Luffy now, it was a copy fruit. He turns himself back. Luffy loves it! He imitates everyone, HE IMITATES NAMI AND SHOWS HER BOOBS! Now he starts imitating faces to entertain the crew. Vivi recognizes the King as one of the faces.

Now Mr 2's ship comes. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp cry, as does Mr. 2, as they part ways. THE CREW SAYS HE IS MR. 2! Now Luffy and them freak out >_>.

Vivi says the rumors she has heard. She freaks out again about her father's face being one of the faces. If you can impersonate the king, you can do some dangerous things, as Zoro says. Nami points out that once Mr. 2 realizes they are enemies, they won't be able to trust their own crew, as he can impersonate them now. Interesting. Zoro thinks this is a good thing, they can take countermeasures.

Vivi says they are in the Alabasta climate area now. They also are starting to see dozens of Baroque Works ships.

They tie tape around their arms to distinguish themselves from Mr. 2.

They are arriving on the island, they will have to hide the ship.

Luffy: Now let's get to dry land... TO EAT! Oh and to Alabasta.

Overall: This was a really good set up episode. I like the introduction to Crocodile, and I liked the intro to Mr. 2. Very well done, and I'm excited for them to reach land.

NARUTO EPISODE 92: A DUBIOUS OFFER! TSUNADE'S CHOICE! Naruto is still training like crazy... and failing.

Orochimaru seems to think he can force her to heal his arms if she refuses.

Naruto keeps trying... and failing. He remembers Tsunade mocking him, which pisses him off. Tomorrow is the day for Tsunade's decision, and for the bet with Naruto to end.

Jiraiya goes to talk to Tsunade again. Tsunade drugs one of Jiraiya's drinks. He drinks it... hmmm.

Back at the inn, Shi*une is waiting, she found Naruto passed out and took him in. She asks Tsunade not to go tomorrow. She threatens to stop her with her life if she goes, but Tsunade swiftly kicks her ass.

The next morning, Jiraiya is still passed out at the bar. And Naruto is completely passed out from training. Shi*une is down, theres no one to stop tsunade or break up the negotiations.

The next morning, Naruto and Shi*une both wake up. Because of the fox, Naruto was able to heal quicker than expected. They are about to leave, but Jiraiya stops them, barely. He can barely move. Kabuto is watching, he was gonna kill Shi*une, but seeing Jiraiya makes him back off. Jiraiya asks Shi*une for what Orochimaru wanted. She says there is no time, they are off to the meeting point. Epic music plays.

Tsunade says she will heal Orochimaru's arms if she keeps her hands off leaf village. The crew is still on their way. Orochimaru agrees. You idiot Tsunade. They walk towards each other...

Tsunade prepares to heal the arms......



Overall: This episode was kind of the same as the last few episodes. Naruto training, everyone wondering about Tsunade. The ending though got really damn epic, and the ending plot twist was surprising. Like a lot of episodes in this arc, pretty good, but nothing blow away like last arc.

Naruto vs. One Piece: One Piece was purely set up, but it was well done and entertaining set up, I enjoyed the ep from start to finish. Naruto had a really strong ending, but was kinda meh before the last 4-5 minutes. Slight edge to OP to end its arc. Now, Alabasta is about to begin. OP's quest to beat Naruto before the fillers truly begins now.

Naruto: 53

One Piece: 39


Arc Ranking:

1. Arlong 2. Whiskey Peak 3. Little Garden 4. Drum Island- A slow build to an epic ending flashback, a heartwarming arc, pretty solid throughout. We had a sweet new character, but a weak main villain. 5. Kuro 6. Baratie 7. Loguetown 8. Laboon- The intro to the Grand Line. Short, and not terrible. 9. Buggy 10. Morgan 11. Apis

Top 10 Characters Currently

1. Luffy- Still awesome and hilarious. 2. Chopper- Zoro didn't have tons of face time, and Chopper is simply adorable, badass, and hilarious. 3. Zoro- Kind of quiet lately, but I haven't forgotten! 4. Usopp- Keeps getting braver and funnier! He may have my favorite interactions with all the characters, especially Carue. 5. Sanji- I like how Sanji is kind of developing into a more intellectual badass. 6. Carue- I LOVE HIM, but he does remain a bit one-dimensional while others grow. Chopper's ability to understand him could be useful! 7. Nami- Slowly beginning to like her more. She showed a lot of hear this arc 8. Dorry and Brogy- Best giants ever. 9. Shanks- Super badass pirate. Man, I can't wait till he comes face to face with Luffy again. 10. Vivi- A bit of character development in Drum Island but not tons. She still remains likable but unspectacular.

Looking at the arc rankings, despite the fact that I like OP a lot lately, I can see why Naruto is still in front. While Arlong got super epic, it had a very slow start. And Whiskey peak was so short, but luckily, the great arcs seem to start now!



So, season 4 begins. Also, air dates are almost to 2002. So I'm only about 7 and a half years behind now!!

New season, but still the same OP, sheesh.

They dock the ship a bit away from the town. We are finally here! How exciting! The problem is, somehow, Mr. 3's ship is docked. Also, Vivi can't be seen because she will be recognized. So Chopper transforms, and Sanji walks with him. Everyone else walks under... a giant blanket? ... Ok.

They find a destroyed/abandoned building to use as a base of sorts, it's out of the way. Zoro wants to know where the forces to stop the rebellion are. Vivi doesn't expect them to help, but Nami says she can't get her fee for taking her here if the country is crushed... XD. Zoro says Nami is going to hell.

First, Vivi wants to stop a rebel base in an oasis northwest. Um, shouldnt they gather her troops before doing that? Sanji and Chopper go into town, since Mr. 3 doesn't know them. They are getting food, supplies, and local clothes.

Erm, meanwhile, Luffy is lost in a desert (he ran ahead to get food). He sees smoke... could that be the rebel base? he runs to the smoke for food.

During the supplies run, Sanji gets distracted by girls, so Chopper is on his own. He decides to rest in a caravan, and that caravan ends up leaving with him in it... this is kind of a lame start to the arc.

Luffy is meanwhile at the place with smoke. He finds nothing but green powder there though. He puts it in the fireplace, and now it starts to rain. Some guy runs out and asks what happened. He is pissed all the powder is gone. Apparently this stuff is illegal to sell in the whole world, so Luffy figures out he is a criminal. The criminal attacks.

Meanwhile, Chopper wakes up and realizes what has happened. Theres a bunch of guns in the caravan. It finally arrives at its destination. Could THIS be the base? Yep, this is the rebel army.

Chopper meanwhile, is hiding in the camel's back thing. The camel saves him. He just saves him so he can look cool XD. Chopper feels like they will meet again. He sniffs his way to find the way back to town.

Luffy and the criminal are good friends now after their fight >_>. Luffy asks about the powder. It artificially creates rain. This country has very little rain, it needs it, but the powder is banned by the world gvt, despite its usefulness. The guy says the drought is a big reason for the rebellion that is building. Luffy promises not to tell anyone about the powder for some lunch. After he has the lunch he says he wouldn't have ratted him out anyway since he is a pirate, XD.

Sanji comes back with hot and skimpy dancer clothes for Vivi and Nami... XD. boooobies. Nami seems to like being in the skimpy outfit, but Vivi is shy. Nami is such a whore.

Vivi says the journey through the desert will be very dangerous. Carue looks so awesome in his new clothes.

Luffy is still away from the crew...

Overall: I'm sure a lot of this stuff will have future importance, but this still just felt like such a random episode. Chopper randomly making it to some rebel base, Luffy randomly coming across this rain powder. Even though this stuff will probably be important later on, I can't help but feel the writer got lazy in his way of introducing some of this stuff. This episode was meh.


Oh I see, Tsunade was actually planning on killing Orochimaru, but Kabuto stopped it. Nice. That makes sense. Nice twist.

Are you serious? Tsunade suddenly goes emo about wanting to see her loves one last time. She couldn't do it in the end because of Naruto, and his dreams. They reminded her of her own brother's dreams, and her boyfriend's.

Orochimaru says he has no choice but to ask forcibly... AND NOW TSUNADE ATTACKS! Orochi and Kabuto get out of the way though. Kabuto decides to change the location for more long distance fighting. One hit from Tsunade and they will be done.

Naruto and crew meanwhile, are on the trail.

Kabuto and Tsunade seem all tired out from their chase. Kabuto hits Tsunade with something. Her muscles are messed up. He used a chakra scalpel. Now he hits her chest, so Tsunade can't breathe well. He doesn't intend to kill her obviously. She actually says Kabuto surpasses her, in her prime, in some ways. WTF. But Tsunade keeps fighting and actually hits Kabuto down.

Kabuto now realizes... his muscles are all fucked up. Tsunade used a similar move on him! When Kabuto tries to use his arms, he uses his legs instead. She hit his nerves. They of course feel the need to explain this move in depth, as if we won't buy the move unless they do so, as if I'm not watching a show with ninjas all over the world and chakra. Just sayin >_>. Anyway, Kabuto quickly figures things out, and is able to move pretty well. He's going to cut up Tsunade since she is afraid of blood... SMOKE BOMB! NARUTO AND CREW ARE HERE!

Naruto doesn't getr why Kabuto is here. I guess he doesn't know yet. Tsunade pushes them aside to keep fighting. But now, Kabuto regains body movements, he cuts Tsunade. So she freaks out because of the blood. Thats kinda lame. He punches her and she is down.

Kabuto now reveals to Naruto that he is with Orochimaru. He says, unlike Sasuke, Naruto has no ninja ability. Thats what he realized while collecting data on him. This REALLY pisses off Naruto. Naruto attacks! But Jiraiya can't stop him.

Shadow clone jutsu by Naruto, Kabuto dodges everything and kicks Naruto's ass. While Kabuto is distracted, Shi*une goes for some poison needles... Kabuto can't dodge them... so he barely moves his head, they hit his headband. Damn, clever.

Kabuto takes a plasma pill to replenish blood or something. Jiraiya wants Shi*une to take care of Kabuto. Jiraiya will take care of Orochi.

Overall: Decent episode. Kabuto was pretty badass here, and the explanation for the ending twist last episode was very good. I hated how big of a bitch Tsunade looked like though, and Naruto got pwned so easy. Damn. But OK stuff.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP had one if its weakest episodes in a while, meanwhile, Naruto wasn't great, but it had some action and was good enough to beat OP. Naruto takes it.

Naruto: 54

One Piece: 39



Just now beginning my new strategy of not looking at the title until the end of the episode. That should protect me from future spoilers.

A little graph shows us the situation of Alabasta. No rain for 3 years which has caused all the unrest. Vivi and crew want to cross the desert and stop the rebellion first. I assume this is the non-Baroque works part of the unrest.

The crew is looking for Luffy in town. They spot a mysterious man who is looking for Luffy. Could it be that guy that was gonna wait 10 days for him? Zoro seems to know him. He says as a former pirate hunter, he can't forget that mark. So, he's a pirate of some sort.

Now Zoro spots that chick from Smoker's crew in town, and hides. Tashigi. DAMN, we also see Smoker himself. As if the crew didn't have enough fights to win! Smoker knows Luffy will be here eventually.

Luffy meanwhile, is still in the desert.

That guy that was looking for Luffy... has died. In a restaurant, while eating. He appears to have eaten A LOT like Luffy would, and he has a hat kinda like his. Weird. Anyway, everyone thinks he ate a poisonous strawberry in the desert. But now the guy randomly wakes back up. He fell asleep, XD. He goes back to eating... THEN FALLS BACK ASLEEP. Hahaha.

The guy asks about Luffy again. Now Smoker is here. He knows this dude. He is Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, second division. Portgas D. Ace. Smoker wants to know why Ace is here. Ace says he is searching for "MY LITTLE BROTHER". I KNEW HE WAS SIMILAR TO LUFFY! NO WAY! HIS LITTLE GOD DAMN BROTHER, LUFFY NEVER EVEN MENTIONED A DAMN BROTHER WOW WOW OWW.

Smoker says he isn't interested in Ace, he's looking for a different pirate. But he can't just let Ace go.


The chef says Luffy should probably start running. He is oblivious and keeps eating. Ace wants to know who the hell did that. ACE SEES HIS BRO!!! LUFFY SEES SMOKER BUT KEEPS EATING! AMAZING! SMOKER DEMANDS LUFFY STOPS EATING, BUT LUFFY REFUSES TO BACK DOWN! HE KEEPS EATING!

Luffy now starts to remember Smoker. Oh, he spits on Smoker from shock at who he is. He stuffs all the food in his mouth and runs >_>. Ace is also after him.

Now Tashigi goes for Luffy, Luffy dodges. Smoker wants all the marines in town after Luffy. Smoker is on the chase. Tashigi also knows that means Zoro is here.

Smoker asks why Luffy is here, Luffy says he is here to kick Crocodile's ass. Smoker wants to know the connection, but Luffy finally starts to get away.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats hear the marines chasing after someone...

Sanji: It's probably just the marines chasing after some dumbass pirate. Everyone: ... A DUMBASS PIRATE?! Luffy: *screams*

Luffy sees them, and now runs towards them. Everyone is running now. Smoker uses a smoke attack... ACE IS HERE! He uses fire to block it. Nice! Ace says with their abilities, a fight is useless. LUFFY RECOGNIZES ACE! He is surprised that Ace ate a devil's fruit. He tells Luffy to run, while Ace holds them off.

Smoker now finds out Ace is Luffy's brother. Ace starts to go all super flame.

Overall: Wow. This episode wasn't like action packed, or even that deep plot wise, but I really liked it. It was really goofy, the emergence of Smoker makes things 10x more interesting than they already were, and LUFFY HAS A SWEET BROTHER!!! Lots of funny and cool and shocking moments. Good stuff!


Wow, Jiraiya says that Kabuto's level is around Kakashi's level. You gotta be kidding me. So he wants Naruto to sit this one out.

Kabuto summons a HUGE snake, Jiraiya summons.... a mini toad, lolol. Tsunade is the stupidest woman alive. Drugging Jiraiya was just so stupid, beyond belief.

Naruto gets pissed at the mocking of Jiraiya and goes to summon his own toad! Orochi wonders if he should have killed Naruto way back. He only didn't because of the "Akatsuki Organization". I almost forgot about those guys.

Naruto summoned an even smaller toad, LOLOL.

The big snakes attack now. NARUTO GETS EATEN. Kabuto punches out Shi*une. Jiraiya uses a swamp to sink the snake, but not completely. The snakes can't move now at least.

Shi*une uses some poison, KABUTO GOES UNDERGROUND to avoid it.

Naruto avoids getting eaten for the 2nd time but then the Snake hits him again.

Orochi extends his neck to attack, Jiraiya makes his hair needles, lawl, awesome move. But it's not as good as it should be.

Tsunade is still being terrible. Kabuto walks up to her, she freaks out. Kabuto starts kicking the crap out of her. Naruto is having problems getting up to help.

Orochi makes fun of Jiraiya for mentoring Naruto, as Naruto is "pure mediocrity". Jiraiya says this is exactly why he doesn't need the Uchiha kid. It's no fun raising a genius who's good from the start. Orochi compares Jiraiya and Naruto. And he says Naruto is no Ninja since he's bad at Ninjutsu. Jiraiya says that a ninja is one who endures. Jiraiya says it's more important to never give up than to know a million moves.

Kabuto winds up for a punch on Tsunade... NAUTO IS THERE! HE BLOCKS IT WITH HIS HEADBAND! KICK HIS ASS NARUTO!

HE'S GOING FOR THE MOVE! DAMN, Naruto misses, and gets hit with a move on his leg. The move is too slow still. Kabuto has taken out one of Naruto's legs. Kabuto now starts to mock Naruto. Kabuto says he should run away. Tsunade once again recognizes the similarities between Naruto and her brother and lover.

Tsunade also recognizes that all the times she has been mocking Naruto, they were very similar to what Kabuto is saying now. Kabuto just starts kicking the crap out of Naruto. BUT NARUTO BLOCKS A KICK! STILL! He stands by his words!

Kabuto strikes him down again. Naruto gets back up again. He tells Tsunade he will definitely win that unlucky necklace. Naruto uses Shadow Clone, only one appears. Tsunade tells Naruto to run... Kabuto is closing in. He stabs... IT GOES RIGHT THROUGH NARUTO'S HAND! NARUTO IS HOLDING ONTO KABUTO! THE SHADOW CLONE DOES THE RASENGAN AND GIVES IT TO NARUTO! RASENGAN RIGHT TO KABUTO! NO WAY! And that ends the episode, damn : (.

Overall: First half of the episode was kind of a weak action thing. Everyone is injured and crap so the fights kind of sucked. Once Naruto stepped up to the plate things slowly got better, then that ending was pretty awesome.

Naruto vs. One Piece: The #1 thing that excites me about One Piece right now is the ridiculous amount of foes they have right now to take down. Smoker and the Marines, Mr. 2, Mr. 1, Crocodile. Plus they have to end a rebellion and probably take on other dudes. It's crazy. Anyway, I really liked OP from start to finish. There was an awesome plot twist and new character, Smoker, lots of laughs, and just cool stuff. I liked Naruto, but the episode was weak to start and slowly built to getting really good, but I don't think it was enough to top OP. OP takes it!

Naruto: 54

One Piece: 40



Smoker sends smoke at Ace. We see a weird tornado of smoke and fire in the air, pretty badass.

Luffy and crew are returning to the ship... and Luffy goes the wrong way, separate of everyone else, of course. Meanwhile, Ace disappears after the smoke and fire clear. Smoker says a battle between them really is pointless.

Chopper asks Vivi if they should be leaving so soon, Vivi says the plan is to take the river deeper in to Alabasta. The next town they will stop at is Eramalu. The Green City. Everyone is scrambling to get the ship underway. Aaaand they finally realize Luffy is gone.

Luffy is all "oh where is everyone"... ACE IS HERE! BROTHERLY HANDSHAKE! OH THEY ARE ARM WRESTLING! INTENSE MATCHUP! It's a draw!

Ace says he is with the Whitebeard pirates now, he offers Luffy in, but Luffy obviously refuses. Ace says Whitebeard is the greatest pirate he's ever seen, he has decided to make him the Pirate King. Luffy says it's just one more person to fight.

Meanwhile, we see Mr. 11 on a Marine ship, tied up. SOme higher up Baroque Works Agents, one of the "billions" kill him in order to open up a numbered agent spot. They then here that Ace is in town. They decide to take him out to ensure a promotion.

Luffy and Ace are looking for Luffy's ship and having a nice brotherly chat about Luffy's crew. Luffy says all they need is a musician. I love how Luffy has been talking about a musician since like episode 10, or some really early episode. Since it's one piece, you KNOW he's gonna end up with one, and that's awesome foreshadowing.

Ace and Luffy get stopped by some Baroque Works fools. A lot of them actually. Erm, Luffy and Ace just walk past them >_>. Then they own them when they get attacked. That seemed a bit pointless!

Meanwhile, the Going Merry has set off, they are gonna hide and then find Luffy when things cool down.

Luffy spots his ship! he does his rubber arm thing to get back on, and accidentally takes out a few of his men in the process of course >_>.

On the ship Luffy talks about Ace. He says back in the day he never beat Ace once, but he'd totally win today. And just as he says that, ACE ARRIVES. Everyone on the crew is stunned that Ace is Luffy's brother, since Ace is very polite, haha.

The Billions are back again with ships to attack the Going Merry. This is getting old. Ok, Ace sends a mini life boat underwater, jumps over all the ships in the 5 ship fleet, lands on the other side as the boat comes above water, then torches every ship. Well then. He's very good.

Smoker meanwhile, is wondering why Vivi was with them, and acting like one of their crew. He is beginning to realize something is going on in this country. Aww, they aren't gonna make Smoker and Luffy allies are they? I want an epic fight damn it! Also, turns out Smoker hates the shichibukai, and Crocodile. He doesn't trust Crocodile, despite essentially being an ally.

Back on the ship, Ace says he is searching for Blackbeard. He sure has gotten mentioned a lot at various times. Blackbeard used to be a whitebeard pirate, he's the guy who sacked Drum. Blackbeard murdered his own crew and fled the ship. Ace must kill him. Blackbeard was supposedly seen in Yuba.

Vivi busts out a map. They are going to Eramalu, then, the nearest town is Yuba, thats where the rebel leader is, AWESOME. ACE IS GONNA BE WITH THE CREW FOR A WHILE! YESSSSSSS!!!!

Overall: Ace temporarily joining the crew is the best news ever. Sheesh, the ship is gonna feel empty whenever Vivi/Carue and Ace leave. Anyway, this episode was kind of set up. The show is going in interesting directions, it looks like they might be helping out Ace with Blackbeard, but this episode in and of itself was pretty meh, not much actual stuff happening. Lovin Ace though.


Of course, it turns out Kabuto is OK. Hurt, but OK. Naruto spits out some blood, his vision is blurry. He passes out. Kabuto was already healing his stomach before it hit, he has amazing recuperative powers I guess. But he is out of Chakra...


Turns out Naruto's heart is now messed up or something, Kabuto hit him with something right before the attack. Kabuto says Naruto is gonna die.

Tsunade goes to work to heal, but it looks bad. Kabuto says she won't be able to fix him. Naruto has stopped breathing.

Tsunade's tears or something wake up the fox, Naruto grabs Tsunade's necklace, he says he won. Kabuto is stunned. Tsunade places the necklace around him, remembering her brother and former lover.

Orochi now thinks he needs to kill Naruto for some reason. TSUNADE TAKES THE STAB FOR HIM. Orochi says there will be trouble in the future if Naruto lives. Tsunade says she must protect Naruto no matter what. Tsunade says Naruto will be Hokage one day.

We get a clip of all the Hokages, wow, the 4th one really looks like Naruto.

Tsunade says she is ready to put her life on the line! Orochi stabs Tsunade AGAIN, ouchies. Tsunade falls. Now Orochi is ready to kill Naruto... TSUNADE TAKES ANOTHER STAB! Orochi can't believe it! Orochi kicks her away. He notes that she is still afraid of blood yet she takes these shots for Naruto. WHAT. TSUNADE'S TREMBLING HAS STOPPED! She says she can't be afraid of blood as the 5th Hokage. She is standing now. Tsunade now releases some seal, which freaks out Shi*une.

For many years she has stored chakra in her forehead. It regenerates cells extremely fast, making her nearly invincible in battle. Shi*une notes that the cells can only do that so many times, she is shortening her life by doing this move.

Meanwhile, Jiraiya now summons his giant toad. Orochi seems to have summoned an even bigger snake. And Tsunade has summoned... something >_>. A slug? A giant slug? Well this could be interesting. Naruto seems to be lying on the slug.

Overall: I'm just not quite as into these fights as I have been in other arcs. I'm not sure why, not as good build perhaps? But this was the strongest of all the recent episodes, Tsunade becoming more badass was nice, some emotional moments. Good episode for sure, it's just not reaching the levels of other arcs.

Naruto vs. One Piece: One Piece is building to some seriously interesting shit right now, stuff I'm excited for. Naruto meanwhile, is in the middle of this fight, and on an individual episode basis, definitely tops OP here, with OP mostly seeming kind of pointless this ep, no matter how cool Ace was. Naruto takes it but damn, I can definitely feel myself getting addicted to OP.

Naruto: 55

One Piece: 40



Citizens are beggining to see the King, the guards try and shove them off, but the King shows up, he orders the guards to stand down. He takes full blame for everything that has happened and the civil war. He invites people in to hear their problems, and says he will treat them as his own. He swears to restore order to the Kingdom. I guess this establishes him as a kind and compassionate man. We also get a little clip of Vivi saying this is a conspiracy. I guess she saw the trouble before he did.

On the ship, Zoro is training, which reminds me, it feels like forever since the crew has had a serious fight to the finish. Looking back, it's been about 20 episodes. Thats a while for shounen. Obviously theres been action, but... well you get my meaning.

They dock the ship, Vivi is sending Carue on a mission to the Alubarna Palace. She has a note confirming she is alive, she has people with her to help, and all the info she uncovered on Baroque Works and Crocodile. YEAH CARUE! He is gonna cross the desert alone. It looks like we aren't gonna see Carue for a while ;_;.

Ace is suspicious of Crocodile wanting to settle down in one kingdom. He suspects ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, Miss All Sunday informs Crocodile that someone has taken out some Billions ships.

Also, Luffy and crew have made it to land/desert. WTF, some kung fu walrus/seal things get in their way. Thanks to CHOPPER, they know what they say. In order to dock here, they must fight! Usopp, always looking for easy prey, steps up XD. He quickly gets his ass kicked. They are called Kung Fu Dugongs. Also, Luffy defeats one. Vivi says this is even worse. The Dugongs must become disciples of anyone who defeats them, XDXDXD. The dugong has like lovesick eyes at Luffy. AWESOME. LUFFY DEFEATS ALL OF THEM! HE HAS TONS OF DISCIPLES! NOW LET'S ADD THEM TO THE CREW! LUFFY LOVES IT! HE STARTS TRAINING THEM! YESSSS! THESE GUYS MIGHT MAKE UP FOR CARUE BEING GONE!!!

They offer up food to get them to stay by the ship, and they give a tearful farewell. I'm not sure if that was filler or not, but that also happened to be the greatest thing ever. I swear, those Dugongs will CHANGE THE TIDE OF THIS WAR eventually, calling it now.

They reach Eramalu, the Green City, it's devastated. The city is basically destroyed. Vivi says this indicates the damage Baroque Works has done.

Vivi says theres been no rain for 3 years. Zoro and Usopp point out theres still rivers to collect water from. Vivi says the answer lies ahead. There used to be heavy rains in the capital city always, no matter what. One day, a shipment coming into town was spilled... it was rain powder. So the word was out. Rain powder takes clouds and makes them mature into rain clouds instantly, thus robbing rain from other countries downwind. Interesting. Thats why the world gvt bans rain powder. Other towns hadn't been getting rain in the continent, and everyone assumed it was because of the king. Vivi says her dad had no idea. This caused suspicion towards the king, the green city's canal is gone even after the years of no rain, and possibly sabotage.

They come across a dead body, it looks like all this is really pissing Luffy off, so he destroys a building, haha. TO YUBA!

The plan is for Vivi to "persuade" the rebels to stop. Without fighting. Hmmm.

Overall: The Kung Fu Dugongs were AMAZING, that was awesome. I also really enjoyed FINALLY learning about how/why this rebellion has gone on, that was intriguing as I've been kinda wondering for a while. This episode on a whole felt like they are still trying to stall just a bit, but I still enjoyed it.


Animal cruelty time!

The snake expects a 100 person sacrifice later for being summoned. Kabuto says "Manda" will turn on Orochi if he finds out Orochi can't use any jutsus. Interesting.

The snake seems to be totally evil, the slug is 100% polite and good, and the toad is a strange mixture, but mostly good. Interesting clash of personalities here.

Slug uses acid to start, but the snake dodges and wraps itself around the slug. TOAD ATTACKS with sword, it is blocked with the snake's mouth.

The slug bursts into hundreds of slugs, and those slugs reform into one, neat skill. Snake attacks, dodged by toad. Jiraiya and toad mix their abilities to create super fire right at the snake. The snake... appears to be melting....ahh the snake shed his skin. He's underground, he comes out, toad blocks it, but the other half of him is about to bite... Tsunade shows up with the toad's sword... STRIKES RIGHT THROUGH THE SNAKE'S HEAD! NICE!

Orochi wraps his super tongue around Tsunade's neck. But Tsunade pulls the tongue, and Orochi rat at her, and nails him with an amazing punch! Badass! Tsunade redeems herself!

TSUNADE PULLS HIM BACK WITH THE TONGUE AGAIN, AND STARTS BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! LOL, AWESOME. But now Tsunade misses an easy punch... she has reached her limit apparently. Tsunade can't believe Orochi is still OK.

Tsunade goes back on the offensive though, she says she must put her life on the line, she nails more strikes, and we get some nice hand to hand combat, but Orochi gets his tongue around tsunade, sword from his mouth comes out... blocked with her feet! Tsunade doesn't understand why Orochi isn't done for yet, something is different...

Now Tsunade powers up her hand, PUNCH! DIRECT HIT! Orochi is down! The snake uses this chance to disappear, he is super pissed. Orochi meanwhile, is STILL STANDING, wuuut.

Jiraiya seems to imply that Orochi's body is different now, he can take other people's bodys or something? I'm not sure what happened there, but that was a pretty good fight. Nice to see Tsunade look badass as hell for once.

Tsunade says the side effects are starting. It looks like she is gonna look old for a bit until she rests.

Later on, Naruto finds out she has accepted the position, he says he is worried she will suck, XD. Naruto also wonders if it's OK for a 50 year old to lie to everyone and make himself look young.

Oh god, Tsunade and Naruto are gonna fight now. Tsunade will use one finger, she blocks Naruto's attack... then kisses him on the forehead, haha. She tells Naruto to become a fine man.

I wonder if Jiraiya and Tsunade ever had sex.

Tsunade at the end thinks to herself that Naruto will inherit the dreams of her beloved ones.

Overall: I liked this episode. I wasn't as emotionally into it as some other big fights, but Tsunade kicking Orochi's ass was pretty satisfying. This was a pretty well done episode. I also enjoyed the ending, not a bad end to the arc at all. I'm liking Tsunade more and more.

Naruto vs. One Piece: I feel like I've been pretty hard on Naruto lately, and very positive about One Piece, despite Naruto taking the last few episodes. Just to clarify, One Piece has been damn good lately for episodes that have really, little going on. Naruto meanwhile, isn't up to the epic standards that it has been at lately. Also, One Piece is getting me excited for a million things right now, but none are actually happening yet. But anyway, this Naruto arc wasn't bad at all, just probably my least favorite so far, still though, it was solid, and it had a nice ending here. I enjoyed DUGONGS + learning more about Alabasta, but there was lots of stalling in OP, so Naruto takes it.

Naruto: 56

One Piece: 40



I like this, as they cross the desert, everyone has varying degrees of annoyance with the heat. Chopper can't stand it at all, obviously. And Vivi is best in it. And Luffy complains... of course.

Ace is quiet amidst the crews various interactions...

At night when it's cold, some of the crew tries to hug chopper to stay warm, XD. Awww, they all fall asleep cuddling chopper.

Vivi and Ace discuss Luffy being a rather strange captain. Immature, not particularly revered by his crew, yet they follow him.

Ace: He's a dumb little brother, but he has a strange charm.

That probably sums up Luffy in a nutshell.

The next morning, the wind has picked up, theres sand tornados. A sandstorm is coming, Vivi tells them all to take cover behind rocks.

9:30 into the episode, Vivi says we are only 1/10th of the way to Yuba. Sheesh!

They eventually make it to shade, but Luffy finds a bunch of dying birds, Luffy gets Chopper to save them, but Vivi says they might be... oh god, they were birds that like to steal stuff. They stole all the bags. : (.

They see the birds taking off with the bags... LUFFY IS ON THE CHASE. Vivi says he will never be able to find his way back, but Luffy doesn't care, he is on the chase.

As Luffy goes, theres man eating plants in the desert, one swallows him. I think it's mandatory in all shounen that the hero gets eaten at one point.

OH GOD IT'S THE CAMEL! HE WAS EATEN TOO! Luffy helps the camel!

Now, the camel is scared, some huge beast is appearing. LUFFY RUNS FROM IT ON THE CAMEL! WOOO! A giant TOAD appears from the sand. Oh, a lizard. Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy destroy it, awesome. Luffy says he brought some meat, haha. Now ANOTHER ONE APPEARS. Ace pwns it. And they have food now!

chopper recognizes his camel bud. LOL, The camel will only let the girls ride, XD. I love the camel. The girls take off on the camel, and the guys chase after. Nami says it should be faster this way.

We see a glimpse of a sand ship as we fade out.

Overall: This seemed a bit more fillery than the last few episodes, as it was definitely the weakest of the Alabasta eps so far. That being said, I didn't mind it, and it had a few nice moments, but nothing too good here.


It's one thing to have filler, but does the title have to make it completely obvious that it will be filler? >_>.

Tsunade convinces the group on their way to the village to stop at some hot springs. >_>.

Meanwhile, some people are watching.

Naruto returns to his room after bathing to see that his place has been robbed. The Akagi gang has stolen his necklace, and they want "the money back". Perhaps they are debt collectors.

Naruto meets up with the debt collectors, he uses damn shadow clone to pwn them. Overkill >_>. Naruto finds out Tsunade is in serious debt. They have been searching for her for 3 years. The collectors beg Naruto to get her to pay the money, since they can't go home till they do.

In the casino, Tsunade loses all her money, she sends Shi*une to go get her bag. While Shi is gone, someone Tsunade knows comes up to her.

When Shi gets back, Tsunade is gone. Shi also just got a letter for Tsunade, but we don't know what it says. AH, the letter says that the Akagi gang has Naruto, and they need to pay to get him back. So thats the plan. Shi makes a decent point that if it's discovered that Tsunade has large debt, she may not be able to be 5th hokage.

Tsunade shows up to the hostage point, I don't think it's actually her though, yep, it's Shi. She tries using a replacement jutsu to pay fake money, but they see through it. Turns out everyone was Naruto's shadow clones.

Naruto says the next thing they have to do is find Tsunade's suitcase, since it prob has money. They make off with it, Tsunade is on the chase. Naruto does a shadow clone to try and get away, but so does Tsunade (Shi). Shi says to herself that if the contents of the bag become known it would be a disaster.

Meanwhile, Tsunade is with some old guy.

Finally Naruto gets caught, but the other 2 guys get the suitcase. Inside the wallets are... pre-written IOUs... haha.

The real Tsunade shows up. Turns out the old guy is a gang boss, he says Tsunade paid off her debt a year ago. So the guys can go home. Tsunade says the debt and hokage don't have anything to do with each other anyway.

Overall: Pretty obvious filler. I felt like they tried hard to make a kind of cute story, it was marginally entertaining, but nothing very compelling. Then the ending kind of rendered it all pointless anyway, meh episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Naruto wasn't OMG AWFUL like I expected, but it wasn't that good. OP is still stalling and had a weaker episode, but wasn't bad. OP takes it easily. I think leading up to the part where both shows get really good supposedly, OP has a chance to take a lot of episodes, and make the final run interesting.

Naruto: 56

One Piece: 41



Apparently Luffy ate some cacti that give him hallucinations, he thinks he sees tsunamis. Chopper hits him with a tranquilizer, nice. The crew is lost thanks to the lack of hoof marks. Ace meanwhile is completely separated too somehow >_>.

Luffy's crew spots a pirate ship on the desert... AND THEY HAVE NAMI AND VIVI! Luffy and crew charge. Luffy breaks one of the masts off the ship. Ace meanwhile, is confronted by a giant sand monster. But Luffy passed out so now he's captured too. He asks for water. He didn't come to save them, he just wanted water >_>.

Luffy starts to make friends with the captain, of course XD.

Thanks to Luffy, the ship can't move, so they are going to die on the ship I guess. Luffy offers to go to an oasis and get some timber for them. They have little sand sleds to navigate. One check recognizes Vivi as someone who isn't an outsider because she seems to know of sand sleds...

While everyone is gone, they are gonna eat the camel... oh it was a joke, XD.

WHile Luffy and VIvi are sailing, one of the chick sand pirates knocks them off into quicksand. She apparently knows Vivi...

At the ship, a bunch of people on camels with swords are riding towards the ship. They are desert thieves. They survive by raiding them. Since they are marooned, this will be the last battle.

They are rolling dung balls at the ship as well as getting ready to attack. The ball is set to hit the ship... the captain steps up! He stops it with his bare hands... BUT THEN GETS ROLLED OVER! ZORO TO THE RESCUE! And Sanji! After seeing that, they run away >_>.

Luffy uses his ability to grab on Rasa's ship and fly over them. They are a bit stunned.

They make it to a town, Vivi remembers it. She stopped here once with her dad. Rasa says that she remembers too. The king said if the oasis ever was in trouble, he would help, but he never did. She was the last one here waiting until the pirates picked her up. What a lame-o.

Vivi and Rasa both cry, with Vivi apologizing. Luffy looks up silent.

At the end, Luffy and crew make it back to the ship with the supplies.

Ace is still alone >_>. He has a little gecko thing he is riding now.

Overall: This was a pretty good episode, not great, but I like the sand pirates, and they made a solid effort to insert some backstories and such. Not too bad at all.


I wonder if I should stop looking at Naruto's titles too until the end? The only thing is, Naruto's titles generally aren't nearly as revealing.

OMG IT'S BUG BOY. AND DOG BOY! And Hinata! Random!

We also see a class in the leaf village, with Naruto's teacher guy. He ends class early for something. Apparently class ends almost every day early, so something is up.

Kono runs to the tower after class. He spots people moving out his grandpa's things. They say the new hokage is moving in soon, Kono seems pissed... BUT THEN HE GETS HIS FACE IN TSUNADE'S BOOBIES! HE IS NOW PLEASED! XD.

Naruto now runs into Kono. Kono finds out she is the next Hokage. Kono thinks it's a lie and runs off.

Random Neji and Tenten sighting.

More people randomly find out about the fifth Hokage.

Naruto brings Tsunade over to heal Sasuke. Sasuke wakes up. Sakura cries like a whore, lol. This definitely seems to hurt Naruto. Tsunade now heals Kakashi, next is Rock! Guy is freaking out XD.

Naruto goes and meets Iruka. Iruka tells Naruto that these are difficult times. They have to still do all their missions or else other countries will realize they are weakened. The village is at like half strength.

Tsunade tells Rock to give up on being a shinobi... wow. Tsunade says she is the only one who could do the surgery. It would take lots of time. And there is only 50% chance of success. If it failed, he would die.

We get clips of Rock training his heart out despite his energy. Guy and Rock look crushed. Rock walks away on crutches without saying a word.

Overall: I liked this episode. It was kind of uneventful, but it was cool seeing what was going on in the leaf village again, thinks have obviously changed a bit. And damn, that ending was pretty emotional.

Naruto vs. One Piece: This one is tricky. I liked both episodes, but Naruto felt very fresh, since it was the first time in a while we saw a lot of characters and the leaf village, and it also had a killer ending. OP was a fun little romp, but Naruto takes it by a hair. I believe this means Naruto is about 11 episodes away from clinching the win for it's non-filler section.

Naruto: 57

One Piece: 41



Just a note, my spacebar blows right now. So there may be connected words. Also, FILLER WOO!!! Sucks for OP cause it really needs to pick up some wins asap to have a chance at beating Naruto before its filler section.

Luffy and crew depart the ship for Ido, for some water. They wish the sand pirates well.

In the town of Ido, theres some guys pretending to be the rebel army in order to get free food. Ace is in town and overhears them talking. He offers to help them get rid of the sand pirates, who are supposedly coming to town, for food and water. Ace discovers though, it's just the straw hats, so he has food and water for them now!

Vivi asks about how he got it. Ace explains the situation, but also says the town has been peaceful since the fake rebels showed up, so perhaps they should let them run their scam. Vivi says she wants to "test" them. Hmm.

Meanwhile, the Fake rebels are gonna leave town... when the town spots them and starts cheering for them >_>. The town says the straw hats are coming, and they are counting on them to defend the town. They walk off, the leader says they will run the other way when they get the chance, but the whole town is following them. They try and run, but they are surrounded by the straw hats. The town cheers for them to win. Ace tells them to suck it up. The fakes decide to fight! Or fake it anyway. He says there are 100 million rebels in town, Luffy falls for it XD. But now Luffy punches him out. Nami and Vivi says Luffy is ruining the plan.

Some little kids cheer for the leader to keep fighting. The leader remembers cheering for strong warriors as a kid. He remembers he needs to stop being a coward.

The fake lader grabs Luffy! He says he may be a fake, but he can't let down those kids. THE LEADER PUNCHES LUFFY! LUFFY IS DOWN! His crew decides to step up and fight too!

Vivi and Nami send some signal now. They all run away. Zoro is too proud to say that the rebels are stonger than him, haha.

Vivi remembers something about the pastas the episode ends.

Overall: This was a nice little episode, I thought it had a cute story, if you will. Vivi has gotten a lot more depth this arc.


Rock looks out at night, and remembers his vow to become a ninja.

Naruto runs into Rock the next day, Naruto doesn't realize what Tsunade said yet. He says the village is in great trouble and they need to do their best. Seconds later, Kono's friends tell Naruto something is up with Kono.

Seems Kono has locked himself in the hokage office. So tsunade can't get in. He also has traps set up. Tsunade tells them to rough him up >_>. Now Naruto arrives. He says not to rough up Kono, Tsunade gives him till the end of the day to get Kono out.

Lee misses his rehab assignment, thinking about the surgery. Sakura comes and finds him. He's very touched. She tells him about Sasuke. She says he should have tsunade take a look at him.

Tsunade is adjusting to the work she has to do, she's pretty lazy >_>.

Naruto continues to try and convince Kono out, but the traps and stuff keep him out. Ugh, Kono sucks.

Tsunade is going through the ninja handbook. Looks like the 3rd hokage made a lot of teams based on teams from the past. That makes sense, especially with Naruto's team. Tsunade comes across Rock's profile. This makes her walk away for a bit from the task.

Kono says this is the old man's room, he won't let anyone use it. Naruto says the village is in danger, Kono doesnt care. Naruto is about to use his new technique... Tsunade arrives and pushes him away. She opens the door, and disarms every trap effortlessly, BADASS. Kono thinks she is about to punch her, but she just grabs a book from the office, then walks away, without saying a word... XD.

Later, Kono says he thinks people will forget about his grandpa. And Tsunade will change the village a bunch. Naruto says they just need to get tsunade to promise she won't, and get everyone in the village to promise they wont forget the 3rd hokage.

Tsunade is studying some medical stuff... she wants to help Rock.

Naruto and Kono overhear Tsunade talking about this, Kono remembers his grandpa saying similar things... He seems satisfied now.

Overall: I really liked this episode. This did a great job of developing Tsunade, Kono, Lee, Sakura, and just had a lot of cool and kind of emotional parts.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP had a cute story, as I said, but Naruto is surprising me with a few enjoyable episodes that are kind of laid back in their nature. Naruto usually doesn't do these that well but they are. Naruto beats out OP by just a bit. Not bad filler at all from OP though. Naruto is 10 away from the magic number.

Naruto: 58

One Piece: 41



100! Neato!

The crew continues on to Yuba.

Nami asks Vivi about the rebel army on the ride. Vivi says it's best she learns this stuff now.

11 years ago... some kid complained to the king about his village drying up. The king says he can do nothing about the weather, but all the villagers can stay in the capital for now. The kid isn't satisfied and says the king understands nothing, and runs away. The king admires the boy for speaking for his villagers.

Vivi saw the boy crying... OMG IT's LITTLE CARUE. Vivi talks to him, and they get into a fight, which Vivi loses. She doesn't seem to care though, meanwhile, the boy's father offers to kill himself in apology... XD.

In town, Vivi challenges Kohza, the village kid, to another fight. If she wins, she will become his leader. I guess it's a draw, but the kid makes her "co-leader" of their group.

Vivi is now good friends with the crew, and she even eats at a little farmhouse with the villagers. The king and Igaram follow her around in disguise, much to the bewilderment of the villagers XD.

Some thugs went after Vivi one day, the village kids ran to her rescue and all her to run. The kids are ready to defend her to the death.

Vivi runs away. The kids continue to fight but are obviously no match. Igaram and the king finally arrive late, they see all the kids laid out. The princess is hiding in the ruins, the thugs and the kid are after her.

A thug pulls a sword on the kid, but he refuses to back down. Vivi tells him to stop. THE KID GETS STABBED! BUT HE ALSO TAKES OUT THE THUG. One of his eyes got cut...

Finally the King and Igaram make it. So do "Chaka and Pell" whoever they are, their faces aren't shown.

Vivi more than anything was afraid of Kohza dying.

EVentually, the king is letting the clan take over Yuba. Kohza is excited about building the town. Kohza tells Vivi to become a great princess.

Nami asks what this has to do with the rebels. Vivi says the leader's name is Kohza.

Overall: Neat little episode here. It's not the greatest OP flashback ever, but it was interesting, and developed this Kohza guy well, and made me interested in seeing him grown up.


Tomorrow is the inauguration of the fifth hokage.

Tsunade is still looking into the surgery.

Rock now has flashbacks, of himself sucking at jutsus but Guy encouraging him. And of his vow to be a great ninja. Guy was his inspiration.

Rock remembers watching Guy and Kakashi's competitions.

Guy finds rock, and gets on him for missing rehab. Rock talks about how Guy inspired him, how he was the first person to say nice things about him. Guy inspired him to put forth maximum effort, but this time, no effort can help him.

Guy feels immense guilt from teaching him the forbidden jutsu...

Guy says Rock can't lose his dream, and to have the surgery! Whoa.

Rock says Guy has always had luck on his side, but this is his life on the line.

Guy talks about the time he lost a game of rock papaer scissors to Kakashi, and because of a bet he made with himself, Guy started to walk around the village on his hands 500 times. Rock watched him the whole time, and finally asked him why he was bothering, with no one watching. Rock asks why Guy always make a silly "extra rules" during competitions. Guy says this is what often brings him victory. The self rules put him in a spot that make you bring your all. Rock takes notes XD. This is when Rock really started to idolize Guy.

Guy promises to die with Rock, in the "one in a million" chance the surgery goes wrong. Guy's way of the ninja is nurturing Rock into a great ninja. Rock hugs Guy crying. Man, I love their man-love.

The next day, Tsunade's sheet shows Rock's chances up to 58%. She then attends her inauguration.

Overall: Super emotional episode here. I didn't expect to enjoy these sort of slow episodes so much, but the Rock storyline is terrific and really carrying the show right now.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Was OP really filler here? it was a pretty good episode, and actually seemed kind of important. Naruto meanwhile, is being carried by the Rock storyline, and that's a good thing. Naruto takes it thanks to a very emotional episode.

Naruto: 59

One Piece: 41



Some dude in the desert is camping out, and he spots Ace. He has been waiting for this day.

Everyone is fighting during meal, but Ace has amazing manners. Nami and crew wonder how Luffy and Ace are so different. They also wonder how vicious Ace must have the ability to be, being a part of the Whitebeard pirates and having a giant bounty on his head.

Two kids also steal some of their feud. Luffy chases them. Ace catches them though. He realizes the kids are from the "badlands". They pull a gun on Ace. The kid fires, ACE DEFELCTS THE BULLET WITH A ROCK.

The kids ask Ace to find and capture a man. He promises to pay a million dollars when he grows up >_>. The kids want him to capture the very man who seems to know Ace and who wants to capture/kill him.

Luffy meets up with the bounty hunter dude in his quest for MEAT.

The guys name is Scorpion, a bounty hunter. Ace apparently needs to meet up with him. Scorpion beat Blackbeard once O_o. Scorpion seems pretty incompetent to me thus far!

Scorpion tells Luffy he is gonna defeat Ace, Luffy thinks he is funny.

Scorpion rides and confronts ace. He challenges him. Luffy says sup, which shocks everyone >_>.

Scorpion charghes ace, and shoots a large net, uhh yeah, that doesnt work. Scorpion is down >_>. He keeps getting his ass kicked. Ace figures out scorpion spread the blackbeard story to lure him here. Eventually the kids tell scorpion to stop. Scorpion is their dad.

We get a flashback. They didn't have much food in the badlands. The kids tried not to complain, because scorpion gave up his dream of being a bounty hunter to raise them. He overhears them, and then promises to take out Ace, and return home with moneyz.

Scorpion basically goes on a speech about dreams. That is a theme on this show.

From here, Scorpion's bazooka sets off a avalanche of rocks that almost kills them, but Ace protects them.

The kids and Scorpion hug and stuff.

After this, Ace decides to leave, Blackbeard isn't in Alabasta. He is going west to continue looking.

Ace gives Luffy a piece of paper. He says the next time they meet will be at the Pirate's summitt. Ooo that sounds cool as hell. When they turn around to say bye to scorpion, Ace disappears. Luffy knows he'll see Ace again.

Overall: Kind of a random episode, but I liked the ending, and scorpion was cool at least. So it reaches OK territory.


... Huh?

Naruto is talking to Sasuke and Sakura... he randomly talks about seeing Kakashi's face. Sasuke says thats stupid... but Naruto convinces him by saying "maybe he has huge lips... or buck teeth". And we get photos of Kakashi with these things...


Theres also tons of CREEPY zoom ins on Naruto's face. WTF.

Now we get a weird clip of the crew treating Kakashi to food, he keeps thinking of different pranks they could be trying to pull... We literally get like 4 clips of Kakashi receiving ramen, getting a prank pulled on him, then everyone saying GREAT SUCCESS.... WTF.

Oh I see. They want Kakashi to pull his mask down to eat. But right as he is about to, Ino and Shika show up... and they miss Kakashi's face... OK.

Next they follow Kakashi around all day waiting for him to take off his mask. Kakashi gets excited for Erotica >_>... XD.

Now they decide to work alone or something. I'm not even sure why I'm still recapping this, basically, they keep trying, and keep failing <_<. Kakashi seems to be on to them, as at one point Sakura stares at a Kakashi scarecrow for like an hour.

Meanwhile, some evil ninja is after Kakashi or something. He is watching them as they go to some farm. He has a grudge with him. 3 years ago, he tried to make some girl marry him or something, she said no. Then Kakashi owned him. We also get a clip of a donkey pooping. OK.

At the farm, the ninja disguise themselves as old ladies to try and poison Kakashi, but fail. The poison was to make him die from hiccuping >_>.

At the hot springs... it turns out Kakashi still wears a mask! >_>. During the hot springs, we also get clips of ass, and Sakura nearly naked lolol.

Eventually they dress up as other ninjas, and are gonna try and rip off the mask by force. They get pwned. They cover by saying they were trying to lure the evil ninjas out. I guess it works.

Eventually Naruto just asks, and he says he will do it... behind the mask is... another mask! I DIDNT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL.

Overall: WTF did I just watch.,.. WTFWTFWTFWTF

Naruto vs. One Piece: WTFWTFWTFWTF

Naruto: 59

One Piece: 42



Marathon day goooo. Basically, when I say Marathon Day, it means any time I would put towards other projects, like watching old WWF or UFC, watching YGO/Pokemon, or even catching up on today's WWE is put on hold. Obviously it doesn't mean I'll be devoting my whole day. I still have hanging out/gym/school to do, but I should get 3-4 episodes of each in at least!

Apparently, Luffy, Zoro and Chopper are separated form the crew. FLASHBACK, Luffy was running around hallucinating, so Zoro and Chopper went after him. The rest of the crew went on, thinking they could just follow their footsteps. OH DAMN, LUFFY PUNCHED ZORO! He's seriously crazy! Epic fist fight now! They both KOed each other eventually. Chopper eventually snapped them out of it. Now they are lost, the footprints are blown away.

Chopper can't sniff them out. On a side note, Zoro wonders why he followed a captain like this. One Piece doesn't seem like the kind of show to do this, but half the time, it feels like they are setting someone like Zoro or someone else up to either leave the crew or mutiny.

Coincidentally, Chopper is also wondering if he boarded the wrong ship. Chopper asks why Zoro joined with Luffy. Chopper says the whole crew seems wild and independent. Hey cool, looks like the issues Im thinking about will be addressed. Zoro says everyone is trying to accomplish different goals from Luffy, so to outsiders, it appears like they have no teamwork. They are all independent. Zoro says it's OK though. Zoro says since they have been together for a while, another purpose has started to emerge.

They reach shade... and Zoro randomly falls into some hole. It's like an underground cave.

Vivi is worried about Luffy and crew... Vivi says they will be to Yuba by nightfall. Yes! Vivi wonders about her country, and if it even matters to protect a country. But in the end, she knows Baroque Works is trying to start a meaningless war, and she must stop them.

Chopper says they are around some sort of ruins. Someone was trying to hide this building. Eventually Luffy literally catapults them out of the ruins, they go FLYING into the air. They are seriously flying >_>. I bet they land near the others... Oh, I guess they didn't. Chopper and Zoro wonder why they boarded this ship >_>.

Nami and Vivi actuallly have a totally different conversation, very positive about the crew. About how they all need each other, and do their best to help. Vivi is amazed at how much they seem to trust each other. Hmmm.

Eventually, the wind changes, and chopper smells the crew, they get back on the right track. Luffy excitedly runs for them.

Overall: I liked this episode. It explored a question thats kind of been on my mind, about why everyone still bothers to stick with Luffy. Im not sure if the question was totally answered, but I do think this was an interesting exploration of how the Straw Hat's work as a crew.


It looks like we are back to the old squad of Kakashi-Sasuke-Naruto-Sakura. Which is a shame, because I really enjoyed the Jiraiya-Naruto relationship.

Some guys from the Land of Tea are headed to the leaf village. This ninja stops them, and does some umbrella needle attack, which was badass as heel. He tells them to give up on some race.

Naruto and crew are here. Kakashi is needed for other missions. Tsunade is putting them in a B-Ranked mission without Kakashi, wow. Escort mission. Possibly could become A-Ranked. WTF! They have no idea who they will be escorting, because of the messengers being attacked. They are to go to the Land of Tea immediately.

They stop at a teahouse on the journey. Some guy from the land of tea hits on Sakura. He says he hates ninja, or something. That was weird. I feel like he must be the guy they are gonna have to escort. They chase after him, since he made them pay his bill >_>. While he's running, the guy slips and falls. Naruto catches up.

The guy now takes off his weights and runs away again, sheesh. Naruto and crew are falling way behind. They didn't stand a chance.

Naruto and crew make it to "Boss Jirocho". Naruto remembers him, but I don't.

Jirocho tells them of this dedication ceremony. Every four years, they dedicate some jewels to something. Then it evolved into a race. Now, the Wasabi clan and the Wagarashi clan have controlled local operations and police the town. The two groups often skirmish and fight. People got hurt. Now, the power holder of town is decided by the race. 4 years ago, the Wagarashi clan hired a ninja and won easily. And they've done it again this year. He needs their help. They will be escorting the guy from before obviously.

Naruto and the runner guy fight. As they walk around town, it's pretty clear the Wagarashi are pretty corrupt. I like this, it makes it that much easier to cheer for the Wasabis.

Idate asks Jirocho why he had to ask the leaf village of all people for help... so he has something against them.

It looks like it's already race day. The race consists of sailing across to another island, grabbing a jewel, and then placing it in the shrine.

Sasuke seems to recognize Morino Idate's name. And the race starts... WHAT. Idate doesn't run towards the boat... hmmmm.

Overall: I liked this episode. It was slow to start, but once they got to town, I like the plot quite a bit, this could be a fun arc.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Close one here. I liked both episodes, but OP was pretty interesting from start to finish, while Naruto only grabbed my interest in the 2nd half. If the Next OP is also filler, with the race actually starting, Naruto might have a chance to steal one while in filler mode. OP with a narrow victory. I do hope the whole issue of Luffy as captain is addressed more in the future. It really does feel like Zoro is close to just leaving sometimes.

Naruto: 59

One Piece: 43



Luffy is checking out the piece of paper from Ace. It literally is just a piece of paper. Nothing written on it at all. In order to protect it, Nami sows it into Luffy's hat.

Zoro: Does it really matter if you lose it, if nothing is written on it? Luffy: Ace said to keep it with me, so I'm keeping it! Sanji: Your confidence is groundless. Luffy: Don't sweat it! Things always turn out well for me.

That made me chuckle for some reason. Vivi says they are almost to Yuba.

Meanwhile, Crocodile says the plan starts in 2 days. 150 of the billions are in Nanohana. (*looks at the map thats in every opening, so convenient!*) Mr. 2 has been recalled. The remaining officers will meet at Spider's Cafe at 8.

At the cafe, we see Mr. 4 and Miss Merrychristmas... all I have to say is WTF. Mr. 2 is here with some followers. Man, a lot of these Baroque Works officers are just WEIRD.

WHAT, Mr. 3 is there on the outside, watching.

Mr. 2 arrives. Turns out Mr. 1 beat the crap out of Mr. 2's men... MR. 2 ATTACKS MR. 1! We actually get a preview of Mr. 2's skills. He can definitely dodge a lot of attacks easily. Mr. 1 is pissed, but the bartender Paula stops him. She turns out to be Miss Doublefinger. I wonder if she's Mr. 1's partner.

Paula says an order was delivered to the cafe, they are to go to the city of dreams, rainbase, and meet crocodile for the first time face to face.

They are close to Yuba... they see smoke or something. Vivi says something isn't right. Yuba is being besieged by a sandstorm. When they arrive, the place isn't any better off than Erumalu. The oasis is buried. One old man is single handedly digging... he says the rebel army relocated to Katorea. The camel says thats where the rebel army is... everyone beats him up for not saying anything, XD.

The old man asks if this is Vivi. It's Toto! He cries and is glad to see her. He says he believes in the king...

Toto says the rebel army plans to end it all with their next attack... they plan on dying. He begs Vivi to stop them. Vivi promises to stop the rebellion.

We get a clip of grown up Kohza time. He says it's time to make their move.

Overall: The reunion with Toto was pretty emotional and cool. We got some interesting introductions to the remaining major officers... but the episode was kinda disappointing overall. All the build up to Yuba for next to nothing. It kind of reminds me of how the start of Arlong really annoyed me because characters were constantly going back in forth, arriving in the wrong place at the wrong time. Decent episode, but disappointing.


The main ninja of the bad guys is gonna go with their runner. He sends his cronies after Idate. Turns out that ninja seems to know Idate...

The "chief retainer" is pissed that the Wasabis have made a farce of the tradition, since Idate ran away. Jirocho says to wait till the finish. The chief says he will disband the wasabis if they lose... Jirocho agrees.

Idate remembers how he met Jirocho. He tried to steal from Jirocho, he was starving. Jirocho easily stopped his attack, and did something that reminds me of the ninja on the bad guys side. He used his umbrella basically. Jirocho then invited him to his home. He will win no matter what, for Jirocho.

Japanese of "how lucky" is so funny. It's just. LUCK-EEEE.

Turns out those 3 cronies of the main ninjas, are ninjas Naruto beat the crap out of during the Chuunin exam.

As Idate is running, he gets tricked by a double gen-jutsu, but Naruto and crew save him from falling off a cliff, barely.

Idate went this way because of the wind basically. By heading north, then sailing, he wont go against the wind. They make it to some guy with a boat.

On the boat, Sakura wonders if Idate has had some ninja training or something. Naruto laffs at this. Wait, they aren't Chunin yet are they? Thats funny. Anyway, turns out Idate was a form ninja. His brother was the proctor of the 1st exam. Aaand now the bad ninjas attack.

Clones to start, Naruto gets them though. Now they make it rain oil or something. They use the oil to start a fire on the ship.

They want Idate to escape the ship, but he refuses, because he doesn't trust ninja. While the damn SHIP IS ON FIRE. what an idiot. Sakura literally has to take a shot for Idate to realize he can trust them, sigh. Oh, and she took a mast off a ship and swung it in circles, that was kind of badass, Sakura literally did something cool for once.

Idate makes it to land, and the other ninja is there, they seem to know each other...

Overall: This episode was OK, lots was happening, but I wasn't super interested in it. Idate being an idiot didn't help. This story between him and the other ninja does seem interesting though.

Naruto vs. One Piee: Tough one here, neither show was very good here, but OP interested me just a bit more, so it takes the win. What a lame time to marathon though, wheres the good stuff! These episodes probably also showcase my main problems with each show. OP takes way too long to get things interesting. They literally seem to have a million fights to wage + they have to meet up with the rebels, and even if you take out filler, it's been a decent amount of episodes and they literally have accomplished nothing. Meanwhile, Naruto has a bad habit of making at least 33% of their characters kinda suck (Idate).

Naruto: 59

One Piece: 44



To start the episode we get PILLOW WARZZZ. And Luffy talking to Toto. Luffy actually helps him dig a hole, but he eventually falls asleep.

The Baroque Works people meet up at some casino at rainbase. EVeryone seems stunned that the famous crocodile is their leader. Doublefinger points out Crocodile can mostly do whatever he wants, why bother forming Baroque Works? He says he doesn't want money or social status, he wants military power.

He gives them all their final orders that will help his final plan succeed. He wants Alabasta to disappear. Once they all complete their tasks, Alabasta will fall apart. The plans start tomorrow at 7 in the morning... MR. 3 ARRIVES. HE WANTS THE OPERATION DELAYED!!! Nobody dies in OP.

3 wants another chance after he failed to kill the Straw Hats and Vivi. Crocodile is STUNNED that they aren't dead, and maybe even a little worried, since they know his identity. Crocodile reveals that Mr. 4 is actually stronger than Mr. 3, but he gave him that rank because of his tenacity. How convenient that Mr. 4 will be tougher than the guy a rank ahead of him that they already fought >_>. Anyway, Mr. 0 grabs 3, turns him into an old man, then presses a sterotypical button that sends him falling out of the room. HOLY SHIT! He sent him into his giant crocodile's tank. And Mr. 3 was just eaten alive. Awesome.

Crocodile says they must stop Vivi from reaching the rebel army at all costs. He also reveals some of the billions are in the army already as spies.

Luffy and crew are about to leave Yuba. Toto actually got some water out last night, and he gives it to Luffy.

Luffy randomly stops on the walk. He says he quits. He wants to fight crocodile, but will stopping the rebel army stop crocodile? They are trying to take on a shichibukai, and all she wants is for no one to get hurt. Vivi says theres nothing wrong with that. Luffy says people die. Vivi punches him. LUFFY PUNCHES VIVI. Ummm, from there Luffy says she needs to be willing to risk their lives too, they are her friends. Vivi cries.... That was kind of out of nowhere tbh.

Overall: The Baroque Works meeting was very interesting, it was nice finally getting to know crocodile a bit. I also enjoyed Luffy and Toto's interactions. The ending was really kind of random though. It felt like they wanted to recreate the scene from Arlong where Luffy gave Nami his hat, basically, but it just wasn't built up nearly as well. Good ep though.


Holy crap new OP! Animation is top notch, not a huge fan of the song though.

The ninja's name is Aoi... Aoi calls Idate the worst kind of man. He betrayed his village and his brother. Aoi throws some needles at Idata.

Meanwhile, Naruto and crew are swimming, the rain ninjas say they are invincible underwater and attack. Naruto uses shadow clone jutsu... ALL TOGETHER THEY USE RASENGANS!!!! OH SNAP! Whirlwind! Naruto saves Sakura, and they all make it to shore.

Aoi says the other guy is reaching the shrine right now, he has no chance. Plus, he can't run or stand now. Idate is sad he can't keep his Naruto and crew arrive.

Sasuke and Naruto attack AOi, he dodges. Needle attack, they all get hit. WTF that easy? He says they will be dead in a few minutes.

The Wagarashi guy has a jewel. He decides to relax for a bit since it's in the bag.

Apparently Tsunade gave Sakura some medicine or something in advance, they all take it.

Idate wakes up. He says Aoi used to be a leaf ninja. He betrayed the village. Idata himself walked away from the village too. He failed the chunin exam for the first time. Aoi came to him and said there were other ways to become a chunin. He got Idate to steal some stuff for him, and then said he could be a chunin in the village of rain. Aoi says he is already an outcast in the leaf village, so he never returned. Jirocho had faith in him though, which touched him.

Naruto says he's like the old me... we get a clip from episode 1. Naruto now yells at Idata, and tells him one person still trusts him. He can't give up. If he can't run still, Naruto says he will carry him.

Idata is now ready to go!

Naruto runs with him on his back to end the ep.

Overall: This was an up and down episode. Naruto was pretty badass underwater, then it got pretty slow, then Naruto getting on Idata in the cave was pretty cool. I liked it overall. At the very least, this arc proves that 101 was not the best Naruto filler, and while I don't expect the filler zone to be great, I do think it will probably have its moments at least.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Third straight ep in the marathon without a real clear winner, ugh, thats so annoying, makes me have to think. While OP's emotional ending felt way too forced, it was still a very intriguing episode, to finally truly see Crocodile in action and the whole Baroque crew. Naruto had a few moments that surpassed anything OP did, but it wasn't as interesting the whole way through. Another narrow victory for OP.

Naruto: 59

One Piece: 45


Oh and since Naruto 104 was technically the end of a season...


1. Naruto- I always get the most into his fights, he can be stupid, but he's easy to cheer for. 2. Jiraiya- Jiraiya was pretty awesome last arc. 3. Kakashi- MIA this past arc, but he's still sweet. 4. Hokage- His final fight was great, and he still gets some developement through Kono's flashbacks. 5. Tsunade- I find her to be very likeable so far. 6. Rock Lee- Him getting a bunch of face time lately reminded me why I like him a lot. 7. Guy- Falls a bit, but thats nothing against him. I liked seeing more of his serious side. 8. Shikamaru- Not around much this past season. 9. Shino- See Shika 10. Hinata- See Shika

Arcs so Far

1. Chuunin Exam 2. Land of Waves 3. Invasion- Had an emotional finish, not quite enough to pass up the land of waves, because it wasn't as consistent. 4. Tsunade Arc- Never blew me away at all, but was never too bad. 5. Intro



The opening map now has the locations of Rainbase (north of Yuba), Spiders Cafe (South of Yuba, Luffy and crew could have easily seen the Baroque Works guys heading to Rainbase tbh), and Alubarna (on the east side of the river, north). Neato!

Oh I see, that speech from Luffy makes a bit more sense now. They need to go straight to crocodile instead of the way that tries to completely avoid conflict, to the rebel army. Although honestly, Crocodile seemed pretty worried about Vivi meeting Kohza, so I think Vivi's plan was better, but whatever. I just don't see how killing crocodile will stop the rebels. They are being manipulated by Crocodile, but they don't know that. No one even knows that Crocodile is a super-bad guy yet. They could use the rebel army and the gvt to spread the word. But HEY, whatever. The new direction is north to rainbase, they will reach it in a day or so.

Back at the rebel army camp. Kohza is ordering the attack once they have enough weapons.

Back at Alubarna, Chaka and Pell want to pre-emptive strike the rebels, but the king will not allow it. Now CARUE ARRIVES. HE DRINKS FOUR BARRELS OF WATER! WHAT A BADASS!!! They read the letter. It reveals crocodile as the badguy. I actually kind of forgot about that message. Going straight for crocodile seems like a slightly better idea now, but they are leaving it all in the king's hands to stop the rebellion. The king orders the troops to attack rainbase. Chaka and Pell say then the palace will fall to the rebels. The king doesn't care, a country is its people. He sends Pell to scout ahead, and Chaka to prepare a war conference. Wooo! Chaka tried to take off Carue's bandage thing that proved he was a part of the straw hats, but Carue refused! What a badass! I missed this guy so much!

Luffy and crew make it to Rainbase. They dont think they should be just running around town, since crocodile might find out they are around... but uhh they dont seem to disguise themselves or anything.

WTF, SMOKER IS AT RAINBASE. LUFFY SITS NEXT TO HIM AND DRINKS WATER OMG. THEY SEE EACH OTHER! LUFFY AND USOPP RUN! MARINES ON THE CHASE! Meanwhile, Baroque Works guys have spotted Luffy and crew running. Luffy decides he wants to run to crocodile's base. They split up, Luffy on his own, and 2 other groups. Smoker is after Luffy. Smoker turns to smoke, and wraps himself around Luffy! Luffy escapes by inflating himself.

chopper just got done pissing, and now smells everyone all over the place.

Zoro and Vivi are surrounded by Baroque Works millions and marines. Zoro sends Vivi away... Sanji does the same thing with his group of Nami and Usopp. Sanji and Zoro kick ass... but now that marine chick confronts Zoro. Zoro doesn't wanna fight her. She looks too much like his old friend, so he runs.

Usopp accidentally takes out some of his pursuers. Zoro and Luffy, Nami and Usopp have made it. With Smoker on their ass, they are just gonna go in without the others.

Crocodile knows they are in town...

Overall: Very good ep. Lots of crazy shit going down right now. Very eventful episode for sure. Might be one of the better ones of Alabasta so far.


Aoi tells the bad guy runner that the rain is letting up, so he is getting ready to go. Meanwhile. NARUTO HAS MADE IT WITH IDATE.

Idate asks about that 10th question Naruto got on the chunin exams again. He got a similar situation. LOL, it was actually different. The situation was actually where they had to LEAVE instead of stay. Idate stayed, and failed. That was part of where his lack of trust with ninjas started.

Idate wants to go on by himself now as they make it to the top. He is still a bit injured though.

Meanwhile, the ninja and runner of the bad guys get into a minor fight. IDATE CAN SEE HIM. But now Aoi tazes him or something. It's the weapon Idate himself stole from the leaf village. Aoi cuts the bridge so Idate can't continue. Now Naruto throws some mud balls at Aoi >_>. Shadow clone by Naruto... PREPARING RASENGAN!!! HE ATTACKS! It hits the sword, the attack is repelled. He now uses a needle storm, and hits Naruto.

We get more flashbacks of the Idate-Aoi thing. Idate's brother caught him...Aoi got away. Then the rain ninja captured the brother, and tortured him to try and get him to give up info on a forbidden jutsu. Aoi threatened to kill Idate, but Ibiki says he doesn't care. Ibiki then got Aoi angry and managed to free himself. He told Idate to run. To get Idate to gun, he said he was in the way.

Aoi mocks Idate for not even running back to the village to get help, all he did was run away. Aoi says Idate only cared about himself, he abandoned his village, and his brother. He's actually making very accurate points here.

Aoi goes for the kill, Sasuke and Sakura are here! Sakura with the Sharingan and Chidori now, into the blade, the sword is too strong. He can't get through it. He gets electrocuted. Idate tells them to run, Sakura says no way. Sasuke is up! He's all pissed about being called just a kid. POWAAA UP. CHIDORI! The blade is actually cracking! Explosion! Oh god, Sasuke is getting brutalized by the sword now. He gets thrown away onto a bridge. I thought it was cut down already. Now sasuke and Sakura fall off the cliff to end the episode.

Overall: Wow, great episode here. I really liked it. I loved how all the flashbacks really brought the plot together, everything made a lot of sense and it was interesting, plus a pretty interesting fight that I'm into. I'm damn surprised, but good work Naruto!

Naruto vs. One Piece: Time for SACRILEGE. OP was great here, after kind of a bumbling pace, which I was fine with, but that kept any episode from being that great, OP suddenly turned up the heat out of nowhere, and there was lots of good plot development. However, Naruto had some fantastic flashbacks here, that beautifully made the whole plot of the Land of Tea come together, as well as fleshing out some characters. And then we have an interesting fight, as instead of facing off against a really tough opponent in of itself, they are mostly facing off against a very tough weapon,and thats kinda cool, as it's a bit different. Naruto takes it, but yet again, pretty close contest, which is annoying >_>.

Naruto: 60

One Piece: 45


ONE PIECE EPISODE 106: BREAKING INTO RAIN DINNERS It's getting kind of hilarious that this OP is still going, considering Naruto just went to like, its 5th >_>.


Seriously, it just kind of gives the show a... almost video game feel. The show is just packed with details about its own world, to the point where it's pretty easy to be immersed into it. LOVE THE MAPS <333

I'm thinking about this right now, and how exactly does Luffy expect to defeat Crocodile when he can't beat the guy chasing him? >_>. Luffy enters the casino, and YELLS for crocodile at the top of his lungs. Amazing. Everyone just ignores him. Usopp points out that this guy is a hero, and everyone is gonna turn against them if he keeps it up.

Now they realize that they need Vivi to help point out Crocodile... >_>.

Erm, now Smoker is here, of course. Luffy runs his ass away. Miss Allsunday is here too. She says to show them into the VIP room.

The hallway splits off, VIPs one way, Pirates the other... <_<. Usopp wants to go VIP, but Luffy wants to go pirate, so they do so... then the hallway collapses and they fall. This is the most whacked out episode ever, already >_>.

Sanji and Chopper run into Tashigi but she doesn't recognize them. So Sanji and Chopper are now together.

Luffy and crew, and Smoker, are in a cell. Luffy says he feels weak. The prison is made of a sea material, so it drains his strength, Smoker hits Luffy with a bar, but his strength is sapped too, he can't go all smoke on anyone.

Crocodile now shows himself and mocks the crew. Man, what a great villain, he's even pissing ME off. He talks about killing them all, but first, the guest of honor must arrive. I'm assuming thats Vivi.

This continues the trend from Arlong for major fights. Take Luffy out of the picture early, so that the other members of the crew have a chance to shine before Luffy goes for it all.

Vivi meanwhile is fighting off cronies, it's easy to forget she is a capable fighter. But now she gets into trouble... A BIRD WITH GATLING GUNS FLIES IN! The bird takes Vivi to safety.. IT'S PELL! PELL CAN TURN INTO A BADASS FALCON! We gt a glimpse of his power, he definitely has super speed.

But now Allsunday is here. She has some sort of ability with her arms with her devil fruit. She like... impales Vivi with her arm, now Pell comes, and her arms start showing up on him, and grab him, causing him to crash. She can make her body grow on any surface, what a strange ability. Because of that, she is inescapable.

Pell charges again. Allsunday makes her arms grow from the building and stuff to grab him. Damn. She like snaps his neck or something, now she grabs Vivi and goes.

Back in the cage... Luffy is doing Sanji impersonations... XD.

Vivi now arrives. She charges Crocodile... SHE DESTROYS HIS HEAD, WHAT O_o. Oh, he has the ability of the sand fruit. He just turns into sand and re-appears.

Crocodile says it's time to start the party. Operation Utopia has officially commenced. He says today is the day this country destroys itself.

Overall: Well, damn. Thiis episode did a good job of making me wonder how the hell anyone could possibly win any of these big fights, like wow. HOW DARE YOU LEAVE YOUR BRO ACE ;_;. Good episode, interesting throughout. I guess it's up to Sanji and Chopper to save the day.


Commercial free! Thanks VISA!!

Some neutral "lord" guy gets "evidence that they were investigating" hmm. Sakura actually saves Sasuke. She grabs him, and concentrates the chakra into her hand, grabbing onto the cliff. They are far away from the others now though.

Naruto takes off the poison needles, he says they don't affect him, medicine I suppose.

Aoi draws his sword. Naruto creates like a hundred shadow clones. Aoi destroys a bunch, some in the back are doing Rasengan... he stops them, Aoi calls him an idiot. Naruto does it again. RASENGAN... badass animation as Aoi literally swats it away like a baseball. Now Naruto notices a crack in the sword, it's the damamge Sasuke did. He gets back up!

Shadow clone again. He says he won't waste the chance Sasuke gave him.

Idate is impressed with Naruto's courage. Idate helps out!


Naruto goes to save Sakura... but she says just finish the race. Idate apologizes for his lack of trust. They cut the rope to swing to the other side. Idate lets Naruto use his favorite knife, a sign of trust.

At the end of the race, the bad guy runner is reaching the finish.

Now Idate has arrives!!! He's running at full speed! The bad guy is just jogging, but now he sees him! IDate is catching up.... they are even... Idate sees Jirocho... burst of speed... Idate wins!

The whole town celebrates.

Now the bad guys show up. They say he rode on the back of a ninja at some points, which is a violation. I had a feeling this would happen. One of the lords, who is probably corrupt, says that Idate is DQ'd, and the Wasabi group is disbanded.

Now the other lord shows up, and shows proof of the corrupt lord taking bribes. He also orders the Wagarashi group disbanded.

The boat to take the wounded/Naruto and crew back is here... IT'S IBIKI. Idate calls out to him. Ibiki asks who he is... as he turns around, he smiles, and says he is looking good now. What an ass >_>. Ibiki also thinks to himself that Naruto is "interesting as always".

Sasuke meanwhile, is incredibly angry that Naruto beat Aoi, yet he couldn't. Which is interesting because Naruto needed his help to do it. Hmmm.

Overall: Very good episode once again. Maybe not quite as good as the last one, but close. Nice little fight, then the whole plot wrapped up very nicely. Plus an Ibiki sighting, and an implication of something interesting in the future.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Gotta say, I'm impressed with the Land of Tea arc. It was definitely a fun little ride, especially the last 2 episode. Naruto was pretty much entertaining the whole way here. OP was very interesting as well, but the whole casino chase section really bored me, so Naruto takes it by a hair. Sheesh. I miss when episodes weren't so close all the time : (.

Naruto: 61

One Piece: 45



We get a clip of adult Kohza talking to the king. He wanted the king to use some dance powder, but the king refused, saying it only brings trouble. Kohza said the next time he comes back, he'll take the rain powder.

On the morning that alubarna's forces are to go to Rainbase... the king is missing. Troops are off to find him.

Vivi meanwhile, angrily wants to know about Operation Utopia. Crocodile is willing to share the details of his plan... and I'm sure his overconfidence will not come back to haunt him later!

The king has been spotted in Nanohana. Kohza finds out about this and rides there immediately. The King apologizes to the town for stealing this country's rain. Yeah, this is pretty clearly Mr. 2. He now says he has to eradicate the town to erase evidence of the dance powder incident from several years ago. Even if he looks like the king, it's pretty ridiculous for anyone to believe the king would magically decide to do this years later. LOL, some little kid attacks the king, so the "king" kicks his ass.

KOHZA arrives just before the attack begins! Kohza gets all pissed... and then gets shot. I'm surprised Kohza didn't realize this was a farce. Everyone in this country seems to believe in the king/know him to an extent, yet they believe he and his men magically heel turned and magically reversed their denial of knowing about the dance powder?

Now uhh a SHIP FLIES INTO TOWN. They now set fire to the town and leave. Mr. 1 and his chick seemed to do something too, but I'm not sure what. Mr. 2's celebration is awesome. Meanwhile, a kid realizes that the king was a fake... but Mr. 1 and Doublefinger stop him. Damn.

The kid is all bloody as hell, and he can't seem to speak. Kohza wants to attack immediately now, but they still don't have enough weapons. But hey SURPRISE SURPRISE, the ship that JUST HAPPENED to fly into town right as the king JUST HAPPENED to become an idiot JUST HAPPENED to be a warship that JUST HAPPENS to be filled with weapons! Neato!

Turns out the ones who kidnapped the king were Mr. 4 and Miss merrychristmas. Apparently there were guards all over the place, so they must have some interesting ability.

Kohza ignites the rebel army for battle. Chaka, in the king's absence, doesn't know what to believe, so he decides to engage the rebel army. Didn't he JUST FIND OUT YESTERDAY that Crocodile is trying to end the country? I mean, wouldn't that set off alarms and make him realize whats going on to an extent? Anyway, because of this incident with the king, people all over who were once loyal to him are also taking up arms. Oh, and Vivi still looks dumb for deciding to go take on crocodile before stopping the rebels!

Now we go back to Luffy and crew. Crocodile just explained the plan, and Luffy and crew are all angry. I like the way they explained the plan, from a stylistic standpoint. Rather than just having Croc drone on, we saw it happen, then Croc laughing about how awesome he is afterwards.

Luffy is super pissed, and tries to break out, but obviously the bars stop him.

Smoker: Is that guy an idiot? Didn't he hear what I said earlier? Zoro: Sure he's an idiot... but that's why he's our captain

I liked that quote, because of the issues I addressed a few episodes ago, wondering why the crew still follows Luffy.

Vivi is all pissed and the episode ends.

Overall: Logic flaws kill immersion for me, and Operation Utopia was a stupid plan that counted on everyone to be idiots, and congrats, it worked! The one thing I like here is that they got everyone in the crew super angry, and really built up the Baroque people as total d-bags, making me more excited for the fights, but as for this ep, it's meh.




Sasuke is in the hospital again, and we actually get clips of the Land of Tea arc. Man, they've really made that feel like a non-filler arc. It really felt like the last straw for Sasuke at the end.

Tsunade meanwhile is with Shikamaru. Apparently some think no one should be promoted to Chunin since the exams were interrupted, but the 3rd Hokage was impressed with his performance and intended to promote him, so she is doing so. Shika is super embarassed lawl.

Sasuke has flashbacks of his brother caring more about Naruto and not even being bothered by him at all.

We see clips of Shika now, he seems to show leadership characteristics. I can't believe he was the only one to be promoted!

Orochi orders some dudes to the lead village now.

Rock tells Tsunade he is doing the surgery. Tsunade asks why he is so fixated on being on being a ninja. Rock talks about how it's his dream, which makes her remember Naruto. She comments on how wonderful of a hokage the 3rd was, to help foster so many dreams. She says the surgery is this afternoon.

Naruto shows up to visit Sasuke with Sakura. Sasuke remembers more times when Naruto succeeded and he didn't. Man, unlike OP, Naruto never seems to have tons of planning in advance (some, Sasuke's brother for example, but just not quite as much), but the writer definitely seemed to have this in mind from the start.

Sasuke suddenly gets all angry and stares down Naruto. He wants to fight... RIGHT NOW. Sharingan.

Naruto agrees! Sakura remembers evil Sasuke, and she is getting worried.

They go to some rooftop to fight. Naruto says he feels nervous, but he also feels a thrill. He is happy to finally do this. Naruto wants Sasuke to put on his headband on, but Sasuke refuses. Sasuke trash talks. They attack... even so far. Now it's back and forth. There's like laundry sheets everywhere which makes for an interesting dynamic.

Shadow clones by Naruto. He makes like hundreds of them. Sasuke uses his fire jutsu to counter. But out of the fire... it's the rasengan!!! CHIDORI BY SASUKE.... THEY COME AT EACH OTHER... Sakura is running towards the middle of them... oh god.

Overall: Decent episode. Nothing special, but I enjoyed the scenes with Shika and Rock, and the ending fight had some good animation.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP really annoyed me here, Operation Utopia was kind of lame and it required everyone to be an idiot. Especially Kohza and Chaka. As for Naruto, it wasn't great but it was reasonably enjoyable. Naruto takes it, and closes in on clinching the win before filler.

Naruto: 62

One Piece: 45



We really need some Chopper and Sanji action this ep.

The rebel army is headed for Alubarna. The palace is prepared to intercept.

Crocodile says he is about to head to Alubarna. He drops the key to the cage into the crocodile tank. She can either try and stop the rebel army in time, or try and save the crew. Choice here is pretty obvious, I doubt she could catch up with the rebels honestly. She'd have to cross desert and... sea I believe.... (looks at opening map) yep. All on foot.

Now one of the crocodiles, sorry, BANANAWANIS THANKS SUBBERS, swallows the key. uh oh. Crocodile also notes she probably wont even be able to tell which one of the many swallowed the key. Crocodile is now off, oh and the room is going to self-destruct in an hour. Thanks for the heads up! He says Vivi has to choose between 1 million and 4, and eitherway she has little chance to succeed.

Croc says his job was easy because of all the idiots. I agree. Croc now makes fun of Toto for digging up that oasis even when sandstorms keep coming. This really pisses off Luffy. Now Croc implies he can control the sandstorms. CRAP! HE HAS SAND ABILITIES, I FORGOT. IT MAKES SENSE. Croc has been making all the sand storms!

Now the water starts to flood the room. Vivi cries, knowing she probably won't be able to save her country or her friends. Luffy now stands upto Croc. This causes 0 to set one of his banana crocs free. The croc is actually really fast, Vivi is getting hit. The crew tells Vivi to run...

Now theres a ringing which causes everyone to stop... it's the phone/den den mushi thing. Crocodile speaks to the person... it's Sanji! Crocodile doesn't understand who it is, since Sanji was in the kitchen when Mr. 2 was aboard their ship. All he knows thats left is "their pet" Chopper.

Sanji calls himself Mr. Prince. He says he's gonna come save his crew... now we hear bullets. Some millions got Sanji. They say they are in front of Rain Dinners. Croc decides to go check it out himself.

Meanwhile, Vivi tries to escape so she can get help,.. but croc stops her. What a jerk!

Meanwhile, Mr. 2, 1 and doublefinger are near Alubarna.

Vivi dodges a crocodile stirke, and she gets away!

Crocodile makes it out front, and all his millions are dead thanks to "Mr. Prince.". Croc spots someone running, he thinks it's Prince. I think it might be Chopper though.

Now the bridge to the casino has sunk out of nowhere. Vivi is worried... SANJI IS HERE!

Sanji: It's not that we can't get out, it's that Baroque Works can't get in. *continues to play slots*


Overall: WHY ISN'T EVERY WOMAN IN THE WORLD SUCKING SANJI'S fuck EVERY MOMENT OF HIS LIFE? COOLEST MAN ALIVE. The pace was a bit slow here, but Sanji's plan was amazing, plus we learned some cool things, mostly that croc has been doing the sandstorms. Very solid ep.


They come at each other...

We see those sound ninja approaching leaf village. WHOA! Kakashi comes in and throws them both. Kakashi is thinking something to himself about Naruto's jutsu. I guess he didn't know yet! Teehee. He wonders how Naruto can use the rasengan. Both of their moves hit a water tower. Naruto's only made a small hole, while Sasuke's made a giant hole. Sasuke was aiming to kill, but Naruto wasn't.

Kakashi asks why Sasuke is acting like a child. He says a chidori of that size isn't to be aimed at a comrade. Sasuke just walks away... and he sees Naruto's move actually made a way bigger hole in the water tower from the back part. lol owned.

Sound ninja are all over the village.

Kakashi just sits there, so does Naruto. Sakura is crying (lol). Kakashi says that Naruto is probably too young to handle that jutsu, turns out Jiraiya was nearby. Kakashi says Naruto could have killed Sasuke had something gone wrong. Grrr, I hate Kakashi's Sasuke bias. You taught him the chidori jerk ass! Haha, Jiraiya says what I was thinking.

Jiraiya asks whats up between those 2. Kakashi says they have a similar relationship to Jiraiya-Orochi back in the day.

Naruto tells Sakura not to interfere with him and Sasuke.

Jiraiya looks like he's going to talk to Naruto... but he doesn't. He lets him just walk away. It's probably tough for him to get involved if he knows what this relationship is like.

The sound ninja's target appears to be Sasuke. Sasuke now gets trapped by... Kakashi? He did it so Sasuke would listen to him, haha. He says to give up revenge, it's not worth it. Sasuke, like a jerkass, says he is going to go kill whoever is closest to him. Kakashi says he can't, all those close to him are already dead. But he says they have found new comrades, so they are lucky in a way. Kakashi leaves him, Sasuke seems to be understanding him now.

The sound ninja are waiting a while to attack now, because of Kakashi.

Kakashi stares at some photos. One of himself with Naruto and crew. The other... his sensei is a dude that looks like Naruto kinda. Also, both his eyes were always out as a kid, but he still covered his face, ha ha.

We get clips of everyone just staring and remembering old times. Sakura comes to Naruto and wants to talk to him.

And now, Sasuke is confronted by 4 ninja. Orochi's plan seems to be for Sasuke to search him out for power.

Overall: Decent episode here. I enjoyed the analysis of Naruto-Sasuke.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Both episodes had their strong points, but SANJI being a badass was quite a bit more awesome than an analysis of the Naruto-Sasuke relationship. SANJI, I mean ONE PIECE takes it. And it looks like OP is finally about to get crazy good.

Naruto: 62

One Piece: 46



Sanji put a gun to someone's head to get them to do the thing for them on the phone, ha. Chopper is the one who beat the asses of all the millions, aww yeah.

Crocodile is still searching for Mr. Prince... chopper went small to try and avoid him.

Smoker, while they are drowning, asks about Crocodile's objectives. He says that the chick thats always with Mr.0's bounty is 70 mill, almost as much as Crocodile. Wait, crocodile shouldn't have a bounty on him I would think. Smoker says with those 2 working together, this could have world implications. Whoa.

Suddenly, SANJI! MOTHA FUCKIN SANJI! WITH BADASS GLASSES! ANTI MATTER KICK! ZOMGZOMG! Now a bunch of crocs show up. Smoker can tell which one has the key. They all have different growls! Smoker is pretty damn cool.

Crocodile is on his way back I think, ruh roh. Now, the croc poops or something... or lays an egg... out emerges... MR. 3! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. THATS THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING EVER. HE EVEN HAS HIS CLOTHES ON WTF. I thought we saw just his clothes left at the end. Right as he was about to be eaten he turned himself into a candle ball I guess >_>. That actually... makes a little sense... a little more sense than I thought it would, but lol anyway. Mr. 3 also finds the key. Mr. 3 throws it into the water again. What a meany : (.

Crocodile is talking... turns out he still has the real key O_O. What a jerk!

Usopp realizes mr. 3 could make a key with his ability... Sanji threatens him into doing it, then kicks his ass. I guess thats why they brought back Mr. 3 >_>.

Luffy kicks some croc ass and they escape. Crocodile arrives and sees they escapes... and Mr. 3. I hope Croc kills him here, so he can have died like 3-4 times. DBZ baby!

Zoro actually saves Smoker. Smoker asks why he saved him. After Smoker attacks him and Zoro blocks the attack that is >_>. Luffy told him to do it. He didn't want him to die... Zoro says he was just following his captain's orders, so he doesn't have to thank him. It was one of Luffy's "whims". Smoker says he will now carry out his duties. Marines hear of Smoker and rush to his aid. Luffy asks "Smokey" if he wants to fight. Smoker doesn't get Luffy at all... he tells him to go, but this is the last time. Next time, it's over. Cool music plays. I guess he finally realized they are good guys.

Luffy just stares at Smokey and says he doesn't hate him, laughs then runs away when smoker gets embarassed and attacks, lol.

Off to Alubarna!

Erm, wait, is chopper even with them? >_>

Overall: Fun little ep here. I was annoyed with Mr. 3 showing back up, but they did OK at explaining it, plus he was useful. I liked the scene at the end with smoker too. Nothing amazing, but pretty good.


One of the 4 sound guys attacks Sasuke. Sasuke pulls out that string from Kakashi, and manages to tie up his legs. Sasuke attacks, blocked. Now he does some weird sound move and suddenly seems to take control of Sasuke's body. Now a 2nd ninja attacks, but Sasuke barely dodges. The Ninja now uses a spider web. Sasuke gets away, but a 3rd ninja pwns him. Another guy goes for a punch. SWEET DODGE BY SASUK! He nails him! LIONS BARRAGE!

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura are out. Sakura looks a bit emo. She says Sasuke told him not to say this. She tells him about the seal from Orochi. Oh, I didn't even realize Naruto didn't know this. Sakura says Sasuke was wearing that same expression as the time he went evil, today.

Naruto is confident Sasuke wouldn't give in to Orochi, that seems to make Sakura happier.

The sound ninjas say Sasuke sucks basically. They say Sasuke will never get strong here. Considering plenty of ninja from the leaf are extremely strong, I'm not sure why Sasuke would believe this, but he is an idiot. They say Orochi will empower Sasuke. They ask if Sasuke is gonna come with them or not, Orochi didn't want him to be taken by force.

Oh god, Sasuke starts getting EVIL marks. They seem a bit stunned by this. Sasuke attacks... but gets pwned easily. They say that you shouldn't use curse marks lightly. They literally eat away at your body. They all have them too. Sasuke is only level 1, he can't really control their power. They say that you are tethered to Orochi for using them. They dont have freedom. They now say that this village makes him weak. They get away now.

Sasuke stares at that pictureof his crew... he puts it face down. Then he runs off. I guess he made his decision, LOL idiot. Seriously, how can he see all the strong guys around him, and not think he will get better? But I guess in his defense he is like 12-13 or something.

As Sasuke walks away from the village, Sakura is there. Sasuke just walks on by. Sakura cries, Sasuke says to stop bothering him. She asks him about the time he got mad at her for getting on Naruto for not having parents. He doesn't even remember it, lol. She talks about all the times the crew had together now. Sasuke says he is different from everyone. He has decided on revenge. Sakura says if Sasuke leaves, it would be like solitude for her... ha. Sakura says she loves him, jesus >_>. Now Sasuke calls her ANNOYING. Ouchies, burn. Now Sasuke says thank you, then uhh makes her pass out or something.

As Sasuke leaves the village, the sound guys bow to him. Apparently he is to be their leader now.

Overall: The fight was OK. The whole episode was leading up to that final scene though... and I don't know. It was pretty emotional but also kind of cringe-worthy honestly. It probably doesn't help that I don't care tons for Sakura or Sasuke. Decent ep, but it probably could have been better. Maybe if Sakura didn't get so over the top at the end.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP had a fun little ep here. Meanwhile, Naruto tried to go serious, which it generally does pretty well, but they took it a bit far, and it got kind of lame. OP takes it. It's worth nothing that both shows are moving in interesting directions though.

Naruto: 62

One Piece: 47



Smoker orders HQ be contacted, and that all nearby ships be sent to Alabasta.

Last episode, I failed to mention that Sanji made Nami put on some sexy perfume, I thought he was just being a loser, but it turns out, it was so chopper could find them. SANJI DOES IT AGAIN BAI GAWD.

CHOPPER FINDS THEM... AND HAS A GOD DAMN GIANT CRAB. WHAT. AWESOME. He is a friend of Eyelashes. And off they go!

A hook now randomly grabs Vivi off the crab. They are forced to stop. The expression on the crab's face is priceless. Luffy grabs on to the hook... IT'S CROCODILE I THINK. NO LUFFY, YOU AREN'T STRONG ENOUGH IDIOT. He tells them to get going and make sure Vivi makes it safely.

Vivi is worried about Luffy. Zoro says that they don't have any time, Luffy will hold off crocodile for them. Zoro says from now on, what happens to any of them is no importance. Vivi must reach the armies in time. Vivi yells to Luffy that they will await him in Alubarna.

Croc tells All Sunday to contact the Alubarna forces. He looks like he is gonna take out Luffy. I definitely didn't expect this fight to happen so soon. Crocodile makes fun of Vivi for not wanting anyone to die in the battle, he says thats impossible, Luffy says he agrees. Thats kinda funny. Not to often before a good vs. evil battle do you see that.

Croc says becoming intimate with others leads to death, and talks about all the people he has screwed. Luffy calls him stupid, which amuses all Sunday. Or should I say NICO ROBIN. All Sunday leaves for Alubarna.

Crocodile sets up a 3 minute timer. After that he won't have time to play anymore. Luffy uses his pistol, dodged obviously, he turns into sand, Luffy dodges an attack, Croc turns to sand again for another attack. Luffy's ability makes him pretty much unable to defeat any of these guys like smoker or croc, I don't see how he could ever get to the point where he could. Crocodile mocks Luffy for all his efforts, but Luffy keeps coming! But Croc just keeps dissolving.

Crocodile now uses desert sword... it's a crazy ground attack, Luffy barely dodges. The attack literally breaks the desert in two, Croc says he has trained his devil fruit abilities to their full potential.

Luffy now gets hit by some crazy attack that seems to turn the whole area around him to quicksand. He tries to get out. Croc says he is invincible on this terrain. Luffy uses bazooka to get out, he goes for a rubber net move on Croc, easily batted away. Croc now uses some weird sand move to suck Luffy in, then he pwns him... WHAT. LUFFY'S ARM IS JUST A SKELETON NOW. WTF. He sucked the water out of his arm.

LOL. Luffy now runs for his water, drinks it, and his arm heals again, popeye style. Hmmm, that doesn't seem like it would magically heal his arm, but maybe it has something to do with being rubber. Luffy talks about how Toto got this water for him.

LOL, Luffy tries a move where he tries to EAT Croc, doesn't work >_>.

The three minutes are up. Croc now uses sandstorm... Croc says this sandstorm will end up hitting Yuba. Luffy is pissed that he is picking on Toto. He says this sandstorm will finish Yuba. Luffy tells him to stop... then suddenly falls over. HE JUST PIERCED LUFFY WITH HIS HOOK. Blood drips. Croc calls Luffy one of many rookies who are all talk on the Grand Line.

Overall: Man. This is a tricky one. Fights like this are tough to really get into, because it's all the bad guy pwning. However, I was very compelled by finally seeing more of Croc's power, and that ending was pretty nuts. And more than anything, this episode really made me feel that Croc is invincible and unstoppable, which is what they wanted Im sure. Good stuff, surprisingly, considering it was a squash fight.


The next morning some ninjas spot Sakura sleeping on the bench.

Tsunade is told the news. Sasuke is gone. She is shocked that Orochi is already making a move. Tsunade calls for SHIKAMARU!!! I guess this is why he was the one promoted. Shikamaru will be a very interesting leader for this squad. Tsunade says this mission could be very difficult, because of Orochi. Shika wants a team of Jonin and Chunin. Tsunade says they can't do that because of other missions/the village shortage of ninja. Tsunade says to gather all the genin he considers to be the best in the next 30 minutes then leave. She says theres one guy she wants to reccomend... NARUTO! Shika doesn't quite understand it but oh well.

Shika recruits Choji first, since he has worked with him longest. Shino is on a special mission, so Kiba is in. They also recruit Neji on the way. We get a short Rock cameo, his operation was a success. Rock is sad that he can't be a part of it. But he tells Neji to go for it.

It's just like Shika to not recruit any girls >_>. Shika says that he is a leader, which doesn't quite sit right with Naruto.

SHIKA STRATEGY SESSION TIME. They will go in a single file line. #1 position is Kiba, for his dog's nose. Shika will be in position 2, he says he can give orders to everyone there. Naruto will be #3 becauseof his speed and Shadow Clones. Choji is #4 for his striking ability. Neji is #5, because of his Byakugan.

Shika asks them all for their gear so he can see what their military potential is. Man, he is an awesome leader.

As they are about to leave, Sakura shows up. Shika says he can't take her along. Sakura says she has a once in a lifetime request for Naruto... bring back Sasuke. She cries, lawl. She says Naruto is the only one who can save him. Naruto says he knows how she feels... to the core. Obviously talking about himself and her. She cries more and thanks him. Sasuke thinks to herself that Naruto always helps her and understand her...

Rock tells Sakura he is positive it will all go well.

Meanwhile, the sound ninja stop... they say it will be necessary for Sasuke to die once... O_o

Overall: Shika was so awesome this ep. Him gathering the crew was fun, as was the strategy session. I also enjoyed the ending scene with sakura a lot more than last episode. And the ending cliffhanger was very interesting. Solid all around ep.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP accomplished what it set out to do here, they made Crocodile seem like an unbeatable monster. From an enjoyment standpoint though,it wasn't perfect, as it was mostly Luffy getting his ass whooped for 10+ minutes. Though the end was very shocking and well done. Naruto though, was very interesting as well. They showed that Shika can be an awesome leader, and they did much better with the emotional scene, and a very cool cliffhanger. Edge to Naruto here. But good efforts from both shows.

Naruto: 63

One Piece: 47


ONE PIECE EPISODE 111: THE MIRACLE SPRING! ALABASTA THE ANIMAL LAND I just don't see how anyone in the Straw Hats can beat Crocodile. It's ridiculous to think of just how far behind the best Luffy and crew are, between Mihawk, Smoker, Ace, Crocodile. They just seem so out of their league all the time. It's kind of awesome in a way, to know how long the journey will be, but damn.

Toto finds a nice spot of water. But a sandstorm is heading his way.

Meanwhile, Luffy still has a damn hook through his body. WHAT. LUFFY GRABS CROC. CROC CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Croc throws Luffy down. Luffy starts to sink into the quicksand, and Croc walks away.

Toto faces the sandstorm like a man, and still says Yuba will not be defeated.

Usopp tells some tall tales to Chopper, who believes them, XD. Awesome.

The Straw hats seem on edge about Luffy's fight.

Smoker sends Tashigi to Alubarna. She asks if she should support the royal army or chase the straw hats. Chopper tells her to do what she wants, decide when she gets there. Ha. Nice. Smoker is off to sea to handle business.

Tashigi decides to take her men to pursue the Straw Hats.

The straw hats have reached the river, but this crab hates water I guess. Chopper says he loves dancing girls. So Nami takes off some clothes, and scissors gets all excited and is able to make it some of the way... till he sinks. They keep moving. Now a GIANT CATFISH APPEARS!



Huh? Luffy is somehow still alive. Only his head is sticking out of the sand. Now more sand covers him... Well then, it's NICO ROBIN. She saves Luffy! Whoa. She asks Luffy why he fights. She mentions something about "you people who carry the name of D." wow, Luffy's middle name actually might be significant? This show is unreal >_>.

Now Pell arrives. Nico leaves, and says Pell can help Luffy. Weird... very weird.

Everyone is preparing for war. We see Mr. 4 with the kidnapped king. The king thinks to himself that Chaka and Kohza must not fight. We get clips of all 5 groups that are currently at play (Tashigi, Straw Hats, Rebels, Royal Army, Baroque), and the narrator says they will all meet at Alubarna. Thats pretty awesome.


Overall: Set up episode here mostly. As much fun as seeing the dugongs and carue show up, it really was kind of lazy writing, they just needed various animals to show up so they could realistically make it in time >_>. However, outside of that, they really did a good job building up this inevitable conflict, especially with all the groups at play, and god damn that Nico-Luffy encounter was fascinating as hell. Pretty good ep, but mostly set-up, so nothing too exciting.


Well, thats a pretty cool title to get me excited for the ep!

The explanation for Sasuke is a bit complicated/weird. He has to take some pills so he can go up to level 2 in curse marks, but the curse marks or the pills or something will cause him to die. From there they will use some barrier jutsu to help him, and revive him, Sasuke takes a pill. The sound ninjas do their thing to protect him. Their weird seal literally looks like they just put Sasuke in a giant basket, which is kind of hilarious.

Some leaf guys hear the sound ninjas around, and attack. They recognize them as Orochi's guards. Oh damn, these are the 4 who put that barrier around the orochi fight? I didn't even realize that, but I did think they looked familiar.

The sound guys curse mark up. The Jonin from the leaf village says they are all chunin, really? Thats the best Orochi can do for guards? <_<.

Shi*zune and the other ninja in the group decide to check out whats going on with the other 2 ninja... they find... them dead O_o, or near death. It was 2 on 4, but they couldn't take down chunin! WTF!

Shi*zune seems to heal them enough so they survive. One of the Jonin says their jutsu is now no longer the level of mere shinobi. Hm?

Kiba smells the blood of the fight, and Sasuke and crew getting away. Shika decides to pursue Sasuke. Shika says be careful of ambushes. Kiba now smells the enemy everywhere. Shika orders them to stop. Paper bombs are all over the place. They need to make a detour now I guess.

Rock wants to train, but Tsunade stops him, and gives him a speech about training, and how building strength isn't the only way to train.

Naruto almost falls for a trap but Shika uses shadow possession to stop him. Clever.

Neji uses Byakugan, awesome animation for this, and finds the enemy. shika says once they have a plan they will strike.

All the sound ninja are weak from using their curse marks. They are resting and recovering.

Shika places them in two teams. They are traveling towards them, but the sound guys know they are coming. SHika doesn't realize this. As they sneak up... BOMB ATTACK, Neji and Shika seem to get hit by it.

Overall: This episode seemed mostly to be to put over the sound guys as very deadly opponents, the episode was pretty much set-up, things look set to get good next ep, but this ep was just OK.

Naruto vs. One Piece: 2 set up episodes here. OP is obviously generally way better at set-up than Naruto, so no surprise that it takes this one rather easily. Next episode seems to be when the action will start for both shows, so that should be interesting.

Naruto: 63

One Piece: 48



Heeeere we go.

Luffy screams to Pell that he is gonna make Crocodile pay. And he keeps saying MEAT. I guess he is hungry >_>.

The rebels will be to Alubarna in 30 minutes. 2,000,000 strong! The Royal Army spots them! Both armies rally!

Meanwhile, the straw hats are riding on their ducks.

Meanwhile, the Baroque Works officers are here to stop the Straw Hats if they happen to make it in time. The officers now spot the crew on their ducks! WOOO DUCK POWER. They only need to defeat vivi, but they are all in white robes, so they can't see who is who.

Mr. 4 fires some baseball grenades, but the birds are super fast. 2 of them break off to the south gate. Merrychristmas thinks one is vivi, so her and Mr. 4 go for them.

2 are going for the southwest gate, and 2 are going for the west gate. I think.

Mr. 2 follows one group, Mr. 1 and doublefinger follow the other.



Against Mr. 1 and DF is Zoro, ouch. Tough One! Oh and Nami.

Against Mr. 4 and Christmas... Chopper and Sanji. The best combined I'd imagine. Unless Zoro is way farther beyond Sanji than I think.

We haven't seen the crew in any real fights in a while, this is exciting. The last time I feel like everyone was involved in tough fights was Arlong.

Vivi stands at the front gate, with Carue by her side. Carue is trembling... but refuses to leave! CARUUUUUE!

As the rebel army comes near, Vivi screams for them to listen.... KOHZA SPOTS VIVI! But now a cannon strike hits, Kohza loses sight! THE REBELS CAN'T SEE! SOMEONE FIRED ON THEIR OWN! IT WAS A BAROQUE WORKS AGENT! NO! NO! VIVI WONT BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE NOW!


Cannons fire from the royal army. Now people are dying. Except no one dies in OP so no one is actually dying I'm sure!

We see some epic fighting at the games now. Aww, they went to screenshot mode, lame!


Vivi says she will not give up. Now Usopp arrives on a horse... he says she still has time... Vivi is worried about Carue. Usopp says that bird is done for. Vivi remembers how Usopp and Carue were pals. She asks Usopp to prove himself... he has the bandage thing around his arm O_o. Damn. DONT FALL FOR IT VIVI.

Meanwhile, Sanji sees Usopp and Eyelashes. They got their asses kicked >_>. Sanji came because their ducks came to get help. So I guess Chopper is fighting the 4s alone!


Vivi says he's not Usopp... Sanji realizes Vivi is in danger.

OVerall: Phew, exhilirating episode that was completely gripping from start to finish. Definitely one of the top episodes of the arc so far. Great stuff.


Uh oh!

Shika and Neji are thrown into the camp with the ninja. ruh roh. Shika says they didn't comne to fight, they came to negotiate. Now Naruto, Kiba and Choji arrive, smoke bomb by Kiba. Those 3 are actually stuck to some trap wire or something.

All of a sudden, all the ninja can't move, SHADOW POSESSION! It was all Shika's plan from the start I guess. But one of the ninja knew it was coming,and a trap is unleashed, Shika has to break the Jutsu, and now they get trapped by an earth barrier.

The rest of the sound ninja now leave. The guy who made the barrier is sticking around to take them out once he recovers more.

Kiba tries to break them out with some cool spinning jutsu, but it doesn't work. The wall restores itself.

Neji uses Byakugan. Their chakra is getting sucked while in the barrier. Damn. The fat guy outside seems to be absorbing it all. All the guys inside start feeling tired.

Kiba now eats a food pill to become more badass. Him and Kiba do a double spinning move. But it doesan't work.

Naruto can't use his rasengan because of all this. Shika just sits there, thinking I assume. Shika tries saying they won't go after Sasuke if they let them free. He then asks to be let out on his own. The fat guy laughs, he says Shika is a terrible leader. Naruto and crew are getting all pissed and angry at Shika. Choji says for everyone to shut up. Erm, he starts eating. Shika is just sitting down again.

SHIKA MUSIC PLAYS! HE HAS A PLAN! He wants Neji to use his byakugan to see behind the wall Choji's near. He wants Kiba to dent the wall again as well. Kiba dents the wall. Byakugan... Neji notes one specific spot. The wall has weaker points than others. Some recover slower. Those have a thin layer of Chakra. When Shika tried to surrender earlier, he was trying to figure out the enemie's position. The thin layer is opposite of where the fat sound guy is, so it all makes sense. Wow, very clever. Choji figure it out and started eating to restore chakra, they've been working together for years and it shows!

Expansion jutsu by Choji! Human boulder! HE BREAKS THROUGH! SOUND GUY DOESN'T BELIEVE IT! NICE!

The 5 Chunin stare down the sound dude now.

Overall: Well, I mean, this episode was mostly them being stuck in a boulder. So it wasn't that great, but the plan was really cool in the end. Shika rules again.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Fantastic OP from start to finish here, never a dull moment, and it would have taken a top tier Naruto to best it, and Naruto didn't deliver more than an OK episode. Shika really is awesome though, also, his theme is awesome. I'm thinking here, no matter how good Naruto's fights are, it might be very tough for it to win much with OP just getting amazing. OP lost a lot of episodes while slowly building this arc, but now OP is gonna feel a lot more meaningful and epic here probably.

Naruto: 63

One Piece: 49



YES YES YES! NEW ONE PIECE MAP!!! we get a zoom in on the Alabasta Kingdom, and the different entrances.

Sanji is off to help Vivi. He sends Usopp to help chopper.

Chopper is fighting 4 and christmas. They seem to be able to disappear or go underground or something. They keep making holes appear. Mr. 4 emerges from one. So does Merrychristmas.

Mr. 2 attacks Vivi... CARUE RECOVERS. HE GRABS VIVI AND RUNS! GO CARUE! CARUE STARTS RUNNING UP A CLIFF... BUT HE CAN'T MAKE IT. He flaps his wings... he remembers times with the Straw Hats! HE FLAPS HARDER! HE MAKES IT! I LOVE YOU CARUE!

Now Mr. 2 starts climbing the cliff. DAMN IT. Mr. 2 really is awesome though I must admit >_>.

Vivi and Carue make it to the streets and witness all the fighting. She gets angry. Vivi asks Carue to make it through the fighting, she needs to see Chaka. Carue runs... WHAT. NO. A BULLET. A BULLET HITS CARUE. NOOOOOO. WAIT, HE KEEPS RUNNING! MR. 2 IS ON THE CHASE! COME ON CARUE!



XD. The ducks stretcher Carue off, by god I love OP animals. Vivi runs off for the palace. And now, mr. badass himself, Sanji, is here to fight Mr. 2. Oh wow, I didn't notice Mr. 2 stole Usopp's goggles >_>. Sanji says he will get them back.

Kick by Mr. 2, blocked! Sanji introduces himself. Mr. 2 doesn't understand why a cook would fight this organization.

Oh god yes, Zoro vs. Mr. 1 and DF meanwhile, is going on. The ducks and Nami cheer on Zoro! The 2 just walk right past Zoro. First rule of assassinations, kill the weakest target. They plan on killing Nami! Nami runs for it.

Usopp arrives at the southeast gate, he sees Chopper is down! Chopper says Mr. 4 and MC are still out there... Chopper says MC turns into a mole, and Mr. 4 is a no. 4 bater, he has baseball bombs he hits. Mr. 4 also has a dog with him. The dog shows up... it's... a dog... and a gun. When he sneezes, more bombs come. Usopp gets a baseball hit at him, and he seems to get hit. The baseballs are time bombs. SO he can't throw them back at them.

Usopp doesn't want to fight anymore, Chopper and Usopp get pissed at each other. The dog is actually a GUN that ate a dog devil fruit. lol O_o.

Now MC turns into a mole again. Chopper thinks it's a penguin XD. She goes underground. Usopp runs again... but the ball takes a weird path thats hit at him, and explodes on his ass.

Overall: The carue/Sanji/Vivi stuff was amazing. Very gripping at awesome. The intro to the Zoro fight was interesting. The Chopper/Usopp fight isn't so great so far, mostly because they haven't even really fought back at all yet. So the last 8 minutes or so weren't that great, but still a really good ep overall. All 3 fights have a different twist. Usopp/Chopper is a team fight. Zoro has to deal with a weak link, and Sanji vs. Bon Clay is just going to be a man on man fight from 2 people of somewhat equal strength (I assume).


Kiba and Naruto want to fight fatty. but they get owned quick. Fatty goes for the earth dome again, but Choji expands and uses human boulderto get them away. WTF, when did Choji become so cool?

Shika is gonna split the team into 2 groups. One to go after Sasuke, the other to fight fatty. Neji will be a sub leader. Neji will take Choji and Kiba to go for Sasuke, Naruto and Shika are in the other group. Naruto and Shika will fight.

Shika goes for his shadow possession... he disappears. Kiba says he is behind them! WTF. He literally lifts like 50 tons of earthinto the air and throws it at them! Now he comes from underground and grabs Shika, he throws Shika, Expansion by Choji! Damn Choji rules all of a sudden.

CHOJI IS PISSED. He says he will take care of him. He will handle him on his own! He gives his food pills to Shika. He says he has a secret weapon. He tells everyone to go.

Choji pulls out different colored pills. The green pill of spinach first. Fatty runs at Choji. CHOJI STOPS HIM! Shika and crew leave. CHOJI LIFTS FATTY NOW! JUDO TOSS MOTHA shitA! Fatty goes into a tree. Nice.

Naruto and crew eat food pills to restore Chakra. Shika says that Choji brought some special pills on this mission. From his clan. Each pill contains tons of energy. But there's always a side effect to anything that works that well... hm...

Choji's stomach seems to hurt.

Shika hopes Choji doesn't take the red pill...

Choji now wraps himself in kunai. SPIKY HUMAN BOULDER! JUST MISSES! Cool move! Fatty uses an earth shield. CHOKI BREAKS THROUGH. He cuts the guy a bit, but also seems to be stopped...

Fatty activates his curse marks. He appears to be fine. He nails Choji with a palm strike. Fatty calls Choji a loser, the loser of the group. That seems to set off Choji. He is reminded of his sensei and ino calling him fat. Naruto, and Kiba doubted him too.

Fatty charges, Choji gets hit, knee lift, shoulder charge. He calls Choji a loser again. And he bashes Shika.

Shika talks about how Choji thinks he is the weakest of the group, and Kiba says he is.

Choji remembers how Shika believed in him as he gets his ass beat. Shikamaru has always believed in him! He believed that he was strong! YELLOW PILL! GOOOOO.


Shika says everyone thinks Choji is weak... but he knows... he is strong.

Choji calls him "fatty" partial expansion jutsu!

Overall: The fight itself wasn't too great so far, thoughit had its moments. I really enjoyed the developement of Choji though, he hasn't gotten tons of spotlight so far, but he is turning out to be pretty cool.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Hmm, I enjoyed the developement of Choji here for sure. But the fight wasn't much more than decent. OP had its own fight that was kinda weak, but that shit with Carue was intense as shit. So despite the weak final minutes, the strong first half of OP carries it to a narrow victory.

Naruto: 63

One Piece: 50



Is this my last episode with Wonderland? I liked it, but after having it forever, can't say I'll miss it tons!

It just occured to me that the Japanese having a "MerryChristmas" character is a bit weird.

Chopper seemed to have saved Usopp. Chopper tells Usopp to keep moving. The dog gun fires some baseballs. Chopper runs for Mr. 4 before he can hit them... MC GRABS HIS LEGS! NO! Chopper changes to miniform to dodge it!

Chopper: I almost forgot I could do that!

Me too! I bet the writer almost forgot too, hence why he added that in >_>.

Now everyone realizes Usopp is gone. Usopp jumped into the tunnels! YES! HE GETS BEHIND NO. 4. USOPP POUND! MY GOD I LOVE YOU USOPP! HE JUST HAMMERED MR. 4! USOPP PWNS! USOPP PWNS! The hammer says it is 5 tons... XD. Molelady can't believe Usopp's strength... XD. He just swings it like a badass... XXDDDD.

MC: Who the hell are you? Usopp: I travel the seas of this world, obliterating every enemy in my path. I can't count how many ships I've sunk. People fearfully call me... Lord of Destruction. Remember my name well. CAPTAIN USOPP! Chopper: WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!

XD. Chopper + Usopp is so much win!


Usopp: I'm the one who has taken out every Baroque Works officer! Also, I have 8,000 followers! Chooper: REALLY!? Usopp: *lifts hammer* 5 tons! Chopper: WHOA AWESOME! Usopp: 5 tons! Chopper: WHOA! AWESOME!

my god, best episode ever.

Now Mr. 4 finally recovers, he doesnt even have a scratch on him! He just has slow reaction times >_>.

Chopper: IT WAS A FAKE?! Usopp: OF COURSE IT WAS! How could I lift 5 tons? I gave up after 5 kilos! This is just a portable fold up model I made with two frying pans and a stick!

XD. We even get a diagram displaying every part of the hammaer, + the combines weight of it all >___>. It's actually more like 2 kilos <_____<.

Mole Lady is PISSED NOW! SHE IS NOT HOLDING BACK! She goes into a hole... SHE IS GONNA COME OUT RIGHT BEHIND USOPP! SLASH! USOPP IS HIT! MC sends dog and 4 on Chopper, she will handle Usopp.

Dog sends like hundreds of baseballs into the air now. Chopper says he's gonna have to bet everything on the next 3 minutes. RUMBLE! Mr. 4 starts hitting baseballs like crazy. BRAIN POINT! SCOPE! Whatever that means!

Aww, cut away. Vivi is running and having flashbacks about this journey. About everyone's sacrifices for her.

All those balls explode near chopper. He seems just about KO'd. But he stays on his feet.

Meanwhile, molelady is going for Usopp as he runs away... Usopp goes for a wall, she is gonna crash into it if they keep going.... Usopp makes it... MOLE LADY GOES THROUGH THE WALLS! A building looks like it collapses on Usopp.

Chopper gets hit again as he worries about Usopp. Chopper is getting desperate. He only has 2 minutes!

Usopp emerges from the broken building... he's OK. He thinks he took out the mole lady and laughs... BUT SHE STILL LIVES! SHE GRABS USOPP! She is gonna send him into a wall.... USOPP GOES RIGHT THROUGH IT! Ouchies! And another! Usopp is down.

Chopper sees Mr. 4's weakness now! He throws sand into the dog's nose to make it sneeze. Now he grabs the dog and makes it send baseballs into the molehills. Great idea! Chopper and Usopp run their asses from the molehills, and now they EXPLODE. HUGE EXPLOSION! BADASS! Chopper says the weakness of the molehills is they are all connected. Usopp, who is practically dead, says wow >_>.

WTF! THEY ARE STILL ALIVE! Mole lady grabs Usopp as he tries to run away. MC says that Luffy is dead and worthless, which freaks out Usopp and Chopper...


Overall: Usopp, best ever. The first half was like the funniest stuff OP has ever done. The 2nd half was more the serious fight. It was fun, but not great. Really good ep overall though. Nice ending. ANGRY USOPP!


WHOA! CHOJI JUST DID A LUFFY SORTA! He is expanding his body parts to make them rubbery ish, and NAILING fatty. Nice! Luffy powaaa!


WHAT! FATTY LIFTS HIM! He just went to stage 2 curse marks! SLAMMING PALM! 1 million pounds of Choji goes into the air. He crashes at normal size. Fatty is red now. Power'd up. Fatty says in stage 2 he can put out 10x more power.

Choji says it's too painful to move. Side effects of pill #2. Dude nails Choji again.

Choji starts having flashbacks of his childhood. His teams always lost in games, everyone made fun of him for this.

Fatty says that he needs a lot of chakra for this, so he is gonna eat choji's chakra. He starts to suck Choji's chakra, but he is empty. He throws Choji. He calls Choji the odd man out.

More Choji flashbacks. They weren't gonna let Choji play games with them anymore because their team always lost. Choji walks away...

He talks to his dad. He says that Choji is kindhearted more than anything. One day he will make friends who recognize this. And then he should cherish those friends and believe in each other. Choji smiled thinking of this.

Fatty says after he kills Choji, he is gonna kill the rest of his crew. Shika and the rest of the crew decide to make marks for Choji so he can follow them once he wins, which they are confident in now.

Fatty says it's time to end this. He still has his red pill... but if he takes it... he will die for sure.

Flashback. Shika wasn't mean to Choji like everyone else. He went after Choji and talked to him. He asks to sit with him and watch the clouds. They became friends.

Choji pops the red pill. Crushing palm by fatty... SUPER SPEED BY CHOJI! HE DODGES! Punch by fatty, BLOCKED. Choji says he is 100x stronger now! He says that blow was for eating his last snack! Another one for calling him fat! And another one for bashing his best friend! DO IT CHOJI! ALL OF HIS CHAKRA TO HIS LEFT HAND! OMGGGG POWER UUUP! HE PUNCHES HIM STRAIGHT IN THE CHEST! FATTY IS SO DEAD!

The curse marks disappear... Now Choji passes out...

He smiles... he won.

He walks to a nearby tree. He starts following a butterfly, he has always been good with them for some reason.

Choji cries some tears. He sees a tree with messages from everyone saying to hurry up, we're waiting for you. He remembers all the good times with his new friends, from becoming a ninja, ninja school.

Now the tears are really coming down. He says to his dad that he did make lots of friends. He now feels pain in his heart. He sits down, and collapses. He is dead, I assume.

Shika senses something... But he doesn't say anything.

Overall: ... Damn. Just damn. Extremely moving episode here. All the flashbacks were great. The ending to the fight was great, and the ending was just ridiculously moving. I didn't cry, but man, I wouldn't blame anyone who did. Great stuff.

Naruto vs. One Piece: After OP delivered such a funny episode, I really didn't think Naruto had a chance, but by god, it delivered an incredibly moving episode. This is where Naruto has an edge over OP. Because Naruto has shown they are willing to kill people off, even if Choji somehow ends up alive when this is all done, they made me believe he's dead, and it was moving. OP can't really make me believe someone is dead anymore. Naruto takes it.

Naruto: 64

One Piece: 50



Oh boy. Just realized I should get the new OP during Marathon Day!

Usopp is ANGRY. He says Luffy would never die in a place like this, he will be the Pirate King! MC and 4 laugh at him. ANGRY USOPP!!! MC grabs Usopp and puts him through another wall. Now she is gonna send him straight for 4, who is gonna smash him with the baseball bat. IT CONNECTS! HOLY SHIT! Usopp's SKULL CRACKS. He literally flies in the air, then slams down. Wow. That was sick. ANGRY CHOPPER! He says Usopp isn't a coward, after they make fun of him... WHAT. IS EVERYONE IN THIS FIGHT GOD DAMN INVINCIBLE OR SOMETHING? USOPP IS UP!

Usopp: There is a time... when a man... will not run from a fight. That time is when his friends are laughed at.

Blood is pouring down his face. ULTIMATE BADASS. He says he KNOWS Luffy will be the pirate King! HE WONT LET THEM LAUGH AT THAT! YEAH USOPP! MC goes underground again... CHOPPER TRANSFORM! HORN POINT! Usopp is grabbed again, MC is sending him towards the bat again. Usopp tells Chopper to get behind him. Mr. 4 winds up... SLINGSHOT! Smoke bomb it seems! Usopp slips out of his shoes to get out of the hold! Now Chopper grabs MC!!! YES DO IT CHOPPER! THEY ARE HEADING FOR THE SMOKE! MR. 4 CAN'T SEE THEM! USOPP MIMICS MC'S VOICE... XD. OMG! MR. 4 NAILS MC IN THE FACE! YES YES YES! HOME RUN! MC IS SENT FLYING! MR. 4 FREAKS OUT! Now Chopper and Usopp team up to do a super slingshot move on Mr. 4! He is too slow to dodge! The dog is out too! He accidentally drops one last bomb, it blows up right on their asses! Hell yeah! They win!

Chopper screams for a doctor... "oh yeah".

We get words on the screen. Alubarna- Southeast Gate Battle. Victor, Usopp-Chopper Team! Wooooo!

We get clips of the fighting inside. Kohza is still hurt from the bullets. He wants a horse so he can ride to the palace and demand Cobra's surrender. The rebels say it's too dangerous, and that more forces are coming, but Kohza doesn't care.

Vivi makes it to the royal army. She asks for Chaka.

Mr. 2 vs. Sanji time! Jazz music plays for this. Mr. 2 uses his kenpo, and Sanji is dodging. Now they both kick each other in the head! Mr. 2 is shocked that he can rival his ballet kenpo. Now ballet is playing. Neither man is getting anywhere with his moves. They have a kicking clash a few times as well, where their legs hit each other. They both get sent flying back by this when a major one happens. Both are impressed with each other. Mr. 2 says from now on he is serious. He does uhhh a weird face to make Sanji laugh..

Sanji: 90% of that was your own face

XD. Now Sanji nails Mr. 2 in the face. Now Mr. 2 turns his face into Usopp's... Sanji kicks him. Mr. 2 thought that would work >_>. Oh god... Mr. 2 now turns into Nami and Sanji freaks out. He cannot believe it's that easy >_>. Jesus, too predictable.

Vivi arrives to Chaka. She wants Chaka to destroy the palace so she can grab the people's attention, and talk. No one believes it. Chakak now remembers the King saying the people are the most important part of the country, and how he didn't care if the palace was overrun, he cared about the people. Just like Vivi does now. Chaka bows to Vivi and says he will do it.

Overall: The Chopper/Usopp fight continued and had a fun finish. I love seeing Usopp be a badass. The Vivi stuff was pretty good too. The 2/Sanji fight was kinda weak so far though, and was the low point. Good episode, held down a bit by that fight's start.


Neji says there have been no traps set for a while. I guess they are being underestimated.

Now Shika shows up as "Jirobo" but they quickly figure out it isn't actually him. The guy with multiple arms stays back to fight, and sends the other 2 on their way. Shika attacks... spider web move by arms. Shika is trapped against a tree. NARUTO ARRIVES! Shadow clone! Net by arms. Now Kiba arrives... Arms spidermans away and traps Kiba in some net. This guy is slippery, this definitely feels like Shika should get this fight.

Neji arrives... DODGED AGAIN. Neji is netted. Now arms turns Neji into a cocoon. Naruto tries to cut the spider webs with a kunai, but it doesn't work. Dayum.

The show of course needs to explain exactly WHY the thread is so sticky. It is infused with chakra basically. Neji says the level of this is unrealistic.

Arms now starts throwing some sort of weapon at the clones of Naruto one by one. As a way to find out the real one/as a game. Naruto is the last one left... WHAT. THEY WERE ALL SHADOW CLONES! NARUTO ARRIVES! PUNCH! BLOCKED. Damn it. The real Naruto is trapped by some sort of string... Neji arrives and breaks it. He was able to break free while Naruto distracted him. Neji says he is the only one who can fight this guys jutsu. He tells everyone to go.

Kiba says this guy is quite a bit stronger than fatty from before. The crew is reluctant to leave Neji... but Neji says that they are protecting one of their own from Orochi. This has to happen or they will lose him. They tell Neji to catch up, and then leave.

Arms sends some nets at the departing crew. Neji chakras up his hands and cuts it. Pretty cool animation as Neji cuts it again. Arms says Neji will die in 3 minutes.

Arms fires nots of nets at Neji, who dodges them. Finally he gets caught by them. Arms spits some weapon at Neji. Neji uses his whole body to cut it, and escapes! He runs across the weapon towards arms!! Neji says he can release chaka from his whole body. Game over... GENTLE FIST!

Overall: Pretty decent episode the whole way. I was mostly entertained the whole way, but it was nothing great either.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP stalled a bit in its 2nd half, but still had a tremendous end to the Usopp-Chopper fight. A very good episode. Naruto meanwhile was pretty solid but never that great, and it is a pretty easy win for OP.

Naruto: 64

One Piece: 51



Ummm, it seems like the OP was cut out. Does anyone have a link to just the song? I've been dying to hear it!

Mr. 2 is whooping ass by turning into Nami. It's actually kind of funny I must admit, but also so stupid and predictable. Mr. 2 is pwning now. Mr. 2 does a boomerang attack... dodged. Sanji has an attack... Nami transformation by Bon Clay. The boomerangs comes back, and Sanji gets cut in several places. Bon Clay says he has to kill the princess, so it's time to finish this. Ooo, that might be his fatal flaw right there.

The royal army is still in shock over the palace being set to blow. Chaka says Vivi has grown much these 2 years.

Usopp fakes death for the lulz... XD. Heleaves Chopper his grand treasure of 15 silver and gold coins. Chopper begs him not to die. He apologizes to Usopp's dead body for stealing his manjuu, had he known Usopp was going to die, he would have shared it >_>. Chopper goes to eat it.. and gets punched out by Usopp XD. Those 2 are my favorite combo in terms of their interactions on the ship.

Mr. 1 goes to finish off Nami... BLOCKED BY ZORO! Zoro strike... blocked by Mr. 1's arms. He is a blademan. His arms seem to be like swords. Mr. 1 says Zoro must have been the guy who killed all the people at whiskey peak. He also says Zoro refused an invitation to be in BW, because Zoro only said he would join if he could be the boss >_>. Zoro taunts Mr. 1 for joining this organization.Mr. 1 is angry. He wants to kill Zoro. He sends DF to kill Nami, who is gone.

As Bon Clay is spinning, Sanji says he has seen his weak point. As he spins... KICK BY SANJI! Sanji says Bon Clay must revert to his true form to do Ballet Kenpo. He is right. Sanji admits he can't rush Bon Clay, but he can counter him now. Bon Clay now uhh tightens his shoes and does super fast kicks, Sanji barely dodges. The tip of this duck shoe he wears is extremely sharp. Getting hit by it is getting hit by a bullet from a rifle.

Another kick by Clay, Sanji blocks with his own kick... but Clay's reach is too long, and Sanji gets hit. Sanji says if he can avoid the first kick, he should have a speed advantage. Clay goes into the air... He strikes... DODGED!!!! Clay turns to Nami... Sanji tricks him into touching his left cheek so he turns back to Clay. BARRAGE OF KICKS BY SANJI! DAMN, now Sanji gets hit... now... KICKING WAR! They are both walking on their hands and kicking, probably the most impressive animation from OP so far in the show. They both hit each other... more dueling kicking! Nice! They are very evenly matched. Both spit out blood.

ATTACKS AGAIN! THEY CROSS MID-AIR... both land on their feet... Sanji now falls to his feet... umm CLAY GOES SPINNING INTO A BUILDING. I guess Sanji won that exchange. Sanji lights up a cig. Clay surrenders. Clay says to finish him off... SANJI EXTEMDS HIS HAND! HE HELPS BON CLAY UP! CLAY CRIES!!! So Sanji kicks him >_>. Clay says this is proof of friendship between rivals. Sanji grabs Usopp's goggles back.

Alubarna South Block, Polka Street Battle. Victor, Sanji. Spoils of war "a little friendship".

Vivi orders the fuses be lit to destroy the palace... SAND ATTACK. Croc is here! He says this is going to be his house. He has the king in his arms. Croc says Luffy is dead.

Overall: Sanji-Clay fight was pretty good, especially near the end when the animation got crazy. Can't say I enjoyed it as much Usopp-Chopper, but it was still good. CROC showing up at the palace makes things interesting. Pretty good episode.


Gentle fist by Neji... BAM! BAM! He is nailing the crab out of arms! Arms is sent to the ground! Hm? Arm's body has turned to some sort of rock. I guess he shielded himself from the attacks. This shield doesn't let chakra through.

Arms says he is going to have to attack the blind spot from long range to beat Neji. Arms disappears. Arms uses a kunai bomb with his strings from long distance... now... he sends tons of missile things at Neji. Neji does a spin move to block them all. Cool animation there. Arms can't believe it, I guess he doesn't know what the Byakugan does, as he wonders if Neji can see behind him.

Neji throws a Kunai, which arms barely dodges. He can't believe Neji can see him.

Curse mark time by Arms. Neji says he is totally different from before. Summoning jutsu by Arms. Big Spider! Oh god. TONS OF MINI SPIDERS APPEAR. Rotation by Neji to hit them away.... Arms expected this. The rotation is starting to slow... it stops. WEAPON THROW BY ARMS. Neji repels it! Arms is determined to keep the fight long range.

Neji dodges more knai things. Man, Neji stuff sure has awesome animation. HUNDREDS OF SPIDERS rain down on Neji and he fights them off. Arms keeps deploying spiders though.Neji is getting overwhelmed. He finally gets trapped, and one of the kunais hits him. Arms seems to think he has found a blind spot, he lands another blow. 2 more land in his back. Neji falls. Arms laughs, Neji's byakugan isn't perfect.

Neji gets back up, Arms says it's pointless. He can't win.

Neji flashback. Neji remembers telling Rock and Hinata that they can never beat him. ANd Naruto. It was destiny. He remembers all 3 never giving up. The giant spider ground pounds Neji... Smoke... NEJI DODGED IT! GENTLE FIST MOTHA shitA!!! THE SPIDER IS OWNED! Now more kunais come... Neji was nailed by a bunch. Damn. Arms starts to walk away... NEJI IS GETTING UP! Arms doesn't believe it! Neji seems like he can barely stand.

And now... Arms has gone to curse marks level 2. Oh geeez. He has like a giant bow and arrow, and a 3rd eye... he lets an arrow fly...

Overall:`Decent fight all episode. It never really grabbed me till near the end, because it was mostly all Neji dodging attacks and getting hit, but it does get credit for some ridiculously good animation.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Both main fights here were pretty similar for me. Good but never truly wowing me. However, OP also had some interesting storyline developments, so I think the slight edge goes to OP here.

Naruto: 64

One Piece: 52



Nami is hiding. She remembers on the ship talking to Usopp about getting a stronger weapon. She says he should understand... they aren't like everyone else on the ship. She doesn't want to get in the way. Usopp is working on stuff in his workshop while she talks. Nami says he is always working on new weapons because he wants to be able to say he can hold his weight with everyone else... and she wants to do the same. Usopp is still wordless. I wonder if she is hurting his feelings. Usopp said he would do it! He didn't have tons of time to work on it, but he said he would do it.

Nami says she is ready to fight, for Vivi's sake. WHOA. Nami gets stabbed through a wall! DF arrives. DF says she is a thorn woman. She can form torns on her body at will. Nami stands to fight! She pulls out her weapon. We get a clip of Usopp saying it can make rain/winds/natural disasters happen O_o.

She puts it together... DOVES APPEAR. #2... FLOWERS! XD. Nami is angry!

DF: I'm not sure what she is going through, but I feel sorry for her.

XD. Oh god nami.

Hm? Vivi is trapped in that room with crocodile. Nico Robin is keeping people out with her skillz. Vivi stares down Nico and Croc.

Nami runs away from a bunch of thorn attacks. Nami says according to the manual, theres tons of attacks left. Nami drops her weapon... DF has it now. DF lets her have it back >_>. Now nami tries another attack... IT'S A BOXING GLOVE, YESSS. Doesn't work though >_>. Stinger by DF. Nami gets cut and runs away lawl. Nami looks at the manual again... DF says it's time for Nami toto die. stinger attack... she is rolling! She rolls after Nami... she jumps through a window into a building... DF is on the chase... NAMI RIPS OFF HER ROBE. BOOOOOOBIES. She uses the cloth to stop DF and get away.

Nami reads the manual some more...

Usopp's voice: That's it! All the techniques described here are great for livening up a party and are guaranteed entertainment!

XDXD. Turns out the battle stuff is on the other side! Whoops!

Nami rips off some more clothes for fun. She blows a "heat ball", a "cool ball" and an "electric ball". None of them work at all... Usopp says to use them with the party tricks since they aren't perfected yet... XD.

Now DF spikes Nami. WHAT. NAMI SWINGS AND DF GOES FLYING! BOOMERANG ATTACK? The balls created a wind current I guess.

DF goes for Nami again. Nami's back is to DF... OH SHIT! DF sticks some spikes through her... HUH? It was all an illusion! Thanks to the cool ball/density of air, reflection of light, or something. Nami says she finally understands the Clima tact.

Croc has the king pinned like Jesus. Croc says he has one last question for the former king. He asks where pluton is. The king freaks out, but I obviously have no idea what the means.

Overall: The Nami fight was actually pretty fun so far. I loved the running gag that Usopp designed this weapon more for party tricks than battle. I also really liked the scene with Usopp and Nami talking early on. Good stuff, next ep should be interesting.


The arrow connects... but still Neji stands! He barely dodged it from hitting a vital organ!

Arms says that Neji has 1 little blind spot right behind him. Arms goes for another arrow strike. it's coming for Neji... arms uses his spider string to guide it... Neji jumps and dodges it! The trajectory was thrown off slightly by the trees. Neji's headband is off. Arms says he will add more rotation this time. Neji stands again. He realizes Arms is way stronger than him. He barely has any chakra left. He wonder if this is it...

He remembers Naruto's will to fight! He wonder what he would do. He says theres no way he can dodge it. He seems to be giving up. Arrow shot by Arms... DAYUM. GOES RIGHT THROUGH HIM. Neji... smiles? GENTLE FIST? He sends his chakra through the rope used to guide the arrow. CHAKRA BLAST RIGHT INTO HIS MOUTH! NO DAMN WAY! BADASS! Arms falls off the tree. Arms says some internal organs have been damaged, but he can still move.

Neji has some more Naruto flashbacks.


Neji says he deliberately took the blow. He has a blind spot, but if he knows the attack is coming from there, he can focus all his chakra on that spot to see it. He used this to avoid instant death. He said that he couldn't let his crew down, he couldn't lose because of Naruto's words to him during their fight a while back.

Arms says Neji is going to die too... Neji says he cannot die yet. Arms says Sasuke has turned to the sound village's side. Neji says Naruto can save him, because Naruto saved him from the darkness. Both men now fall. Neji has flashnacks of his life. He says he leaves the rest to Naruto and crew. I'm not sure if he is dead or not.

Overall: This fight had a badass as hell ending. Like wow, clever and awesome. The rest of the episode was pretty good, but never excellent. With Choji it was clear he was dying/dead. They keeped giving mixed messages here which was a bit annoying, but good episode still.

Naruto vs. One Piece: This is actually a really similar situation to the conclusion of the Choji fight. We have a pretty good mostly comedy episode vs. a more emotional episode from Naruto. The main difference is, neither was as good as those. The Nami fight was definitely amusing and entertaining, but not nearly as good as the Usopp hammer episode. The Neji fight had a badass conclusion, but it wasn't nearly as emotional and exciting as Choji. The Neji fight didn't have nearly as much emotional impact, because they didn't make it clear if he was dying, plus they just did the same thing with Choji, so it didn't feel as special.I guess this will surprise people, but outside of the epic conclusion to the fight, Naruto didn't consistently entertain me like OP did, and I'll give this one to OP. It was just a fun episode the whole way through.

Naruto: 64

One Piece: 53



Oh I forgot to mention, OP 3 seemed decent. I'll have more thoughts when I actually see it/hear it more, as in when it actually shows up on these videos.

Croc says that Pluton supposedly has the power to wipe out an entire island and its inhabitants with one shot. Croc says it is in this country, an ancient weapon. That has been Croc's goal the whole time, so he can build military power and surpass the World Government. He needs the Pluton for this.

The King says he doesn't know where it is, or even if it exists.

The royal army meanwhile,is still trying to break in. Everyone knows now that Crocodile has the king hostage. So I guess everyone knows that croc is a bad guy now.

Croc says in 20 minutes, the rebel army should make it here. at 4:30 he has arranged for a giant bomb to explode in the square. Both armies will be obliterated. Now croc asks where the "poneglyph" is inscribed. The king says he will take him there. Chaka draws his sword... yeah... bad idea bro.

Nami continues to run from DF. Remembering Usopp's words that they need to use their intelligence to survive. Nami reads more of the manual. She finds out about some "tornado tenpo". The ultimate attack.

Nami now uses rain tenpo, which looks like a water show... XD. It is to create moisture in the air. Now Nami dodges an attack and creates heat bubbles.

WHAT? DF sticks some spikes into her shoulders. LOL. SHe has giant spiky musckles now, not attractive! She punches, and Nami seems to barely dodge.

Sanji, Usopp and Chopper meet up. They spot more rebels coming. They are off to the palace.

Nami looks up, she made a mini-cloud! She uses cool and heat balls to try and make it bigger. Nami barely blocks... cloud is bigger now... electric ball! LIGHTNING! LIGHTNING! DF IS GETTING ELECTROCUTED! DF IS PISSED. OH CRAP! SHE STICKS A SPIKE THROUGH HER HEAD... ANOTHER ILLUSION! Lol Nami.

Nami prepares tornado tenpo... if she misses... it's over. Nami remembers Vivi helping her through her sickness. Nami can barely stand, her left leg is cut. DF prepares spikes... attack... Nami stops it! SHE STICKS HER LEGS INTO THE SPIKES TO STOP HER! TORNADO TENPO!

.... toy ducks <_<. they wrap themselves around DF! OH SHIT! ULTIMATE MOOVE GO! The doves spin her around, and the stagg thing keeps rotating... Nami gets sent backwards but DF gets it even worse. She gets sent through a wall... make the 2 walls...

Nami drops to her knees. She is proud.

Alubarna North Block. Medi Government Center: Battle in the Back Alley. Victor Nami.

Zoro fight time. They are going back and forth with strikes. Zoro recalls Mr. 1. This guy was a bounty hunter. He asks why Mr. 1 is fighting, and calls him a dog. Zoro with 3 swords now. He attacks... doesn't work. Mr. 1 can turn himself into steel. Zoro can only win if he can cut through steel. Zoro says he has been itching for a chance to get one step stronger. When he wins, he will have become a man who can cut steel.

Overall: Yet another p. good episode. Nami fight was fun, but got a little old. Clima-tact was fun this time around, but I don't think it'd be tons of fun to see multiple times. Zoro fight looks like it will be good. Decent ep. Croc stuff remains pretty interesting as well.


It is becoming night. Shika wants to wait till dawn to attack when they catch up. For various reasons, including his shadow possession. Naruto says Shika is the leader, and he will follow his instructions.

The sound ninjas are worried about being late. They are supposed to deliver Sasuke by tomorrow. Not much time remains, but they think they can make it.

We get a rather disturbing clip of Orochi showering and screaming from the pain while he does. Kabuto says Orochi can't hold out much longer. Kabuto says several bodies have been prepared for him, including his own if necessary, but Orochi says it must be Sasuke. Kabuto says they don't have time. He can handle the recovery of Sasuke, and he suggests "kimimaru".

Kabuto goes to some weird prison area, and lets out a bunch of people. He says he will release one. Now he goes to wake up this Kimimaru guy.

Kabuto tells Kimi he has lost his ability to be a vessel. Hm?

Meanwhile, in the prisons, everyone was kung-fu fighting, and only one man remains. Orochi possesses him. Orochi won't be able to re-animate for a few years now since he did this.

Kimi says he will make sure that the other vessel, Sasuke, makes it here safely.

Meanwhile, the remaining sound ninja are still traveling, it is day... NARUTO AND CREW ARE HERE! One sound guy attacks... he beats up Shika and Kiba... Naruto is preparing the rasengan. They come at each other... sound guy grabs Naruto's hands too quick! It doesn't work. But wait! AKIMARU WITH HIS SPINNING MOVE! It goes through naruto, another clone! It is headed not for the sound guy, but the girl. And now SHADOW POSSESSION by Shika! WAIT HE WAS GOING FOR THE COFFIN! NARUTO HAS IT! The 2 sound guys collide! Beautiful plan!

Sound guys curse mark up and are on the chase.

Kimimaru is also on the chase.

Overall: Pretty slow episode for the most part, concentrating on Orochi. The plan at the end was pretty damn cool though. OK episode.

Naruto vs. One Piece: It's funny how it seems when one show has a slow ep, the other seems to as well. Makes things tough for me! Both episodes went a bit slow at times here, but OP still had a pretty solid fight conclusion, and Naruto was a bit boring till the end. OP takes this one, and continues to cut the lead!

Naruto: 64

One Piece: 54



Mr. 1 says no swordsman has ever scratched him. Mr. 1 charges... arm strike. Blocked. Double hand strike... barely blocked. Damn, some great fighting early on. They are dead even. Demon slash by Zoro! He nails Mr. 1 and has him down... But Mr. 1 is fine. No scratches.

More dodges by Zoro now. Mr. 1 finally sends Zoro through a building. Zoro says he has trained harder than anyone. He has always risen to the occasion when there is adversity. He doesn't know what he is missing here.

He remembers being a kid, asking his sensei about guys who could cut steel. The sensei says the strongest swordmen fight to protect something, not just to harm others.

Zoro is hurt, but he gets up... BY LIFTING A HOUSE. lol. Zoro throwa the house at 1. Zoro still can't figure out what his sensei's words meant. ZORO BREAKS THROUGH THE HOUSE, HE GOES FOR MR. 1... flurry of strikes! Blocked! 1 is sent backwards though! Now some strikes connect, 1 is sent to the ground! Still no scratches.

1 now turns his arms into... SAWS. WHOA. Zoro clashes with him. He gets sent back... AND GETS DRILLED IN THE CHEST! Ouch! DRILLED AGAIN IN THE STOMACH!!

AND NOW ANOTHER CUT! Zoro drops his swords! He is down! Damn!

Zoro now remembers Mihawk... He starts to try and get up. His whole body is bloody. 1 uses another cutting move... DAMN. ZORO IS HIT AGAIN! And now a damn tower collapses on top of him!

Zoro now remembers the promises he made to help Vivi... HE IS STANDING! 1 is in shock! Man, how does Zoro always get the most hurt... >_>. Zoro knew where the rocks wouldn't fall I guess. He finds one of his katanas under a rock. He says he felt this way before, when he fought Mihawk. He is truly on the brink of death once again... He felt the rocks as if they were living things... he felt them breathing.

Zoro seems to understand his master's words now. He can't hear what 1 is saying.

Zoro says all thats left is to see if he can truly cut steel. Zoro sheaths his sword... 1 attacks... ZORO DRAWS! LIONS SONG! HE IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF 1! 1 IS BLEEDING! Zoro transcended himself this fight.

Alubarna North Block, Battle on Main Street. Victor Zoro.

Overall: Definitely my favorite fight so far of the 4. Very dramatic atmosphere. Zoro near death was awesome. I hated that they didn't actually show the Lion's song, but still a really cool fight.


Naruto and crew are running as fastas they can. Akamaru sets some bombs as they run. Nice. WHAT! NO. AKAMARU GETS TIED UP BY THE SOUND GUYS. A bomb is about to go off on him... Kiba runs in... He seems to save Akamaru. Both guys are falling into some huge pit.

Now the other sound chick comes. Shika says he will hold her off...

Now someone else shows up. Kimimaro I guess. He grabs the coffin with his super speed. He is moving with mental power not flesh. Weird. He says the sound guys were too late.

Oh no. Naruto rushes in to bunch Kimi... but the sound chick intercepts and punches him. Kimi now runs off with the coffin. The atmosphere is tense, I can feel the desperation from everyone.

Shika gives Naruto instructions... They both rush her... Shika attacks... Naruto runs off towards the coffin. haha. Predictable but cool. Naruto mocks the chick as he goes.

Shadow possession attempt by Shika. Dodged.

I guess Orochi wanted Kimimaro's body most of all, but he came down with a bad sickness. That shows you how strong this guy is/was.

NARUTO CATCHES UP WITH KIMI! HE IS FOXIFIED. Kimi tells Naruto that Orochi needs new bodies. Sasuke is to be one.

Sound chick mocks Shika's squad leader skills...

Kiba is on the ground fighting that sound dude.

Sound chick summons... three giant warriors dayum.

Naruto makes a thousand shadow clones.

Overall: Good set up episode here. Things seem tense and desperate. All 3 fights look potentially interesting. Pretty good ep.

Naruto vs. One Piece: Naruto was kind of a set up episode, while OP was an awesome fight. Pretty easy victor here. With all those OP fights done though, and Naruto with 3 good looking fights ready to go, Naruto might have a chance to take the next few eps while OP gets its next fights set up. We'll see. For now, OP miraculously goes 5-0 on marathon day, and finally cuts the lead back to single digits. Go alabasta!

Naruto: 64

One Piece: 55



Royal army... finally busts into the palace. It's the Elite Guards of Alabasta. The Tsumegeri Guard. The king says not to attack Croc. But they say they have no choice. They all uhh, buff up. They drank the Forbidden Water. It boosts strength, but kills you in minutes. Wow. They say they must show Croc this country's pain and anger. Attack, sand, Hell, I'm just excited someone is about to die, even if they are mostly nameless faces.

Croc merely escapes to the roof, he says he doesn't have to do anything then. Chaka is pissed that Croc won't even honor them enough to give them this fight. They all fall over. Croc laughs.

Chaka now decides to attack. Sand, lawl.

Zoro is pretty much KO'd. Seriously, can this guy win a fight without half dying >_>. Zoro is worried about Usopp, since he was paired with Eyelashes originally. He also wonders about everyone else.

Chaka is now knocked out. Someone now arrives... 25 minutes to bombing.

IT'S KOHZA! He used the palace's secret entrance he knew about to demand surrender. I guess he realizes he is a big fat failure now. Croc says everything he thought was the King's fault was his doing. Kohza has been a nice puppet the last 2 years. BURN. TAKE IT KOHZA. TAKE IT.

The king says whats going to happen. He tells Kohza to save as many people as possible. Well, Chaka finished. Croc decides to "kill" Chaka now.

Kohza runs off to try and warn everyone, but Vivi tackles him and says that will just make it worse. Vivi says they still need to stop the rebellion before anything, and Kohza must do it. Croc now sands down... CHAKA ATTACKS AGAIN. He blocks the attack from Croc!

Kohza remembers being trained by Chaka... Kohza and vivi run off.

Vivi tells the royal army to surrender. Kohza says they no longer want to fight. The fight is meaningless.

The rebels are heading towards the palace... they see the white flags. And they see Kohza. Kohza says to stop... More rebels arrive...

Kohza says the fight is... BULLETS. Some Baroque Works soldier shot Kohza. Dayum.

Overall: First half of this episode was pretty pointless. We already know croc is a d-bag. Second half was some pretty good set up though, and a great ending. Decent ep.


Kiba attacks... and gets knocked down. Kiba thought he hit him, but it didn't work. Akamaru is red... now he turns into Kiba. Fang over fang! Strikes!

Girl sound chick summons three ancient warriors...

Both of Kiba's attacks were stopped by a clone. And he blocks a kick with his arms... coming out of his legs.

NARUTO POWERS UP. COME ON BABY! Thousands of Naruto's attack.

Sound chick plays some sort of flute. The melody of death. All 3 warriors disappear... ATTACKED! She is manipulating them with the flute, Shika is barely dodging. Curse marks appear for sound chick.

Akamaru gets punched, so does Kiba. Kiba barely dodges a punch... but now he gets punched again. This is Sakon's "brother" so it's basically a tag team fight. Sakon's brother can make parts of his body appear on Sakon's body to attack or defend. Interesting. Akamaru attacks... Kiba gets sent flying into him with a 3 legged kick. Whoa, now they go straight to stage 2.

All the Naruto's are getting their asses kicked by Kimi. Kimi says it's time to get serious.

Akamaru wants to do something. Kiba says it is too dangerous. If they miss, they will die in vain. Aka bites Kiba's hand XD. Now the bros attack... Kiba calls himself a pitiful master for Aka to bite him, as Aka stands in front of kiba to take them on. Kiba now agrees!

Aka dodges, Kiba gets punched a few times, and seems to be out... NOW HE GRABS THEM. AKA SOARS! SPINNING... MAN BEAST MERGE!!! WHOA! SUPER MOTHA FUCKING TWO HEADED WOLF! BADASS! Ukon and Sakon laugh... WHOA SUPER SPEED! YEAH! THEY BARELY DODGE. WOLF FANG OVER FANG HITS! BADASS AS HELL! BADAAAASSSSS! The drool from the wolf slowed them I think. The arms are literally tore off both bros... but now they regenerate and are all spiky. They say the real fight beginds now.

Akamaru and Kiba are one shot away from their limit... damn it. WOLF FANG OVER FANG! Both brothers summon... Rashomon. It's some wall or something weird. It stops them. They now fall... they piss in one guys eyes... AKAMARU TAKES A PUNCH! NO! The guy says his eyeballs feel like they are burning off. Huh? Ukon makes his head appear on Kiba's body. Of course we get a detailed explanation of why he can do this.

Poor Akamaru is down : (. Kiba remembers them doing everything together. Flashbacks of them doing sweet ninja stuff together. PLEASE DON'T DIE AKA. These flashbacks are actually lasting like 3-4 minutes. Lol filler? Cool flashbacks though. Kiba says this one time, he's alone. Ukon can make all his body parts appear on Kiba. KIBA STABS HIMSELF! He asks what will happen if he does this. UKON DOESN'T BELIEVE IT! Kiba says "die with me".

Overall: Great episode, constant action, Kiba fight is great. AKAMARU DON'T DIE ;_;.

Naruto vs. One Piece: OP was pretty pointless first half, and recovered to make the episode passable. Naruto meanwhile was pretty great start to finish. Naruto stops the bleeding, and picks up a win.

Naruto: 65

One Piece: 55