Board 8 Wiki

Naye745 is a user on GameFAQs. As she's of inditerminate gender, he's gonna be wacky and use both pronouns in this entry! He's also been around forever, just look at all that karma!

Her recent interests include the oft-mentioned Beatmania IIDX button-hitting simulator, trying to AAA stuff in DDR, hopefully getting a goddamn job for once in his life, staying up until 6 am in the Mafia chat, and hanging out and having a good time. (and only occasionally getting angry at stupid stuff.)

His most beloved users on Board 8 include Wigs, Mana, Nee, Para, MYC, abomlcad, Charton and other people she also hasn't talked to much in months.

Naye has a quiz about herself here; somehow red13n knows 70% of the answers!

He is on Jacob's list.